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  1. Hi all, I have been enjoying the forum for about a year and read it almost daily. I have been detecting since the mid 1980’s I started with a very used Garrett BFO and didn’t find much with it but, many years later I bough a Whites GMT and did pretty well. Now, I’m really enjoying the Equinox 800. I think the Equinox is almost a perfect machine for me and I couldn’t be happier with it. Anyways I hope to add to the forums in the future.
  2. I had been detecting for over the 25 years with many good finds and good times. Went to many organized hunts, meetings and belonged to 2 clubs. Caught an autoimmune as well as a neck/head injury which has made me make some huge changes. Was a fishing guide for 22 years, gave that up, sold the boat, sold the truck, played in a band etc etc. Finally after 6 years the Drs all keep telling me "you need to get out and move around if only for a little while". I tried with my DFX 300 which was just bought prior to this, but it was to heavy to swing for me. Tried my regular DFX, the CZ20 with the belt and nope, nothing worked (they both for sale now). My wife talked to a friend of mine who I used to hunt with and he recommended the Minelab 800. Well, it is much lighter for me and I was able to get out for 1 hour the other day. She also bought me a Lesche digger that was the exact height as my walking sticks to which I use that as my walking stick now. Worked out well. Hopefully little by little I can add some time but for now even a little is great for me. Here is a pic after my first time out in 6 years with the new 800. Take care everyone. There is always someone else worse off somewhere and never give up!
  3. Hello, I'm new to detecting but have been researching different gold prospecting techniques on and off for the last 7 years. I'm addicted to learning new things and felt it was time to stop lurking around here and join the fun. I live in the mountains of western North Carolina and am mostly interested in nugget hunting. This state was the biggest gold producer in the US until the California rush started. The gold around here is known for being very pretty with exceptionally high purity. I'm planning on buying my first detector this year, and hopefully it'll lead to some nice pics to share.
  4. Hello, I am Michael Vojnovich. I recently relocated to Rochester NY for work. I am looking to metal detect with someone or a group of people in this area as I have never been here before. My cell number is 262-914-3115 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  5. Hello family am new here n would like to know more about gold detectors i would like to purchase a Minelab Gpz 7000 gold detector so i would like some more details on the item please help
  6. I am fairly new to MD'ing. Mostly Myrtle Beach while on vacations. A little around home Clark County Ohio. I want to upgrade to something else from my DFX 300. Any suggestions that won't break the bank? Jim
  7. Meet Shelby. As the newest member of our Customer Experience Team, Shelby has been with Kellyco for just over a year. She is a new detectorist that finds time to hunt in between raising a toddler and a new puppy. Shelby’s favorite find also comes from the Team’s participation in the annual Boy Scout hunt at Camp Lanoche in Paisley, Florida. As in Leilani’s Treasure Find story, the Kellyco team went out detecting to celebrate another successful year of helping the Scouts at their annual camp. Camp Lanoche was established in 1950 and has been used many times a year by a multitude of Boy Scout troops in the area. Thanks to the camp’s long-standing history, something interesting is uncovered every year. This year, Shelby was swinging her new Nokta Makro Simplex+. As the new kid on the block, she was super excited to learn from her seasoned coworkers on one of her first outings with her new detector. She took all the advice handed to her and went out hunting. That day, Shelby recovered a key and 5 pieces of Clad coins. Since then, she has recovered over 120 pieces of clad coins (pictured). Even though it’s “just clad” Shelby says that the thrill of what she’s going to dig up next keeps her going. Treasure Find: Shelby of Kellyco originally appeared on kellycodetectors.com.
  8. Good morning from a currently misty part of the world . Waiting on my CTX 3030 to start indulging in my new hobby. Lucky to be in an area with plenty of beaches and Gympie gold fields 1 hour away. Into 4wd and camper trailing , so plenty of other areas on the list. Who says semi retirement has to be boring :-) Cheers Steveio
  9. Hi! I'm metal detecting for around 6 years now, started witch an ACE150 the got a Gold Bug Pro Clone. I'm from the south of Germany near lake constanze. Because metal detecting in germany is only fully legal in the state of bavaria (30km from me) i'm only metal detecting 4 or 5 times a year (and when i'm on holyday at the beach).
  10. We average about a 100 inches a year so it is a bonus if we can go out this time of year .I have to do something about my goose egg silver count for year. How many of you have detectable ground today Good luck.
  11. My husband and I are Snowbirds for a few months near Yuma and looking for rules where we can metal detect - rules, tips and suggestions. Thanks Trudyoutdoors
  12. This is my third day home after spending the past 10 days in our Covid-19 Intensive care Unit. Touch and go for awhile but with oxygen for the next few weeks, the Doctors think a full recovery is in the future. Quite the wakeup call and despite all the mask wearing, sanitizing, and trying to stay home, my son, wife and myself all managed to get it within a day of each other. Wife & son have recovered and are doing fine. Let me tell you it's no joke. Take care, and I hope everyone has a better 2021. Tom
  13. Hi everyone, I'm Charlie from London. New to the prospecting game. Hoping to meet some awesome people on this forum! I was having a little trouble setting up my detector. I've got it lying flat on a table as the setup instructions suggest to do some initial testing. When in pinpoint mode it appears I am able to set it off with parts of my body. I don't have any metallic items on me. Is this normal? Is it possible for a metal detector to be set off by a person or is there something wrong with my detector? Cheers
  14. Been detecting since 1978 , back problems have slowed me down but still enjoy owning and dealing in used machines as a sideline . Current detectors include a Fisher 1265x , Minelab Explorer II , Nautilus DMC II , Nautilus Silver King and yet to be delivered Nokta Simplex and another Fisher 1266X . Enjoy Civil War relic hunting .
  15. Hello all. I'm brand new to metal detection and am interested in just finding interesting stuff and being outdoors. Also, I am an amateur astronomer and would like to find a few meteorites. This site looked interesting and secure so I joined.
  16. Hi all, I (we) are newly retired and setting up for life after covid.... We have been part time prospectors for many years, venturing ut when work permitted and sometimes when work did not permit. 90% of our time has been spent around the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, and whilst there are still patches to be found, the ground is hard on old limbs. We will be heading off in our new van in 21 hopefully to see what the rest of Australia has to offer. Hope to meet some of the Aussie prospectors out there in the never never, swap a few yarns, sip the odd whisky, and show a few nuggets or 2 around the camp fire. Cheers
  17. Glad to be aboard, will try to maintain the high level of content that I see from you all. All the best!
  18. Hello. I just got back into detecting after about a year away. I picked up a Nokta Makro Simplex system. I am looking forward to getting this system into the field and learning it. I have to say it seems to good to be true such a system with the positive reviews and features cost less than $350. We shall see though. Good to be here to see what others post.
  19. Won't be doing much detecting for the next few months here due to the ground being frozen 🙂 but hello and glad to be here. Not much gold prospecting around these parts, but we typically hit up the parks, fair grounds, freshwater beaches, and yards in the older neighborhoods instead. Nice to see an active detecting forum and looking forward to chatting with you all.
  20. U all, I'm 53 years old and from the northern part of Germany close to the dutch border. I start with metal detecting in 1981 with a C-Scope TR XXX detector. When i grow up the hobby stopped until 2018 but not the research for good prospection sites. Two years ago I bought a Minelab Equinox 800 and still discover the whole capabiltys of this sofisticated detector. I joined your forum with the aim to exchange and gain more expertise in advanced techniques and settings of my machine. I'm open minded and look forward to chat& share detection knowledge with you guys. regards Mike
  21. So a big hello to everyone. I'm really new to all this, and have yet to do any detecting, I'm more into designing detectors than using them. I'm hoping to get feedback from the users here to help me refine my designs, I think I can develop some really useful and fun machines. I'm currently working on my first analog prototype, to be followed by a microprocessor controlled one. I'm integrating some features that I think are missing in most if not all the current designs, and am looking forward to hearing all your feedback, what you like, what you don't, what you can do without, etc. Don't know how often I'll be here, but I'll try to add to the conversation in a positive way when I am. Thanks folks, -SS
  22. popeye from Maine has just dug you up ! Finally upgraded my trusty Micronta Discoverer 2 6KHz detector . ( Bounty Hunter) to an 800 last summah OH AYUH ! Located this forum without using it too. skuh kuh kuh kuh (LOL) Not a lot of detector addicts to hang out with so thinkin' this group will be a good source of info and fun. Have done all the updates on the 800 so far . Haven't had a lot of detecting time on it yet though , maybe 20 hours...so still have many things to learn about it. I also bought my first pinpointer (the ML35) and wow ! Gotta say I love it !!! Weighs a lot less than the screen box I have been using yup yup. She just froze ovah uptah camp and I'll be hangin' out with the forum till it thaws out .......U boob videos only go so far .....
  23. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for allowing my business to prosper. How many of you found detector or prospecting tool under the tree? 2020 was a rough year for many of us, but if you took advantage of the beautiful outdoors with your detector, just maybe you were rewarded with a nice nugget/trinket/treasure. Hopefully 2021 is golden to you all and I look forward to viewing your pictures of new discoveries, reading your adventures and maybe even sharing a few of mine. Merry Christmas to all.
  24. Even though 2020 has been awful in a number of ways (a number of milestones in my immediate family were either cancelled or subdued including high school and college graduations and milestone birthdays and anniversaries, close friends and family were affected by the virus, and the list goes on) . But the nature of detecting as a naturally socially distant activity was one bright spot and an effective outlet for all the frustration encountered this year. Below are pics of my finds and site memories over the past 12 months (cheated a little as a few of these go back into the end of 2019). They were pretty much recovered using 3 main detectors - the Deus/Orx (using a number of different coils), the Equinox 800, and Minelab GPX 4800. A couple buttons were also recovered using the Tarsacci which has found a semi-permanent place in the first team detector lineup as well as the Nokta Simplex+ and Tek G2+ as the next tier in specialized situations. All of the below were recovered on private permission property or public beaches in the DMV (DC, VA, MD) region and PA. Enjoy the pics and looking forward to a better, safer, and fun 2021, especially with detector and digger in hand. I'll end it with my bucket lister of all time (so far...) - 1849 $1 Gold and a sequence of stills from the GoPro capturing the first moments of detecting magic. Hope everyone gets to experience similar moments in 2021 and beyond. Detecting is a magic mix of technology, relaxation, excitement, history, discovery, adventure, and most of all great friendship, fellowship and lifetime memories. Happy New Year Everyone! My first relic hunt in 98F heat (usually it is a spring/fall deal after harvest, before planting) but COVID delayed this hunt until the end of June. Still managed some keepers between downing about 10 pints of water including an improvised fishing weight from a carved lead CW minie ball bullet. My first Civil War Token below - an Army/Navy token with an image of the US Capitol Building US Cavalry bridle bit boss...a deep find made even more memorable and unexpected because I had to put the GPX DD coil in cancel mode due to severe electrical interference... My first 1/2 reale above, but Mexican First Republic not Spanish... Some nice old silver quarters below. That seated quarter was literally the first find of the day - it was a good omen As my last keeper of the day was my first dug Confederate Button...An Confederate infantry "Block I" Camp life at CW sites turns up a huge variety of finds...intricate flower button above, a partial harmonica reed, and a pristine campfire annealed square nail devoid of any corrosion. A .69 Caliber minie ball dug below - this thing will do some serious damage just getting thrown at someone, imagine it still travelling 360 feet per second AFTER travelling 1500 yards from the muzzle. Don't forget to take in the sights at the sites... A relaxing day at the beach finding...a 2 cent piece? An exciting day at the farm finding...my first flat round gold!
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