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  1. Im looking to get my first metal detector and will be using mostly at the beaches here in South Florida. I'll occasionally use use it more inland so would like it to be versatile. Also, wouldnt mind if it waterproof in case it gets wet at the beach. My budget is up to $1000. Can anyone recommend something that will work for me?
  2. Hi all! I'm looking for suggestions for a first purchase metal detector for using in the sierra/reno area. I'm thinking the vanquish 540, the simplex+ or multi kruzer. I can't really afford an equinox. Any suggestions, thoughts? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello 1- What is the best device to detect very small gold veins that are inside the quartz rocks ? 2- what is the bestwhat do you think .. ? Whites Goldmaster 24k or gold MONSTER 1000 Thanks to all
  4. Hello, i want buy a new metal detector for small gold nuggets and coins or other small object so it has to be all around i live in Italy, here the gold nuggets here are very small 0.03 g there aren't very big nuggets above 1g. the ground where i want search is medium-high mineralized, also i need a detector with good discrimination. here there are my choices with the videos test Detech eds gold catcher 28khz for 540€ new with 2 coil. not a stunning performance with small 0.03 nugget but i like a lot. also there is the detech eds plus ii, but work only at 14khz but i can put the same coil use on eds gold cathcer Golden mask 4 18khz or thracian version 22khz pretty much the same detector at 300€ golden mask 5 15-30khz at 300€ but not a very good performance on small nugget 0.03g i need some advices, i'm not very expert thanks
  5. Hello all... Looking for recommendations for best coin shooter in this hot dirt. I have used the 800 for a few years but it doesnt work good here in the Lebanon area. The nox was broken in an auto accident and need another detector.
  6. I have the Simplex + and thinking about buying the Vanquish 540 but do I really need to spend over the cost of the Vanquish to get a great detector? I’ve had and have higher cost detectors but I want your opinion . Chuck
  7. I'm requesting help on which detector to buy for hunting gold nuggetts. I live outside Barstow, California which is located in the Mojave Desert. I'm new to this hobby but have researched the topic and have narrowed the search to five detectors. They are; Minelab 1000, Whites Goldmaster 24K, OP ORX, Nokta Gold Kruzer and Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. (Update... im not taking the ctx3030 and instead I’m buying a equinox800 and practice with that and take it to the digstock event. there has been some very good advice offered I the comments... things that as a newbie I wouldn’t have considered.) I’m recently retired and decided to start some new hobbies, metal detecting is one of them. i bought a CTX3030 used at a great price from the president of the Ohio Detectorist association. It included the stock coil and a 17 inch. I’m still learning how to use it and so I basically dig every signal I get. my question is this... I’m going to travel to Chazy NY for DigStock 2020 and will be hunting relics and coins... in open fields. should I use the CTX3030 or should I also invest in a Garrett ATX and deepseeker for this event or should I take both? thoughts? ~Django
  9. I mostly hunt for gold in the winter in Arizona and could probably use another detector for that. In the summer months I have been wanting to hunt for treasures around my old farm house back in Michigan. I have tried in the past but, man there is a lot of trash! My monster 1000 loves Arizona but not Michigan or not a least around my house. I swear it was a trash dump at one time. Same with my SDC 2300. I am looking for a machine that might do both well, gold and treasures, if there is a detector like that. I have consider the Equinox and also the XP ORX but I might be missing something here. Maybe there are better/more to consider than just those two. Am I on track here or should I steer myself in another direction.
  10. Hi everybody, I'm a european prospector. I use shovel. sluice, pan, pry bars and crevice tools in creeks in Europe and Alaska. Till now, I had a Whites GMT VLF detector, to check my spots after I worked them, i.e. to check if I missed some gold. I rarely go prospecting with a detector on large areas, like the aussie or US pros. Now I broke my GMT (after 10 years). I have three options for replacement: - a new Whites GMT, i.e. staying with VLF - SDC 2300 - GPZ 7000 (I could buy a used one from a friend) It seems to me, the GMT and SDC are better for my application, as they have small coils and are light etc. When I check my spots in the creeks, its often narrow between rocks etc. and I'm not able to make large sweeps with the coil. But the GPZ obviously is far better in depth. My question: Is the GPZ also practical for detecting in creeks between rocks etc, as I described above? Or is it only practical to detect large areas like the aussie or US pros? Many thanks in advance for your appreciated advice! Andreas
  11. I was out hunting today, nearing the end of the session. A young man (mid-20's?) approached and said 'hello' so I pulled off my headphones and returuned the greeting. He stated that thanks to a high school teacher who was a detectorist he was interested in adding the hobby, and asked for some advice on getting started. I inquired about his goals and what he was willing to invest. His response was that he wasn't sure what kind of detecting he would do, but he had about $200 to get started. The answer was easy -- get a Simplex.
  12. Hi all, I need some help. I want to buy a detector. But my budget is limited(say i can buy a garret 400i or a fisher gold bug 2). For me the depth is important after that iron discriminatin comes. I wil use it for gold prospecting(!check the picure, with gold what i mean). The depth is around 3 or 4 feet. Can you give me some advises for getting a detector? What kind of detector can detect this kind of treasure? Thank you very much.
  13. I am considering the purchase of a CTX 3030 and was wondering what would be the best/better alternative there is to the CTX 3030? I live in upstate NY and am relatively new to metal detecting and haven't traveled far to detect, but I do plan on expanding my distance as I properly learn a machine so that I don't waste a lot of travel expenses while learning. I figured if I am going to spend time learning a good machine, I might as well get the better choice and learn that 1. I have an Anfibio Multi now and am in the process of learning what the machine can do and how it should be run. I am by no means putting the Anfibio down. I just figured seems I have a lot of learning to do, I should do it on the best choice of a machine and learn that one instead of learning what I have now and then possibly having to learn another. I don't have a lot of time to learn several machines and can barely make time as it is, so I want to make the most efficient use of that as well because I do plan on becoming a serious and proficient detector as time and experience,also, as many of you know.. money too plays in as well and is why I want to make the best choice now. I could always resell my slightly used Anfibio if needed to get or step into a better/best choice. Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi all If I'm using a vlf/lf that is over 40khz, is there any benefit to getting a 2nd machine that runs under 40 kHz when prospecting? Assume PI is not possible at the moment. Does a sub 40 bring anything special to the table? I'm a beginner so just curious Thanks
  15. Hi guys, my name is Cristian, I'm from Argentina, my detector is a Garret AT Gold, I use it to search for gold nuggets in the Andes mountain range. I have very good results with very small, tiny nuggets, but I think I'm losing some depth, I compared it to the Garrett AT Max and apparently it has a little more depth but not so much sensitivity to small nuggets. I want to change the AT Gold for another detector that gains depth in larger gold (2gr, 5gr, 10gr etc). Do you offer me minelab equinox 800, makro gold kruzer, goldmaster 24K, xp orx, which recommend me to have greater depth in large or acceptable nuggets and not lose much effectiveness in small nuggets? I found the gold nugget in my hand with the AT MAX at 20-25cm, with the AT GOLD I had no signal I leave some photos to see the gold that took out the AT gold. regards p / d: sorry for my english, I used google: D
  16. hello! my first post...been researching for a new detector and quite honestly, getting frustrated. There is a rumored cache in my area which could be a large deeply buried target. Would be great to get to a depth of 2-3 meters. However, I would also use the detector for gold and meteorites. The main target is in highly mineralized soil and rock. Essentially, looking at a contact of rock outcrop and volcanic cinders. Not level at all! Looking into the 2-box, could go deep enough but read that they don't really work for this topographic challenge? Looking at Garrett atx with 20 inch coil, can't really find out how deep that will go? but seams to meet all other needs. Also looking at garrett 2500 because it has the optional 2 box with a standard detector, but can't really understand the depth abilities on it either, and worried it really isn't that good otherwise. The ATX would be a financial reach for me, so I think minlabs are out of the question. Gee, I guess I want it all! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!!
  17. Hello Steve, I am George from Greece again. I will tell you what I dislike about minelab safari. The discrimination is not good and confusing, so you have to dig everything because you don’t know if you hit a pull tub or a small golden ring. Also, when I set discrimination there is a lot of iron masking. I have to do noise cancel every 20-30 minutes in order to work correctly. The depth measurer is very medium. It has terrible recovery speed. Has no ground mineralization indicator. In other words it is a tiring detector and you have to spend a lot of time to learn the nonferrous audios in order to understand approximately what you have hit. What I like is the silver coin sound and with a lot of trying copper sound. But yesterday I was on beach handing, and I found several bob fishing with the same numbers and the sound of silver. Know, I am interested about silver, copper, gold coins, jewelry and relics and I am interested about deep targets. I do handing on the fields, mountains, parks and beach. I do not search for gold nuggets because we do not have in Greece (except Thrace region). I want your suggestion about 3 detectors (so I can choose) with the following specifications: - Very good and precise discrimination. - Very fast recovery speed. - Extremely depth. - Ground mineralization indicator. - Tracking ground balance. - Tone adjustment. - Sensitivity adjustment. - Soil adjustment. - Simple but effective. - Not too much expensive. (I was impressed by the Nokta/Makro metal detectors, although here in Greece there is a prejudice about Turkish products that they are not good in general) Do you think there is such a detector, or is it marketing tricks in order to shell new metal detectors every year? If I bought a new detector (because technology evolving) with the above specifications I will have better results? Thank you in advance for your answers. P.S.: I read your articles and reviews very often and my knowledge about metal detectors has change. You have done very good work. Just continue.
  18. In your opinion or experience what is the deepest smallest picker that you found with a VLF? Which VLF detector do you think does the best with depth and sensitivity?
  19. The group I detect with here in Eastern Oregon are mostly interested in gold hunting and we own and hunt with Minelabs, Gold Bug 2's and a few others. Many of my friends who are nearing retirement, have asked what I would recommend to hunt parks, schools, etc. for coins and I just don't know what to tell them, realizing that many wouldn't be able to afford some of the new machines. Could some of you familiar with coin hunting give me a list of their favorites, including less pricey older models. Thanks Guys. Gary
  20. Gold Bug Pro of the PI world? uncomplicated, not ridiculously expensive, excellent performance! Which unit would it be?
  21. Hello to everybody. Iam new here.? Thank you for the quick and simple registrationprocess. Iam a total newbie with detecting, honestly i newer did it before. A friend (hes from Tanzania)of mine and me want to search for some Gold in his country cause there are many places where you can find something. I think its the third biggest goldexporter in africa. Now i started to reseach about which detector we could use for our project. So i came to the conclusion to buy this a GPZ 7000 from minelab. At first i was pretty sure about this decision but now i found out there are also machines called soil-scanner or soils radar (here a website i found: https://www.idc-detektor.de/webshop/3d--radar--professionell/3d-bodenscanner--radar/ , sorry its in german). So i really need experts who can help me. People who have experience/practice with these things and can help to take a good decission so that i dont missuse my money for a machine which is not really working. Please help me also to use the forum in the right way. I dont what do disturb someone by posting something in the wrong place. Thanks for your support and special thanks to the inventor of this forum. With friendly regards. Erik
  22. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I've been collecting coins for almost 15 years, and years ago I started rock collecting thanks to my daughter who got me interested. If you put this two ingredients together... I would like to start with metal detecting focus in current and old coins. Going to parks, lakes, old houses, beaches, rivers, you name it... but like I said before, focus mainly in current and old coins to add to my collection!!!) I've been doing research for which machine to get and I know for newbies like myself this can be overwhelming and tentative (NOX 600/800) because there always going to exist a better machine for a little more money than what you are planning to spend an sometimes discussions in forums can confuse you even more. I'm a very dedicated person I do not mind spend time to get to know a MD Which MT would you recommend me to get to find coins anywhere (not necessarily waterproof but I will need it for shallow water) under 500$? ... I live in Maryland just as a reference.
  23. Hi Guys n Gals. I’ve never ran a detector but very much looking forward to it. I live in the Nth East of Victoria Australia with access to what was some of the richest gold fields. I have no idea as to what the ground is like but it would be a fair guess that it would be at least reasonably mineralised. I know i will be a beginner but i dont want to spend my limited budget on a beginners detector. I’m willing to do the hard yards with the likes of an intermediate detector. The areas that i would be concentrating on is Beechworth and the Buckland Valley etc, so the ground will have plenty of iron and the likes and mineralised. I will be working mostly around the mines on hillsides etc. I noticed a used Nokta Fors Core for sale so did a little research. Nice detector. VLF struggling in the mineralised ground or does the Nokta fair not too badly? A good used GP3000 is going to be twice the price and above my budget but i could work on that. Lack of descrimination would probably be an issue at these workings? Whites SPP? I’m finding it hard to get too much info on these but from what i have read they seem like a good detector. Because of the likes of the trash and mineralised ground, i’m finding it difficult to choose between the VLF and a PI. I could start with the likes of the Nokta and purchase the likes of the GP or SPP further down the road. Does the SPP come under another name or as an updated model? Thanks all. Al.
  24. Hey, I'm new here, but I come here time to time to read, you all are a knowledgeable bunch it seems. I have for a couple years been on the search for an alleged cache of gold coins, in a jar or something similar. It's a solid story, I've done my research, etc. I am currently looking into a GPX 4500 for the hunt. I had bought a CTX 3030 and learned it for a few months, but I buried some test targets (using bottles of nickels, or pennies), and the damned thing was nearly worthless past 12" deep, a $2500 toy in my opinion. Most caches are said to be found at 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep, and I'd say 3 feet wouldn't be out of the question here. Any informed opinions welcome, thank you!
  25. I wanted advice from all of you. I have an MXT Pro, and I'm thinking about changing it for something more current and with new technology, "if that's better". my thought, if you see that it is advisable is to sell my MXT Pro with the dish ultiamte detech 13 "and super 12, and collect some more money and buy the XP Deus or the Equinox 800. you think it would be worth the change ?, I would use it only for field, since my area in winter is usually wet, and in dry summer. The areas where I detect are low grass grasses, plowed fields, and in summer hard and dry fields, mineralization in some areas is very low and others are quite mineralized, so in these last areas the MXT Pro looks like a cricket when there is a lot of mineralization I go with the dish detech ultimate 13", I have to lower the power a lot. And if it's worth changing it, (since I do not want to regret it in the change), what detector do you think is better? and because? thank you.
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