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  1. Here is a video of the Signal Response of the GPZ 19 Coil. I have also tested the 14 on this patch but didn't get round to videoing that test session but when l get time l will do a follow-up vid. But l can honestly say the 19 smashed the 14 for signal response I'm afraid l probably had the audio about 2 units too high as l wasn't sure how well the gopro would pick the sound up. Settings used were JP recomended settings with a few minor adjustments to suit the conditions. Cheers
  2. Picked this from another forum. Fred if you watch this be sure to tie yourself in a chair as I know you may start walking towards OZ. I know I want to go.
  3. G'day Norvic, or Goldhounds, or JP, ====(or ALL) I am making plans for a 3 months adventure next June, July, and August. Probably stay around Queensland for this trip...from Brisbane to Cairns ====but in the back country mostly-- I will go to the coast this trip though. I have heard too much about it not to see it. Sounds like a may have a Shelia running with me this trip-- which is OK, she gets more gold than I do!!!!! We need to rent a caravan or an off road camper of some sort..... what would you gentlemen/ladies suggest??? Maybe even buy a used unit and sell when we leave, or rent one from someone you may know who could use a little extra cash... Thanks in advance for your replies.... looking forward to hearing your thoughts... Hoo roo mates...
  4. http://www.goldprospectingaustralia.com.au/latest-news Mark Hyde runs a very professional guide service. He does not hunt while on tour, rather he attends to his customers and teaches those that need help. Unfortunately he only does Tag-a-Long tours; that means you need your own transport. If you get on his list you must react immediately as he sells out very FAST! Tours are the best way for a novice to get on the gold in Oz... I have no financial interest in his operations... fred
  5. Hope you mates are having it good over there--- I have watched all the videos many times .. Looking forward to next year ... _______________ Norvic ---- are you behaving????? I havent heard from klunker lately so he is either sneaking out there and swinging-----or else he is actually having to work this summer,,,, i found two small ones this weekend... 0.6g total.... walked about 500 miles to get them...but i needed the exercise! Happy hunting to everyone here and there!
  6. Not sure if this will work but this is about the Gold Police in Western Australia... Warning for prospectors as detectives seize $50,000 worth of illegally mined gold near Kalgoorlie
  7. OK, I am an Alaskan and so no stranger to foul language. This video is great just because it is real and yes, you do not want to watch if cuss words bother you. Me, I have to admit I just smile watching it. You have been warned!
  8. In the news this morning I see that a Crocodile has gobbled up a lady out for a swim and a Kangaroo beat up a bicyclist. Damn- I gotta go see that country!
  9. First day out and 6 pieces so far.... JP is a good teacher and has only thrown his pick in the brush 3 times! And I can't understand some of that Australian yelling, But i am sure it means I'm doing a great job.... One thing he especially loves is when I bump the coil on the ground to make it sound like a nugget..lolol...that really gets him singing... .then when I do my patented "high and wide"... sweep around the right side of my body.... he starts sounding like kinda like a bear growling and chomping his teeth... It's.kind of a rumbling noise that gets louder as he almost explodes...lol I worry he may have gotten too much sun today because his face was quite red at times...usually when I happened to repeat a move he just told me not to... So far I think we are doing great together and having a lot of fun....( But does anyone know, did JP always talk to himself.....?) Really enjoying it here.....If you are planning on coming down, now is the time...Just getting cooler and the dollar is strong!!!! So quiet and peaceful.... .I could stay awhile.... But don't tell JP that....I think He was already asking Frieda to get him some nerve pills.... Life is good! God is great!
  10. We have a meet every year with approximately 25 prospectors from all over Australia.
  11. "Blood Gold Revenge" by Dave Wright. Set 2012, in NQ OZ a story of gold detecting, murder, drugs the works. A brutal read in paperback at Amazon Worldwide and available on Kindle. Tis a frightening read for us detectorists with a fairly intriguing fast moving story line. For those of you who enjoy such a read, and perhaps snowed in.
  12. I just watched this and thought It might be of interest, john.
  13. It has been almost 7 years since my last trip...dang, I miss Australia-land of my dreams. so, I thought I would post a couple of pics from yesteryear.
  14. This TV show sounds interesting. Wonder if they got an Aussie Todd Hoffman for us all to take the piss out of? https://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/find-a-film/detail.aspx?tid=34231& "They’re the hard-core gold prospectors of Outback Australia and they’re on a mission to strike it rich! Whether it’s back-breaking work, extreme weather, mechanical breakdowns or cutthroat competition, prospecting is not for the faint-hearted. But our cast of gold hunters is tough, resourceful and ready for the challenge. Among them is husband and wife team Chris and Greg, the ‘Gold Gypsies’. 2 years ago they walked away from their Brisbane home and construction careers to chase their dream of striking it big, 4000km away. Having spent their life savings to set up their mining operation, the self-taught prospectors’ future rests on gold, for better or for worse… Meanwhile, best mates Vern and Leon, aka the Dirt Dogs, are running a gold operation in which they’ve sunk a million bucks into building what they claim is the ‘biggest dry blower in the universe’ affectionately known as ‘Goldzilla’. Having ploughed a fortune into their season plan, the Dogs are under massive pressure to unearth another, just to break even… Meanwhile, remote prospectors Henri and Kellie are going it alone. Armed with their high tech detectors, the best friends seek their fortune out in the farthest depths of the wild outback – where rival prospectors fear to tread. Follow their journeys and those of people they mingle with in the outback towns of the region, as we capture the daily drama, challenges and the sheer exhilaration of the hunt for AUSSIE GOLD! "
  15. Re: Norm Tyers big nuggett ozgold 041 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:39 am mark garrett wrote:if you new Norm he was and still is a good man My two boys and me visited him just weeks before he pasted away im so glad he let me talk about his find and video it for his family . this video is a a bit long but it is history . Nancy has a dvd I gave them . Here is a video of great interest for those looking for large gold nuggets! (Dingo Qld)
  16. Been very slow on here during the holidays. Had to laugh at this.
  17. Hi Steve Guy's The first vid of season 2015 is now on youtube. I hope you guys enjoy.
  18. In my idle time I often read posts that I may have passed on when they were fresh. I don't recall seeing this mentioned on this forum. It is quite a long trip to shop but hey....just to visit with Jonathan and family would be worth the cost. Congratulations JP and Frieda; may your cash-drawer always be full! http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t22950-new-minelab-dealer best wishes fred
  19. I posted this in an Aussie forum and had several entertaining responses so I thought I would post it here and see what the members made of this. I have just spent two weeks detecting in central Victoria for 9 very small bits. Not complaining, it was two weeks away from work with beautiful weather, fresh air and long overdue exercise every day. On the second week, just south of a little town called Dunolly, I came across a tree wrapped in coloured wool and adorned with jewellery along with a little key chain man. Not sure what to make of this so I left it alone.
  20. Hello Everyone, I asked permission from my friend Norvic to post some pictures of some species and other gems that he had sent to me out of the kindness of his heart. I hope i got the pictures focused properly and you can see some of the detail a few of these have. The piece of native copper is my favorite i think.... what is yours? Vic told me i could clean the copper piece up and put a coat of poly on it---but i am hesitant to do that--- i really like it as is....if you can zoom in well enough on my picture you and get a good look at the patina. How about it,,, ? ---What do you all think, Should i clean it or leave her alone??? Vic say it really looks good all clean and shiny too----- but......... i love that color patina.... I would never have picked up the other things like agates and zircons---need to learn a little more on gemstones---maybe i could actually read that field guide in my truck console instead of just carrying it around!!! BTW, My heart seem to be doing great---way more energy than before---and I am almost sure that I am much more handsome than i used to be...... hahahaha Anyway, I hope you all are well... paul Some of you may recognize a couple of these...hahahaha
  21. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/ This forum sure is a good one too if Steve doesn't mind my posting it? I see they don't allow gold dredging at all in Australia so they have to get somewhat creative. I am checking the DIY threads myself. Have also been checking Youtube videos for Wal and Liz from Australia for Minelab detecting videos and homemade highbankers and these folks find some amazing sapphires and opals, etc...and show how they found them, equipment they built to get the crystals,etc...hard to find this info anyplace else on the internet...
  22. Am I just seeing patterns in the clouds here? Dunno, too much time on my hands away from the goldfields.
  23. Been fascinated on how Aussie prospectors stay for extended periods in the bush? What do you do for? Water storage Solar/ 12v batteries, inverters, Charging Refridgerator Freezers Food Keeping cool Truck setup Clothing Shelter Keeping BEER COLD! Protection from animals and bugs Bathing and toilet I love the fact that automobile makers offer you rigs that are setup to handle your enviroment .
  24. Just posted to YouTube, 1 hour 22 minutes video shot by independent operators (no Minelab ties) in Australia. I am speaking at the local club meeting in an hour so am just going to post this without viewing and run. You guys have to watch and offer your thoughts for me when I get back in three hours!
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