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  1. canslawhero

    Ordered An Nox 800

    you're going to like it Buzzard, just run park 1 with stock settings for awhile and go to all of your 'old' sites... good luck...
  2. canslawhero

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    not interested in the 6 or big coil.....I'll buy the 6x10 as soon as it's available!
  3. canslawhero

    Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    congrats! posts like this are bound to bring a lot of conversions from other mfg'ers detectors... and etrac/ctx users, lol
  4. canslawhero

    A Couple Firsts

    did you look for an 'S' on the back of your '08 IH? congrats on the several firsts you had. I hadn't found an IH for several years and scored an 1865 in nice shape just today, pretty happy with it. Still want to find a seated and especially a standing liberty quarter. Good luck on the $5 gold, I think you've got a very good shot at it, especially with some research into more old locales....
  5. canslawhero

    Equinox 800 Finds Gold Coin!

    UNREAL! congrats....what's the name of that park again, lol
  6. canslawhero

    Canadian VDI Numbers

    Tyran, big thanks, I was too lazy to do what you did... I'm going to incorporate this info into my park 1 settings and give it a shot today, cheers heck, enough loonies and toonies and it'll pay for itself, lol
  7. canslawhero

    Minelab Wireless Headphones Question

    I tried several variations and for me the WM-08 + my over-ear Sennheiser HD515's are the cat's meow.... very very crisp precise tones and I've been running the horseshoe button with T1 zone set to 1. audio nirvana, lol I use an aftermarket 3.5mm cord (short) for the headphones...never any 'dropout' issues either.
  8. canslawhero

    Canadian VDI Numbers

    it is a cutting edge machine for non-ferrous items.....modern Canadian clad is steel core, ferrous.... and the older 'nickel' core coinage has a ferrous component, hence it's being magnetic...bouncy readings... now the deeper, older silver/copper coinage is where it will shine, ask me how I know, lol
  9. canslawhero

    Canadian VDI Numbers

    simply not the right machine if you want to dig Cdn clad. I've had mine for a while now and have only found a few of the earlier 'nickel' based clad coins, some by accident, ie co-located with a copper penny. if you really want to try to ID them then hit the horseshoe button and experiment with where they show up in the ferrous T1 area. I believe the nickel coins bounce around 16-17 or there-a-bout.... sorry I can't help more but I use a dedicated machine for clad....cheers
  10. canslawhero

    Dealing With Surface Targets?

    good advice Bryan, I'll give that a try next time I'm out....if depth can be judged it would indeed be very useful (I am a very neat digger btw and right now it's all deadsville in the parks due to the big freeze)
  11. canslawhero

    Dealing With Surface Targets?

    I'll add that I don't use pinpoint....feel my time is better spent just digging it....ymmv
  12. canslawhero

    Dealing With Surface Targets?

    Sunday/Monday were nice days up here in the far north also so got out for about 2 hours each day. Note that by the time I hit 2 hours I'm very tired (probably have a few years on you Brian @ 67). I've been working on that issue exactly but from the standpoint of better utilizing my time, ie how not to dig newer copper pennies and try to differentiate toward the deeper ones that could be older. Audio volume nuance is critical and I've become a fan of using the coil lift to try and gauge depth (provided meter is pretty useless). I am getting better though I'm sure I'll probably eventually get most of the obvious copper pennies. Not many silver dimes here but I got one that was a softer 22-23 (trashy area). nearby was a nail and the ubiquitous copper penny. So moral of the story is don't believe what you see (ID's) and any doubt investigate. I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have dug any of those flattened cans (or at least I hope so). cheers and hope you get on another gold coin to show Tom, lol
  13. canslawhero

    All Metal?

    I hit the horseshoe button with the zone 1 (T1) volume set down to 1, works like a champ...
  14. canslawhero

    Got A 30-31 Signal And Guess What It Was

    I got a 30-31, good solid signal not too deep and it was a US $1 coin (the modern ones) and I'm in Canada, lol
  15. canslawhero

    Mixed Results With Equinox 600 So Far

    you should have that etrac buy you a lottery ticket, lol