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  1. Still finding little odds and ends. For some reasons signatures got turned off during the upgrade. I have re-enabled it, but you may need to reformat. The old version of IP Board had some unapproved formatting and part of the upgrade is to bring everything into full web compliance. However, there are some things now because they are being properly displayed look broken, if that makes any sense. On the old forum you had to hit Enter twice to make a space for a new paragraph (now only once), which added code that should not be there. Now the code displays properly but the old posts have double spaces I need to clean up. Geek coding stuff. Anyway long story short you may need to reformat any existing signatures. If you see anything else missing please let me know!
  2. The new forum software will no longer allow me to use an add on script that enables the current classifieds system on this forum. I have set up a new forum for classifieds at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/forum/44-metal-detecting-prospecting-classifieds/ Maybe not as snazzy but it has the benefit of you already know exactly how it works and no time limits, etc. Once I get switched to the new version 4 of the forum I can add more functionality to it however. In the meantime, anyone with existing ads needs to recreate them in the new forum as anything in the old classifieds will be lost. I am updating links in the sidebar and elsewhere to reflect the changes. Thanks!
  3. Hope all made the trip from the old to the new forum. I like when Rob made the change and this looks the same. This is such a great forum and now it's made a big step forward. For info on new detectors you will find it here. The main reason nobody is making a push to sell their product ( detector ). So here it's not one sided picture you get.. I like all the other forums but I find myself spending more time here. Thanks Steve for the new look. Chuck
  4. My thanks to Steve for storing/providing the info. Minelab CTX 3030 Programs And thanks to UK Gary for writing the instructions of how to gett a file from one place to another in cyberspace.As some or perhaps all of you know I ain't very smart or computer-ish. However, having a ctx with many options I decided to FORCE my brain to engage and learn to import programs...I read the Minelab directions...but, after several attempts with the same non-results I knew I was missing some important step or steps. I checked on Finds with similar results. Today I checked the download section and found Gary's directions...after only a few mis-steps I finally succeeded...I know this is like a toddler being proud of getting potty trained...but I am happy to get out of ctx-diapers. Thank you Steve and Gary Merry Christmas to all fred
  5. I have been thinking for some time how it might be nice every once in awhile to recognize somebody on the forum in a special way. I thought about doing a poll but that seemed like it could get into some kind of popularity contest with ballot box stuffing and hurt feelings so I just decided to make it simple. My forum, my pick! There is a guy on the forum who goes by vanursepaul. Back in March he did something that really made me sit up and take notice. He gave his White's MXT away to a total stranger on the forum! The story need not be told here and I have since wondered about the individual Paul gave the detector to, but there is no doubt it was a special act by a special person to do what Paul did. This was back in March at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/737-thank-you-to-all-the-men-and-boys-at-this-forum/?p=6731 Further, Paul works at the VA supporting our veterans. Now, I will admit to being a peacenik of sorts and there are few if any military actions that have taken place in my lifetime that I think were worth a drop of American blood. Regardless of that however I have an very deep and abiding respect for the men and women who serve in the military. There is no doubt that having a strong military is vital to the nation, and that without the willingness and sacrifices of the men and women in uniform I would not enjoy anything like the life I have had, because of people like them willing to put their lives on the line for me. I am awed and humbled by them all. You all have my greatest respect and I thank you for the jobs you do or have done. That also goes very much to people like Paul who look out for the interests of our veterans in any way and at any level. There are those that have paid a serious price for serving our country and we can never do enough to help them. Thank you Paul. Then I saw that Paul was the first person I know of to jump on ordering a new Makro Gold Racer and it all clicked. Paul was the obvious candidate. Dilek Gonulay with Makro is my partner in crime here because she provided me with a brand new Makro Pinpointer to give to Paul for use with his new Makro detector when it arrives. There is not a more deluxe pinpointer package on the market and totally waterproof also. It comes in it's own little hardcase and even has a couple special slip on protective tips for use scraping and poking around in rough conditions. So I met Paul today and bought him lunch and gave him the pinpointer Dilek sent me. Thank you for the donation Dilek. Congratulations Paul Kirkeminde - Detector Prospector Man of the Year!
  6. Norvic

    Windows 10

    Am having some problems with Win 10`s Edge and the 4M, will not allow the posting of smiley faces and at times I have to sign in and out again to post. Suspect my problem may be my satellite Internet conx, not Win 10, just wondering are others having problems here?
  7. Way back in April it was suggested that I add a calendar or event scheduler to the forum http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/885-eventsfield-trip-calender/ This is part of most Invision forums but I had in deactivated for a simple reason. I am a bit of a privacy type person so you may have noticed that this forum does not display who is online. I guess it is supposed to be cool somehow but I do not think most of you want people to know you are logged in online. If you want to post, post. If not, nobody needs to know you are hanging out. Similarly, other forums display birthday info in various ways, especially on the calendars. Now I suppose this is nice as everyone wishes somebody happy birthday. But then others get no birthday wishes at all. Mostly, as far as I am concerned, it is just off topic clutter. Yeah, I know, I am an unsentimental hardass taking this on topic nonsense too far! But that is just the way I like things and so I have finally activated a calendar that does not automatically display birthdays so we are good to go. I should have done it sooner but better late than never. Right now the Rye Patch outing is the only thing on the calendar. I will be adding more stuff soon. You are welcome to also make additions but please keep them somehow related to prospecting, metal detecting, rock collecting, etc. The bottom line is all additions are moderated and will not appear until I approve them so no worries. If I think it is too far off topic I may not approve it. Then again, if it seems really compelling I may just let it go. You are also welcome to just email suggestions to contact@detectorprospector.com or better yet post them on this thread. Let me know if you can't see it or whatever. Link in the menu bar at top of forum or at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/calendar/ Events also appear on the main forum directory sidebar at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/ but it will take an upgrade to IP Board 4 to get them displayed elsewhere, and I am not going there for some time yet. I will see what else I can do in the meantime.
  8. If you go to your name in the upper right next to "Sign Out" and select "My Settings" by clicking on your name, you can adjust your basic forum settings and information. Be sure and set your time zone! If you put something in the Location box it displays in your posts under your avatar/picture. In the past the Interests box only showed if people looked at your profile. I have made that also display under the avatar/picture. See my examples to the left. I also added a new field "Gear Used" where you can list your favorite detectors, dredge, ATV, whatever. This also will end up displaying under the avatar/picture. All this stuff is totally optional and honor system obviously. In the left column is the "Signature" option which is where people create those signature lines you see under all their posts. You can get pretty creative there as an alternative to these simple options. Any comments of other suggestions please let me know.
  9. After my post this morning abt the events i got to thinking; this website has already got to require a commitment of time and i am asking for something that may require additional time invested, isn t he doing plenty just by hosting this site? This thought stuck with me all day and led me to create this post. THANK YOU STEVE for creating and running this website I sincerely appreciate the enrichment it has given and the knowledge it has given/helped spread. I applaud you, and you have my respect.
  10. Steve, Have you considered a events page where person could find out about seminars, outings, group events? I would be intetested in knowing about such things. Thanks-Therell
  11. Dealers are welcome on these forums. I do as a rule prefer dealers identify themselves when posting. Putting dealership contact information is the signature line is encouraged for this reason, and can bring the dealer some business! Unlike most forums this one is not owned or sponsored by detector dealers. However, I respect many dealers as being some of the most knowledgeable people in metal detecting. To ban them here would be a bad idea. I in fact would like to attract them. I welcome any posts from any dealer intended to enlighten and inform. Any smart dealer should know people do not like overt sales. The way to go about it is show you know your stuff. Help people. Be useful. I also do not mind dealers advertising in the Classifieds and in fact again, I welcome it. There are limits however. First, you must identify yourself as a dealer in your ad. Second, only advertise real deals. Genuine limited time offers that people would regret not knowing about. Do not "flood" the Classifieds with ads. A few good quality listings is better than sheer volume. As a rule a dealer should have no more than two ads in the Classifieds at any one time; if more are posted I may delete the oldest ones at my option. And do note that no ads stay up forever unless updated regularly. After 90 days any ad may be deleted. Again, at my option and I am not looking to be draconian but am pretty forgiving. I try to see what the intent is and work with that. In particular, dealer ad listings for used detectors and demo units are most welcome. Offer the members of the forum real deals, and you will be appreciated. Dealers can be aggressive types but if so they will meet their match in me. I have very high standards for this forum and demand polite, informative discourse. Anyone wanting anything else, well, the internet is loaded with places that cater to everything else. Here, we stick to meat and potatoes. Advice from my 35 years in retail - talk about what you do that is good, not about what other dealers do or do not do. People do not like it when dealers talk others down. Any dealer that makes a habit of talking negatively about the competition or engaging them directly in a negative way will not be welcome here. This site will always put regular member interest first over dealer interests. Any member who has a problem with or objects to the behavior of any dealer on the forum, please PM me with your concerns. One person complaining that a dealer did them wrong may not sway me but on the other hand I do not want to support dealers in any way that do not make a habit of going above and beyond for their customers. Since this is all an experiment I am making up as I go you can bet I will be watching like a hawk and make adjustments in practices and policy going forward as I see fit.
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