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  1. Small skating pond has dried up a bit, enough to walk around in and detect. I'm amazed how much trash was in it but was able to poke around with my Gold Racer. Wish it had a bigger coil but love using it for coin and relic hunting. Pic of the pond, usually always has water in it and the lilly pads and arrow weed are still green on the edges. Bottom was dry enough to walk on. Ground had cracks and voids in the mud that gave some negative signals at times. Gravel and stones are few inches down but thinking there is stuff out of range of coil i was using. Brass candle stick base (rest w
  2. A couple of days ago I returned to a late 18th century homestead that has been disappointing in the past. I've always felt like there was something good to be found around the house, but the best I could do were a few wheaties and a ton of iron and aluminum. I had about an hour and decided to hit it again. Same old thing right before I left I found a 41 wheat 6 inches under a 2 inch piece of flagstone walkway (thought that was great). A day went by and while building a pergola in my back yard and nearly cutting part of my thumb in half, I had enough of construction and decided to go back one m
  3. $36.40.. plus 1 x 'old' 2 cent and 4 x 'old' 1 cents.. also an Euro and a NZ $1.. but best of all, there was a photographer shooting 5 topless girls in the early morning light (i thought i'd be the only one there, so did they).. needless to say i dropped the detector straight away and watched the show for a while.. i didn't take any photos of the girls but when i got back i did get one of the coins (sorry about that)..
  4. My usual places are being eliminated one by one. Most of my places are public in nature. One of my favorite places I tried to hunt today and there was a police car sitting there. A bad sign. So I pulled around the back like normal and notice everything locked up and new cameras installed... So he comes back there and I speak to him. I told him we had been metal detecting that place over a year and now notice it locked up. As he put it, "fighting and stuff". In other words either drug related, gang related, or general hoodlum behavior. This has happened a lot to me lately, good places bei
  5. So my question to all is what is the largest item you have ever dared to dig. Mine was a 11 1/2'' bronze sun dial. I thought at first I found the worlds largest coin!!! Well it was a vintage 1980's sun dial. I got a good laugh and put a scratch on it, cause the target was so large. At 5'' pin pointing went out the window. (I still have it) I would love to hear your stories and photo's alike. Please don't be afraid to embarrass yourselves!!! We all had a what the hell am I thinking moment.
  6. Hit the park at 5:30am and finished up at 9:00am. I think I hurt myself!!! Anyone who thinks the MK is lacking is goofy!! Decided to run the knock sensitive/off center 11'' to make sure the problem wasn't me. The grass was wet and oddly the coils knock sens. was reduced. Still had the same huge centering problem. (Still waiting on the new coil to arrive), But that being said, Man did I find the coins. Most were at the 6'' to 8'' depth. Coin to trash was 0 until the old english cap and a pull tab (couldn't help myself). Any How, this is how it worked out, Hand cramps included!!!! Ha Ha Ha
  7. After another long hot week and some things that are weighing heavy on my heart. I decided to hunt a little woodlot and creek to take my mind off the grind of life. I walked about 1000 yds down the creek with little luck until I found a odd item that looks like an umbrella handle. A short distance later I retrieved a very very small tea cup (cool). After striking out on the water, I thought that I might have better luck on terrafirma. Shotgun cases woo hoo!!! I then decided to hunt near a giant of an oak tree, every bit of 40'' through. Hoping for something good, I got a good deep hit. At arou
  8. Just keep finding clad. Charged up the Blisstool V5 last night for a morning hunt before the heat set in with a blazing hot sun starts baking me. Since most areas are pretty dry, not wanting to ruin any grass areas. Went back to a well hit spot where the ground would just damp enough to make for some easy digging and the ground would not dry out. The place is a good choice because the sprinkler system keeps the grass nice and green. This morning. True to form, the sprinklers came on, the grass at my spot was still wet. The rising sun and warming heat soon dried the grass. Made for
  9. “According to Miller, the country isn’t running out of money, there are just more coins “sitting in pots at home,” instead of circulating through the economy.“ https://www.forbes.com/sites/advisor/2020/07/20/is-there-really-a-coin-shortage/#3a28fe2df0a3
  10. Went back to an old poured concrete foundation in the woods which is a popular Elk hunters campsite. This is a site where I found my first seated dime a few years ago. The area is loaded with modern trash and lot's of iron nails and old tin buried near the foundation walls. I brought my Teknetics G2 with both the 5" and 11"x7" coil as I also intended to try some nugget detecting near the creek. I didn't find any nuggets but managed to pull 2 nice V nickels, 1890 and 1883. I set the detector in disc mode after ground balancing at 83. The ground here is very mineralized. I then set the tone brea
  11. The Three pence "3D" Like all other pre-decimal Australian coinage the three pence was based on the silver standard. The 16mm, 1.41g coins were minted in sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) from 1910 till 1944. In 1947 the coins were debased to 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel, and 5% zinc. The debasement resulted from Australia needing to pay off its’ huge debts incurred during World War 2. All threepences have a plain edge. These are the best of my 3d collection, many more elsewhere. Note Date of release and Number produced under each coin. When I get a chanc
  12. Hit a new spot that used to have car shows on the field so it is a haven for trash. Enough iron there to sound like a loud threshold hum so I only spent an hour scouting it out and bit of cherry picking. Usual clad in the shadded areas and this tiny bell button that rang in the gold range but it is just tiny and bronze. Had a bit of trouble looking for it as it was dark and not the aluminum or gold color I was looking for. Will be hitting that are again as the woods are old. Should be great this fall/winter as it is mostly pines.
  13. I like a bit of a challenge and, during the recent lockdown here in Oz, I decided to tune my Nox 800 to hunting just threepences. For those who don't know, a threepence used to be Australia's smallest silver coin before converting to decimal currency in 1966. They weigh about 1.3 grams and are 16mm in diameter. Once free to roam, i went to an old goldfield that lasted from 1855 to the late 1930's. There were a couple of old homesteads in the area that lasted until the mid 1970's. I figured i had pretty well worked out the best settings for the coin and was pleased that, after a full day'
  14. There has been some discussion about detectorists being welcome or not on various public properties. This post is related to that. I'm calling it a "feel good story" but it probably feels better to me than it does to you! Couple weeks ago I was at my (new) favorite park which has been providing old coins (Wheaties, Buffies, silver War Nickels, Indian Heads, and even a few silver dimes), not generously, though. On this particular day I wasn't having much luck, it was getting hot, and my hunting spot was starting to experience other visitors. Although I don't mind people seeing me, I do
  15. Hello all, A little primer first; as some of you may know, my Equinox is in "the shop", due to previously posted issues! No worries; using the old trusty At Pro! So between Covid, and the horrendous heat wave we are experiencing, i haven't been out much to detect! But many of you have been out, and posting! So i just had to suck it up, and get my butt out in it!! Summers here used to be a nice balmy Easterly breeze most every day! The last several years have been unusually hot and humid, with little to no breeze, and record temps! Dangerous conditions, if you don't h
  16. So I've been getting a lot of clad coins with both the Equinox and the Vanquish 440 in the local parks, but even in the older ones, silver coins have escaped me for a couple of months now. In between thunderstorms this afternoon, I hit the neighbor's parking strip, and in less than ten minutes, I pulled two silvers and a wheatie! My first silver quarter, AND my first Canadian silver. The quarter is pretty trashed, but I'm glad just the same! Felt good to break the slump!
  17. Here are most of my good finds of the past year. I have a lot of pennies, a few dimes, 2 quarters, and 1 nickel. I saved a few old pull tabs because they were out of use before I was around. I have a button, a toy car wheel, A few bottle caps, a spoon head, a few keys, a EP co cap, a knife, and a broken toy gun. I have a few finds not shown here. Like an arrow to a bow, a game horseshoe, another toy gun, and a few older coins that went into my coin collection. The gun in the bag in from the 1950s I believe, and a picture of a mint condition one is below. The mason jar liner was un broken when
  18. Wow! Look at what just came out of my aunts backyard! It looks like a 1976/bicentennial coin collection. It clean up really nice after a lot of work. It was not very deep. I am really glad I didn’t damage the acrylic(I think it is acrylic). I wonder how it got into the ground. Did someone bury it on purpose? Who knows. It is a great display. I can’t believe how nice it is. What do you think?
  19. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/nation-world/federal-reserve-powell-money-coins-pandemic/507-ef711276-60da-40c7-96c4-4fe258d7d996
  20. Split from this thread Have you read some of Mark Gillespie's posts about using the TDI/SL in a school yard loaded with coal waste? Here's one.
  21. Hello all, I was able to get out for a few hours hunt today! I charged up the 800 last night , and needed to test it! After the Er 41 error i had, and posted about, a few days ago at the beach! Steve's Lake Tahoe Hunt yesterday with the AQ inspired me to search my childhood memories for a place where i could fresh water hunt near home! Not an easy task here in South Florida, beleve it or not!! There are tons of freshwater canals! But very few lake's that weren't for some modern housing development drainage basin in the last 20-30 years! And they weren't ever ment to
  22. When the coronavirus reached Queensland, Magnetic Island decided to go cashless. Cards only! This has led to a sharp drop in the amount of coins recovered, a severe enough situation to take a serious hit on my weekly beer money.. I’m not the only one complaining, other beach hunters on the island are in similar strife.. The virus outbreak has been a double whammy for us; not only are there no more coins to be found, there’s also no more tourists who could otherwise be counted on to lose their jewellery in the sea.. Are we the only ones suffering from this dreadful dilemma? Or are the rest of y
  23. I Finally got back to the park where i found the Kennedy Half in February! Went with the AT Pro again, but i had the 5x8 stock coil on this time! I haven't used it nearly enough! The 8.5x11 is waiting for a new coil cover, so it was a no go! It was still very steamy out, but i managed to find enough good targets to keep me on task! Now when i say "good" targets, they are not of the caliber that most of you post! But that's the hand I'm delt, living where i do! The beaches have been very lean as of late, and i needed to get my legs, ears, and brain, back to hunt mode! I thought i
  24. Have you ever had a dig and you look down and you say 'Oh MY?' I got this hit as I was leaving the beach not too far from where I 'found' the toilet paper. It turns out that the toilet paper is worth more than this coin! haha Why? When I got the number on the 800 it was 18. I was just about to finish my 3 hour session with a penny I thought. When I saw the edge of a large silver coin in the sand I said this is odd. It doesn't match. When I got it in the scoop it was not heavy enough to be real. I could see a couple of spots on the edge without my glasses and knew it had to
  25. Back out to the football field this morning for 1 1/2 hours. It had rained yesterday, so the ground was great for depth today. There was a spot that had about 5 pennies that were down at about 9 inches. Each of them was caked with sandy dirt, so I didn't want to rub them to pieces. I thought they might be wheats, but was not sure (I think only one is a wheat). In the same 9 ft. square area I got a 36-37 ID on the Equinox using 50 tones. It also was as deep as the pennies. This find is my first ever silver half dollar! It is not really pretty, but it is silver! It cleaned up fairly well us
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