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  1. Getting my second shot March 25th, two weeks or so latter will start prospecting again. Retired late last year hoping to go Gold prospecting full time, may be able to do that now. Good luck to all that love this pursuit.
  2. I've been lurking for some time in the forums and decided it was time to introduce myself! I got my start Metal Detecting when I was about 12 years old. My dad purchased a White's Eagle II back in 1990. It was bought from a dealer down the street that head a home full of coins, rings, jewelry, and so many other finds. My dad didn't use it that much, but I immediately took over the metal detector and set out on adventures in rural Ohio. By the time I was 16, I was swinging the Eagle II all over southwestern Ohio. My dad's best friend's parents owned a home in a rural area that was build up in the mid 1800's. I couldn't believe my luck, I found a 1796 Liberty Cap half cent on the property along with more silver and interesting items. As I've grown older, I've tried to stay with metal detecting when I have the time to go out and spend some serious time researching. Unfortunately, I've only gone out a few times last year. The weather right now in the mountains is not fun for doing much detecting anywhere. I'm a huge White's fan and own the following: Eagle II Spectra VX3 Spectra V3i MX Sport GMT Goldmaster 24k I'm painfully aware the White's closed shop and sold their IP to Garrett. I'm still bummed about it and have so many great memories with White's in general. I've had such a great experience with them that I've been hesitant to try out other brands. I've swung a Minelab Equniox 800 and I've been impressed, but I feel so terrible cheating on my White's equipment! I may never get over White's going out-of-business. I've spent nearly 30 years with their products and am just devastated. I'd love to find some fellow hobbyists in Colorado to maybe do a few trips together or share tips and tricks. It is so exciting discovering the undiscovered. Anyone interested in Gold detecting in Colorado, please let me know. I've taken the GMT up to Gilpin County and have had limited success on finding gold. I'd like the take the GMT and 24k out and work both of them to see how they differ. Thanks, Michael
  3. Gidday Guys Gary from Townsville Aust , not the most serious dirt fisherman but super serious water fisherman 🙂 , I have a equinox 800 and xterra 705 so play in the dirt abit. Also do a fishing show on radio you can tune in on Saturday mornings 7am Aussie time on 4k1g/listen live. NQFISHINGSHOW on instagram or FB Looking forward to joining you all for some info and help Cheers Gary
  4. My name is Frank and this is my 2nd season using a White's CoinMaster and an Garrett orange knock off pinpointer. Last year I found mostly fishing sinkers and coins (nothing special). This year I am going to choose the areas that I detect in a much more thought out manner. I detect mainly on the beach and parks.
  5. Hello all, I've been lurking for a while and I've enjoyed all the equipment reviews and inside info. so I figured I would join in the conversation. I've been metal detecting for 16yrs with a focus on civil war relics and, pre civil war coins.
  6. New to this forum and have already found a lot of useful information. A bit about myself. I’m 68 and have been detecting since 1986 off and on. Mostly on, but off the last two years. I’ve had a few higher end White’s in the past, but for the last I don’t know how many years, detected in the water with a Fisher CZ-20 and then a CZ-21. Decided to get out of detecting about 2 years ago and sold all my equipment. Felt naked without a detector, so I ordered an Equinox 600 and a Garrett pin pointer which should arrive tomorrow. Also ordered a Sito scoop. All the ground here in Maine is currently frozen and covered with snow, but I should be able to hit some non frozen ground at the coast soon to try and learn this detector. Not planning on getting out to detect as often as I have in the past as age and a sore back seem to be catching up with me. In any case, I look forward to future conversations and sharing information with you all.
  7. I’m a photographer/writer/artist out of Northern California. I have been metal detecting for about 20 years. Mostly gold nuggets. Just getting into relics and coins with my newly purchased Equinox 800. Felt it was time to join the site since I’ve been enjoying the members and knowledge shared for months. This whole Equinox thing is new to me as all I’ve ever detected with are the GPX Pulse Induction machines. I hope to learn and share the hard knock knowledge I am sure to receive from trying out a new form of detecting. Thanks for having me as a detectorprospector member and thanks for all the knowledge and inspiration I have already gained from everyone here.
  8. Back at it after 20 yrs . Got me an AT PRO and Equinox 600 . My how things have changed ! Both of them are great 👍 went wireless on the Nox , thinking of doing the same on the Garrett. Gone to some of the old haunts and been killing it . Amazing how much stuff I missed with the older machines! I tend to favor the Nox . Only thing I'm having an issue with is finding pinpoint sweet spot .
  9. Look forward to meeting and sniffing dirt with others that love this great hobby or ours.
  10. Hia all Paul Cee from the uk, part of the CMD Metal Detectors product R&D Team, ive had a look around and see a few familiar names here
  11. I was 35 and while watching the gold fever show I decided to join and I drove the 45 miles to the man who was head of the local chapter who happen to own Wilson 's metal detectors.I went home with a Bandito 2 U max and I was hooked.I liked panning for gold too but it was easier to go detecting because the good spots were much closer.
  12. Hello, everyone. My name’s Greg and I’m a metal detector in Catawba County NC. If anyone else is from the area I would love to meet up for a hunt. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve attached a nice little flat button I found yesterday at an early 1800s site I have permission on.
  13. Hello, New to the forum, just wanted to say hello before I started to ask questions here haha. Several years ago I bought a junker metal detector to test out the hobby, it died a couple years later now I'm back. Wondering how good Kellyco customer service is. Ordered a new MD from them and after 10 days of patiently waiting, I was sent what Is obviously a used machine. I paid for a new one so I'm a bit irritated about it. It's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow to call. I could have ordered one through Amazon, but thought I'd give them a try. Any issues with Kellyco before? Not looking to bad mouth anyone, just wondering if this is common business practice. They have been around a long time I see, so I guess I expected more from them.
  14. I've been doing this for a couple of years and I'm itching to get out their a lot more this year. Reply if you are in the area I will also go to gold fields in and around Cali city no problem I like going when their no crowds like during the week I'm semi retired. Have a great day Thanks getting back with me!
  15. I am a retired police officer and took up detecting about 7 years ago. I started with the AT Pro and last summer switched to using a Minelab 600 and also a Simplex. I am looking forward to learning as I go along and also checking into the wealth of information on this site. Hope you all have a great day.
  16. Hello folks, I just recently joined the forum, although I'm a member of a number other M.D. forum for many years. I started metal detecting back in the early 70's, with a Judge (maybe Judge II?), and have had and used literally dozens of detectors ever since. My detecting is mostly on beaches, both sand and in water. Use to scuba dive, but now at 75, I'll keep closer to the beach. Looking forward to learn from, and perhaps contribute to, this forum, although I'm not much of a talker. Now on to my question: At the top (header bar) of this website, there is a blue bar, and the text is black, which makes it hard for me to read. Is there a way to change one of the colors; either a light color header with black text, or the blue header, but change text to white or light yellow? I looked for options or preferences, but didn't find anything.
  17. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I discovered Detector Prospector a couple of days ago, and after reading a few of the articles Steve wrote, I decided that this sounds like the place to be. I grew up in the central valley of California, and dad who was born and raised in Sonora CA took me with him to check out old mine tailings and panning on occasion when I was a kid. Technically I'm a 5th gen prospector, but In reality I just learned some about panning and mining from my dad and grampa who both passed away by the time I was 21. My family was butt deep in it all right, though grampa was the last one to hold an active claim. One of the places I want to prospect is the tailing pile at my gr-gr-grampas mine near Yreka CA, as well as the creek running near it where my gr-grampa was born at camp there. Gr-grampa eventually worked at the Empire mine in Grass Valley Ca. I went to a trade school for micro electronics a number of years ago and the new detectors interest me. I'll be retiring in the next year or so and have been reading a lot about using metal detectors and well as using the internet to do research. Larry AKA RiverRat
  18. Folks, I just joined your fine forum and am enjoying a good winter, full of snow, ice and cold, which affords time to finally see through the trees, and to ponder and plan another season, chock full of New England hiking and rockhounding adventures (gem & mineral). Now I want add metal detecting, to spice things up. I’m currently in the early stages of research for this hobby (addiction?), before emptying my wallet, and I’m considering a Minelab Equinox 800. No beach combing or town greens for me. I’m a mountains, woods, stream, and fields guy and I prefer to bushwhack and explore off-trail. Hoping to reveal some of the past that surrounds me and perhaps find a trinket, coin, teeny nugget, or some interesting mineral. - Stretchy
  19. I'm from the Southside region. I'm new to this hobby, just bought my first detector and can't wait to take it out once the weather breaks. Hopefully I can learn from you all and contribute to this forum when I learn a little..
  20. Hey all, Eric here; Los Angeles native but long-time transplant to the DC metro area. Got back into detecting recently with an equinox 600 after a 20 year hiatus from the hobby. I have an upcoming move to the Seattle/Bellevue area in spring; anyone on this forum know how the hunting is over there? In the interim, any old hands out here in NoVa? I know an interesting spot I've been digging, but it is a challenging iron and trash infested environment that I would love to see a pro take a crack at. Cheers!
  21. Greetings All! Used to MD back in the mid-70's as a teenager with a Bounty Hunter BFO I got for Christmas. Hunted mostly parks and the occasional beach. Used it a lot for a couple of years, then discovered girls. Now I'm 60 with a wife and 3 full grown kids and got back into the hobby last year. Looking forward to hearing and seeing everyone's hunting success!
  22. Hi everyone, my names Tim and I have been a detectorist for 55 years and I get just as excited now as I did back then when I first started! I started out with an $8 radioshack one knob detector and have used just about every major brand since then, I now use a Minelab Equinox 800. Happy to be here!!!
  23. I've been detecting since 1974 and started with a radio shack build your own kit. Later I saved all my yard work money and purchased a Jetco Mustang. About a year later I was impressed with Whites detectors and their capability that I put one on lay-a-way. It was 5000/D coinmaster and from then on detecting took off. Over the years I have tried several brands but not committed to one brand exclusively. They all have their pros and cons which makes it interesting. I presently use a Nokta/Macro Impact and Whites XL Pro. I reside in southern AZ since retiring (2018) from Albuquerque NM where I was born and raised. I am presently a member in good standing with the Albuq. Metal Detector Assoc. & Detectors Unlimited here in Tucson. I've enjoyed detecting for many years and met some wonderful people who shared the same interests. I will continue to metal detect as long as I can for I truly enjoy this hobby. Stay safe during this pandemic and Happy Hunting, TC-AZ Tony C.
  24. Hi all, long time lurker it seems I had an account for years but never used it. Loving near Perth in Western Australia and waiting on a new XP Deus to arrive in the mail this week. Have used plenty of Minelab detectors and some teknetics and been detecting for about 10 years now, looking for Ward to exploring the forums more and interacting.
  25. G’day from Central Queensland, Australia. I’m Rob Shepherd (mates call me Shep or Sheppo, hence the user name). I’m relatively new to the prospecting game, only picking up a detector (GPX5000) seriously for the first time in August of 2020 and since upgrading to a GPZ7000. I feel relatively privileged to be living so close to some of the richest goldfields in Queensland and absolutely love living here. Happy to be a part of the community and look forward to seeing the posts here and the knowledge being passed around 👍🏻
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