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  1. I’m going to tell you what little I know from a friend from a friend of his that is saying very little as in next to nothing. It started out this guy wanted to get into coin hunting. He looks around and find himself a used Teknetics. Now remember all this is new to him. He’s out there just swinging his new used detector and he gets a signal. Well like all good American boy he starts digging. He gets a hole dug about a foot down and hits a brick. Then he makes the hole bigger and low and behold there is another brick next to the first one. The thing is the two bricks are not next to each other but has a space in between. He’s thinking I didn’t detect the bricks and he didn’t because here is this tin laying in between the two bricks. I haven’t got the straight of the type of tin but maybe that will come later. Here he is with this so called tin in his hands trying to pry it open. Now hold on because this is the things that can dirty your pants. Okay now he’s got it open. He pops it out into his hand and there lays a Double Eagle better known as a twenty dollar gold coin. Of all things it’s a walking Liberty with a flying Eagle on the backside . Oh yes I did leave the date out didn’t I. This old girl is carrying a date of 1907. If you look in a coin book none of them come cheap. He told the guy I know that he knows that it’s worth no less than 6000. My friend wanted his to send a picture on the phone but the guy said no and he wouldn’t say where he found it. Because it’s a rare coin he just wanted to keep it under wraps at this time. If can at a later date I’ll give you the rest of the story. Chuck
  2. Club hunt yesterday ... still learning my machine but pulled this CT copper at about 10" down...
  3. My first Gold Coin! I was working my way back to the truck today while hunting an early 1900s city park when the unimaginable happened.. I had about 5 minuets left to hunt and got a nice solid, deeper sounding 18-19.. I had pulled Indian Head cents out of this area of the park before, and I’ve had a couple on the Equinox bounce down and touch this VDI region in the past, so I thought I might be on to either an Indian or very early Wheat cent.. Little did I know my Indian would turn out to be a 1910 Indian Half Eagle Gold Coin! When I first opened the plug I went down about 5” and found a small piece of junk.. Its an old snap cover or something unrecognizable.. I put the plug back together and and gave it another sweep figuring the target I pulled didn’t really match the signal.. Back came the solid 18-19 signal, only better. I reopened the plug and started scooping out the dirt when a nice chunk of round gold appears in the hole! It looked good, but without my readers on, and being fooled a million times in the past by gold foil and such, I wasn’t sure.. It looked good enough to get my heart racing.. I don’t normally talk out loud to myself, but I blurt out to who I don’t know.. “You Better Not Be F***ing With Me!!” I put on my glasses, picked it up and instantly felt the weight.. I then knew it was gold! To say I was shell shocked is an understatement.. I don’t consider this area to have great potential for a gold coin, so I never really thought I would find one.. Thankfully, I thought wrong.. Equinox 800 - Park 1 - 50 Tones - Recovery 4 - Iron Bias 3 Approximate depth 7”.. Bryan
  4. Hi Folks Hope everyone is well out there. I was using the Equinox the other day at lunch time and working my way through a mess of bottle caps. This is one of those places that has been detected over and over again for years (local hotspot for detectorists). In fact as I was detecting a guy stopped his car and said to me "Don't waste your time, we have been over this field a thousand times" ( or something like that, I was taking my headphones off when he first started talking). If he hadn't of said that I probably wouldn't have shown him what I found. But, it was too tempting. Ha, maybe that was his logic all along. His eyes bugged out when I showed him the coins. Anyway we had a good talk, and know mutual other Detectorists. Nice guy. The coins rang in real nice around 27 and were about eight inches deep. I was running park 2 with high sensitivity. Recovery speed was at 6 and Iron Bias at 2. I am seeing screw caps coming in as high as 24 even a couple iffy 25s. The coins I have been digging have been above that so far (besides a buffalo nickel at another older less trashy site). Update I found a Barber dime at that park yesterday which rang up 25. That is the same ID as some of those bottle caps. So I will be digging those deeper 25s for sure.. HH
  5. I went to a pounded desert site today near where I live. I ran field 2 with no changes. 2 Buffs, thats it for coins. They bounced consistenly between 12-13.The other targets sounded good but....... I must have dug 20 brass rivets, I would have sworn they were a penny! Dug my share of BENT rusty nails today also, the horseshoe button did not always clue me in but they were very deep. I am finding I like both park and field 2 better than their 1 counterparts.
  6. Our UK Equinox tester Gordon Heritage put out a Youtube video on Friday 16th March of himself finding several Roman coins and a Celtic Gold Stater, link below. https://youtu.be/_Mlu1zwsdpo
  7. Went to a civil war site today and dug some relics behind the bobcat with the Nox....https://youtu.be/4yHwP36whX0
  8. Another youtube video of Gordon Heritage using his Equinox to find another Gold Stater + Hammered Silver coins + Roman coins. The sound quality on this video is not the best but the viewing is an eye opener of the Equinox capabilities. Enjoy it.
  9. I picked up my 800 last Friday, Monday I did about 2 hours at a very difficult local small park. 60 x 120, railroad tracks with bed slag on one side and alkali dirt on the other side. I dug 5 wheats and was pleased with that but did not feel I had the thing working smoothly. I went back this afternoon and gave it a try again, paid attention to the set up and slowed myself down. This thing works! I dug 4 wheats, 2 mercs and a SLQ, all were surronded by other targets, I am sure I have had my Gold Bug and T2 over these coins as I have detected this park alot over the last 2 years. I ran Park 2 with no changes except sensitivity when I got closer to the tracks. I think I believe the hype.
  10. My Equinox 800 arrived last week and today for the first time I was able to spend some time searching some spots in the neighborhood I've previously searched with my other detector. In short, I was very pleased with the results but definitely have a lot of practicing to do to learn the new machine. BIG THANKS to everyone on this site who have contributed their knowledge and experiences; it's really helped me hit the ground running and it felt like I knew a lot about operating the Equinox effectively before I even opened the box. Sorry about the overexposed picture but this is a 1935 Walking Liberty half that I dug today, my first Equinox silver and in fact the first Walker I've ever dug in three years of detecting! In all fairness, it was only about 3 inches deep and any detector could have found it, especially considering it was in a curb strip! This was a new location for me. It rang up as a 33/34 on the EQ. On nearby sites that I've hunted extensively before, I dug a 1902 IHP and five wheat Lincolns (two of them dated 1919). Also a Chester A. Arthur commemorative token, probably from the 1950s, that was slightly larger but thinner than a quarter and rang up at 22 on the EQ. Also a small amount of clad but surprisingly no dimes of any type. Pull tabs of various types came in mostly at 14-17 and aluminum screw caps sounded off nicely in the mid 20s (too bad!). Probably the most interesting find, to me at least, was a rusty nut and bolt with a copper washer still attached. The fact that the Equinox saw the washer was impressive!
  11. I went back to the same park I hunted on Tuesday to see if I could pull any more goodies out. To be clear I have never pulled anything out older than a 1932 wheat. I've dug quite a few merc's, silver washington quarters and a few silver rosies. I chose an area to hunt that I had run my deus, CTX and AT pro at over the years. I don't think it's fair of me to compare my time with the CTX as if I could really run that machine because between repairs and just comfort it wasn't there for me but the deus and AT I could swing. I dug the 1875 seated dime first. It was 8 inches down in front of a large rock. I could only get the top quarter of my coil over it and the VDI ranged from 24-28. It was a quieter signal meaning you could tell it was deep. If you are a VDI hunter you would probably have passed this by as it was all over the place combined with the faint clear tone. About 5 minutes and 15 feet away later I got the same type of clean clear faint signal. The VDI was again jumpy showing anywhere from 27-33 depending on how I turned the coil. I dug about 6 inches down, shoved the pinpointer in there and there was nothing. I stood up, ran the equinox over it again and now the tone was a little louder and the VDI moved to 29-32. I dug another two inches, pinpointed again and got a tone, dug 2 more inches and there it was, my first seated quarter! The town I live in was only created in 1887 but the park had been there since 1875 when the First Presbyterian church dedicated an Oak tree in the park as it's foundation tree. I found both seated's about 25-30 feet from that tree. I didn't find anymore silver just a bunch of clad and I'm embarrassed to admit about 15 old twist off bottle tops. They all rang in at 22 and in the same area as the seated's. I was trying to remember where Indian heads came in at on the equinox and I thought it was 22 so I dug them all and was fooled every time. I'm starting to understand the Equinox now, what it's trying to tell me and on deep targets don't judge them by their VDI. Loud signals 4-6 inches with jumpy VDI's have been trash but these two were jumpy at 8" and 10". As an aside I sold my deus and my Excal is up for sale. I'm throwing all in with the Equinox and going to get a second unit and the additional coils. I only can swing one machine at a time and for the foreseeable future it's going to be an Equinox.
  12. Hey all, dug this Quarter last Sunday. It was 5 inches deep in horrible alkali, read about like a weak Zinc but I was consistently hearing a high tone. The park I found it in dates back to the early 1920's but has been heavily detected over the years, the only other silver I have found there is a war nickel. Been trying to get out with the T2 as much as possible instead of wallowing around in the wailing and gnashing of teeth( yes I am waiting for mine also). Alkali ground is tough for a 2 year newb such as myself. Wish the coin was in better shape but I was happy to get it. The nick in the rim was caused by a wildman in the park flailing about with a big knife o
  13. Anytime I go coin hunting and can find at least one silver coin or any coin in the 1800s- I rate a good hunt. IH dated 1899. Meter read 21 one way, 23 the other, good signal.
  14. Hungary-Austrian Empire Garett AT PRO GoldEN
  15. Found with Garett AT Pro in olives fields. Golden
  16. Think turkish empire but not sure. If someone can identify would be great. Garett AT PRO couple inches deep. GoldEN
  17. Nice little silver coin detected by Garett AT Pro in couple inches of soil. Keep safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  18. This is the good stuff I was able to pull out of the ground yesterday and today. I have really been focusing on digging "gold" type targets which is why I have all the nickels. I managed one ring but I think it's junk(no hallmark) 4 silver dimes, two harmonica reeds, marbles, some tokens, lipstick case(I think) and the 611 brass tag. What isn't here is the 67 pop tops and beaver tails that I dug in my quest for gold. I'm trying to keep track of all my trash gold sounding targets this year so I can develop some sort of ratio of how many pop tops I dig to gold. I also dug some mystery coins, bigger than a penny, smaller than a quarter and thin. No idea what they are. This was really made possible due to the rain we finally got on Monday and Tuesday. Instead of dirt cement I had wet dirt which allowed me to dig quickly.
  19. This is good video. Shows part of Equinox's performance for sure. Mr Steve seems has already posted. Sorry. He may delete. Good video though.
  20. This morning i got up early and did one or two things before going to the beach for a 10.30 am start . I didn't bother checking the main beaches i do but got a Bus to the furthest beaches that i dont normally do . I started on the beach and a lot of the time it was quiet but then as before i was finding coinage in lines and next to groins . I had a long walk back to the normally better beaches but didn't care , all the while i was finding something i was happy . I was hoping for another Gold but that wasn't to be this time and by 2 pm i had to get a move on and walked back to the main beaches over a mile away . One of my last finds was an old Silver ring , i also found 6 fishing weights but haven't taken a picture of them , they just go straight into the bucket. My total for today was £36.40p , a Silver ring , 6 lead weights , a Foreign coin i couldn't identify and for the American here a US Dime from 1979 . My next trip is on Wednesday but the weather might stop it , its going to be very wet and rough . But then again who cares .
  21. I posted the main story over on the Minelab Equinox Forum but here is a picture of some recent silver finds. This is the best I have done on silver in a relatively short period of time in like decades. That is mostly because I turned away from coin detecting as a focus and into nugget detecting around 20 years ago. My new digs down south with the potential for coins far older than I could ever find in Anchorage, Alaska plus some new detectors has rejuvenated my interest in hunting coins. For the first time in ages it seems, coin detecting is going to be high on my agenda for 2018. The 1916 Barber dime is a major score for me, being only the second I ever found. Gotta love the Mercs, one of my favorite coins, but the showcase coin here is the 1945 S Walking Liberty Half in excellent condition. Great way to finish out 2017 and has me all fired up for 2018! Now that I have a photo of the coins as they came out of the ground with just basic washing I am going to clean up the ones that are just regular value silver coins with the silver polish. I know that probably horrifies the coin collectors out there, and I would never do it to a coin with true numismatic value, but for run of the mill silver I like them shiny and clean. I will post a before and after shot whenever I get around to doing it.
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