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  1. Finally got everything cleaned up from this week's amazing hunt. Ended up putting in a little over 10 hours in three separate hunts. Unfortunately after the first 6 hour hunt that netted the most, by the time I could get there the following day they had already spread a layer of base coat over the vast majority of the lot. But I was able to pull a few more keepers out of the area that they had not covered up to that point. I may go back in a day or so and chase every iffy deep signal to see if there's anything left in that small area. Turned out to be one of my best hunts ever. I was able to d
  2. Well......what a day, I started off this morning at 5 am to head off to a Civil war site. I found the usual relics, lead, percussion caps, but, got tired of not digging and high conductive targets. The first picture is from the Civil war site. I decided to call it a day around noon and headed home to get some things done around the house. As I drove thru town I saw a front end loader and a pile of asphalt at the old zoo. I quickly did a u-turn and drove back to see what was happening, what a beautiful site, 75% of the parking lot had been striped of the asphalt. I was informed that the parking
  3. This year is starting off pretty good for me. Nine v- nickels, only one buffalo. 25 Indians, one 1866 2 cent piece. That war nickel is the high number one(I'm proud of it.. lol) I'm feeling pretty good about the silver. Three rings and quite a few coins. Still hunting pk1 iron bias 3 recovery 7 and 5 tones. My user profile is set up for trashy areas the same way in pk1 but it's got stuff notched out and depending on the location it may get tweaked (more notched out) lol.
  4. I have been hitting the fields, woods and parks pretty hard since the ground has thawed. I detect pretty much every day covering lots of ground. The Equinox continues to prove itself a worthy detector. Typically I hunt in field two, but I try experimenting with the other modes. In the end though I always seem to end up back at field two.. HH
  5. It finally stopped raining for a couple of days and I was able to get to the farm and try out the new ORX on a couple of old tenant house sites. These old sites date from around the 1930's or so based on the coin dates. They also sit on or near older sites so you are never sure what you will find. Coin deep was too sparky for me on these sites due to the massive amounts of iron and nails. I switched back and forth between Coin Fast at 15.2 and 28.8k, standard settings with iron tone "on". I found the 28.8 frequency to be my favorite. Once while running in 15.2k I noticed a small alum
  6. I recently finished an intense work project that was a year and half long that seriously cut into my detecting time. Now that it's behind me, I'm finding more time to get out and swing. Researched a couple parks from the early 1900's yesterday and headed out this morning to see what I could find. We've had a tremendous amount of rain lately, making for very easy digging. Using a CTX 3030, I detected for about five hours. Almost right out of the gate, I popped a 1906 Barber "S" dime. Then nothing but clad for the next four hours, although it was a lot of clad.....$13.12. Then the last half hour
  7. Hunted an old house that burned down a few months ago. Hunted in rain actually using wireless module tucked in my zippered jacket pocket with an elcheapo pair of headphones. Didn’t hunt very long. Plan to go back tomorrow hopefully. An English half penny likely lost by a WW2 vet and a few more. Tough hunting in quicksand mud. Nox worked well considering. Owner has plans to bulldozer soon. So gotta get in there and get what I can.
  8. Hey Everyone...I hope you all had a great weekend hunt. At present time, I'm chasing buffs & V nics. I did enough silver and wheats since last year and I want to focus on different things one category at a time. This morning I was able to spend approx 3 hours at a 3-4 acre 1920's park until they took over the field for soccer. Got 6 nics and other goodies. There were just as many quarter signals as there were dimes and pennies signals. Tells me that it isn't getting hunted much, if any... right? In my quest for nics, I'm blocking out everything except 12/13 and 18+ and
  9. Hot off the press ? Dug this over the weekend, talk about digging history! I haven't been getting to hunt as much as I'd like to this year as my wife and I had a baby girl in May. She's a doll, but those of you with kids know the drill Anyhow, my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday this month and I told her I wanted to go detecting for a few days at one of our old haunts, and to my amazement she said OK I was planning to go with TomCA, but he wasn't able to make it and I ended up going solo. This is a remote Spanish outpost site that we researched years ago. Tom's less craz
  10. We’re having a mild winter here in the Pacific NW, so I went out for a few hours today in search of some thawed ground and old coins. I did a little spot hopping to stay on diggable ground within this early 1900s park and was able to come home with an above average number of V Nickels. It’s not uncommon for me to come home with a couple Vs in one hunt but I think 5 is a new record for me. I also managed a a crusty wheat penny, a 1906 D Barber Dime and a Spokane United Railways Token. The little token was past 8” which I would have never believed possible until I dug it. They are very small
  11. Here are my best finds from my last two trips with my new Equinox 800. The site is an old plantation that has been under continual cultivation since the 1830's. All detecting took place in plowed fields with over 180 years of accumulated nails, iron farm implements, and assorted trash. Running the 800 with no discrimination sounds like machine gun fire due to the massive amounts of nails and other iron (I wasn't searching this way though!). I was running the 800 mostly in Field 1 and occasionally in Field 2. Field 1 was a touch quieter. I found 6 Tax Tokens, a V nickel, a buff, and
  12. I was in Oklahoma to see a friend and do some coin hunting together. I had my Sport a single frequency and he had a multi frequency with both of us having good luck detecting. My biggest trouble was swinging the Sport over 1 1/2 hours each day. The trouble before I went I hadn’t been hunting as often as I should to keep my right arm up to it. Getting older has played lots on shorting my time in the field. Tom I’ve been at this with White’s from the 60’s and I’d like to stay another 50. Haha I’ll need some help from White’s on my next detector. First like me I got to get some we
  13. I got my Equinox 800 on Feb. 9th and can't imagine hunting with anything else. The pic doesn't have everything found because some coins and war buttons along with some bullets are either in books or a display. Yep! I'm an Equinox fan!! Thanks for looking.
  14. It was great to dig in the dirt today with my nephews and my brother-in-law who are visiting from Australia.
  15. Found this 1861 half dollar this week at the farm using my F70 with the sniper coil.
  16. Managed three and a half hours swinging the 3030 this past Sunday morning. Hit two different parks and popped a few silvers. Three silver rings, '43 Washington quarter, '42 Merc & '53 Rosie / One slick buffalo nickel and three wheaties, the oldest being a '27s. HH !! Rob
  17. Got a little variety just not a whole lot of anything. Still using pk1, 5 tones, recovery 7, iron bias 3. I did switch over to field 2 when I dug the bullets but I have it set up the same as pk1.
  18. I have gotten out a total of 6 times this year, this hunt made 7. A new friend of mine and long time 3030 hunter challenged me to go to a football field that he has hunted for years with the 3030 and the 17". He said he would be shocked if I pulled a silver as they are all 8" or deeper and the ground is difficult. I too swung the 3030 for years, but feel the technology in the 800 is superior and would alert me to any keepers that were under the coil. I went in the rain/snow and played in the mud for 3 hours looking for keepers in his football field. Results and settings below. Park
  19. I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a
  20. I think Oct was Indian head penny month for me. Not much silver but some cool tokens, shot two ringer, boy scout fob, indian war cuff button, only a couple v- nickels. I gave an 1886 indian to a friend which made 31 total for the month. Mostly old churches and schools. Same settings if it ain't broke don't fix it. Pk1 recovery7, iron bias 3. I learned something last month about digging deep targets(10+") pay attention to the numbers and depth meter the sound although it will hit the target may not be as sweet as you like. One old church had two inches or so of sod then six or more inches of ch
  21. This story is about a guy I call a friend. He had his car stolen with his detector in it . About the same our paths crossed. Being he wanted another detector I told him what Minelab would have to offer soon . I said I’m sure if he can wait it would be worth it . A dealer friend after finding out what happen to his other detector he gave 10 percent off his Nox 800. Oh yes he has a name and that is Tony. I think Nox Nut fits him better. My trouble is he calls me Pop being I got some years on him . One picture you see his Nox in the water. At that time he had the stock coil on a
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