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  1. My beach detecting season is coming to a close, so I took the opportunity to get in another hunt. I am still recovering from a cold, but decided I wanted to get in a hunt anyways. Besides, I got a couple of new coils to try out and couldn’t resist. First was the Equinox with the 15” coil. I wanted to return to a spot that I found those rings last week. Unfortunately, the area was mostly sanded in and the tide was relentless. First off, the arm cuff finally completed it breakage. The stand part broke off weeks earlier and now the arm cuff snapped. Why anyone would use PC instead of ABS for the
  2. I had a chance for a beach hunt this afternoon. Conditions are not ideal but a bit of energy did move the sand a bit. I didn't see many clues so I just hunted the expected and unexpected spots. The quantity of targets was low but they turned out to be very interesting. The first ring (16g) has a hand on it and an opal?/plastic stone. It has no markings but appears to be stainless. The second ring sounded like a quarter and a little higher 31-32 and it is 9 grams of silver and stone. It is uncleaned. The final good target was barely audible even tho it was more shallow than the rings.
  3. If y'all would like to see one kind of a beach renourishment project taking place as it happens, click: https://www.surfguru.com/ Scroll pointer to cams > Florida > Central Florida then click on either Cocoa Beach Pier or Cocoa Beach Pier North.. Click triangle in middle of vid screen to start the live feed.. Go to outside bottom left and click on get camera control.. A dropdown will appear on outside bottom right.. Go to it and click on Beach North.. It's just coming into view on the Cocoa Beach Pier cam.. If you're on the Cocoa Beach Pier North cam the 'line' or 'hump' you see N-S
  4. Is it possible for saltwater, or any water, or beach sand to get between the screen protector and the display when the Equinox is used submerged?
  5. A couple of weeks ago during an extreme high tide, I put aside 2 days to hit two different beaches to see what I could get at low tide. Those visits are a good example of how not to plan your hunt rigidly. Both days I focused on the wrong thing and at the end of each hunt I found a patch that helped save the day. One of those days was an area that I re hit yesterday, some 2 weeks later. It produced 2 silver rings, silver earring an pendant all in the last hour of the hunt. Yesterday it was sanded in a bit more, so the targets were deeper, but focusing on a productive area rather than having a
  6. I had actually commented/pics some photos of finds on anothers post that was similar, but realized I did not want to steal his thunder. In my part of the country our lakes draw down each Winter/Spring to make room for the up and coming Spring/Summer runoff. This allows for some detectable areas though maybe not as perfect as beaches. Well when you live 500+ miles from the Coast you learn to adapt and find opportunities some others don't think of. Here is a quick story of a trip to a well known high country lake thousands visit each year. I was heading to NV to do our 1st of the y
  7. I’m considering buying an Anfibio multi and am wondering about it’s abilities in and around saltwater, I know it has a beach mode but do you have to lower the sensitivity much to get it stable? I have an Equinox 600 and it’s a great machine except I live in Canada and find it frustrating on our clad coins, I’ve heard the Anfibio does well on it, the 600 is great in many ways but my buddy finds way more clad with his AT gold but can’t go near the salt, I have used the 600 snorkeling and would also dive with the Anfibio, the fact that it is rated deeper is a bonus along with the collapsible sha
  8. As some of you know, I head south each winter with a few clients and have some sun in the fun, with a few stiff drinks to kill any bacteria on my ice. I always take a detector and sometimes even test a few for manufactures (like I did last year with the TDI Beach Hunter). Anyway, I seem to find interesting metal objects in my scoop and on occasion they are still moving (that is for another story). So here are a few photos of finds and laughs. 1st pic of at least 10 different countries and some of their coins. Some of them I know others I'll need to look up in a book some day. 2nd
  9. Finally had a chance to get out to one of my better silver beaches. With the extreme cold about a week ago, and along with the high winds, I missed some of the record low tides in my area. Wednesday was the first time out and I was hoping the now normal tides didn't wash too much sand back on the beach. Lucky the sand was not frozen, so I was good to go. I had the GPX set up the best I could with all the train interference, and took breaks when the EMI was just too much to handle. Managed these goodies. No gold, but enough of silver to make the trip worth while. 2 quarters, (SLQ and Washington
  10. Late this afternoon after the rain had stopped and the tide was coming in I was able to get out for a 2 hour hunt on the beach. We've had a storm but the wave effect was not as great as it could have been. When I started detecting I noticed some dig holes both old and new. I found a few quarters missed by those and I jumped over to a beach I know well. It had very few targets. Too bad because when things are right I've found some nice rings there. I went back to where I had found the quarters and started gridding getting a few of the pennies and a couple of the micro-jewelry pieces
  11. Published on Jan 12, 2019 by Gaptain's Metal Detecting Vlog
  12. Last week I visited my favorite gold beach and hit an area at the end of the day that produced 5 silvers, a couple of war nickels and 8 wheat pennies. Much better than the limited amount of clad I found the first part of that day. It was posted in the Equinox forum under Equinox and EMI. Today I hit that same area with the GPX instead. Being a holiday, I figured there would be limited train runs, and for most of the day that was the case. I ran the GPX as hot as I could handle and put on the 12 1/2" DD coil to get the most depth I could get. It worked! Had a great hunt. Some oddities for the d
  13. Hi folks, I've been a die-hard Equinox 800 user since april 2018. Now I've got enough clad together to buy another detector, or upgrade my homecinema Does anyone use the deus on the dry sand beach? I love my Equinox, but my right hand is not the most healthy, so weight and balance counts alot for me. Also the Equinox puts many stuff found on my beaches in a very narrow ID range. Will XP ever come out with a multi-frequency? At the moment I would opt for the 11" X35 coil with RC and WS5. Weight wise the XP in this configuration is about 1000g with remote vs 1300g for the Equinox
  14. I've had a chance to go out to the beach 3 times in the last week. Each time there was something interesting to find or learn. Each of these hunts was to just about the same beach but each time conditions were a bit different. The first hunt was to an area of the beach where I found the sword/cross. There was nothing similar this time but as you can see it was LIVELY! I went in one direction on the beach and found nothing when I turned the opposite way I was surprised to find one of the live 44 Mags. Nearby was another and then there was a 38 and then a 22 long. As you can
  15. Took the 800 NOX out with new 15x12 coil for a quick swing along fresh water beach. And I have to say I was most Happy, this is the same beach I detected when I 1st received my 800 with 11 inch coil in March 2018, then detected again with 6 inch coil. Both of those coils found coins ( 1 1964 nickel ) the rest so far have been newer coins. But when I went over same ground with the 15x12 coils I found 10 more coins ( no silver ) but these coins were deep, I'll say in the 15inch to maybe 20 inches in depth, hard to tell because ground is really wet and water table hasn't dropped much. Was runnin
  16. Not getting much detecting time in lately.....but managed a few hours at the beach. Found these 5 rings and two silver dimes at the same beach. All the rings were found in the water. The rosie and merc were found around picnic tables. The gold ring is 14K and weighs in at 12.25 grams. The silver ring with the amethyst also has fire opal in it. The three other rings are all 925 silver.
  17. Last week I went to Bill's outing. I was there mostly to learn (I say that now) but I also picked up the big Nox coil. I didn't use it in the desert but I did use it on the beach. The first hunt was pretty uneventful. Bad beach, bad results as they say. The next time I used it a couple of days later the beach was not that much different but I was ready to test it to the max. I'll have to admit that I didn't walk very slowly. I wanted a big sound to stop me. I also had a specific place in mind. On the way there I got a signal that was mostly 'deep penny' sounding but some of them y
  18. A place for all things related to water detecting with the Equinox, fresh or salt. Feel free to post questions, suggestions, pictures of daily finds, etc.
  19. Didn't find much. A few dollars, a junk ring, wine bottle opener and, what I think, a nose ring. I was surprised to find such a small thin item with the 15" coil. Or should I not be surprised that the big coil found the nose ring even though it is so small? Big coil, small coil no difference in hitting the small items? It was certainly hard to pin point. Here is a pic with a dime for comparison. The nose ring has tested as silver.
  20. Had a day to hit my favorite gold beach, so I took advantage of the day. What looked like some sand had been removed in reality didn't pan out. Still fairly sanded in, and after digging some pull tabs at 10-12 inches, I figured it was going to be a strictly exercise kind of day. Not many coins on this small beach so I was just going to enjoy the day. Got another deep signal that I thought was going to be a crusty zinc penny and after digging 12" I final got it out. Now to use the pin pointer to get my crusty junk money, but instead what appears is a fairly good size man's gold ring. To say I w
  21. Headed out tomorrow to a beach a couple of hours drive away with my Nox800. My question is- Should I wait for low tide and hunt the water beyond that, or just go and hunt the sand above the water line while the tide goes out?
  22. It's been a very busy summer/fall, so I was dying to get out to the beaches to see if the Equinox would still be kind to me. These pictures are from 5 of the 6 beach hunts. It's early in the season and the beaches are not shedding sand yet, so the finds are slimmer than last season. I did include a picture of one clad hunt that yielded over $17.00 in change in a 5 hour period. Most other clad amounts were much lower. Total clad after 6 hunts is $31.54 (average of $5.25 per hunt). It's going to be a long season and I hope to get out more often than once a week, but time will tell. So far I'm t
  23. How many of you have had an itch that no detector can scratch? Is there a set of features out there that haven’t been combined yet to make your dream detector and you think about it all the time? I constantly think about this hole in my detecting life that has yet to be filled! I’m posting this in the Nokta-Makro forum because they like and respond to these kinds of threads. Heres the dream machine that would obsolete a lot of detectors for me. Dream Beach Detector General idea: -A waterproof pulse induction detector -ground balance available with on and of
  24. Got in the water on the weekend with the Equinox for the first time in months (been too cold) and had a blast ? I’ve finally got some good waterproof headphones for the equinox that are really acceptable under water volume wise ??
  25. The Equinox got wet for the first time today, it survived and will be without a doubt my primary water detector. I can do 80% of the area I want to do without needing the waterproof headphones, which is kinda nice. The beaches are fairly well sanded in here right now, but I know where to look for a few spots of clay. Things are going to get real interesting this fall when the mighty winds shift. Pictured are the older coins. A 1957 Penny, 1959 silver dime and a 1952 silver quarter. Not a bad bit of change considering I only found 5 coins total. Also a brass ring and a nail that migh
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