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  1. Out again today in my current favorite (century old) park. Three Jefferson nickels in the first hour -- very first find was a consistent 12 (no 13) TID on the Minelab Equinox -- something I've been skipping over given the thousands of pulltabs in this park. I figured it was going to be a nickel kind of day but with 30 minutes left of the 3 hour hunt I had only added a couple corroded Zincolns. Then in a picnic area I got a nice shallow 13 TID, which could still be a pulltab but it was my 4th nickel. Shortly after I was about 1 foot from a utility pole and got a low-mid 20's signal which so
  2. Here is a link to a site dedicated to pull tabs. https://pulltabarchaeology.com/archaeology/
  3. Well, I have about fifteen hours in with the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience. All my detecting so far has been in the yard, alley, and parking strip of an 1890 Queen Anne style house in an older neighborhood near the downtown core of Helena, MT. I’m having a blast learning to detect, while trying to unravel the idiosyncrasies of the Nox. I’ve found some cool stuff, the pinnacle of which, so far, is a 1917 D Merc dime, in reasonable condition. (Pics are included) Needless to say I am hopelessly hooked. But… I have questions. Lord do
  4. As mentioned previously, after rereading Dick Stout's Coin Hunting... In Depth book over the holidays I took his advice and stepped away from my standard sites to find new ones. It seems to be working (thanks, Dick). Statistics on that later in this post. Last week I went to one of those 'new sites', a century old park, and in the first 2 hours I found 83 cents in modern coins searching along a road and around a crushed stone parking lot that had previously produced only one old coin -- a beat up Wartime nickel ('Warnick'). I decided to move to a picnic area for the last hour, and as you c
  5. Did a quick stint at the park this morning and found a Battle of Verdun coin/medallion dated 1916. As you can see from the pics I nicked it with the digging tool. 🤮 I'd like some advice on how to avoid this in the future. I know part of it is just experience, but there must be some techniques or mechanics that will help to mitigate this. I've included an image of a better conditioned coin too. Found a bunch of clad coins along with this. The Vanquish is a sweet little detector. Won't replace my Nox 800, but it is really fun to use! I think I will get the bigger coil for it...
  6. I went to a local rec center today for 1 1/2 hours. The soccer fields were closed due to chemical sprays, so I decide to hunt around the other areas I haven't hit before. On the big field I generally find very little, so I assume it really gets pounded. I still had the 11" coil on the Equinox from beach detecting, so it felt like an Exacto knife rather than the sword-like 15". Right off the bat I started hitting quarters. It seemed like I couldn't take 10 steps without hitting another. My initial goal was to search for signals in the 5-13 range. I couldn't do that due to the overwhelming
  7. After a bit of a drought of finding cool coins with the Equinox, I found another V nickel detecting in the neighbors parking strip in between thunderstorms. It was pretty worn and pitted, and not of any numismatic value, so I cleaned it up a bit.
  8. I tend not to get too excited, especially before I go out for a hunt. This morning I was reviewing some of my recent sites with https://www.historicaerials.com when I stumbled upon some magic words on an older USGS topo -- "Drive-in Theater". If that doesn't get your detecting mouth salivating then you're not a coin hunter. Stay tuned. Update: Officer Murphy (the one the law was named after) pulled me over as I was getting ready to head down the driveway. The garage door cable came off the pully and in the process of fixing that I've messed up even more.... Detecting adventure is go
  9. Hello everyone; I read the subject and I'm confused 🙂 https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-guides/steve-guide-gold-nugget-detectors/ Since my financial situation worsened, I sold my gpx 5000 brand device and instead bought the xp deus x35 28 rc, vs5 device. The land I work on is high mineral, arhaic places. Findings I am looking for 0.50g - 2.5g electrum coin. Is this detector enough for me? What settings would you recommend to me? Thanks to everyone who contributed to the forum.
  10. Thought I’d give a quick update and some photos of the (good) stuff I’ve found so far. I have a little over 40 hours of metal detecting on the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience! Thanks to everyone on the forum who has helped guide me. I haven’t included the junk in these photos, but trust me, there is a fair amount! There seems to be less junk dug the more hours I put in though. So far I have found: Currency Two clad quarters Five silver dimes (A Barber, three Mercs, and a Roosevelt) Seven clad dimes Se
  11. Got out today for about 2 1/2 hours to a local rec. center/pool that has been closed down due to covid-19. I have not detected there before, despite being close to home. At first I hit the side of the gravel parking lot because the gates had all been padlocked to any fields. I found quarters, the large coin/token and the .925 pendant from Thailand. The signal for the coin/token was a STRONG 35. https://coinquest.com/cgi-bin/cq/coins.pl?coin=14173 I thought it was another buried can, but the sound went away as I lifted the coil, unlike all the cans I was digging. It was on the edge of the park
  12. Short stint with the Equinox this morning yielded another first for me. She's a little rough, but I like her anyway! 😍
  13. Well, perseverance, study, asking questions, and dogged desire, are slowly paying off! I was going to go to an old park this morning, but the weather was crap, so I didn’t make it. Things settled down in the early afternoon, so I went and hit the parking strip here and the next door neighbor’s house. I wanted to apply some of the things I’ve learned from some questions I asked here on the forums, and from reading Andy and Clive’s books. It was a good afternoon! I found my second Merc - a 1943D, my first nickel - a 1963 Jefferson, AND my first Buffalo nic
  14. Mercury dimes are my favorite coin to find, probably because I have found more of them than any other silver coins and they are a beautiful coin. I always look for these features. Can't find the naked lady under the bridge?..............................................
  15. Got out about two weeks ago before the shutdown, local friend and I met to test our MDT units on bricks. Then, detect since the weather was very nice. We didn’t hunt the area recently giving up three seated 1/2 dollars, instead we focused on another nearby area giving up a seated 1/2 dime, bust quarter and a 1846 $5 dollar gold coin on previous hunts. We know from experience, eventually this particular area will give an old coin or two if we continue hitting it. Luck was on my side on this particular hunt, dug an 1848 1/2 dime with the MDT. Funny thing with my recent silver coin find
  16. Today I decided to break our states stay at home rule today. Now they mandated us wearing masks ever time we go outside, I call BS. I'm in the middle of a 20 acre field with no one near me for 1/4 of a mile. I just got my new 11'' coil (AF-28) for the Multi Kruzer, which is the factory coil on the anfibio. I couldn't wait to give it a run. I started out with a couple of air tests to see if my numbers were comparable to the 11x7 and the 9 inch. The 11's numbers are a little different on gold in the 50's VS 30's on the other coils. As for other coins, silver and such, they are just a few ticks
  17. Time to share some finds i have been making with my Nox 800. From the Sierras to the streets of Reno i have been swinging as much as possible over the last couple weeks. I'm running in Park 1, sens. 19-23, manuel ground balance, 5 tone, and 5 recovery, but i also play with the settings some to learn the machine. Here are some coins and relics i just found over recent weeks. I'm new to coin hunting, only been hunting since the end of January, but i am falling for this hobby too much fun!😃
  18. Went to a new park today to dirt fish while my son went fish fishing. He was happy catching 3 fish in 3 hours, and I was happy finding a park that has not been hit too hard. I can't remember the last time I found over $12 in change in 3 hours of detecting, except for after when a carnival packed up and left. There were 36 quarters, 23 dimes, 11 nickels, and about 25 pennies. The 15" coil on the Equinox is no slouch at finding coins. Next time I will have to slow down and dig lots of trash to start pulling the gold rings out. If there are that many coins, it stands to reason there will be rings
  19. Got an old soccer field that is next to a couple schools built in 1959, bad part is it had new loam put in back in the 70's. I was hoping for some very old coins but thinking that may not be the case. Anyways hit 1/4 of it so far and finding quite a bit of clad, 925 silver ring made in Italy, 64 silver dime and a 41 wheatie. Someone else was hitting the other end where there is tons of trash. Looked like they gave up. Been using the Multi Kruzer to get used to it and starting to learn the audio much better in 3 tone mode. Make a really nice coin shooter machine.
  20. Detected a stretch of a river that had some erosion on the banks and sand removed down to the gravels. I dug up many coins including a buffalo nickel and a silver dime that someone was going to make into a ring. The best find was a 14k ladies ring 3.1g (not a genuine stone). Also dug up what looked like a white gold ring turned out to be stainless steel. The tarsacci has good recovery speed like the T2 worked great in the trashy area with broken pieces of rusted old steel cans, bottles caps, bits and pieces of iron along with all the newer junk tossed into the river. T
  21. Went out with 3 hunting buddies slopping in the muddy blackish sand for a few coins and a small 1.3gr 9ct gold ring. Still waiting for beaches to do more of a move. Photo of my medium dug hole which only produced an old 20 cent, but happy with depth the Tarsacci got. The others only got 3 coins between them so hard hunting with so few targets around at the moment. Happy with 1944 shilling......1946 3d is toast.
  22. Was out this afternoon on this "chilly" Florida day (65°) for 2 1/2 hours to a soccer field with the 15" coil. I was running park one. My second signal of the day was a strong 11 and was golden in color. It was basically on the surface of the sandy soil. I thought it was junk, but it went in the "special" zippered section of the Garrett finds pouch. I moved on and hit another two rings in an overgrown volleyball court right next to the field and a little over $5 in change. The black ring is stainless, the silver looking one is junk, and the gold one is 10K. It was very hard to see the markings
  23. I've found the winter / New Year period a good time to reflect on the past and hope for the future, and that applies to my detecting as well. Since I keep a log of finds (coins and jewelry) by year I can compare that part of detecting with the recent (starting in 2017) past. Unlike previously, 2019 came up short in every meaningful quantified category: total collectible coins, total Wheat pennies, total $-value of common coins, total days hunted, total hours hunted, average hours/hunt. The causes are many: fewer permissions, fewer previously hunted parks & schools, very dry late s
  24. Out waging the new wond around Reno, and finding out what the Equinox 800 is like. Thanks to so many of you veterans and just plain smart people my early days swinging the nox have been a pleasure. Here are some of my finds in my first two weeks.
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