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  1. Hello everybody!I am very grateful to all who answered me! Folks, me aren't necessary to tag GPS on the card, I have enough only, the name of area where there is a chance to find detectable gold! All have secrets where it is possible to find gold and I perfectly understand it!!! I plan to go to Rye Patch in the first week of April while there is no certain date. But, if somebody wants join to me, you can call me and we will be able will agree when we will meet there! I am going to go at least as for one week if everything is O.K, then I can remain more long. Bot my phone number 916-806-6837. Once again huge all thanks, folks, for your help!!! Alex.
  2. Hello!I plan a trip for Rye Patch at the beginning of April. It is the placer districts card round Rye Patch, somebody can recommend other places, except Rye Patch, for metal detecting? I will be very grateful for any useful information! Many thanks, Alex. Perhaps, somebody wants to join me???
  3. Hello everybody! I found these nuggets on old mining claim, but complexity was that all these nuggets were found on a slope of a trench or something similar to a terassa, steepness of a slope approximately 60 degrees, and length about 500-600" of and height of a slope about 6-8". Therefore, physically it was heavy, it was necessary to change or use both hands, what to hold I threw the detector, hands very strongly were tired. All nuggets were very close to bedrock, which comes to a surface in some places. It hi-meniral of almost red color soil.
  4. Hello everybody! I spent two days in mountains, yesterday and today, worked with mine detector and received my first results! 5 gold nuggets, small but it is much bigger, than mine first. Yesterday I found patch of 3 nuggets and today I found only 2. Every day I worked 6-7 hours, I think, result not bad. And it wasn't easy.
  5. All that I found in three days. In three different places! I am very happy and surprised that my new metal the detector can find such small targets! Only, it is a little a pity that from all this metal garbage so far, only one small, gold nugget! But I am adjusted on very serious search in the near future.
  6. Hello to everyone! I am grateful to all for congratulations and good wishes! For me there are two main questions, it now - When to look for? and all - Where to look for? But I think, everything is good in its season! I hope to find new friends! I wish all a great luck and good finds! Thanks, Alex.
  7. My first nugget! Near Scot river. Now I am sure, this quite good beginning, for GPX 5000 and new coil Evolution 17 X 13". Alex.
  8. Hello to everyone! I express the huge gratitude of to everyone who answered me! I received a huge number of very useful information! And I am very glad that so many good people decided to help me the councils and offered the feasible help! I even was surprised a little, such active reaction! And I think that to receive good result in my searches of good nuggets, only a matter of time! Knowledge + active search, always brings positive result! Therefore, I once again want to tell all of you many thanks for your support! Also I wish all of you good luck, to find a gold nugget of the size of a fist!!! Chris! I am very grateful for your offer to help me with Nevada! If I decide to go to Nevada, I will try to contact with you in advance. I am very grateful for your help! Fred! I am sure that training with Ray Mills will be very useful to me! It has a new website, there a lot of useful information of http://www .trinityau.com/II will contact it, a little later! Redding isn't really far, near 100ml. Thank you very much! With the best wishes, Alex!
  9. Hello! I am very grateful to all who responded to my message! I expected approximately such answer to my question! I work therefore couldn't write my answer at once! I have a membership in New 49's more than a year and I worked on mogikh with claims of this club without metal of the detector and found a little gold. My Minelab not the first threw the detector already the third and I use it the first month and I see a huge difference with my previous threw detectors, you understand it very serious and good threw the detector. I have good books which give me a lot of useful information about use detector metal, and also geological information. I understand who doesn't want shares the secret where found nuggets, I understand it. But I don't need GPS of coordinate of this place, I need only council or the name the area where there are chances to find nuggets! And it would be very interesting to me to take part with other people, which too interestingly iskatzoloty nuggets! But I see, it will be very difficult to be made and I have to hope only for the knowledge and the equipment. But unfortunately, a lot of time, which at me for this purpose is necessary no. I won't be бьяснять the reasons at this forum. Can pay better for training $250 and receive information maximum from that person who provides this training in a concrete place and its vicinities. Anyway, I am grateful to all who answered me! I apologize for my not really good English! I arrived from Kazahkstan and I live in USA only 3 years! With the best wishes of Alex! P.S But if, somebody needs the help and the reliable assistant who isn't afraid of a hard work for investigation of new interesting places, write always is ready to help!
  10. Hello! I think to go to Rye Patch at Nevada for Nuggets hunting. I would like the nobility, really interesting place and oroshy chances to find quite good gold? I have Minelab GPX 5000 and two mono coils Nugget Finder 12x7 of "and 17x13" of Evolution. I can will join somebody if you plan a trip to Rye Patch area. Or somebody can recommend what part of this area better, western or the east? I live in Yreka CA. Somebody can recommend where it is possible to try to use threw the detector for search of gold nuggets? I new at this forum also understand that my questions a little strange, but I have so far no friends who do nuggets hunting! And if, somebody can help me with this information, I am ready will share gold which I can find! Thank you in advance for any useful information!!!
  11. Hello! I new at this forum! I have no friends, which metal detecting for gold therefore I decided to address to you. I live in the city of Yreka, but I can't find good places yet for metal detecting in vicinities of Klamath river. I have GPX 5000 and two excellent coils Nuget Finder 7X12 of "and 17X13" Evolution. I read your interesting story about your last travel where you found many gold nuggets. I would like to ask you, whether I can join you on your following travel for hunting for gold nugets? I am ready will share with you that gold which I will find and as a token of gratitude, I will give you a half of gold 50%. I don't see other opportunity to find new friends and will share experience. Thank you in advance for any your answer! Best regards Alex. P.S. My phone number 916-806-6837.
  12. Hello! I would like to ask you, about your new book. I can find useful information there about places where I can use my metal the detector for search gold nuggets. I have GPX 5000 and to me would be very interestingly will get acquainted with you and if you don't object, whether I can will join yours to travel for nuggets hunting? I understand, it is a little strange question for my part but I am ready will share with you part, nuggets which we can to find with your help! I live in the city of Yreka, I have all necessary equipment which is necessary for a camp if it is necessary to leave for some days! I will be very grateful to you if you don't refuse to me though to make some trips with you! Here my phone number 916-806-6837. I very much hope that we can have a mutually beneficial cooperation. With the best wishes of Alex!
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