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  1. Ahhh! So good to see this! Just about to get my season started and now I’m motivated. Good work!
  2. Hey my friend, in general, most of the good gold is on bedrock. But there are so many variables that we don’t know about that happened when the gold was deposited. I find many ( floaters) well above bedrock. With the metal detector technology we have today, just try to take the time to check everything. So glad to see you out!
  3. I got a 2300 when they first came out. This has been a chronic problem from the beginning. I can’t believe it hasn’t been resolved.
  4. Hey friends, I might still have some really good footage of my friends and I pulling a kangaroo out of a shaft in 2006 . It was just north of laverton. I was detecting and I heard a ruckus in a shaft. I saw the roo so I went back to camp and got my Australian friend Steve. He made a lasso and pulled it out. It was quite an experience. The video I have is low quality but if I can get it to work and post it, it’s worth seeing. Thanks for the post, it brought back some lost memories. Hope you all are doing well.
  5. First antlers of the season! If you’re not a finder then you are a weeper! In my back yard in Colorado. No one for miles. Do you see both sides?
  6. Man! You have to be proud of that one. How rare those are in your country. Great work!
  7. Ha ha! I love the potato trick! Thanks JP! PS. ...... don’t eat the potato afterwards!🤣
  8. Thanks JP for posting this thread. Man.... I have discovered a long time ago that those little ones are what ends up paying the bills. Bread and butter nuggets. The big ones tend to be the bonus.
  9. Not that I am aware of, but I have a very large family. My mother told me when I was in school. “ Don’t fight anyone or date anyone because you are probably related to them.” 🤣
  10. Nice Lunk! You have motivated me to get out no matter what the weather is doing. Thanks for posting!
  11. Lunk has motivated me! So I snuck out in between the rain storms today. I have a spot that has been producing smaller pieces but this one popped up today. 28.7 grams.
  12. Hey Rob, you my friend, are one of the best Detectorist I have ever seen. You have helped me find several pounds. Thanks so much for your Friendship!
  13. Extra Deep, to be exact.🙂 I’m with you Lunk. That has been a secret of mine for a long time. There is some stuff happening there that is quite amazing when you put the time in.
  14. Ha ha! Me too, I forgot 🤣 I sent one back in the early days.
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