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  1. Hi Steve, I have a question for you or any of the other more experienced users. I am looking to buy a couple of new detectors. I will be using them in the rivers where there is some thick bedrock in some places. The first detector will be a primary and the second will be a backup. What would be your first two choices for PI detectors and your two choices for MLF? I already have a CTX, ATPRO and NOX800. Thanks
  2. Hi all users DetectorProspector.. I want to buy detector for thin gold jewelry : chain, earrings (underwater search) . Now I use Tesoro Compadre but not enough depth . And I think what need to buy detector PRO - level with high frequency. But I'm confused. My choice fell to 3 devices:GoldenMask One 24Deeptech Vista Gold / Gold GainWhites TDI Beach Hunteror Yours alternative's. Please tell me, what metal detector is the deepest for thin jewelry? And can good work to heavy soil? ThanksP.S. Sorry to my English
  3. Hi all users DetectorProspector. I want to buy detector for relic ( roman silver/gold coins, celtic axes and middle ages relic) . Now I use Minelab Sovereign Elite, but in last 3- 4 month's not found nothing interesting (everywhere were before me) . And I think what need to buy detector PRO - level. But I'm confused. My choice fell to 3 devices:Minelab GPX 5000Whites TDI PRO/SLNexus Standart MPor 50/50 choiceBlistool v6Tarsacci mdt 8000Minelab ctx3030or Yours alternative's. Please tell me, what metal detector is the deepest for relic hunting? And can good work to heavy soil? ThanksP.S. Sorry to my English
  4. Hi Neighbor lost a 3/4 carat diamond earing w/small white gold post. I tried my old Eagle ll sl & Bounty hunter 101 but they don't seem to be sensitive enough. Any suggestions??
  5. Hey all! I’m super-new but wanted to say thanks to everyone because I’ve read soooo many excellent posts on this forum before joining and have learned a ton! I’m an obsessive newbie in the Los Angeles area who’s recently picked up a Garrett Ace 250 to kick around with my Dad when he visits (we used to detect parks and schools in Maryland when I was a kid with his old Compass). The Ace is fun and great in parks - I’m fond of it - but I’m really more interested in wet sand detecting on the beaches and in gold prospecting. And it just doesn’t handle salty wet black sand well... or find tiny gold.... So of course I’m looking at getting a second detector. My Dad is thrilled. My Mom is horrified ? I was trying to decide between the Goldmaster 24k and Gold Monster 1000, but then the idea of the Equinox 800 snuck in and I was thinking maybe it would be a good beach AND gold detector. But then I really like the Goldmaster 24k in the few videos I could find. But the Gold Monster 1000 is blue and has that lovely little whoop whoop sound.... I know there’s no “best” detector, and from what I can tell those are all great detectors. But I’m hoping someone can nudge me off the fence. Does anyone have any thoughts about these or other models for use in Southern California? So many beaches, so many reports of gold... SO MUCH BLACK SAND! Thanks in advance for any advice! I know this was long but I wanted to provide enough details of where I am and what I’m looking for to be useful. Also, I’m chatty. ? -Julie
  6. Hi Steve, If there’s not too much snow on the ground I want to go up to Rye Patch to do some detecting this month (Dec). I’ve got an AT Gold and an Infinium (AKMD). I’m ready to add a third detector in the sub-$1500 range. In your opinion what will be a decent choice from the 2018 models/makes out there? I was leaning to the GB2 but any better suggestion will help. thanks much in advance, Morgan Evans (from Sterling but wintering in Sparks this year)
  7. I want to buy a good detector or detector bundles but theres so many to choose from need suggestions. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Greetings all, I am new to this forum, and my friend is looking to buy a metal detector, however he could definitely use some advice regarding what he should go for. He is thinking about OKM fusion metal detector and 3D ground scanner. I checked the site related to that product ( https://www.okmmetaldetectors.com/en/gold-detectors/metal-detector-okm-fusion/ ) However it feels kinda fishy and expensive for what it is... Therefore, my question is, what is your opinion on that product and if you have other alternatives please do share. Thank you all, much appreciated!
  9. Hi, I'm new here and starting to get addicted to the hobby. Just to introduce myself a little, I’m from El Paso, Tx. So I can literally see the First Texas products factory from my back yard. With that being said my first real metal detector I am very strongly leaning towards buying a Teknetics. Mainly due to good reviews and such a low price. But I am stuck in which to choose. The two options I’m looking at is the T2+ or the G2+. I do plan on mostly be in the hunt for nuggets and I’ve heard that the G2+ is the go to for gold but that the T2+ is also a prospecting machine and has twice the depth but has more chatter. Any opinions as to which would be better? And has anyone any experience chasing nuggets with either of these machines?
  10. hello ,,,am looking at the following detectors gold bug 2 , gold kruzer , minelab 800 or 600 maybe a used tdi .....the place am going nugget hunting is new to me ...i do not know the size of nuggets......over the years a few have been found ..... am going to a small island in south east asia theres old copper and or gold mine in the area .. i think it was placer mine with a few small rivers nearby and lots of iron sand ....need advice on what would be the best detector on this list for the job .... ...only bedrock i seen was in the river which is shallow toward the mine not the sea ...... soil very deep every where ,,, i must point out i never detected in a river before is waterproof needed ..
  11. I keeping going back and forth on several detectors. If you had the choice of one, I would like to hear your opinions and choices. Makro gold kruzer Minelab equinox 800 Minelab GM 1000 XP Deus with HF coil I would love to get a Minelab PI machine but unfortunately I think they are out of my budget at the moment. And there seems to be lots of mixed opinions on the whites tdi. So I figured a good vlf would be the best choice for my next detector. Most of my gold detecting will be in Colorado so I am not expecting huge nuggets but gold is gold and it all adds up ???
  12. Hi all, I haven’t really been keeping up with the multitude of new vlf detectors that have came out over the last couple of years. Is there a new preferred detector for working quartz reefs? Or does everyone still use the gmt and goldbug? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I am new here to this forum. Recently my home town at my home country, prospectors started to discover Gold nuggets in large sizes at the surface without digging it, see the attached email The creek and valleys are so large that you can not cover by using a handheld detectors. I did some search and came across two other types. One is using a drone metal detector although the product is not out yet https://www.treasurehunter3d.com/dronerover and the other is long distance detectors upto 2km and 30 meters deep http://www.megalocators.com/en/ or http://www.imagelocators.com/index.php/component/virtuemart/long-range-locators/x-finder-gold-detector-long-range-locator-detail?Itemid=0 video is https://youtu.be/kv6EmzH34Ao I couldn't find review on the performance on the long range detectors, did any of you use it? or whether these are legit products that work? Thank you
  14. I'm planning on doing some river sluicing in Colorado this summer, but also trying my hand at doing some detecting. Looking for the right set up for that region. Does anyone have experienced suggestions?
  15. I am writing this in hopes that some metal detector manufacturers will read this and see what is wanted by the people in the field. What manufacturer to you think is on the leading edge? (why) What manufacture do you think needs a wake up call? What is your favorite all purpose detector? (coin, jewelry, and relic) What is your favorite prospecting detector? What do you wish the manufacturers would incorporate in new machines? I am not going to answer the question as I do not feel my knowledge base is at the level of the people on this forum. I still use a 30 year old detector. Everything I have read shows that this forum has the highest knowledge base of ones I have seen. Add any additional question that you think may be of interest.
  16. Which one of the three would be best on dry beach sand? All with standard coil. 1. Old Tesoro Diablo-2 Gold Demon (20 khz). Gnd Adj, Sensitivity, Threshold. No discrimination capability 2. Old Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax (10 khz). 3. Old Fisher 1235X (5.7 khz). 4. New Fisher F22 (7.5 khz).
  17. Hi All I'm new to this smart hobby of metal detecting/prospecting and I found this great website to be pretty helpful to its contents which I decided to join this forum to learn more. I'm planning to head to East Africa to do some gold prospecting with the help of good metal detector and I need your advice on some issues. To start with need good MD to take with me so please give me your advice on the very best gold nugget detectors for the budget of $800 or less? What are the very best gold nugget detectors for the budget of $800 or less? Even these Chinese made MDs if you think they can do the job comparatively then please list them all. Thank you.
  18. I know that many, if not most, prospectors are usually thrilled to find tiny gold. More power to them. Undoubtedly finding a lot of such small gold will eventually translate into a lot of gold when it's all put together. However, personally I'm solely interested in larger-sized nuggets of, say, 2 grams and up. I have no problem with missing nuggets any smaller than that. Not particularly interested in relics, artifacts or silver. I was originally leaning towards buying a GB2 until I realized that they excel in finding the tiniest gold, not the larger, deeper nuggets. Also, I would prefer something that has something of a graphical interface along the lines of the Garrett AT Gold. If the Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package was priced about $800 less I'd buy it, but at $2500+ It's just too expensive (aside from its exceptionally-heavy weight.) What would be the best VLF machines for someone who's *only* interested in prospecting for *big*, *deep* gold in the Western USA?
  19. Go easy on me Steve, I just got an F75 and found silver in Cobalt Ontario. I have badgered/convinced my friend to head west into gold country next trip. So now I'm looking at GB2, GM1K, ATX?, GPX5K?, who knows? So much to learn but the gold is calling me! Would love to be you with a slew of machines to pick from, but I gotta start small then find enough to fund the good machine... or so I keep telling myself! There's been gold found in southern MN near Zumbrota, and whatever else is here is fly spec size so maybe the GB2 would be sensible to start with, that could be useful locally. The Gold Monster really appeals for just a bit more... The F75 sure beats my Vaquero, with my poor hearing seeing the numbers really makes a difference, so the GM1K has an appeal over the GB2. Might be coming through Reno in November for a gold detecting class, but that's up in the air yet. Maybe next year I'll have something to post here, it's my intent anyway! Do you ever show your collection? It would be an education for sure. Does Fools Gold count? Found a huge specimen that does bear some non-ferrous metal (silver, nickel, cobalt maybe) but I kept it for the huge face of iron pyrite. Not gold but it sure glitters!
  20. I've got the Mxt All Pro but originally bought it so I could do both park, beach and gold prospecting but Now that I've got the GM1000 and sdc for gold I'm not so sure that the Mxt is the best machine out there for coin hunting that's also an easy to use machine? What are your thoughts or suggestions for a great coin detector?. Thanks again mate
  21. We hear about the hot PI detectors so many have to nugget hunt with. Maybe if you don't have far to travel you may not carry a backup. I myself it's a long trip to nugget land in the sky so I have a backup and another backup. What I'd like to know from you is your backup another PI are a VLF ? Whatever you carry have you had the need to fall back on it ? Chuck PS What I read on here it sounds if all own GPZ's.
  22. I've been using the tesoro lobo for 8 years now with great success. I'm ready for something different with a little more depth. I find gold nuggets and quartz/gold. Most of the Au/quartz comes from taillings and when they go quite I rake and find more...sometimes. I've been looking at the ATX but read it has trouble finding Au/quartz. I understand size matters on ability for any detector. 2000ish is my budget and that can buy a lot of rakes. I'm just not 100% I like the way it sounds and I'm sure we can get along just fine. Discrimination is not that important, I hardly use it. Any info would help thanks.
  23. Hello. I am very new to MD. I am looking at buying my first one and looking for any advice on what to get. I will be detecting on lakes, beaches and in the piney woods of texas. Ground is going to be a mixture of hard soil some soft and beach sand at times. It will be in creek beds,lake water and every once in a while the beach. I am not looking for the cheapest but not the most expensive either. My budget will be some where around $200.00 and $800.00. I have looked at the Garret AT pro. And the T2 SE. But if their is something different or better please share and let me know So what do you guys think.
  24. Hi Y'all! Great forum! Sorry if this has already been covered a zillion times, but..... I'm self-employed and am fortunate enough to be able to live and travel in an RV full-time. I live on a barrier island on the east coast of Florida during the winter and travel in the summer/fall/spring. My main places are Florida, Tennessee, and Montana (home of most awesome grandchild on earth). I love to metal detect. I don't have much room to store those 10 different detectors that I would love to own (RV). I have room for 2 or 3 at the most (if I want to have clothes and shoes too), and am loathe to part with my antique DFX, which has been my buddy for 10 years. Even though it's great for dirt-diggin' in Tennessee...and not much else. I've tried it on the beach here and it doesn't seem to like that wet salt sand very much. It positively seems to hate that mineralized dirt in Montana too. Maybe I didn't have it set up right. I've been researching for weeks and here is what I've almost decided on. If you guys could tell me if I'm on the right track, I'd be very grateful! 1. Garrett Infinium LS- Double duty for the beach/salt water hunting + a low-cost PI machine to find me tons (LOL) of 1+ gram nuggets in Montana. I usually dig everything at the beach and targets of any kind are few and far between in the places we camp in Montana. (Yeah, I kinda know where to look-presently working on a ghost town/mining camp book). I'd also kinda like to try sniping in some of those 38 degree creeks and rivers (certified diver/have wetsuit/will travel). Hubby thinks I'm nuts. 2. Gold Bug 2- Maybe I could go back over those tailing piles in Montana and find those hundreds of -1 gram nuggets that the Infinium will miss. 3. Keep my friend, the DFX. Every time I think of selling it, it tosses me a merc or two....no joke. Thanks, guys!
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