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  1. There are quite a few hardcore beach hunters here. I'm not looking for Equinox settings, I'll probably use one of the beach modes on my 600. Most likely I will use Beach 2 because of the 50 tones, as I'm used to 50 tones hunting in Farm 2. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I have a few places I'll be hunting on Tybee island east of Savannah GA, maybe the local Sheriff's office can give me others. 😀 What I am looking for is approach, what part of the beach or tide gives the most bang for the hour. I use maps and stuff to find farmhouses, but a beach is a beach. There are a few forts there but I'm sure they are off limits. Any advice would be appreciated! I have a nice beach/river scoop rig, even a floating sifter for deeper water. I can't hunt the river here until I get a permit for anything beyond low tide, I've been saving that for when the farmers have planted.
  2. Underwater treasure hunting is full of adventure and opportunities to find some really valuable and interesting finds. Whether you are using scuba equipment, snorkeling, or using our new BLU3 Nemo Dive System, you want to know where to hunt, what to expect to find, and what equipment you need. Continue reading for an in-depth look into the exciting world of underwater treasure hunting. The Different Ways to Treasure Hunt Underwater Underwater Metal Detecting One of the best, most consistent, and thorough ways to find lost treasure is by metal detecting underwater. Whether you want to hunt shipwrecks, along heavily-frequented beaches, or in a river that saw Civil War action, metal detecting gives you options. It can be as simple as purchasing an underwater metal detector and wading into a river or along a beach, or as involved as scuba diving lost shipwrecks. Either way, underwater metal detecting is one of the greatest ways to find valuables and connect to history. Magnet Fishing If you have ever gone fishing for bass, catfish, or virtually any other fish in the world, you already have some experience with this one! Magnet fishing at its most basic is essentially tossing a heavy-duty magnet into a body of water, waiting for it to sink to the bottom, and then dragging it along the bottom until you feel something connect. Simply pull the item up and you have successfully recovered an item. This is a fun way to enjoy finding a sunken treasure in deep water. Snorkeling Snorkeling and searching for buried treasure with a metal detector is a great way to gain access to deep water situations without needing to use scuba gear. While you will not get the same depth capabilities, snorkeling is much less bulky and less complicated. Depending on where you are planning to hunt, snorkeling with a metal detector might be the best way to approach that particular area. Scuba Diving If you are looking to hunt deep water, this may be your best option. Scuba gear allows you access to some of the deepest shipwrecks and areas of interest that are ripe for the taking of sunken treasure from the seafloor. Many people seeking adventures try to locate lost shipwrecks and go hunt them, and many have succeeded. If you are wanting to hunt anything deeper than rivers and beaches, it will more than likely require you to rent or purchase scuba gear. Best Places to Look for Underwater Treasure Rivers Freshwater rivers are some of the best places to metal detect or treasure hunt in certain areas. Many treasure hunters have pulled up cannonballs, firearms, and other great Civil War relics from streams that saw battle in the war. In addition to Civil War relics, some treasure hunters have found coins, jewelry, and other valuables in these often-forgotten areas. One of the best things about rivers is that in many cases, they are shallow enough to allow for wading with a waterproof metal detector and do not require the use of snorkels or scuba gear. Lakes Some metal detectorists and treasure hunters find lakes to be their most productive areas. Try looking for lakes in your area that are visited often and have a beach area, picnic areas, campgrounds, sand volleyball courts, and playgrounds. These areas all produce coins, silver and gold jewelry, and a variety of other valuables. Wading into the water from the beach might be the single best way to find all kinds of jewelry, coins, and other goods that have washed into the surf from the beach. If you want to go a little bit deeper, snorkeling is a great option for this type of treasure hunting. Beaches Beaches are hands-down one of the best places to search for valuable jewelry, as the tides from the ocean or wake from the lake help to bring all of the items to the surface of the bottom quite frequently. Many detectorists and treasure hunters like to wade into the deeper water and use their metal detector there, finding all kinds of silver and gold earrings, rings, and watches. This is an especially great place to hunt when it is a heavily visited area. Oceans Gold coins, silver coins, gold bars, silver ingots, cannonballs, and much more are ripe for the taking when you decide to hunt the ocean. While deep-water ocean hunting requires scuba gear, this gear is quickly paid for if you happen to stumble across a sunken treasure. From old pirate galleons to more recent shipwrecks, there is no shortage of history and valuables to be recovered as many people search for the various treasure that is said to be still washing up on Florida beaches from various treasure fleets. A popular one being the 1715 Treasure Fleet, a Spanish treasure fleet where 10 Spanish treasure ships were destroyed by a hurricane. Needless to say, the ocean floor is littered with history and valuables just waiting to be found. If you are someone who enjoys adventure, this is hands-down the best way to treasure hunt underwater. Underwater Treasure Hunting and Helping the Environment If there is one thing that plagues bodies of water, it is littering. Whether accidental or intentional, a lot of trash finds its way into lakes, rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water. While metal detectors and magnets won’t pick up on plastic, paper, and other types of non-metallic materials, there is still plenty of trash that they will pick up on. All kinds of rusted iron, aluminum and tin sheets, fishing hooks and lead weights, and other metallic items are in bodies of water for various reasons. These pose a danger to not only animals but people who may happen to swim within that area. As metal detectorists and treasure hunters, one of our duties is to clean up the places we hunt, even if it is not a valuable find. In addition to collecting and discarding this metallic garbage, oftentimes treasure hunters stumble across plastic and paper garbage incidentally, and it is important to clean this up as well. One thing to keep in mind, there are some recycling centers that will pay for scrap metals. In addition, dive shops will often take used lead weights and turn them into dive belts and resell them. At the end of the day, an added benefit of underwater treasure hunting is that it can help our bodies of water and our environment. Finding Lost Items and Building Connections Ask any metal detectorist or treasure hunter what one of their best memories is, and more than likely it will involve returning a lost item to someone. While finding something valuable and rare is thrilling, it does not leave you with the deep satisfaction of returning something sentimental to someone. Class rings, wedding rings, jewelry, and other items that have been passed down are among some of the most prized items that people hold dear. Being able to find a name or a school name often leads treasure hunters back to the original owner, providing an opportunity to connect with that person and learn a story that you will remember forever. While jewelry and sentimental items are always great to return, finding a cell phone or wallet and returning it will be very much appreciated as well. Giving back is one of the best ways to enjoy this hobby and is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Historical Objects Found While Underwater Treasure Hunting If you are lucky enough to live in an area rich in history, a great way to take advantage of this is by doing some underwater treasure hunting. There are many historical items that are commonly found in or around bodies of water, with some of the most common being Civil War relics, firearms, and a wide variety of other old objects. One of the most cherished items is finding a firearm from the Civil War or Old West era. These firearms are often highly corroded, but they are an excellent piece of history from important times in this country’s past. Another item that is on the wishlist of many is a cannonball from the Civil War or Revolutionary War time period. These cannonballs are heavily corroded but are commonly found in rivers and lakes where battles occurred. A variety of other relics from wartime and peacetime can be found at river crossings, as objects had a way of getting lost in all of the hustle and bustle. Connecting with history through the objects found is easily one of the greatest ways to draw more satisfaction from the hobby of underwater treasure hunting. Underwater Treasure Hunting Gear Underwater Metal Detecting At its simplest, underwater metal detecting requires three things: a waterproof metal detector, a pinpointer, and a digging tool. If you are hunting in freshwater, the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is a best-selling favorite, as it picks up on small objects and provides excellent overall performance. If you are hunting saltwater, consider a machine designed to overcome mineralized conditions, such as the Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector, which combines maximum performance and ergonomics with a budget-friendly price. Pinpointers are important to find exactly where the metal target is once you have dug it up, and one of the best-sellers is the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT, designed to be submersible up to 20 feet. Picking the right digging tool is important for underwater treasure hunting, and one of the best is the RTG 37″ Water Scoop, which allows you to scoop up any object whether you are hunting the water beyond a beach or wading in a river. Magnet Fishing Equipment for magnet fishing is quite simple. All you need is a strong magnet and some strong line, and both of these items come with different weight ratings, which influences the price. If you are wanting to magnet fish for your first time, consider the Brute Magnetics 300lb Magnet Fishing Bundle, which has everything you need to get started. If you are looking for higher weight capacity, check out the Brute Magnetics 880lb Magnet Fishing Bundle. Both of these bundles come in a sturdy, heavy-duty box that contains everything you need to start or improve your magnet fishing hobby. Snorkeling Using a snorkel to treasure hunt is not a gear-intensive hobby once you have the basics covered, which are: an underwater metal detector, a snorkel, a pinpointer, and a digging tool. If you are looking for the perfect metal detector for your snorkeling adventures, consider looking into the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector. This metal detector is a best-seller for saltwater conditions, as it uses a pulse induction system to quickly locate metal targets while being a great value. A pinpointer for your underwater excursion is vital, and a great one to use would be the Nokta Makro Pulsedive Scuba Detector, which combines a powerful detection frequency with a great price and superior underwater capabilities. The best digging tool for snorkeling would more than likely be the RTG 2 in 1 Adjustable Handle Scoop, which allows you some control over your ideal length, providing for a more comfortable hunt. Scuba Diving If the thought of being unencumbered by scuba gear or limited by a snorkel appeals to you, the BLU3 Nemo Dive System is hands-down what you are looking for. This excellent piece of equipment will keep you below the surface for a longer period of time with complete hands-free capabilities, allowing you to focus on finding sunken treasure instead of dealing with the bulk of equipment. Hunting with this diving system is much less bulky and far simpler than scuba gear while giving you more depth than snorkeling. As long as the deepest you will go is 10 feet, using a hookah breathing device might be the best way to explore the world of underwater treasure hunting. Final Word While hunting for treasure is a great part of this hobby, there are many other benefits as well. Returning someone’s lost jewelry, watches, or other possession is one of the greatest experiences you can encounter, as you know that you are bringing a sentimental piece of that person’s life back to them. One final great thing about this hobby is that every time you go out and find metal targets, you are helping clean up the environment and keeping the metal from injuring unsuspecting people and animals. No matter which way you decide to enjoy underwater treasure hunting, you will find that it is a great hobby that enables you to change the world one target at a time. A Deep Dive Into Underwater Treasure Hunting originally appeared on kellycodetectors.com
  3. I wish it was real! haha You never know what you can find on a beach and today was no exception. It is just tough right now getting targets. This one was kinda scratchy at I think 22 in the wet sand which would have been just about like the pennies. When I got it in the scoop it was not bright so I never mistook it for real but then I looked at the shape and without my glasses I could see writing but also corrosion. I wonder why someone would have it at the beach and if it had been sold as a fake. It is one of the more odd things I've found. Mitchel
  4. And so it ends for my little silver spot. 😭 Went out yesterday hoping the rain would hold out long enough to see what I could still pull out of that spot. Rain came in a bit early, but long enough to let me know that the rest of the goodies are still out of range. A bit lazy this morning, so no pictures of the iron or other non ferrous. Still, a lot of coins came to light, but the Memorials outranked the Wheats by a lot. That usually means less silver, and that was the case. Did manage a very degraded Indian Head, and a 1925 Buffalo, and 3 Canadian cents. Silver was way down from what was flowing from the previous hunts. I'm pretty much done there, and taking the next week off from beach hunting. It was great while it lasted and I appreciated the generosity that the beach gave me. Beaches can be stubborn sometimes, but very generous at other times. It all balances out in the end. Great to get out and do what I love to do. Maybe next week a relic hunt?????
  5. So, I had a delayed start for yesterdays hunt. Between turning the clocks forward, and the cold temps, I did not make it to the beach until around 10 AM. It would have been 17 degrees out with a 20 MPH NNW wind, but lucky for me it warmed up to 23 degrees by the time I got there. 🥶 I did have a big cement wall that I was planning on hunting next to, using it as a wind shield - it worked well. This is also the wall that I can not get closer than 5 feet from, or my GPX goes nuts from the iron inside of it. So, I had a plan. Since there are so many targets in this area that are exposed, and I assumed that most detectorists would be annoyed by the iron in this wall as well, I would try something else. I took the worst detector I had and got close to the wall, dug a small 15”x15” square, and layer by layer used my pin pointer to find targets. Yup, just the pin pointer as my detector. So, the 5-foot barrier turned into about 4”, any closer and the pin pointer would detect the wall. The first picture shows all the nonferrous dug with that pin pointer, (including 5 silvers and the gold partial plate). The iron I dug is mixed in with the other iron for the day. 2 Mercs, 2 Roosevelt and a Barber were found that way. I only a path about 10 feel long. I will be revisiting that system again this Thursday to see if the next 10 feet produces anything. The rest of the hunt I used the GPX, going over the same area as previous visits have. Still found a decent amount of silver, but it was much harder to hear. This area is going to die fast for silver unless I can come up with another way to find it. Even though it was cold, it turned out to be bearable. If you dig quickly, you warm up fast. Total silver from 2 different patches on this beach so far this season is 146 coins. It been a while since my luck has run this well this long. Looking forward to the next visit.
  6. I could not wait to get back to my spot at the beach. The GPX was on fire!!! I had an idea that I would revisit the spot I did previously, and try and get the faintest targets that I could hear through the moderate EMI. I was hoping they would be silver dimes, as they are the smallest and possibly hardest to hear. I also wanted to remove some very big iron that took up a good section of this spot. I thought it may be masking a lot, since this is a target rich area. Even though I had reasoned my strategy in my head, I did not expect these results. When I did a lot of park/school hunting we would always shoot for type trifectas, I never did that on a beach since it happens rather rarely. I did not expect the cent, nickel, dime, and half dollar trifecta. Just missed the quarter as I did not get the barber quarter. Surprised with the Indian, V nickel, and barber half mostly. The big iron hid 3 silver dimes, some other cents and nickels and the Barber Half. I wasn't even mad about the 2 zincs that seem to always spoil my hunts 😄 If the weather holds out next week, I will hit this area again, mostly to see if it will still hold anything and because the rest of the beach seems to not have lost as much sand as this area did. I spent 8 hours digging and another half hour looking for a lost wedding band in the parking lot for a nice old couple. I could tell they were very sad, since they were pacing the lot. I did not find it and they were not sure if she lost it there or from leaving the house. If they lost it on the boardwalk, it would easily be spotted by someone walking. A great day, very warm and sunny and as always, it’s nice to get out and hunt for the day.
  7. Hello all, I found this yesterday on an extremely trashy beach amongst old demolition debris used as erosion control! It is amazingly intact except for the little safety chain! It's my best jewelry find ever, and first silver of the year! I'm trying to date it, but I will probably have to take it to an antique jeweler for something more definitive, and a more thorough cleaning! So far, it seems to be of Italian or German origin; 80% silver! Going by the 800 mark!👍👍 **After cleaning with silver polish!
  8. Hello to all ,went back to the beach where i found the Gold ring 2 days ago i tried hard but nothing good came out except on this 2 Oz weight probably victoria 100m from the beach towards the sea.........what was it doing here not sure maybe from a fisherman scale...... Anyway as the finds were scarce i decided to push the MDT to the limit of stability so i crank up the sensitivity did another GB just in case So : AM 9khz sens 9 Threshold -1 ST26 GB535 So while it is chatty ,you will realise that the ID suffer variations on a non round target fluctuate a lot,BUT the depth is actually unreal on medium size targets like fishing weight i think 45 cm is the norm.I lll be interested to see what happen when you hit a silver or gold ring.......bear in mind it is also less fun as you got more ghost signals. Anyway was worth trying RR
  9. My 10 year old At getting some extra time while my Infinium is getting overhauled. Found a brackish water small beach, tide just heading in slow. Polluted with tabs and had been hunted recently. Pretty quiet till I struck a small area with a nice spill of coins. So about $2.90 and no bling. Doesn't sound like much but a bonanza after hunting in deeply sanded beaches. Great day too.
  10. I went back to my silver beach, as I had a fairly good feeling this part of the beach would not change much. It did not and I had a very good day. Spent 7 hours there with the GPX, dug all signals including iron and finally called it quits when my brain said GO HOME! The number of signals in a short span was unreal. I spent some of my time just detecting from my knees, since I could get 4 or 5 signals in very close proximity to the signal I was digging. Most of the time just inches away. Total coin count I believe was 150. 18 silvers, all copper pennies but 1 zinc, so I put that with the trash picture. It ruined my perfect copper penny day and I refuse to put it next to them. 😄 4 Buffalo Nickels showed up, as well as 1 Indian Head Cent, a Standing Liberty Quarter, and a Barber Dime (a rarity on this beach). Also, a nice little locket which I am unsure if it's solid gold or gold filled. It has a 14 stamped on the inside with a maker’s symbol that looks like a variation of Neptune’s 3-pronged spear (Trident). I saw no indication of peeling of the gold, so I am cautiously optimistic I found gold. Of course, with the type of hunting I do, there was lots of junk as well. Got my exercise in for the week and plan on hitting it again soon. Weather was rather nice and sunny, just shy of cold. No matter how old you are, the kid in us still has to play! 🙂
  11. So I'm still trying to milk the same cow 😄 I figured until it stops spitting silver on me, I will continue to ask for it. Long day at the beach 8:30-5:00, but the weather was decent, as I dress well for the cold. I'm getting to be a delicate flower in my advancing years 🤔 I'm using the GPX all day for this hunt and digging select areas and removing all iron so I can hear the deep targets.I hit a patch that started producing exclusively wheat pennies, so I knew that the chance for silver was very possible. It did produce some silver but the ratio was mostly pennies. Moving over just a bit, the wheats turned into memorials and the clad followed as well. Not a bad day with 8 silvers, but I worked harder than usual for it.The beach is slowly sanding in and the easy stuff is gone. No gold again, but switching the timings on the GPX did start getting me a lot of nickels, including a handful of Buffalo. Jewelry was missing as usual, but the spoons sure weren't lacking 🙄 So here is everything I dug. Lots of junk too. It was great to get out and enjoy the hobby.
  12. Had a chance to get 2 beach hunts in with the GPX and AQ and was pleasantly surprised that the conditions at this beach had changed for the better. It was going to be a 50/50 split between both machines, so that I could get the benefits of both machines technologies. Started out great with the AQ, but unfortunately the headphones started making a loud clicking noise. I figured out the thin wire had finally given out. Then it completely stopped working. The conditions were perfect for trying out the AQ in Tone mode, since there was almost no trash, or small iron left in this spot. So high tones and grunts meant nickels/gold/ huge iron or silver/clad. The AQ scored a lot of nickels, paper thin worn coins and 8 silver dimes before it died. So the hunt continued with the GPX. That patch was on fire giving me the most silver in a single hunt ever, along with the greatest 2 day total as well. The area covered was about 20 x 30 feet, as I had 3 other detectorists around me on either side. This area was sand with packed cobbles beneath it, so I paid the price after digging in that for 2 days. The ring is 14K and was the only gold found, surprisingly. Now, I love my AQ, but honestly not being a durable machine kind of makes it take a back seat to my other machines. I have been gentle with this machine, but I did a lot of holes. Those two days I estimate digging almost 250 holes and I beach hunt generally once a week. I would love to get a new set of headphones (not stock), but if I remember the connector is hard to get??? If anyone has info on that, please let me know where I can get one. I would have Tony make me a set in a heartbeat. It's not often that the beach gives you those kind of conditions, so I was happy to be there at the right time. I can't wait to get back and see if the conditions are still good.
  13. We out a couple of days ago and as usual found something strange. I believe it is a "replica" or "counterfeit" Draped Bust Silver Dollar. When it came out of the surf it was just a rusty disc. I was going to just toss it but my ole hunting buddy talked me into cleaning it up a bit out of curiosity. It is the same diameter as a silver dollar. It only weighs 12.6 grams. It does have a reeded edge. I could make out part of UNITED STATES but the font was larger than a regular silver dollar. It appeared to have a shield with eagle wings on the reverse. I could make out a lady facing to the right. And 17?? for the date. Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Note: not sure why the pictures are upside down and sideway.
  14. Hello to all ,went to a secluded beach today,just to make sure i knew how to detect again it wasnt warm but sunny,and my fishing jacket kept me nice and toasty.As i got the luxury to have 3 times more digging tools than arms,i choose a spade for a change over a scoop.A cheap spade i bought on a road trip a while back when my old one broke and i just fitted a new shaft which i oiled with linseed oil 3 times.Anyway a lot of walking and gridding,the nox is my to go machine when i am back after a while especially with those long lockdown period. Lots of coast fight remains as you can tell fro the pictures a nice brass cross alas.......and a 1919 coin were the oldest find. Funny enough the cross bare the name of Saint Anthony of Padua ,which is the saint to pray to when something is lost......................well i found it. Will try to go out tomorrow,to see if i can find more bullets Enjoy RR
  15. Only found a sinker and some clad but was able to snag this nice shot as the tide was going out. Rare to see this area without wind and figured I would share.
  16. 100% AUTHENTIC Santa Monica METAL DETECTING find CUBE #2 Oct 20 Pandemic Signed
  17. Third Tarascci hunt. First two cut short by bad conditions. On the Florida Gulf ,caught a low tide at a nice wash.below a old deep cut. Got to say that hunting conditions have. been lousy most of the month. Hey I got lucky betting on this area, and having enough targets to learn this machine. Tried a couple modes, but kept coming back to Mix, it's the one for me. I like the way it sounds on iron. Between target Id & tones, I was able to keep the beer cap digging down. Same thing on calling a crusty penny before digging. Quarter's an nickels were scarce. Now I got to relay this. Out of 10 dimes dug at least 5 were the deepest I've ever dug. I could say how deep I think, but there's no way to be sure in wet sand. The Tarascci is a keeper for me. No gold or silver but guy & machine had a good day.
  18. I see a lot of people doing it along the shore of Lake Ontario.I even converted one sea glass guy into a water hunter.He found a ugly 2.5 car. diamond ring looking for sea glass in the gravel.I put the nice pieces in my pouch that I find in my scoop when I detect.I see a lot of woman doing it and it seems like good work out.
  19. I was able to get out a few times for the recent SoCal storms. Although I came across a few cuts there wasn’t much gold to be found. This is my first hunt of the storm. I found enough targets to keep me busy. The 14k ring with diamonds was an eyeball find that was laying on top of some black sand and 90% of the ring was exposed. The teeth were found almost at the end of the hunt and they appear to be gold but haven’t tested yet. As you can see there was almost no jewelry in this hunt. This second hunt provided a lot more targets and jewelry but surprisingly only one gold. I found quite a bit of silver. The third hunt provided a decent amount of coins but only two pieces of jewelry. I thought they were both junk but the earring is marked 10k on the stem and has diamond chips. These are all my better finds for January. This has been my best month/year in my short time in the hobby. Thanks for looking and good luck out there.
  20. The recent high surf and good tides moved massive amounts of sand at some of my local beaches this week. On my first hunt the 40mph winds and blowing sand made it challenging to walk, let alone detect. My detector and scoop even acted like sails, catching the wind and twisting me around at times. On day 2 the winds had calmed down but the first 3 beaches I hunted didn't yield that many targets. However the 4th beach had a fresh 4'-6' cut running for hundreds of yards and below it I started to find plenty of targets in the wet sand. I saw 3 other people with detectors but on this day there were enough targets to go around so social distancing wasn't a problem. Over the 2 days of detecting I found 50 quarters and a dozen pieces of silver but surprisingly- no gold. I dug a lot of trash as well since I was using my TDI Beachhunter but most of the targets were shallow so recovery was fast. It was fun digging so many targets- I haven't had a hunt like that in a while. Even though I was a little disappointed in not finding the gold that I KNOW was there I was pleasantly surprised to find "T&Co" stamped on 1 of the silver rings when I got home- my 2nd Tiffany of the year. GL&HH!
  21. My second hunt this past week was at my favorite EMI beach. Besides getting a new scoop I also decided to try a Coiltek 14" anti-interference coil for my GPX. I need every advantage when hunting this beach, so I decided to give it a go. I was hoping I could still use the coin/relic setting with this coil as it is the deepest, but it was not going to happen. So I changed timings and it worked well. Now all that was left was to see how much depth I lost. Honestly, at first I did not like the coil since I really wanted the most depth I could get, as the coins tend to be deep. But I kept at it and eventually did get 2 silvers that were around 12" deep. Not bad, but a bit short of the depth I wanted. Then something strange happened. I got another deep sounding signal and dug down around 12". Still no target with the pinpointer, so I scraped another 2 inches out, and finally I heard the target, I carefully removed 1 more inch and I flipped out a small copper ring. I measured the hole and it was 15". I couldn't believe I heard that ring that deep. I'm pretty careful with my measuring and I saw the ring flip over when I was pulling sand away, so I'm confident that it was not falling back into the hole. I use a spade to get the bulk of the sand away and then use my hand to finish finding the target. Although it's just a junk ring, I like the enamel design that the 40's through 50's era produces. I've found a couple religious medals before and they were enameled the same way. A couple more trinkets and lots of junk I didn't photograph, and that was it. I'm always happy to get any silver at this beach, so 2 silvers this time of year is a good hunt for me. Just happy to get out twice in one week.
  22. Afternoon all. Heading to the beach for a little bit over the next month and looking for some advice. 🏖️ 🌊 🏄‍♂️ Going to Sorrento in Victoria which has a back beach (faces the ocean) and a front beach (faces the bay). Currently infested with a bazzilion tourists (soon to be a bazzilion and 5 🤣) as it is our summer school holidays. I am told Back Beach can be quite rough so assume that a bit of wave action might be able to concentrate some targets. I am told this rough side is more for young people who do a bit of surfing, body boarding, etc so to be honest I'm not expecting a lot of decent finds over there - perhaps more bottle tops, lead sinkers and hooks. The Front Beach is calmer and therefore sees more families and older people so my guess is a bit more potential for coins, rings, etc. The game plan for Front Beach is pretty much the towel line above high tide mark and then at low tide to target about where waist deep water would have been at high tide - if that makes sense 🤪 Looks like the tide moves about 1.4 metres across low/high. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Back Beach is a little more confusing for me. There is of course the towel line - that seems easy enough. But just how much will the wave action concentrate finds and where will they concentrate? At the low tide mark? Midway between low and high? Where there is a bit of a ridge in the beach or perhaps a gutter? If a concentrated spot is not evident how would you go about trying to locate such a spot? Zig-zag up and down the beach as you move along until you get a few finds close together and then start gridding. I have read Mitchel mention about gridding once he has found a few targets but what method is employed to locate that area first? I'll be using the Equinox 800 with standard coil. I assume everyone has a different method re: detector set-up for TID's. I am guessing Beach Mode is the optimum for handling the salt and was thinking to simply use 2 tone with a low tone for Iron and High tone for non-ferrous. Do others also block out numbers below 4 or 5 to cut out the can slaw or is that potentially masking small earrings and things like that? I know rings (especially gold) can come up almost anywhere across the non-ferrous range but I would guess the majority would not come up under 5? Does anyone use modes other than Beach? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Steve H, wasn't sure to put this in Jewellery, Coin or Equinox forums so if need be please send it to wherever it fits best. Thanks, N.E.
  23. Late this afternoon I snuck in a beach hunt. It was very disappointing in the beginning. The conditions were just great with a low tide but there was nothing much down low. I began following the advice I gave Adam about Zig Zagging and it was only producing odd targets. Sometimes the beach just doesn't have much to give you I began to say. When I reached one of my good beaches after about a mile walk and the conditions weren't right it was time to return on the high side. This I did and I worked my way into a few coins rather than just trash and by now I had 3 cheap rings which I would have been 'satisfied' with had I gotten back to my car then but it was a great sunset again. This time I didn't have my phone so no pictures of it. I worked the high side for a bit with a grid and then I heard a little 1. When I say 'little' I mean it was not very loud. It was consistent and I was hopeful. I don't get many 1's so in my first scoop I could see something sandy hanging from it and it had knots. It wasn't exactly balled up but I could tell it was a chain and I was hopeful. I could see it ... GOLD! And when I got it home I was able to measure it. It is 30 inches (a delicate link) that weighs 8.4 grams. That gives me some pause but I'll get it checked and modify the post if it is a fake. Here it is with the other junk from the hunt. Here is a hunt from 4 days ago when there was a lot less than today. Mitchel
  24. I got out twice last week to hit the negatives. All were found with a TDI BH waist to chest deep in a drysuit. Both golds are 14k. The Eagle is silver. Water was cold but with this many targets it keeps you warm digging plus yellow warms you up also. 2 silver rings are missing as my Grandkids got them. It used to be just my wife who would claim my treasures.
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