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  1. Hey all, I got up to Treasure Coast for a couple of hunts, to break in my new/used Equinox! I haven't had one for a few months, but i got back into it in a hurry! The area is always full of detectorists for any rare erosion event, and this past week was no different! The blue erosion bags are a main indicator of the level of erosion present! Normally they are covered by up to several feet of sand! The orange sand is the original sand we look for, when looking for the old stuff! Last friday was the better of the two days i was there! I found a few pieces of lead, iron, copper,
  2. We had a blow over the weekend and I was there. A huge cut was formed at the beach. I had new personal bests in total rings (10 for a day), gold rings (5) and quarters (64). I took a break to eat during the evening so I have two 'sessions' at the same beach. It was good enough to return with my sore back. It was a target rich environment. The total for all change was $24.03 which is also a personal high for change. I have found $20 bills on the beach in the past. These are the rings by session. More after I went back and the tide went out a bit than th
  3. After my success at the beach the night before I was ready for another 'bite' of it. Conditions were almost the same with all new sand and targets minus a few I found the day before! haha Now that I knew targets should still be there again I went with the tide down as far as I could go until near the hard pack. As you can see it was another productive hunt. This time someone showed up and 'infringed' on my hunting style but I adapted. I still got 47 quarters, 55 dimes, 19 nickels and 28 pennies in addition to a couple of the most unique finds for me ever. I was on a slow grid to get
  4. After a recent multi day erosion event, Equinox owners racked up on musket balls and other relics. The majority of detectors were the NOX. Then with a few degrees wind shift it’s all over until the next time.
  5. Interesting hunt with the AQ. First thing I find out in the water is that my gauntlets are leaking; oh well, not that cold; first time they have been used since this past February. Pulled a couple handfuls of lead, a couple nickles and what I'm pretty sure was a silver ring. The ring took a long time and many scoops to get up out of the bottom. Yesterday, I would have been well over my head in the water where the ring was. It had the kind of crusting that I see on silver rings in these waters. When I went to work with a dental pick to work the layer of crud off, the ring started to disintegrat
  6. Hey everybody, I'm wondering if anyone has had success in applying Bernoulli's principle to recover recent drops in shallow water on the beach? Something like this but scaled down: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airlift_(dredging_device I was thinking something simple like some pvc pipe and a submersible water pump could do the trick. The tesoro coils look like they would work well with this due to the hole in the center. Trying to save my aching joints from chasing those floaty pulltabs, pennies and nickles. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  7. Yesterday 2.5 hours session,i am playing the advocatus diaboli,showing that if there isn't much well..............there isn't much and whatever machine you use nothing will comes out. But i like that beach because i found a medieval coin there with the 18" Detech mono coil and it has some strange targets.....not very popular nowadays but it is all sand and mudflap so easy to dig. Machine was behaving very well, dug a couple of Drink cans almost desintegrated i am still to find a precious ring with the MDT but i am pervering as i got a strong feeling that machine has a potential.I was
  8. Despite the bad weather i headed to the storm just to test my newly purchase waterproof jacket.Wind ,rain ,sand flying like out of a sand blaster...... i had it all. But i was warm and dry ,Machine was acting a bit funny because i think of the too many ground mineralisation changes(as mentioned in a another post) i tried different setting but it was tough ,managed few targets nonetheless but a pretty poor ratio for 3hours of detecting ........beach is hunted daily so i am not faulting the machine. The pin was dug knowing it was iron 100% just for the fun Enjoy RR
  9. Hello to all went for a 2.30 hours sesh today on a quiet beach ,the road going to that beach is just getting worse soon or later cars won't be able to access 😅😁😆or shall i buy a 4x4............. Today i stayed focus on everything deep i left few dodgy signal a 60cm/2 feet my sand scoop didn't disappoint. The smallest shrapnell bit was at 30cm/1ft,one of the fishing weight was at 40cm if i am correct if not deeper but it may have moved.The large bit of brass was at 40cm Here is the result in 9khz ,i will change soon to see if my targets tally changes. RR
  10. The GPX used for most of the hunt today on a beach where the coins are deep. All these coins seem to be dropped from the same time frame. The 2 Buffalo nickels and the Standing Liberty Quarter all have no dates. The rest of the coins are from the 40's to the early 50's. It's safe to assume the dateless coins were dropped in that time frame too. Why do I care? Because these coins were from 15" to 20" deep. I can barely get some of that layer. There is plenty of sand below them. That is where the earlier coins rest. Beaches are not empty, we just skim the surface of them. I'm too tired from dig
  11. When I’m all in,... I’m all in!! A few nice finds and quiet days on the beach add to the All In recipé. This Covid-19 has turned tourists into pleasant members of the public that keep their distance. Just the way I like it on my days off. So I decided to update my setup and give my trusty pall the CTX a rest, I’m not selling just yet. It will sniff out the good stuff for sure. Dry sand and wet sand hunting: Equinox 800 V3 VLF 11”, XP MI4 pinpointer Wet sand excavation: Vallon VMH4-VS30/VS20 PI due in somewhere round half november. This evening I’m readíng up on th
  12. I spent a couple hours after my chiropractor appointment yesterday hitting the wet sand with a dropping tide. I did dig a .925 loop earring and a copper wire ring with beads but these lobster trap pieces were driving me crazy. Especially the more rounded one that is an unbroken more or less circle. I would have almost bet OBN's YTD ring finds that it was a ring or at least anything but a piece of vinyl coated wire. Small nails can be rejected easily but these pieces of vinyl coated (hence lack of rust) lobster traps are a different animal. I tried for a while to get the correct Rejection
  13. Hey folks! I got into recreational prospecting a few years back and love it. One day YouTube decided to show me some metal detecting videos and now I love the idea of jewelry hunting on the beach. Planning to buy a Vanquish or Simplex and get into the game on some NorCal beaches. That leads me to a dumb question - when the ocean washes over a gold ring on the sand, given that it is so much denser than the surrounding sand why doesn't it sink so far that it's undetectable? In the Sierras I need to get down to bedrock to find decent gold. Is there a small recovery window to get gold je
  14. Had a nice week. Got to visit middle son; ate too much, got tanned and got some metal with the Excal. Four days of flat water, two of a little chop and one with chop that was tough to work. Did about half slope hunting and half in the water; left the dry to others. What a luxury to be able to clearly see the scoop when shoulder deep in the water! Not much jewelry; three pieces of silver (ring, earring and charm) and two gold looking stainless steel. Lots of change 37 Quarters, 34 dimes, 19 nickles and 171 pennies; no foreign coins on this trip. Next adventure is to find a spot on the
  15. Last night I went to a beach that yielded a lot of targets. On my 6 hour hunt from 8 PM to 2 AM I got 51 quarters, 40 dimes and nickels, 54 pennies (one wheat), 2 silver rings and one 10k gold ring. There should have been more rings! The trash was another 50 pieces or so. When you figure it is 4-5 scoops per target (1000 total) then it adds up to a stiff back in the morning. I found the gold ring 2/3rds of the way through the session about the time the fog started rolling in which made for an enjoyable sight as it covered up the normal lights but there was still a mostly full moon abo
  16. Having only recently started water hunting, I only recently had some success. My my first experience was at the beach at Monterey Bay. It was a low tide at about 10:30 P.M. The waves were crashing on the shore and the noise was so bad that I gave up and started detecting the dry sand. There were several people on the beach and I was separated from my friend and not comfortable with my surroundings. I did manage a nice silver Indian Chief. The Head dress is inlaid with mother of pearl. The next attempt was at a beach North of San Francisco, on the way there I looked at the National Weathe
  17. The wet beach sand didn't produce much early this morning so I took a few swings around the dry sand on my way back to my parking place. I was using Park 1 at 20-21 and switching between multi and 4khz to know what I might be digging. I do think the multi is deeper and I found some clad in the same location with maximum depth of 8" I think. What is the little heart/star piece? I put the coins in my pouch and didn't know I had a silver until I checked them at home. I don't know exactly which hole I dug that resulted in the quarter (1946). The nickel is a 1936 Buffalo and the penny
  18. Hello to all , Despite the dodgy weather went for a beach session yesterday on the UK Kent coast armed with my Nox ,beaches have moved a bit which is why i believe i found so much stuff. 4 hours non stop on not so popular beaches but still few coins despite the Covid restrictions,a silver and an copper bracelet and bit from another (made i believe to combat athirst and rheumatism )plus enough coin for parking and petrol(i was on a local beach ) a good work out for sure Enjoy RR
  19. It never ceases to amaze me at the things we dig up in the sand at the beach. I tend to call them "odd" unless I dig up another like it. That being said, I need one of you electronic specialist to ID my latest "oddity" that I dug yesterday while still looking for my first AG AU. I have attached 3 pictures and you can gage the size as I hold it in my fingers. It has 4 dip switches on one side and a 10 pin mail connector on the other. And it has a small antenna on it. This is a new one for me but by my own admission I am electronic connector challenged. Any good answers out there? RC, ra
  20. Had the day to work a beach with the GPX and the AQ. I used the GPX for 5.5 hours and dug every target in the dry sand. I know there is deep silver at this particular beach, and it did not disappoint me today. The Standing Liberty quarter was measured at 18” and the Walking Liberty half was at 20” This is the maximum I have found silver with the GPX. You do not always get those depth, depending on EMI in the area. I can regularly get 15” on most coins. Another good target was a gold grill, probably 9 or 10K. You do not see those every day on the beach.😄 Partials sometimes, but grills never. It
  21. We've all seen, heard of or found coin spills...particularly if you primarily hunt beaches. However, throughout all the years I've been walking our Florida beaches this is the first Sinker Spill of this size that I've ever found. These sinkers came from the same 3x10ft area of Bicentenial Park beach and it wouldn't surprise me if I didn't find all that was there! 😁
  22. Hello all, Everything seemed to be in alignment yesterday morning, when i woke up about 4 A.M., and couldn't go back to sleep after looking at the tides and weather! Had some issues that prevented me from getting out the last few weeks, so i was itching to go! The wind was ripping pretty good, and i had a spot in mind that had been renurished and ruined for quite a while, that should be showing signs of huntability again! Also, it's a spot that you can "dual hunt", meaning ocean beach and water, than a short walk away, intercoastal beach and shallow water!! I
  23. I looked at my Equinox 800 screen when I heard it. This Sound had potential. It was not like the familiar sounds of pennies, quarters and even the nickels. The screen read 9 and that had Potential too. I swung over it in a couple of directions and it still had a solid 9. Then you dig. Still a 9 and a good sound as you go down 3-4-5 inches to the patch layer. Then it is in the scoop and you look down in the dim light and you don't see a coin. You can see a shape and the wire mesh too! That is real POtential. I turn on my light and voila it's a ring and its yellow! POTENTIAL!
  24. Thanks to the good people on this forum I returned to one of my lakes with the intention of digging less than 100 bottle caps as I did last time. I found about 20 but I dug many that I had anticipated would be bottle caps but I just wanted to be sure. I hunted in "Park 2" and 40 khz for the start of the hunt and switched to my user profile (4khz) on suspected cap targets and the cap TID's almost always jumped up to "36-40" range. Eventually, I just left the detector at 4 khz because it was so smooth and quiet and I wouldn't have to keep switching back and forth. Targets really stood out when t
  25. I got a chance to go out on a couple of hunts this week and the best things I found were this little 10K/1.28 g Gold Ring, a 4 g Silver Ring and this 4 oz Lure. I think the lure is the most expensive! The little ring was a challenge as it was down about 5 inches and I had forgotten I had my F2 on at 5 from an experiment. With that setting the quarters sounded funny and I was about ready to do a factory reset when I discovered the 'problem.' I was using the 15" coil so I consider it a good get for the small target that read 6. Mitchel
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