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  1. I found an old trumpet case at a garage sale for minimal $. It’s survived the true test.
  2. Skeptics emit what I call "SkepticWaves." Not only blocks dowsing, but also ESP, telepathy, psychokinesis, and pretty much all other paranormal abilities. Powerful stuff. Wow! It seems skeptics can block everything. That is powerful stuff.
  3. 20.5/8 ozt Goose Egg Nugget. So sorry, I missed that one. I am so embarrassed to ask.
  4. I totally agree Chris. If you perfect your recovery time you spend more time processing dirt through the coil. Trimming time is the key.
  5. Great topic, and great response Lunk! I have found with the gpz, that non ferrous targets pinpoint easy. Edge of coil technique. But iron particles ( not big iron) tends to move around like your trying to push two magnets together in reverse polarity. You just can’t get that easy bullseye. It’s not a perfect theory but it might get you on the right track.
  6. If you are in heavy trash, you need patience. If it’s good ground, gold will show up. Learn how to recover targets fast. ( magnet work etc) have confidence. Trust me, the gold is there.
  7. If you are serious about your hunt, always get the very best tools.
  8. I remember when they released those satellites. It was like a string of lights going across the sky in a perfect line. Kinda freaked us out for a short bit.
  9. I would love to talk with Pieter. We have a dear friend in common. He is the root of the reason I hit the gold fields. If anyone can get me in touch with him I would be so appreciative. My friends name was Warren Weatherly. He died in a construction accident.
  10. The stretch marks I put on that rubber lid. I feel so guilty. 🤣
  11. I fill it with water, so.... It does it's job. By the end of the day nugs are clean 😊😄
  12. When I was detecting for a mining company, we were finding nuggets so fast. It took so much time to unscrew the lid off the nugget container. So I made a rubber slit in the lid. The next day I was doing my thing and slamming nugs into my new invention. The excavator operator saw what I was doing and said " you should patent that."..... I said why? I will sell maybe 3. Who is going to have this problem 🤣
  13. When you see hype here on this forum, it turns into pounds in the field. Steve filters out the BS and makes truth come through. Thank you so much.
  14. It's easier to deceive someone than to convince them that they have been deceived. I will go pound for pound with the diviners.
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