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  1. Of the Pin Pointers on the market what do consider the best and why?? Thanks Bill
  2. Is anyone going to get the new Fisher F75 Plus? They sure put together a nice kit at a good price. thanks Bill
  3. On a safari what is the best coil for coin shooting in hi trash areas? Thanks Bill
  4. What brand headphones would you recommend for Minelab detectors? Thanks bill
  5. Which do you consider the best of the two and why? Thanks Bill
  6. Which of these two would you consider the best for coins etc? Thanks Bill
  7. Dakota

    A Very Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas all and I hope MaMa brings my detector for Xmas??? Thanks Bill
  8. Dakota

    Garrett AT Gold Pros & Cons

    What coil do you use the most?
  9. Is this detector any good for prospecting for what it costs? Pros & Cons Thanks Bill
  10. How does this detector work for gold detecting? Thanks Bill
  11. Of these two detectors which one would you choose for detector prospecting ? I know the AT GOLD has a higher 19 KHz than the MXT I believe at 14 KHz which is quite a difference. I see a lot of people like them both and read Steves article on gold detectors. I have a chance to get a 2 month old MXT all Pro with 2 extra coils one being the 4x6 Sharpshooter for about the same price as the Garrett AT GOLD new. Another thing is I would like the detector to do all metal for coins etc but that is not a must but would sometimes be useful to have. Feedback appreciated or other suggestions in the same price range I also thought about the Minelab X-terra 705 gold. Thanks Bill
  12. Looking real serious on the AT PRO for an all around detector that will not break the bank. How is this detector as far as prospecting like some small gold nuggets maybe with some luck. Feedback greatly appreciated Thanks Bill
  13. What do you consider the best metal / gold detector and why?? I am looking for a detector that can do both. I know most gold detectors run at a higher frequency that a standard detector. I live in an area where I can do both in Northern California Sierra Foothills. I would like to have one detector instead of two which I may end up with if there is not one brand detector that can do both Gold & Coin detecting. Will appreciate your feedback greatly. Thanks Bill