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  1. Minelab will be the death of me yet ? 3rd beach hunt yesterday and I'm just amazed at this machine. I wasn't ready to drive a couple hours to get to a beach and take a chance at not finding much, so I brought the GPX to hopefully get some silver. That way my hunt was successful and I could go home knowing a had a good day. The GPX delivered about half the silver coins pictured. But when I pulled the Equinox out, it started finding targets right away. First bits of chains, then a 18K gold cross, then silver dimes, then 2 other (junk) chains, although the religious metal attached is sterling, th
  2. Just got home from my annual trip to Hawaii. Thought Id post my detecting adventure for you guy's. With all the hoopla on the new Minelab Equinox that are coming out...........well my old Excalibur is feeling a bit long in the tooth, as it goes. I'd like to pony up for a Equinox but the reality is I only get to detect at the beach two weeks a year and other than a rare park hunt most of the time is running a dredge. The obvious solution was to mod my Excal. Other than a Pluggers dive shaft that I added last year it's stock. Last year I had made up my mind to replace the headphon
  3. Hello, First time poster here, but have been reading a lot the past few weeks to learn and decide if the equinox would be a good upgrade for me. I decided it would be and gained permission from the boss (that would be my wife) to get a nox 600. Since the nox is waterproof, I thought I might like to try doing some detecting in freshwater locations. The manual states that the headphone jack is waterproof, so why would I need a waterproof headphone connection? What would happen if I used a cheap pair of headphones to see if water detecting is something I like to do?
  4. I hit a beach with the Equinox 800 to see if last week's hunt was a fluke. This is a beach that has produced a lot of silver with the GPX but no gold. So it was up to the Equinox to help me get some gold. I used the GPX for half the day and ended up with 7 silver coins and 2 silver rings and a lot of copper pennies. The Equinox produced a silver dime and quarter, but also gave me not one, but three pieces of gold! I really must admit, this machine finds that tiny gold. Unbelievable MINELAB!!! Thank You!!!
  5. I finally had a chance to hit the beach with the Equinox 800. My first hunt was at a cellar hole. It did fairly well considering I did not study up on it. This past week was it's maiden voyage at a beach. I was a little more up to speed at programming it. The machine exceeded what I thought I would get on this hunt. The is a moderate to heavy EMI location with not a lot of shoreline to escape away from it. It handled the EMI a little bit better than the CTX or the GPX. My very first target was a junk earring stud. Nice, sort of micro jewelry. A little while later a part of a silver chain. Hmm
  6. Sure isn't much to talk about and far from my biggest gold but yet it is noteworthy....... my smallest gold saltwater find to date, .32 grams hoop earring that was open. Took two scoops to get it out yet I can't say how deep it was, I could have just missed it with the first scoop but the size and the fact it was open tells me that this machine can hunt! I've now found 4 golds in the past 6 hunts none over 2.5 grams for a total weight of 5.26 grams. Yeah, some real small stuff...... Guess I now have a real good test piece for new machines! Settings: Beach 2, Noise canceled, GB o
  7. Home in the Melbourne, FL area for a couple of weeks, and the weather looks nice, so going to try some beach hunting this week when I can get out for a few hours. While some here will be hitting Cocoa and Melbourne, I'm going to "get my feet wet" south of Indiatlantic on some quieter beaches where I can really drill down on the settings, and without crowds on the beach. Results will be posted as I learn.... (Back to Eglin Air Force Base on the 22nd to attack another closed 40's to 50's housing area that is producing lots of wheaties, and therefore probably a lot of silver awaiting recovery.
  8. I seen Nuke asked about beach hunting in the iron bias thread. Ive got about 100 hours on it now beach playing ..... i say playing because i just got a pair of phones done on the 1st. So..... now im hunting ... about 28 hours serious and about paid for the detector in the last 4 days. You gotta want to hunt with this machine because she likes minerals and concentrations of aluminum. So .... few things ive done to quiet it down. One is ..... you can move the Iron bias from 0 finding a decent number without going over board..... and 6 default is to much for my beach, it seems 2 works wel
  9. I go to a local beach this afternoon and I head straight away for my normal pattern which is the waterline. This is what I am familiar with as it is new territory on a receding tide. That was the plan and I stuck with it in one direction of about 2 miles. At the end of that walk I had about 3 cents! Nothing, nada at the top or bottom of the beach slope. I'm using beach 1 just about default. Time to switch the pattern. Too many people on the blanket line so it is time to split the difference between blanket and parking lot. Finally a few targets. Coins here and there and I just pl
  10. Little pick-me-up to all fellow Noxaholics..... This beauty was hiding right underneath a lead sinker. (7oz Fishing weight) Got a 22/23 with additional 12/13 reading...dug out the lead sinker and re-scanned.. 12/13 ....reading, then BAM! Thank you Ma'am!! Needless to say, am SUPER STOKED!
  11. Today was a nice day at the beach. It was actually too warm for my long sleeve shirt. I started out at a very low tide and found next to nothing. It was time to get up off the wet sand and go hunt behind the lifeguard stations, away from the non-producing wet sand. What a relief. No salt water, no hot rocks ... just a few bottle caps! I could use beach, park and field as I wanted. I was on the dry sand for about 2 hours which is the most for me in a few years. I think I'll do it again in the right area. The pin is a Dade County Police Chiefs Association lapel pin. I'm in Cali
  12. Ok.... This may sound weird to some, but whenever I used to use my old scoop in the sand and surf, I end up trying to balance my detector up against my hip or in front of me so I have both hands free to lift or hold the handle as to look around in the scoop basket. Is there any type of leash that would go around my waist and hook to the arm piece of my detector so I could just let it hang free without it slipping off of me and falling into the drink? I have a new long handle scoop coming in the mail so I thought I would ask.
  13. Since i started using my Equinox i had found it to be a bit weak and couldn't get it to work right for the first couple of trips . But i have got the beach 1 mode sorted now and even though it could do with a single frequency option say 10 khts i have got to understand it better . And feel it is definitely the X.Terra replacement i was looking for or at least mostly . This morning i took the Nox to the beach at 5am hoping for something nice , all the trips out so far have yielded Silver and so i must have been doing something right . I have had 4 Silver rings in the last 2 trips along wit
  14. Drowned Iphone. It rang up a solid 32 in every direction about 8 inches down in semi-wet sand. The whole time I was digging it I had visions of Mr. T-sized sterling silver bling dancing in my head. Boy, was I disappointed!
  15. Well, we finally got some decent beach conditions today so I could really try my 800 out on the sand. Five hours of pure beach detecting fun! And I feel like I have to say this, even if I get raked over the coals by my fellow PI Club members. My Equinox 800 goes practically as deep on the wet and dry sand as my Garrett Infinium. There, I said it. Shocked the hell outta me too. I say practically because I gave up digging stuff 2 feet down a while ago. It's almost always a big piece of crap anyway. That Equinox was locating stuff a foot down easily, with the added benefit of tar
  16. Today I spent some time on the beach in a little bit of rain with the 800. It was a pretty good day because there were 3 Osprey troop planes overhead and a couple of helicopters carrying the President. Meanwhile on the beach there was next to nothing again with about 4 miles walked and only one little patch. This patch was both at the beginning and the end of my hunting of about 3 hours. I tried hard but the waves today were only about 1 ft and that was after a storm. There weren't many surfers out but that is not what this post is about. I found a few pennies and tried for bette
  17. Hopefully some decent reporting will turn the tide against the trolls on the other forums..... http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/equinox/570962-first-beach-hunt-nox-800-a.html
  18. Okay got out today for 3 hours... using beach 1, on the beach I was hunting on you could not go into the water even with lower sensitivity without falsing occurring... Beach 2 could run all the way up to 24 on the sensitivity without falsing in the water and the surf... I got a Gold the first time out very small kids ring 14k! I used stock settings the only thing I changed was the sensitivity, I'm old school like to start out with stock settings other than tones and sensitivity so that when I'm making the adjustments I get a Feeling for what's going on... This machine is supe
  19. This was hunt #3 for me putting me at 6.5 hours on the equinox now. I usually last about 2-3 hours a hunt due to needing a 2nd hip replacement so I envy those of you who can swing all day. I hit the beach in Ventura after school today hoping the storm and high tide would result in some erosion. I figured since it was cold, had just finished raining I'd have the beach to myself. I get out there and there is a family having a picnic and one of the women is in a bikini getting out of the water. Only in California will you find people in bikini's swimming in overcast 55 degree weather with a
  20. Late this afternoon and into the evening (about 4 hours on the beach) I searched some of my normal spots. It was awful. I found next to nothing. Why? These are beaches and sub-beaches where I have found dozens of rings and thousands of coins. Sometimes the signals are so dense you just have to stop and come back the next day. Why the difference? Energy I would say. Tonight the few targets I found were very light (3-4 pull tabs, aluminum, partial pieces) and very few coins (less than 10). There were no rings, earrings or partial pieces of heavy metals. There was nothing do
  21. I was on the beach today and I had 3 different people walk up to me and ask about metal detectors. What kind do I need, who do I buy it from, etc. I usually have at least 1 or 2 people ask me every day. So that got me to thinking, and since I do my best thinking when I'm on the beach swinging my Infinium, I came up with a plan. Corporate sponsorship. Like race car drivers. All you dealers can send me free stuff and I'll wear your T-shirt with your business address and phone number on it when I'm on the beach. I'll even point to it and make sure they get your phone number when they ask m
  22. We went to a beach here in Oz last night that we have flogged to death . So I thought let's see what the Equinox has to offer . When I use the 5000 , half of the beach has rediculous EMI (all the radar stuff around for beach rescue but the 5000 can deal with that ) Went down and the Equinox noise cancelled amazingly Then the surprise ......in all the 30 years detecting this beach we never have seen the mineralisation like last night . It was thick and gluggy and when you shine the torch it was glistening like nothing I have seen before . So we keep detecting as Nox was smooth as and 30 mins l
  23. This is my second hunt for this month , my first was on the 5th when i had £8.01p and the beach was mostly quiet for finds due to the depth of sand and stones on the beaches. Today i went for a 9am start and worked the tide out , its a very short tide and i didn't expect much though there was a bit of bad weather last week and on Friday i had a dodgy gut so couldn't make then and yesterday i was busy. I travelled a long way West which is what i have been doing for a while now and walking all the way back to the center of the City . As soon as i got there and saw the beach i thought
  24. Yesterday i finished work early in the evening and i got home and had some sleep till 1am this morning . I got the Explorer 11 and drove to the beach for a 2am start . I went straight to the normally best beaches and saw that the beaches had some cuts , though not very good ones . So i started and immediately i found coins and mostly it just stayed that way . Except for a few quiet and built up places . At around 6.30am i saw someone else detecting and we chatted for a while then went our own way . At 8am i finished and went home . The finds for this morning were a 1905 Edward V11 Silver Three
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