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  1. Hello all, We have been having some major surf from a hurricane spinning out in the Atlantic near Bermuda, as well as the time of year that we get King Tides! Depending on the wind direction, this can be a really productive time to beach hunt! Unfortunately the wind has been blowing directly on shore, which only makes for a wide flat beach, and few targets! I made the trek to Vero beach yesterday, as well as many other detectorists, to try and get an elusive piece of 1715 Wreck Treasure! There are a lot of locals who work these beaches, and have a tremendous advantage! For me,
  2. The wet beach sand didn't produce much early this morning so I took a few swings around the dry sand on my way back to my parking place. I was using Park 1 at 20-21 and switching between multi and 4khz to know what I might be digging. I do think the multi is deeper and I found some clad in the same location with maximum depth of 8" I think. What is the little heart/star piece? I put the coins in my pouch and didn't know I had a silver until I checked them at home. I don't know exactly which hole I dug that resulted in the quarter (1946). The nickel is a 1936 Buffalo and the penny
  3. Had the day to work a beach with the GPX and the AQ. I used the GPX for 5.5 hours and dug every target in the dry sand. I know there is deep silver at this particular beach, and it did not disappoint me today. The Standing Liberty quarter was measured at 18” and the Walking Liberty half was at 20” This is the maximum I have found silver with the GPX. You do not always get those depth, depending on EMI in the area. I can regularly get 15” on most coins. Another good target was a gold grill, probably 9 or 10K. You do not see those every day on the beach.😄 Partials sometimes, but grills never. It
  4. We've all seen, heard of or found coin spills...particularly if you primarily hunt beaches. However, throughout all the years I've been walking our Florida beaches this is the first Sinker Spill of this size that I've ever found. These sinkers came from the same 3x10ft area of Bicentenial Park beach and it wouldn't surprise me if I didn't find all that was there! 😁
  5. Hello all, Everything seemed to be in alignment yesterday morning, when i woke up about 4 A.M., and couldn't go back to sleep after looking at the tides and weather! Had some issues that prevented me from getting out the last few weeks, so i was itching to go! The wind was ripping pretty good, and i had a spot in mind that had been renurished and ruined for quite a while, that should be showing signs of huntability again! Also, it's a spot that you can "dual hunt", meaning ocean beach and water, than a short walk away, intercoastal beach and shallow water!! I
  6. I looked at my Equinox 800 screen when I heard it. This Sound had potential. It was not like the familiar sounds of pennies, quarters and even the nickels. The screen read 9 and that had Potential too. I swung over it in a couple of directions and it still had a solid 9. Then you dig. Still a 9 and a good sound as you go down 3-4-5 inches to the patch layer. Then it is in the scoop and you look down in the dim light and you don't see a coin. You can see a shape and the wire mesh too! That is real POtential. I turn on my light and voila it's a ring and its yellow! POTENTIAL!
  7. Thanks to the good people on this forum I returned to one of my lakes with the intention of digging less than 100 bottle caps as I did last time. I found about 20 but I dug many that I had anticipated would be bottle caps but I just wanted to be sure. I hunted in "Park 2" and 40 khz for the start of the hunt and switched to my user profile (4khz) on suspected cap targets and the cap TID's almost always jumped up to "36-40" range. Eventually, I just left the detector at 4 khz because it was so smooth and quiet and I wouldn't have to keep switching back and forth. Targets really stood out when t
  8. I got a chance to go out on a couple of hunts this week and the best things I found were this little 10K/1.28 g Gold Ring, a 4 g Silver Ring and this 4 oz Lure. I think the lure is the most expensive! The little ring was a challenge as it was down about 5 inches and I had forgotten I had my F2 on at 5 from an experiment. With that setting the quarters sounded funny and I was about ready to do a factory reset when I discovered the 'problem.' I was using the 15" coil so I consider it a good get for the small target that read 6. Mitchel
  9. Here we go again, when autumn approaches, the evaluation of the most suitable vehicle means to prepare anything to face the peace of the beaches that will gradually begins empty ... Unfortunately for me, no more dinghy this year and considering the terrible weight of all the ballast I'm forced to bring downthere, plus another tool I'm planning in these hours, this time I'm in real troubles. At least 150kg, to be carried by hand and never on my back again, possibly. I tried to build two different trolleys with solid wheels, but with all the weight, I only managed to sink into the first me
  10. I am an avid metal detector user and I like always being at it. Just because there is no gold prospecting for me in a given time frame is no reason to not go metal detecting for gold. There are a lot more ways to find gold than prospecting, and so jewelry detecting is very high on my list. If you like finding a gold nugget, I do not see how you could not also be excited about digging up a gold ring. Jewelry detecting and nugget detecting share many common traits, not least being the hunt for gold. Both also require a high tolerance for digging trash items, and both are best done with detect
  11. Sometimes targets are deep. That is the 15" coil and I had 6-7 more inches from the top of the sand to the half can target. And then there are targets not so deep. That is the silver ring there with a green heart stone. It was down 8-9 inches. A nice sunrise ... and all of the finds.
  12. I just posted a topic about finally finding some gold after several times to the beach. I found more than that this time. Just after I found the only ring of the session I looked up and saw an awful sight. The beach area I was now in is an 'all night' area and someone had been there through the night. They had also been there with some Stella Green Bottles which was not unusual on an alcohol free beach. What was shocking about it was that they had played target practice with their bottles and sharp, broken glass was all over the beach. I wish I had taken a picture when I saw it but y
  13. G'day, just new to this forum. Wondering everyones opinions on a 2200D for beach detecting on dry or eroded sand banks? I have a few spots in mind which a pulse induction machine would be handy on spots my mates CTX can't reach. Of course I'd have to waterproof the machine but as a general machine for depth would it handle alright on these areas? Anyone here use the machine for beaches regularly? It'll be my first pulse machine, I'm a long-time user of the Equinox 600 and 800. Cost isn't an issue, I'm just getting bored and limited in parks. I found one at a decent pri
  14. Hello All!!! Just wanted to wish all the East Coast hunters, and visiting hunters out there, to Be Smart and Safe, pre and post storm!! No amount of potential detecting finds is worth risking your life!! As a Retired Public Safety Employee, i am extremely familiar with the many hazards during storms such as this one! Good Luck Detecting!!🍀🍀 I hope that you all suffer No loss, or damage!! And i look forward to the many great finds that this storm is likely to produce!! Maybe I'll see a few of you out there, if i get the chance!!👍👍
  15. Got out Saturday morning early to try and beat the heat but by 11 am it was pushing 90. Used my GPX with the 14" Coiltek DD coil and ran in Salt mode most of the time, used normal a while too but Salt was much quieter. Had to walk half a mile down the beach to get to where I wanted to hunt and found either my headphones or battery had an issue. The volume was real weak even at full volume, I dealt with it but had the wind been blowing I would have had to walk back. Later found out it was a battery issue, amp must be bad. I think it's time to get Docs gold screamer setup. I'm tired of spending
  16. I've told myself for months it was time to go out with the 5000 and the Coiltek Platypus mono coil and try for some deep targets. Last night was the night. I think I learned more about my beach then I did about the detecting setup. This is the coil: https://www.seriousdetecting.com/product/coiltek-12-x-8-platypus-mono-300x220mm-for-minelab-sd-gp-gpx-series-detectors/ I don't have any pictures of finds because it was all junk except for 2 pennies. I went out to a low tide wet area where I never find much with the Equinox 800 and I didn't find much with this either. I was goin
  17. Hello to all been back to work so my leisure time is shorter working evenings and heading back straight to the coast on my day off is the plan. Anyway ,Sunday i was invited by a fellow detectorist i met in 2001 while looking to test the Explorer XS,this guy (Fred is his name) has been detecting forever almost everyday destroying and killing machine at a crazy rate. The spot we went on Sunday has been productive for him last week with 5 gold items found ,including a ring a seal and 3 14ct ink pen point.He told me to bring a small coil.....the small Nox coil is in London.So i wanted to
  18. There are few things a water hunter needs to be happy when doing his work... A good bottom condition and a well prepared machine to do the job. Many times I found good stuff but really struggling with a coil larger than 10". Vlf or pulse, will depend for the most by the environment type, but talking about coils, there's no comparison for a diver with an 8".Not only saltwater is a reduced problem with it, but between rocks, between waves,between any other thing, I still prefer to use a smaller coil. I'm in love with the AQ performance, for what I can see in multiple videos J
  19. It is summer and to stay till late with friends and childs drinking and roasting meat in the evening is a pleasure without doubts... After few hours however it is also time to go in the beach, in a hurry, early, before people start to fill the water and the search area... So even this morning, after a long stop due to some bad waves, I was trying to do my best and luckily I hitted a promising spot... I'm that kind of hunter that never trust all can be picked up, so even if I pulled last pieces from here when most of competition was already done for this area, I tried again, ano
  20. I've been thinking and posting a lot about the Impulse AQ lately as I patiently wait my turn to purchase one. Perhaps my TDI Beachhunter realized this and decided that it needed to put out a little more than it has during my last few trips to the beach with it. Same thing that happened to forum member, Seeker, happened to me yesterday. The news media had mentioned a particular beach being open on July 5th (that starts after midnight right?) but when I got down there there were signs all over saying that the beach was closed the 4th AND the 5th. Fortunately, I had a backup plan and, as has happ
  21. I was really looking forward to hitting the beaches hard this weekend with the holiday crowds, great tides and new swell coming in but a couple of days ago the news reported that my local beaches were going to be re-closed just for the 4th of July weekend. I thought I would sneak in a hunt before the closure went into effect so I took the TDI BeachHunter and headed down to one of my favorite locations to detect a couple hours after high tide. There was a decent slope going down to the water and in the light of the nearly full moon I could see several patches of black sand- both pretty goo
  22. A couple of night ago I did a beach session hoping to take advantage of a bit of surf and wind waves I had seen in the afternoon. In that afternoon session I couldn't find any surf/wet targets but I did find one silver band in dry sand using Park 1. I thought there would be some low tide waves so I went back out from 1-3 AM. I walked about a mile before I found my first penny and then I got to my spot where the wave energy had been concentrated. I picked up a few coins and junk and headed back to where I started. I stopped to look at my settings and noticed that I had tracking off and I t
  23. Hello i am going back to work next week so it is time to move back to London,so i did 2 sessions yesterday and today trying a new setting on the nox.and even went into the mudflap😱😱😱 This setting is much quieter and easy on my ears and brain. So here we are the 50cal is probably from an US Bomber made in Saint Louis (Missouri)maybe just maybe RR
  24. I've managed to get out for a few sessions with these extremely low tides but there is not much to show for it. There have not been many waves to get things moving up. When I try the swimming areas it is long and far between targets. It would have been great today to have a deep punching PI to see if I was missing anything with my 800/11. I did dig a couple of targets in wet and damp sand that were 15 inches! I don't like to say it but this represents about 8 hours of detecting with a few of the finds from dry sand on the way in and out of my beaches. This was today's session. Once
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