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  1. Rick, It was great to meet up with you again, it has been a year since our last hunt. When Ken told me that you were headed back to R-P, I was smiling from ear to ear. Hunting gold with the two of you is about as good as it gets for me. Always grateful for the advice and that pointy finger of yours.
  2. Rick, Another great trip to R-P that you can add to your list of successful detecting adventures. I always enjoy your tales of the hunt. I am planning to spend a week at R-P beginning around Oct. 15 or 16. Won't make the club outing this year, will miss seeing everyone this time around. Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge and for the tag-alongs the past few years. Joe
  3. Small world foreverteachable, and thank you for your service. This metal detecting thing that all of us are into here , is a ton of fun!! Steve has put together a terrific forum for us to be a part of. Have fun out there!!! Semper Fi ...... Joe
  4. foreverteachable, You certainly got my attention with those two pics!! I am a former Marine Corps tank commander, I left Vietnam and was honorably discharged in 1968. Hard to believe it has been fifty years now. Hard to say for sure, but you have got the primer end of a shell casing from a fairly good sized round. It could have been a actual live round or a blank, but it was fired, as you can see where the firing pin struck the primer. It looks like the casing was machined , possibly to be used as an ash tray or change cup? If from a Marine or Army weapon, I would say possibly 75MM, 90MM,
  5. What an impressive display of craftsmanship, great combination.......well done!!! From Webster's Dictionary: sym'me.try 1. Now Rare. Due or balanced proportions; beauty of form arising from such harmony. That is one lucky granddaughter, thanks to you and her grandfather.
  6. Skate, I believe TallTom pointed out one of the reasons why tot lots are ring territory. Here are a few more, along with their mother, those tots most likely have some or all of the following. A father, an older sibling, grandparents, aunts and uncles, a baby sitter and more. Now, think back to the last time that you pushed someone on a swing. When you start, your hands and arms are cocked back to your chest, then they are thrust forward until they are fully extended. At this point your hands ( with fingers nearly straight ) abruptly stop. That is a pretty good way to lose a ring, or pos
  7. Glenn, Thanks for posting the pics from the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. I have a story to tell about one of the pictures that you posted. It is about the wire gold specimen in photo #41. I am not absolutely sure this is the specimen but based on it's uniqueness and the area where it was found, I am fairly sure it is the one. If this is indeed that specimen, it was dug by my first nugget hunting mentor and his two detecting partners nearly 20 years ago. My friend and mentor, Ken, and his partners Larry and Jim had been granted permission to detect on Farncomb Hill, near Breckenridge. The
  8. Rick, I hate to have to tell you this, but you might have a "Leprechaun Loyalty" issue. I am convinced that your little friends have helped me on several occasions while nugget hunting with you. Sounds to me like you are going to have to round those little guys up, then give them a good talking to about loyalty!! Kidding aside, your willingness to help others and your infectious enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. I have heard a lot of positive comments about Rudy from you and Ken P. Very happy for Rudy, he has got things figured out, that is plain to see. Plan to get out
  9. Hard to believe it has been 5 years since my mug was on the front page of the Nome Nugget newspaper. I still get goose bumps when I think about that day. The lure of that one great find is definitely one of the driving forces that keeps all of us motivated. Chances of finding that big one are slim, but they are still out there. That next target just might be the one that you have been hoping one day to find. I'd had a very disappointing day prior to the day I found that very rich pocket. I decided to give the area one more try for a couple of hours. If, in that time I didn't find any gold, I w
  10. Rick, Just a few days ago I was thinking that it had been a while since I have seen any news from you on the forum. You sure put a smile on my face with this story about your recent Rye Patch adventure. I was taking a lunch break at my shop when I read about your very successful outing with Rudy and Steve. Let me tell you, it sure got me pumped about getting back to R-P in a few months!!! I was so jazzed that I almost ruined a couple of parts that I was machining on my lathe!!! I could not concentrate on the task at hand, just kept thinking about you guys digging up that big deep nugget that
  11. That was some very educational reading, thanks for posting it. It seems that the Bigfoot coil and the DFX are the optimal pairing. I like the fact that the DFX acts in a predictable manner when using the Bigfoot coil. No large variations with VDI numbers or inaccurate depth readings, etc. Thanks again, Joe
  12. Steve, Based on his post ( Jan. 8 ), this one has Deft Tones name written all over it !!!
  13. Keith, I am deeply saddened to hear about Smokey. I know that you and Smokey were good friends, I am sorry for your loss. I had a great phone conversation with him last December. He sounded good and was very upbeat at the time. He told me that he had been working on a new poem, he read it to me. He told me that he would make a copy for me, and that he would give it to me in the spring when I returned to Lovelock. I have plans to be in Lovelock in a couple of weeks, so near, yet so far. This must be tough for Smokey's life long friend Don. The detecting adventures those two shared would make on
  14. Congratulations on a successful, and very impressive 2016!!! Your results speak volumes about how you approach what most of us call a "hobby" or a" pass time". In your case, I believe the word, "craft", would be more accurate!!! Setting goals can be a double edged sword. Been there, done that ...... Have a rewarding and fun 2017!!! Joe
  15. GB_Amateur, Wow!!! , small world!!! My business ( machine shop ) is located at 72nd and Lowell, which is about a mile west of Samuel Dr. . I was a member of the Eureka club for one year, I think that was in 2007. Great club, with some very skilled detectorists. The problem for me was, they have their meetings on Friday night. My wife and I have a cabin about 100 miles from our home. We like to leave home on Friday afternoon, when we go to the cabin for the weekend. So I missed a lot of Eureka club meetings, that is why I dropped out after one year. You probably remember that old line about Col
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