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  1. Thought someone might be interested since there has not been many good gold prospecting videos with the Legend. I'm liking my Legend more and more as time goes on. Very surprised with it actually the more I compare it with my 24k.
  2. I have never had any issue either on your forum. I consider membership here a privilege as well Steve. I am not into the social media thing as I'm not comfortable with it. I only belong to this forum and another well run truck camper forum. I vote to keep the PM as is for now. Thanks for all you do here.
  3. I can't find any prices yet. She was asked a few times however no answer on price.
  4. Looks like 2 new coils for the Legend just announced. A 9.5x6 and a 12x9. Both weigh less then the stock 11". New Beta update with improvements and new features. New coils are already up on the Notka website.
  5. Phrunt, Jeff M and Steve H, Thanks for the advise. Legend is on the way.
  6. Trying to decide between the Gold Kruzer and the Legend. Need advise from someone who has used both the Legend and Gold Kruzer. I am wanting to detect a large creek on my claims in northern California. I want a detector that is waterproof and that is excellent on very fine small gold. While I do get larger gold most is very small. The detectors I use are a Whites 24k and a GPX 5000. I can get a new G Kruzer for $375.
  7. Can anyone confirm the exact weight of the ORX with control box, complete stem, HF elliptical coil with battery and lower shaft? I did see 1 pound 14 oz. However the XP web site also says hip mounted next to the weight. If anyone knows the waterproof kit weight would be nice too? I'm an ultra light backpacker so weight matters. Thanks
  8. I've had a Whites 24k since it's release. Can confirm it is a great detector. Have all the coils made for it. The 6" concentric is a small gold killer. It's my go to coil. Hoping Garrett makes a GMX waterproof version sooner than later.
  9. Garrett's new Goldmaster 24k has been added to their website. Check out the instructional videos. Someone might look familiar. Hope Garrett comes out with the GMX waterproof version soon. https://garrett.com/garrett-goldmaster-24k-metal-detector
  10. Love the 24k. Interesting when Jim finds a nugget the display reads 08 then solid 01, 99 and 98. Not gold from my experience and I have found a lot of gold over the last 2 seasons with the 24k. The nugget was of good size at only about 3". Easy for the 24k to ID. From my experience the 24k would have displayed different. Can someone explain? Actually I think I know the answer. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that knows the 24k. If I am wrong maybe someone knows better and I would like to hear from them.
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