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  1. Thanks guys. Steve - that is a great suggestion. I am going to experiment a little notching out the hot rocks. Discrimination ain't so bad, right? Will see how it goes. I may use the Infinium next time I'm out that way again. For whatever reason, I do love using that machine.
  2. I took my new F19 out for a spin at the creek and it failed me 😢 Didn't even find one nugget. I guess I'll have to send it back as defective! All kidding aside, it was a good time detecting and panning the creek bed. Hot rocks were terrible though. I consider myself a competent coin shooter, but hunting for little specs of gold in all metal mode with a highly sensitive machine is somewhat new to me. The hot rocks were horrible. I kinda started noticing the difference between them and "good" targets. Still, how do you guys deal with this? I tried ground balancing over them and that
  3. They don't need no stinkin' kids detector! Slap a GPZ in their hands and tell them to get to work!
  4. I can't really contribute much to this conversation but I will say that I absolutely love the 8" mono coil. I used it on the beach in the heavy black sand last weekend and it was great. Very stable, easy to swing underwater and deep. So deep, I need a better sand scoop. I had to leave multiple deep targets because I simply could not reach them.
  5. I'll vote for an internal speaker also. The area I poke around in is infested with bears, probably cougar too, although I haven't seen a cat yet. Big bears almost every time!
  6. Thank you. I think I'll enjoy the F19 and hopefully find some gold with it. Going to give it a chance tomorrow at the National Forest. I did some air tests with very small pieces of lead and the F19 easily beat the Infinium with the 8" mono coil and 5x10 coil. It also beat the AT Pro with the 5x8 and the 5" sniper coil on all but the very smallest pieces. Air tests are just that and I know PI machines do not air test well so I plan to do more comparisons in my heavily mineralized soil (AT Pro typically ground balances at 93 here). I really enjoy testing and comparing different de
  7. I contacted the seller and told him about the difference between his unit and the GB2. After turning down that machine I decided to drive up to Cabelas and get the new GB for $250. Turns out they had an F19 in the store for $400 that wasnt listed on the website. Being unfamiliar with that unit too, I took some time to research, mostly on this site (thanks Steve!). Since Steve preferred the 5x10 coil. I was planning on getting it for the GB too. That would have made the cost the same. So between the GB and F19, I chose the F19. Even though it was a deal, I'm wondering if I shouldn't
  8. Well I knew this would be the place to ask. Thank you guys, I certainly appreciate the responses. I get the impression that the seller may not be familiar with the differences in the GB model line (as was I), an honest mistake. Based on what you guys have told me and Steve's excellent background info, I'm going to pass on this one. The seller was asking $250 and I just found a brand new GB standard model on clearance for the same price. As much as I'd like the added ground balance of the GB pro, I don't think it justifies an additional $400. I do kinda have my heart set on the
  9. So I found this Gold Bug detector for sale. The owner says it is the GB2 which it appears to be by the housing, but I think it may be an earlier version (?). Id appreciate if anyone could give me some info on this unit. In particular, my questions are: What frequency does it run on? Is it as sensitive as the GB2? Is this maybe something similar to the CZ3D where the older models are more desirable/better? Thanks guys. Jon
  10. Thanks for the reply. Here are the results of my air tests. AT Pro, pro zero mode, max sensitivity, no disc. 5x8 coil Lead fishing weight Grains Inches 16 5 10 4.5 8 4 6 3.5 4 2.75 2 1 1 0.5 Good enough for me to try a little prospecting with it. If I end up getting hooked, I'll get a dedicated gold machine. Curious how this compares to the Infinium. I might test it next time.
  11. Hello Detector Prospector forum! I've been inactive in detecting for quite some time and am now getting back at it. I've used this forum in the past and received great advice so I'm back for more. I'd like to detect the national forest for gold particularly in the rivers and areas of exposed bedrock. I currently have an AT Pro with multiple coils (among other machines but none are dedicated gold detectors). I'm thinking of using the 5x8 and sniper coil. I don't foresee spending a great deal of my time gold detecting, particularly due to the distance I would have to travel and lower
  12. Great way to do it. Thanks for sharing. Now where did I put the drill...
  13. Connecting a data logger to your detector? I've never heard of that. Please tell me more.
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