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  1. Put all buttons on the face. I would really like to see them cram a color screen etrac inside the nox frame.
  2. Just put 25 GIZMOs on ebay. http://ebay.us/Na84BG?cmpnId=5338273189
  3. I get that a lot. But your arm in that position won't rub there at all. I tell those buyers if your arm even come clost to that bolt head to send it back. Over 1400 sold without one return.
  4. I'm making them again since there has been renewed interest. See my other post....... I sold a lot of them when the Ace Series was king. Then sales died off through better, lighter and cheaper competition. Now it seems the APEX has the same issues.....
  5. Steve, That is me.. LOL. I've sold over 1400 of them but the last few years sales dropped from like 20 a month to 12 a year. I don't make any money unless I make 25 at a time. However I have had a lot of interest in the GIZMO recently. So I will be placing 25 on ebay in a day or so. Or just contact me directly mowerdog@gmail.com
  6. Nokta knows that when you put the customer first profits will follow. I have never seen a company so eager to improve a product using feedback from customers.
  7. I can't use it in the creeks without a small coil. I wish they would hurry up on that..................
  8. I'm not scared to say what you were thinking! LOL...
  9. She's easy on the eyes too. Just saying.......
  10. When I was a Whites dealer I felt they had 2 solid performers. I pushed the M6 and MXT/MXTpro. No need to carry every machine they had. 15 to 20 years later they are still the best they have in my opinion. Kind of sad actually.....
  11. I for one feel that selling a detector through big box stores cheapens the effect of a nice machine. Just a stigma in my mind........Lol..... BTW - White's last chance was the MXsport. We were all waiting for the lightweight, multi frequency waterproof machine. Big let down at least for me. I went through three of them with Whites then telling me I didn't know how to use it..... I'm not a Whites dealer anymore..
  12. I sold my ATpro in March hoping the Simplex would be released by now. I really just need something that beeps and is waterproof. It looks like this machine will do tons more that the ATpro at a throw around price point. I hope it comes out soon. I already missed one water hunt for a lost ring...
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