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  1. Today I had the chance to get out for a couple of hours to do some hunting and decided on a place where over the past 200 years they have had to rebuild the church 3 times. During the time that the church has been at the same spot they have added on to it a few times to what it is today. This church sits on top of a hill next to the original cemetery when the church was built. I remember seeing some of the old photos that showed an old out house near the back of the church and started there. My first good signal was the typical trash that one would expect to find, and so was the next 20
  2. Wow I can't believe I got out yesterday to dig. It seems like work and the stress of things in 2020 took a toll on my detecting experiences for quite a while. I wanted a new coil for the MK and saw a post Kac made about the Nel Superfly, So I said what the heck I'll give it a try. This coil is 6 grams lighter than my 9 inch. I must say this coil is amazing!!! great depth and way better separation. So I went to give it a spin on a site I hunt that has some modern and 18th century history to it. (ball fields and farm fields). I swung for about 5 hours in the 35 degree weather, and found a bunch
  3. Thanks to forum members for showing me how to clean and cash in my coins, didn't pay for my nox 800, but sure made the wife happy with Amazon credit. We now have some nice new cookware. 😃 ht
  4. Hi everybody, I wanted to thank you all for welcoming us to this forum last year. Thanks for the info, the advice and the support. It helped me create an amazing bond with my son. I am grateful to you all. Here’s a little video of some of our favorite moments of the crazy year. Best to you all!
  5. I am new to detecting but have about 400 hours of YouTube detecting experience 😁. I got my equinox 800 about 3 weeks ago and have dug at 3 places old school (war nickel and wheat penny), 60’s abandoned house (clad dime and memorial copper penny} and an old farm house/boarding house built in 1890’s ( GOLD ring, Mercury dime, 4 Buffalo nickels, 1 war nickel, 8 1945-48 nickels, 35 wheat pennies and 5 memorial pennies. I am very very happy with my less than 1 month of digging but somehow I feel I’m missing silver at the old farm house. With that many coins from to 30’s and 40’s and only one Mercu
  6. I tried finding my previous (2019) summary report and New Year's resolutions but failed. Well, I have the data (from my logs) and I roughly remember my goals -- find some new detecting spots. I left my old heavily searched (by me) schools and parks alone this year and returned to a couple I had barely detected plus one I had never detected. 90% of my year's detecting was spent on this last (previously undetected by me) site. All three yielded silver coins. Not surprisingly I spent most of my year in the one that seemed to be the best producer. I finally retired for good in February (
  7. I can't remember this being discussed but maybe I've missed it or forgotten it. Given how deep the Zed has been known to find small nuggets it seems to me it could do well on coins. Any experience (or reliable hearsay 😁) on this? As a distantly related sidelight, a couple weeks back on Curse of Oak Island (TV show) Gary Drayton is seen with a GPZ-7000 and it had the ML 19" coil mounted. It's impossible from watching alone to know how long he swung it but in terms of air time it was minimal and I don't recall any footage of them digging a target he found with it. Later he was back to h
  8. I have found 0 but one buddy found 1 and a other found 2.The one that found 2 also found a $1 gold coin made into a love token.
  9. One thing I suspect has annoyed coin hunters in the USA for a long time is how close (sometimes equal) the VDI of aluminum trash is to that of the 25% Ni, 75% Cu 5 cent 'nickel' coin. I tend towards the "if in doubt, dig it out" camp but it has been mentioned (Jeff McClendon comes to mind) that minimizing digging can be a big plus in some parks where the employees and users notice and are bothered by any sign that digging has occurred. That's not much of an issue where I live, partly because our parks don't seem to get much attention when it comes to the quality/plushness of the grass/sod.
  10. Hey Everyone... Several months ago, I started honing in on nickel signals (Nox600 - 11,12,13,14) in addition to my high conductors and glad I did. I am digging more good finds at the mid tones. Check this out...Here are 307 nickels that I dug over past several months. I read somewhere that the averages are approx 200-250 nickels dug for each buff. Didn't mention V's or gold...only buffs.I guess I beat the averages... 307 nickels = 3 buffs, 3 v's, 1 war nickel, 1 18k gold ring and 1 gold buddha pendant... not bad huh? I didn't dig as much silver this year, cuz I only spent half the amount of ti
  11. Have you found one either detecting or in your change? We have a circulating clad coin worth taking a good look at and worth much more than a regular Mercury dime. Only 2 million released mixed with P and D quarters rolls per design. I see some going for $36 on E bay. Happy hunting.
  12. Hello all, I went back to the lake where i found a 1935 Walking Liberty Half, at the beginning of the year! I believe that coin was a fluke find, as none of my other coins found there even come close to that date range! Today, i went to another shallow water area where jet ski's tend to hang out, while people rest, or work on them! I had no expections of this spot, other than it has been on my "to detect" mental list for awhile! I was there about 3 hours, and only worked about a 5x20 foot area against the shore, but the targets were layered and plentiful! I unfortunat
  13. Local water supply is super low from the drought we have here and was able to finally walk out to an island that is normally not that accessable. Not a whole lot on the island or at least what was in range of my Gold Racer's coil due to the erosion over the years but at least I got much of the curiosity out of the way. Out of it found a couple musket balls, shield nickel 18??, IH penny 18?4, old button with bit of guilding on the edges still on it, some odd double loop thing that looked like some junk jewelry. Lots of sinkers, various rounds and of course a Pencil Erasor!
  14. In September I was participating in 5th season of archeological dig for remains of huge silver treasure discovered in 2015. Treasure consist mostly of parted coins from Samanid Empire 8 to 9 century, Slavic jewelry and coins from Germany , Hungary and Denmark. In this season of digging ( 4 meetings) we discovered totally 150 fragments of treasure. Field were it was discovered is an iron carpet, were many detector fail to separate good targets from iron junk. I attend 2 digs and I was lucky to discover 35 silver items.
  15. With all the damage the many good explorer hunters did in my area to the silver turf population it shows me that the Nox is at or near the top of the class for silver coins.This is all from hard hit spots with about 15 from the water.My friend who just switched from the explorer to the nox(this year) is at 48 and he has won the title for most silver in a year many times.He has the best 2 silver coins with a barber half and a seated quarter .I did manage 3 walker halves and a 1894-o barber dime.I agree with people when they say if they could only use 1 machine that they would pi
  16. I'm having a bout of lack of confidence in my MK. My second 11'' coil today started to act just like my old one. (CRAP)... Short story - Went over an area and hit a high 90's number and broken signal. My buddy with the 800 went over it and dug two silver quarters a 1929 and a 1942. So here's my question to all, Do I get a Nox 800???? I mostly coin and relic hunt, with a beach maybe twice a year. So I want the good the bad and the ugly. honest and true answers on performance, warranty and coil choices. I'm not a big fan of the tones, but I might be able to forgive that for a more stable runnin
  17. Last night I went to a beach that yielded a lot of targets. On my 6 hour hunt from 8 PM to 2 AM I got 51 quarters, 40 dimes and nickels, 54 pennies (one wheat), 2 silver rings and one 10k gold ring. There should have been more rings! The trash was another 50 pieces or so. When you figure it is 4-5 scoops per target (1000 total) then it adds up to a stiff back in the morning. I found the gold ring 2/3rds of the way through the session about the time the fog started rolling in which made for an enjoyable sight as it covered up the normal lights but there was still a mostly full moon abo
  18. I have been around this hobby for over 35 years and went from the guy that had no idea what ground balance or gain meant to where I am today. It has taken thousands of hours of research and time, putting good detecting habits into practice. I, myself, have been very fortunate to be around some of the best diggers that have ever held a metal detector in their hands. If anyone ever thinks they are the best and they can’t get any better or learn more about what we do, then they are sadly mistaken. To this day I continue to learn every time I turn on and start swinging. Being associated with these
  19. it finally happened- Someone granted me permission to hunt a piece of property that dates back 1840's as build date. My 2 detectors are the XP ORX and Teknetics T2SE with a small Cors Shrew coil. I imagine this place will be littered with iron objects as it was used as a farm site after 1870-ish. All the original buildings are intact, except a chicken coop or two. The place is mostly untouched and this coming spring there will be restoration performed on the main house and other buildings. Real slim window here and wouldn't you know in the coldest months here. So what I'm asking fr
  20. I finally got my old 11'' replaced. This new coil is working great and I couldn't be more happy. Thanks to Dilek all my problems have been resolved. Yesterday and today were the first times I have given it a good run. I decided to hunt a farm house yesterday. I usually think the finds are getting low. Well low and behold I was wrong. Yesterday was good and bad as posted on the coin and relic forum. Today was even better!! same farm plus a kids camp. In two hours at the farm I scored a 2 oz. sinker, a bunch of odd lead, 2 wheat pennies, a girl scout pin from the 60's and two fabulous 1952
  21. I started out the day on a high note by detecting an old farm that I found a Rosie and a merc on a previous outing. First good signals were some 22 casings. I then got into some 1970's pennies and hit a bunch of wheaties, The oldest was a 1919 pretty good I thought. Next up was a kids silver plate bracelet. Was hoping for better but it was not to be. After about 45 min. of trash I stumbled on an odd 1 3/4'' copper piece. This is very unique and I have no clue what it was. Last but not least was a 1943 p nickle, my first of this date. I thought it was an odd silver but seeing the delamination o
  22. I been hunting this park for 2 hrs a day since last Sat the 24th. Anyway I have pulled out in excess of $35 - $40 in clad and a cpl silver rings and a few worthless tokens. This morning I pulled out $6.37 in two hours and only dug one tab and had on mystery 25 signal that I quit looking for at 12". I already had an 8" diameter plug and at 12" I just quit. There were a bunch of women show up and started exercising in the same area I was detecting but I was getting ready to quit so I headed toward my truck and on the way I decided to make a cpl passes of areas I already hunted. Well to my surpr
  23. Most Hi-Tech, most user friendly, understanding that the most expensive isn't necessarily the best, and if it had to be the ONLY one you own. GO!
  24. Had a little time for a property tour and short initial water hunt at a new permission this afternoon...the place holds promise! It's an old cabin/vacation spot that dates back to the early 1900s. I happened across the owner at the public access last week, and he offered free reign to detect it anytime. After running thru the water a bit, I realized it has likely not been detected in the past...or not detected very thoroughly. Dug a few nickels, including the no date buffalo...and numerous old pull tabs and ring tabs. The ring turned out to be just gold plate, but I believe it has some age to
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