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  1. You might make a sacrifice on the small stuff and try extra deep. It helps me sort out moisture and roots and such when things get bad. Don't worry, you won't miss that sluggy nugget down deep.
  2. This is one I got with the 7000 last year. Everything has to be just right to pick one up these up. I am sure I walk over pounds of them so I can find one. I am sure that Kiwijw can beat it though. I think he has found pounds of these.
  3. If you have a (professional) use hydrofloric acid. You will know how much gold you have and preserve the specimen somewhat.
  4. Do you have a picture of it? Sounds like it's not just quartz an gold. Or maybe a large air pocket in it.
  5. I find a bit of solder while detecting. What is the low temperature you are talking about? Solder melts around 850 degrees.
  6. Even if we didn’t make a profit prospecting some of us would do it anyway. Think about Mars and all that juicy red dirt ?
  7. That is what I have heard them called.
  8. I bet you could hear a shovel head if you rubbed it on the coil!
  9. It’s my working season so nothing to report. I will see what I can do after November.
  10. Thanks for posting this, I needed a gold fix.
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