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  1. I hope the Multi doesn't end up being another CZX fiasco. 16 engineers.. really? Waterproof to 10 meters Ergo Ergo Ergo At least one coil specifically designed for wading, meaning low resistance. A 10" round concentric like the X-Terra uses would be perfect. A mode that cranks it up for LOW mineral quartz sand. Poor the power to it baby. Bobby pin to nonferrous accuracy disc level. I wanna hear that faint ring size hit in all metal like the G2/God Bug Pro.
  2. The DD diagram has to be taken with a grain of salt IMO. On deeper targets they are most sensitive in the middle of the coil just like a concentric. Anyone that thinks differently is wrong and missing a ton of targets if they don't use a proper overlap as you would with the concentric.
  3. It was deep on rings in fresh water well actually deep on everything. 😁 Every CZ I had gave an iron tone or bounced iron/foil on the deep ones so I would have to make at least one scoop to be sure. The 1270 in iron disc nailed the DEEP stuff big or small. Chuck (I think that is his name) with Sunspot scoops designed a water proof case for the 1270's boards but never put it in production and Fisher was not interested in the fresh water market.
  4. One of my favorite detectors of all time. It had gobs of power, a well chosen frequency for all around use, a good balance of sensitivity/gain and that great iron disc feature. Really was ahead of its time. For someone like me that cut their teeth metal detecting with a beep dig detector it was the pinnacle of analog hybrid VLF performance. Unfortunately it was a ergonomic disaster and never really caught on.
  5. What Chase said. Lay out some coins and other targets on the ground and get those clean hit sounds of good targets in your brain. For the time being concentrate on digging just those target responses. Something that is seldom brought up and I feel is important especially to someone new to metal detecting is headphone volume. Ears being highly sensitive organs need protecting. There is a right and wrong way to set the volume and this is based on how our ears react to changes in volume level. Changing from a loud to a softer level tricks the brain into thinking you are good to go but actually results in setting a too high level. Do the opposite, start low and slowly increase it until it is comfortable for long term use.
  6. Try raising the coil a bit. If they are small but read in the teens they should drop out sooner than a ring. Won't help on the faint, near the edge of detection targets, those will have to be dug. 18 and above in your pic will have to be dug regardless.
  7. The Ex-terra 9" concentric is a perfect coil for fresh water work. I used mine a LOT wading shallow water. It's the perfect form for ease of use against water resistance and plenty sensitive even at the standard mid freq. ML you s**k. LOL
  8. The Bounty Hunter will surely come after you! 😱
  9. Phrunt The big coil might improve the Nox's already good performance on on-edge coins to a greater degree. Just a hunch.
  10. In my experience with low freq mostly on the ML Advantage, you need a bigger than stock coil for any real advantage on silver of any size. I had the WOT coil on that machine and it was DEEP! If you have one, put on the 15"er when you using 5Khz.. I'll have to edit that and add I was referring to US silver coins which are not what many on here consider small silver.
  11. I heard half of the entries won a prize. JK of course Congrats!
  12. I don't have the genes to be competitive probably why I wasn't invited. D*mn genetics!
  13. My only silver dollar sounded just like a flattened pop can. Glad I didn't pass it by.
  14. Perfect coil parameters for my needs as a fresh water wader. I hope a waterproof version comes out before I croak or get to old and fat to fit my neoprenes.
  15. This should be a good coil for wading my fresh water lakes looking for the fresh drops. If only... I'm really at a point where with the newer machines coming out it's getting frustrating that the Mfg'ers haven't quite gotten it yet when it comes to the needs of the fresh water hunters.
  16. Silver, what's that? Rare as hen's teeth around here. If it wasn't for V Nicks and IH pennies. I'd have given up long ago. Fortunately the Nox is hot on those.
  17. The Fisher Coinstrike was actually great in that scenario. Plus it handled mineral conditions that put the CZ in the truck. Not talking salt water.
  18. Yeah, Minelab does state though that they use the minimum number of frequencies to get the job done. That begs the question, does Garrett's software make a substantial difference in performance by being able to use all freq's? The proof as they say will be in the pudding. Whether or not it will compete with the NOX, it one ups the Vanquish IMO by having a seperate Salt Balance mode. ML flubbed on that one with the V.
  19. I wish the Equinox had a coil with those dimensions. It looks slim therefore more appropriate for water hunting than the big bulky Nox coil.
  20. Keith Just came across your review and have to say this has my interest. The fisher 1270 comes to mind with its dual disc feature and gobs of gain and volume sensitivity. While the 1270 was a clunky heavy beast the X is just the opposite and with seemingly improved performance. Old style analog audio, now your talkin my language! I may just have to try one of these😁 Tom
  21. Welcome aboard the forum and to a great hobby.
  22. Denny Sorry I missed your post. Generally I hit the unread content button but your post must have been buried quickly by other forum threads. I have always told Paul that someday I will go west for a hunt. The territory you guys hunt is just awesome looking to a Michigander like me. Your hills are a lot bigger than ours though.😰 Congrats on getting out for a hunt. As to the finds, it shows you know were in a good area and there's always next time. Tom
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