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  1. Had a chance to get 2 beach hunts in with the GPX and AQ and was pleasantly surprised that the conditions at this beach had changed for the better. It was going to be a 50/50 split between both machines, so that I could get the benefits of both machines technologies. Started out great with the AQ, but unfortunately the headphones started making a loud clicking noise. I figured out the thin wire had finally given out. Then it completely stopped working. The conditions were perfect for trying out the AQ in Tone mode, since there was almost no trash, or small iron left in this spot. So high tone
  2. We out a couple of days ago and as usual found something strange. I believe it is a "replica" or "counterfeit" Draped Bust Silver Dollar. When it came out of the surf it was just a rusty disc. I was going to just toss it but my ole hunting buddy talked me into cleaning it up a bit out of curiosity. It is the same diameter as a silver dollar. It only weighs 12.6 grams. It does have a reeded edge. I could make out part of UNITED STATES but the font was larger than a regular silver dollar. It appeared to have a shield with eagle wings on the reverse. I could make out a lady facing to th
  3. Hello to all ,went to a secluded beach today,just to make sure i knew how to detect again it wasnt warm but sunny,and my fishing jacket kept me nice and toasty.As i got the luxury to have 3 times more digging tools than arms,i choose a spade for a change over a scoop.A cheap spade i bought on a road trip a while back when my old one broke and i just fitted a new shaft which i oiled with linseed oil 3 times.Anyway a lot of walking and gridding,the nox is my to go machine when i am back after a while especially with those long lockdown period. Lots of coast fight remains as you can t
  4. Only found a sinker and some clad but was able to snag this nice shot as the tide was going out. Rare to see this area without wind and figured I would share.
  5. 100% AUTHENTIC Santa Monica METAL DETECTING find CUBE #2 Oct 20 Pandemic Signed
  6. Third Tarascci hunt. First two cut short by bad conditions. On the Florida Gulf ,caught a low tide at a nice wash.below a old deep cut. Got to say that hunting conditions have. been lousy most of the month. Hey I got lucky betting on this area, and having enough targets to learn this machine. Tried a couple modes, but kept coming back to Mix, it's the one for me. I like the way it sounds on iron. Between target Id & tones, I was able to keep the beer cap digging down. Same thing on calling a crusty penny before digging. Quarter's an nickels were scarce. Now I got to relay
  7. I see a lot of people doing it along the shore of Lake Ontario.I even converted one sea glass guy into a water hunter.He found a ugly 2.5 car. diamond ring looking for sea glass in the gravel.I put the nice pieces in my pouch that I find in my scoop when I detect.I see a lot of woman doing it and it seems like good work out.
  8. I was able to get out a few times for the recent SoCal storms. Although I came across a few cuts there wasn’t much gold to be found. This is my first hunt of the storm. I found enough targets to keep me busy. The 14k ring with diamonds was an eyeball find that was laying on top of some black sand and 90% of the ring was exposed. The teeth were found almost at the end of the hunt and they appear to be gold but haven’t tested yet. As you can see there was almost no jewelry in this hunt. This second hunt provided a lot more targets and jewelry but surprisingly only one gold. I f
  9. The recent high surf and good tides moved massive amounts of sand at some of my local beaches this week. On my first hunt the 40mph winds and blowing sand made it challenging to walk, let alone detect. My detector and scoop even acted like sails, catching the wind and twisting me around at times. On day 2 the winds had calmed down but the first 3 beaches I hunted didn't yield that many targets. However the 4th beach had a fresh 4'-6' cut running for hundreds of yards and below it I started to find plenty of targets in the wet sand. I saw 3 other people with detectors but on this day there
  10. My second hunt this past week was at my favorite EMI beach. Besides getting a new scoop I also decided to try a Coiltek 14" anti-interference coil for my GPX. I need every advantage when hunting this beach, so I decided to give it a go. I was hoping I could still use the coin/relic setting with this coil as it is the deepest, but it was not going to happen. So I changed timings and it worked well. Now all that was left was to see how much depth I lost. Honestly, at first I did not like the coil since I really wanted the most depth I could get, as the coins tend to be deep. But I kept at it and
  11. Afternoon all. Heading to the beach for a little bit over the next month and looking for some advice. 🏖️ 🌊 🏄‍♂️ Going to Sorrento in Victoria which has a back beach (faces the ocean) and a front beach (faces the bay). Currently infested with a bazzilion tourists (soon to be a bazzilion and 5 🤣) as it is our summer school holidays. I am told Back Beach can be quite rough so assume that a bit of wave action might be able to concentrate some targets. I am told this rough side is more for young people who do a bit of surfing, body boarding, etc so to be honest I'm not expecti
  12. Late this afternoon I snuck in a beach hunt. It was very disappointing in the beginning. The conditions were just great with a low tide but there was nothing much down low. I began following the advice I gave Adam about Zig Zagging and it was only producing odd targets. Sometimes the beach just doesn't have much to give you I began to say. When I reached one of my good beaches after about a mile walk and the conditions weren't right it was time to return on the high side. This I did and I worked my way into a few coins rather than just trash and by now I had 3 cheap rings which I wou
  13. I got out twice last week to hit the negatives. All were found with a TDI BH waist to chest deep in a drysuit. Both golds are 14k. The Eagle is silver. Water was cold but with this many targets it keeps you warm digging plus yellow warms you up also. 2 silver rings are missing as my Grandkids got them. It used to be just my wife who would claim my treasures.
  14. Was on my Oregon beach today Surf Perch fishing and met this guy who was building a whale out of driftwood. He pegged all the pieces together with wood pins! Kind of an environmentalist guy. He is going to torch it off New Year's Eve. Looks like a good place to detect the next day if all the people show up to watch it! Too rough to catch anything. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  15. Hello to all and Happy New year it all started well as one the beach i hunt seems to have been cleaned of the loose sand by the recent storm,glad i could use my MDT after his minor repair .Did again some deep stuff ,the lamp bulb socket and the pyramidal lead where at 40/45 cm i tried to max out the machine and it was fun.As you can see lots of brass junk missed by others but i guess they did get the gold😃😃😆😆 Then the car gearbox decided it was time to die and the lockdown PART III started.... 😄😄😍🤣 Enjoy RR
  16. Late this afternoon I managed to shirk some of my fatherly responsibilities and go out for a couple hours of hunting. I had gone a couple of days ago to one of my best beaches and was surprised at finding very little. Today was a bit different. I managed to find some beach with a cut but it had been hunted. Whomever hunted it had neatly put their trash back in the holes. I was coming upon them probably 5 hours after they had been dug. Knowing this I didn't stick very close to the cut and worked wetter sand on a lower tide. It wasn't the greatest but I managed a 19 number with the 80
  17. Hello everyone! My name is Jesse, and I dig trash on the beaches of Santa Cruz, California with my White's TDI BeachHunter. Tent Stakes, Bottle caps, clad, you name it. Occasional gold (around an ounce in the last year), but wayyyyy too much garbage for the time spent out there. No, more like the right amount of garbage dug on a trashy beach with a PI with no discrimination settings LOL. I love this machine. It's stable, reliable, punches very deep, and was a great first "real" detector. The weight sucks (though it can be hip mounted, but I found myself getting tangled in the wired
  18. Too bad there is no palm trees and blue water...There is a bottle cap in almost every scoop and sometimes several so it's a challenging place to hunt...the grill is 10K but the bracelet is stainless...the ring came from a small park and it's sterling with a Gold L in it...I like to use the CTX in bottle cap infested areas and the Nox in open fields and not so trashy places..I can usually tell when it's a bottle cap with the Nox but I have the CTX set up better for hunting in trash. strick
  19. I've seen some dry spells in my time but a combination of COVID fears, extensive renourishment and recent temperatures in the 40' - 60's have resulted in 2020 being one of the worst dry spells in memory. The depositors just aren't flocking to our beaches in normal numbers. I haven't been down south or on the west coast of FL recently, but if your interested in detecting from Jacksonville to the Treasure Coast, I can tell you my experience has been one of a lot more exercise than any significant detecting success. Praying for an improvement in 2021.
  20. Hello all, We have been having some major surf from a hurricane spinning out in the Atlantic near Bermuda, as well as the time of year that we get King Tides! Depending on the wind direction, this can be a really productive time to beach hunt! Unfortunately the wind has been blowing directly on shore, which only makes for a wide flat beach, and few targets! I made the trek to Vero beach yesterday, as well as many other detectorists, to try and get an elusive piece of 1715 Wreck Treasure! There are a lot of locals who work these beaches, and have a tremendous advantage! For me,
  21. This long article details a possible treasure on the Oregon coast. https://magazine.atavist.com/the-ghost-hunter-galleon-shipwreck-oregon-goonies-philippines
  22. I don't have time to do a full 'review' of this article but it seems like a good line of research for more information. https://engineering.tamu.edu/news/2020/12/researcher-develops-formulas-to-predict-coastal-sediment-movement.html?_ga=2.180835809.799634648.1607892375-990692193.1607892375
  23. At 1:30am this morning I made the most of a very low tide (22cm) to hunt inside the stinger net at Horseshoe Bay.. Once again I only went for gold coins and 50c.. The total for a one hour hunt was $64.50.. not too shabby..
  24. I started detecting in the 80s mostly with dredging for gold , then left the gold country and ended up back in MN , got some more detectors with the intention of going back to northern CA - but dredging is outlawed [ bs ] and bought a bunch of detectors in the 90s and worked mostly parks & beaches walking the dog . Had a fire about 5 yrs. ago and lost about a quarter million in tools , equipment and about 6+ detectors . A little over a year ago , bought a Nox 800 , mostly did the FL beaches last winter , not sure if going back this winter . But I have been mostly doing beach
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