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  1. Hi, im after some advice on metal detectors. I live in the UK and im currently using the Nokta fors core with a 15'' coil for coin and relic hunting but im looking to buy a new detector primarily to search for Roman silver coins and hammered silver coins only. The sites im currently on are rich in history finding coins form Julius Caesar Roman through to Elizabeth II. But im only getting finds up to 12' to 14'' max' with the detector im using at the moment and feel as though im missing quite few finds. Does any one know which is a good detector to purchase, hopefully something good on mineralised ground discriminants iron well and goes verry deep on small silver coins hopefully well over 12'' to 14'' . I know its a tough one but any help or advice is verry much appreciated. thanks paul
  2. Hi, i'am new in this forum, i have some questions for steve Herschbach First, sorry for my poor english, but i'am a froggy French, and you know Frenchies are very bad for english .... I sent this from Ecuador, town of PUYO, between Llanganati Mountain and Amazonic Forest.. I want to go prespecting here for native Gold, here isn't any treasur nor coin and jewelry or militaria to find, just gold, a lot of river contains gold all around Llanganati Mountain, but the soil is mineralised due to the volcanos (here they are everywhere) and contains lot of black ferous stone.. So i'am looking for a PI detector. I spent lot of time in many forums to take all the informations i could found, in fine i saw 3 detectors that can be good for my purpose, i juste want steve to tell me if my conclusions are good or not and help me to make my choice. The 3 detectors i'am looking for are : Minelab SDC 2300 - GARRETT ATX - Minelab GPX 5000 The problem is that here in Ecuador the prices are more expensive than in USA : Minelab SDC 2300 cost 4000$ - GARRETT ATX cost 4000$ - Minelab GPX 5000 cost 6900$. The conclusions of my search in forums is that : - SDC 2300 is good for very small and small Nuggets and quiet good for Medium Nuggets. - ATX and GPX 5000 are quiet good for small Nuggets and good for Medium and large Nuggets. The ATX seem to have the same capabilities than the GPX5000 for less money and it is waterproof like the sdc2300 (here we have lot of hard rain and i want to prospect in and around rivers). So i think the ATX seem to be my favorite but i can't make a choice anyway between ATX and SDC. SDC seem to be very resistant for prospecting in mountain in case of fall and chocks and more easy to use for somebody without lot of detector experience like me... GPX seem to be the more powerful but it cost 3000$ more, and i don't know if it is very resistant to the rain and if i can put the coil in the water to prospect the bank of the rivers. So my questions are : - SDC can really be good for other kind of Nuggets than very small one's ? - ATX really more complete than SDC2300 for all kind of Nuggets and what about very small Nuggets ? - GPX5000 remain the best overall and it's better to pay 3000$ more to have this one ? What do you think about that and what could be your advise for helping me to make a choice between those detectors ?? Or Maybe you know an other detector better than those 3 for my purpose ?? Thank you very much for your response Franck RACINE
  3. Hello all I'm new to this forum and I'm interested in buying a metal detector. I was thinking about going with the Garret AT Gold. I know nothing about detecting but did some reading and this one just catches my eye, any thoughts? Thanks for your inputs in advance.
  4. I am curious as to which machine you prefer for inland gold jewelry hunting and why. Always like learning about other peoples machines and methods. Thank you.
  5. I was looking to see if anyone had suggestions about a detector I could go with for prospecting here in Maine. I have seen one topic on this site about this subject, someone who had a Makro Racer. In my experience VLF of any sort don't work around here, there are so many large hot rocks and hot soil they don't stand much of a chance. I'm nearly certain you will need a PI detector to find anything in the good areas(less touched). I have seen many nuggets in this area, even in the heavily hunted Swift River. I have not personally seen anything over 1/2 ounce, but I'm certain there are some. There are plenty of "picker" sized nuggets but most of the gold is in very small pieces. I'm not certain even if I bought a nice PI detector it would be worthwhile, hence why I am here! I've heard many times the largest amount of the gold is eluvial or even the alluvial from old river beds. I've seen people pulling 1/8-1/4oz nuggets out of the clay near, but not in, the river, well outside the high water mark. So there are nuggets up here, not loaded, but here. The terrain to the areas untouched are harsh, so I was looking for a lighter detector. Very steep jagged landscape. In the end, my question is, with so many hot rocks is it worthwhile to buy a decent PI to detect pickers and maybe some nuggets, or spend the same amount and just buy a dredge? If it's worth the while, any suggestions on a detector under 3k?(not sure if I should bother with waterproof or not) Thanks!
  6. I have had some sucess finding nuggets with a Fisher Gold Bug Pro but recently went out with a friend who has a Minelab 5000. He was easily picking up nuggets where the GB gave no indication at all. I realised I needed something better but was not sure what would be appropriate. The 5000 is rather large and heavy for carrying a long distance and is complicated compared with the GB Is there any recommendation as to a detector that is significantly better than the GB but has its lightweight features and ease of use? I suppose the Minelab 7000 would be even less likely to meet my needs.?I am not very fit and only get out gold detecting a few times a year.
  7. Take a nugget around .3 gram in fairly mineralized soil. Which will locate it deeper a Whites TDI original, a Garrett Infinium, a Gold Bug Pro, or a Makro Gold Racer? And approx. how deep for each ? Thanks
  8. Hi steve, i don't know if you remember me, i'am Franck the French living in Ecuador and i asked you for some advise last year (november 2015) about gold detector to prospect gold in rain forest and mountain (Llanganati mountain...), after study the differents possibilities you suggest me, i took a sdc2300, very good detector that allow to find very small nuggest, but i encountered un big problem not expected in rain forest...the trash...i had to dig a huge quantity of metallic trash, result of various centuries of wood exploitation, farming etc so there is plenty of claws, barbed wire, pieces of sardine can, beer caps etc...so much than i expected... it's not possible in that conditions to prospect with pulse induction material, moreover the ground is not so mineralized that i thought (volcanic region but no many hot rocks..) so i have to reconsider my prospecting strategy and change the detector for Gold VLF ... .... here in Ecuador i have the choice in this list of detector : Garret : AT Gold (1300$) - AT PRO (1300$) - GTI 2500 (with coils 9.5" & 12" and Eagle Eye - 2000$) - GTAx 550 (900$) Fisher : Gold BUG PRO (1150$) - F5 (1400$) Whites : TDi PRO (2300$) Minelab : XTERRA 705 (GOLD Pack - 1000$) - Eureka GOLD (900$) - CTX3030 (3000$) - SAFARI (1400$) Nokta : FORS CORE (2000$) - FORS GOLD (2000$) - Velox One (2000$) - CF77 (with 3 coils c23 c28 c45 - 2000$) Other : DELTA PULSE 2 (650$) - DETECH SSP 5100 (1750$) ??? do know something about those ones, seem to be ground Radar more than detectors..... I read a lot about all those detectors but a never used them so the choice is hard.... Importants things for me : 1 - I will make ONLY Gold Nugget prospection, here there is no coins nor Jewelry so i'am only interested to Gold nugget prospection capabilities of the detector... and i need one that can discriminate very well that huge quantity of metallic trash i encountered !!!! it's so borring to prospect in all metal mode and spent my time digging trash.... 2 - I need one that resist hard rain with coil avaible for water, no need of a real underwater detector, just one able to detect banks of lake and river and dry land too 3 - Ground is low to medium mineralized Can you suggest me detectors in the list below for various kind of price ??? Thanks, Franck
  9. Hey guys! Firstly, wanted to say hi and what a pleasure it is to meet you all. What a great forum with so much valuable info! Keep it up. I'm in Zimbabwe and want to start detecting for gold in areas that I believe are fertile. Unfortunately I don't have the capital for a GPZ 7000 or similar and as I'm starting out not wanting to invest alot at the beginning, I wanted your guys advice as to the best most affordable detector to go with - can be Minelab or any other brand. As things progress (hopefully) I will upgrade. Thanks again and I look forward to all your thoughts and opinions.
  10. Of these 3 detectors which would be your #1 choice for nuggets? Whites MXT, Fisher Gold Bug Pro, or Nokta Fors Gold? Trying to decide on one for my First nugget hunter. The reason i ask is i have a chance to buy a like new MXT Tracker e-series with the 9.50 coil, headphones, carry bag, digging tool and a Whites pin pointer for $325 locally. Or a Nokta Fors Gold that is 1 year old and only used twice for $400. And if i look around i can usually find a Gold Bug for around $400 as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hello team im new on this platform so forgive me if my question is out of place. is it advisable to puchase a second hand gold detector? im saying this because where i come from there is only one dealer of new metal detectors and its very expensive maybe thrice the price that you see on the internet. most websites i have visited they dont ship to my country (Zimbabwe).
  12. I went through this website & I liked it a lot, especially the forums, I can see some honest reviews. i was looking for someone from Qatar if they do metal detecting here, but I cannot find even a single person who knows anything about MD either in forum or person...it is mostly desert sand here & some beaches I was wondering which detector I should get I am struggling between mine lab xterra 705, Gold bug pro... I guess I will order the 705 I am inclined towards it a bit, any opinions will it be too complicated for a newbie I have watched lots of videos & read lots of info on the Internet from last one month.
  13. Hello everybody i'm new to this site and was told to sign up here from another site. I'm looking to buy my first metal detector specifically to try and find gold nuggets. I live in "Victorville" which is part of the High Desert of Southern California. I'm looking to spend about $1.5k on a metal detector (may spend more). I was hoping that maybe some of you have metal detected in the high desert and have a good understanding on what metal detector I should buy. I was told that since I live in California that i should probably buy a metal detector that has pulse induction. If this is the case my question is what is the best pulse induction metal detector for around that range of money. If I don't need a machine that has pulse Induction what would be the best machine to get for around that range of money? Any other help is appreciated, thanks. - Mando
  14. In my travels in the western USA I sometimes find myself in an area that does not lend itself to nugget hunting. If I want to satisfy my itch to metal detect I must go to a park, sidewalk strip, or relic location. I have been hunting with my buddy Strick on occasion and his main machine is a CTX 3030. I am impressed with his finds and the performance of the CTX. I am unimpressed by the weight of this detector. The CTX is the acknowledged king of accurate VID at depth. Is there a machine that weighs less than 3.5 lbs that has nearly commensurate VID capabilities to the CTX that I could purchase for coin and relic hunting? Also any opinions on the Coiltek Joey for the CTX versus the stock 6 inch?
  15. Ok, we know there is no perfect detector for all types of detecting (Prospecting, Relic, Beach and Coin). But what is the closest thing to it that is available? The CTX3030, a great machine from most accounts really good at 3 of the 4 types of detecting but many say not as good for Prospecting. Then we have all the BBS, FBS detectors great as well for the same 3 types of detecting. Then the many Other single frequency detectors, many good for Coin and Relic and some span on into gold detecting as well. Of course the PI detectors which have poor if any discrimination value but are really deep seeking but not so good if you are working a trashy areas. So what would be the best detector out there if you want something that spans all 4 of the primary modes of detecting? In my search I can only find one so far that I think fits that requirement pretty well: That would be the Whites Spectra V3i. That's only my amateur opinion as I have a limited knowledge of metal detecting. Are there better Multifrequency detectors out there probably, are there better gold detectors out there - For sure, and are there better coin and relic detectors out there, probably but not that many as this is probably the detectors strongest area. There are several things I like about this detector as it has 3 frequencies and you can run all 3 at the same time or individually. It can use all the MXT coils which are many so no worry about coil selection. It appears to have a better than average discrimination. It allows for an abundance of control of the machine. In multifrequency one can go pretty deep in wet salt sand, or running it at 20 khz one can prospect or hunt for smaller types of relics. Want to go deep for coins or lager targets switch to 2.5 Khz and put on a big coil. It also has preprogrammed modes as well if you want to keep it simple. I just recently became aware of this machine and in many ways it has the properties of what most would want in a all purpose detector. If a new company came to me today and said they would build me the Ideal detector and asked me what characteristics I would like to have built into it, this detector would fill most of my request. Only other thing I would want is one more Frequency (50Khz or so) and be water proof! Ok now this is where I would like you all to chime in because I know there must be weakness to this machine as well or it would be far more popular than it is. I have heard issues with EMI. I don't know what other issues there may be, maybe it don't ground balance well in real mineralized soil? I don't know but I'm sure some of you do. Please give me your thoughts? Thanks in advance, Terry
  16. Got an invitation to work an old mine in SE AZ. It has a +200-foot deep shaft and I'm looking for a quality entry level detector. My thoughts are that in a mineralized medium like this a Gold Bug Pro might be good. Don't think that this one is going to be used for wet salt, underwater, coins, or jewelry. Probably going to get the new Minelab pinpointer to go with it. What are the best choices for prospecting for nuggets in an underground shaft?
  17. Hello, I have been researching this hobby the last week or so and I am thinking I want to give this a shot. I live in Arizona, and want to do mostly coin and jewelry hunting with the occasional hunt on old towns for relics and gold areas for gold nuggets. I was strongly considering the AT PRO or ACE 400 after lots of research, but now someone is selling a slightly used G2+ for only $400 which is very tempting considering the price. I consider myself a very fast learner, but the relative simplicity, various modes and lengthy history of the AT PRO are making it a tough decision. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  18. I am getting back into prospecting/metal detecting for the first time in about 6 years. I would like to pick up a new metal detector that I can prospect with and take out to the parks in the Anchorage area. I am leaning towards a Whites MXT due to it's track record, and I know that I can't go wrong with that choice. But, I know that there are other options out the (e.g. Gold Bug Pro). Some are in the 14 kHz range, and some run upwards of 20 kHz. Is there much of a difference in that 6 kHz range? What are other people's experience with detectors in this area? Am I even asking the right questions? I just don't want to go plop $800 on a new machine to find out that there had been a better choice out there in the same price range. In the past I have been using a Garrett Ace 250, so this will be a step up for me, and probably a whole new learning curve. But I figure that I will pass the 250 down to my daughter and try to get her away from her iPad :p . I have been reading through Steve's reviews as well, and it sounds like there are a lot of good choices out there. This is why I ask, because there are so many good choices.
  19. I'm in a bit of a quandary. I am getting back into metal detecting and am planning a long detecting trip that includes Alaska, Oregon and probably more frequently the Atlantic coast beaches and coin shooting nearer to my home state of NC. I picked up a GPX 5000 to cover most of my gold prospecting. However I have nothing else. It was suggested by a very experienced detector user that I get either a CTX-3030, a Minelab Excal II or as he put it his third choice, a Fisher CZ-21. Problem is I'm not rich and just spent a lot on the GPX. So, I have been looking at lesser priced machines that would serve a dual or more-so triple service and could be used for the beach, coins and a for prospecting in high trash areas. I was thinking that other than the CTX, his recommended choices might not be the best for land use or prospecting and the CTX is a LOT of money. So after a lot of online research, I am looking at maybe the Garrett AT Pro (water proof) or the new Whites MX Sport (also water proof). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Terry
  20. I live near the East coast and never done any Beeping in Oregon. I am set up to go there in July. I don't know the terrain, the weather there in July or much of any thing else about the area. I have a GPX 5000 with the commander DD and mono coils that come with the detector and hopefully a 16" round mono soon on it's way. Are there snakes to look out for, Ticks, Ants, Big Foot? What coils would be recommended for the 5K to use there? I wonder if there is lots of Iron to the point where a VLF machine would be a good choice? I live only 150 miles from the east coast so have been thinking about a VLF Machine suitable for the beach and for use in nugget hunting, maybe something like the Garrett AT Pro or ATGold? I know there are better machines but trying to find something in what is left of my smallish budget. I'm not a total newbie as I've been to Rye patch a couple times and Alaska as well and used coin detectors in my past with some success but presently the only real detector I have now is the 5K. Any advice would be appreciated. Terry
  21. I will start by saying i am a recent nevada transplant from oregon. I owned a whites mxt pro but never used it much for nugget hunting. I would like to take advantage of some of what the high dessert of nevada offers and try my hand. That being said I thought I knew which detector I would be buying until I started reading all the information I have found online, including Steve's reviews. I was going to get a whites tdi sl. Now I'm thinking maybe a GMT or waiting for the new fisher czt. Someone please give their best sales pitch and help me out. I don't have the funds to spend more than this so the minelab units are out of my price range. Keep in mind I am new to this so if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about it is because that is true.
  22. Hello Everyone I am new to the Forum and fairly new to detecting. I currently have a GB2 and have for the most part only been nugget shooting in BC. I found that the GB2 did okay but had issues in moderate and high mineralized areas and lost depth rapidly. I am looking to get my next detector for the tool chest and would like something that will give me better depth and performance nugget shooting but it would also be nice if it had some capability on coins, jewelry and relics as most of the people that I know that detect aren't nugget shooting. With the vast amount of expierience on this Forum what are your reccomendations? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello everyone, I am seeking some input for a detector purchase. I live on the east coast and have access to historic gold fields in my area. I had a GPX5000 that I used out west, but recently traded it in for a GPZ7000. I had at least some degree of discrimination with the 5000, but nada on the Zed. I am now looking to add another detector to the toolkit for the high-trash areas where I am detecting. This is strictly for prospecting, so I don't need an all in one detector. I am mainly interested in this for around the tailing piles and in areas close to the old mines. There is a lot of hunting on these properties also, so lots of shotgun shells, buckshot, birdshot, bullets, iron, foil, etc. Basically it is like a dump in some areas. The gold out this way is mostly small in size, less than an ounce for almost all nuggets. The soil is very mineralized also, red clays, with heavy mineral/iron content. I have been thinking about the FORS Gold, the Gold Racer (when it comes out), the Goldbug 2, and some other machines. I would really appreciate your thoughts on the best detector for my situation. The 7000 is great in the non-trashy areas, but I am spending more time lately in the thick of the trash and am going crazy. Thanks, Hound
  24. Steve, I just signed up for a two week detecting trip to Colchester, England this coming October. Since you've been there before I would appreciate your advise on the best detector to take there. I currently own a White's MXT and a Garrett AT Pro but have been considering a new XP Deus due to it's light weight. Your thoughts? Thanks.
  25. What kind of machines do you guys use in California?!? I am running an MXT Pro. I am up in Tuolumne County gold country, and i'm pretty sure the mineralization is heinous! RED dirt, HOT rocks, and Lots of rusting metal mixed in in many areas. In the trashy areas, i SWEAR i get about 2" depth on coins, about 3-4" on padlocks. I mostly use the 4x6 shooter DD to try and see between the trash. Is my gain (between 8-10) maybe TOO high? I'm "scared" to run much lower gain in fear of missing stuff. BUT, i just need to try a different gain setting, then re-scan an area that I personally have "worked out" with my current settings. Then see if my "new" settings can find more/deeper stuff!?!? (BTW it took me 2 years to save up to go from an ACE250, to this $900 MXT setup) so I know... a $2500 CTX3030 or $1500 eTrac would probably work better than tweaking my MXT (haha BUT, i can't afford that right now! Thanks, Paul Yes, i'm kinda a "noob"! I got the MXT in March for nuggets and relics/coins. Got a nugget, then got busy for the summer. So I've really only done about 20 +/- hours of real relic/coin hunting. I am sure a CTX3030 or eTrac would be a significantly better detector. BUT, I don't want to be one of those "I ALWAYS need a better detector" kinda folks. I believe what i've heard "You NEED to learn your detector, don't just keep buying new/better detectors because YOU can't figure out your previous detector!" BUT, if MXT gets 5-6" and CTX3030 gets 10-12" based on the machine and technology, well, that's just life!
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