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  1. Hello, I am new to the forum and new to detecting. I have a little over a month park detecting with a couple of flea market acquired Bounty Hunter detectors. I am ready to pull the trigger on a nugget focused detector and have narrowed it down to 2. I am looking at the Gold Bug Pro and the Makro Gold. I live in South Eastern California, I am a half hour away from an area that has proven gold.....small gold. I dry wash occasionally so the Chocolates and Cargos are somewhat familiar to me and close. I am not looking for answers on which detector to buy. I am looking for opinions/pros and cons on the 2 detectors mentioned, given my current inexperience and the area that I will be prospecting. Thanks in advance. Wendell Clark
  2. Nothing too exciting, but the Makro has given me the confidence that i will always get something with it. I can't wait to get out of the park and get on some tailings or old workings with it..... https://goo.gl/photos/ZxxvANsW14W4Wy9C9
  3. Hello It was finally a decent day today with some sun. So I made it out to a spot not far from home to field test the new Makro gold racer. This detecting place has pretty hot mineralization. It ground balances between 85-89. I ran the Racer in all metal. I kept the sensitivity at default 65 setting. The ground has quite a few hot rocks and the racer wavered a little. So I increased isat up to 8-9 and the wavering after going over any hot rocks was quickly remedied. It does run quite smooth in all metal for a pretty hot area. With isat it retunes quickly and dont miss a beat. The signals even deeper or small were easy to hear. This detector is very strong on tiny targets. I didnt try audio boost. But I had no problems hearing the signals. It stays ground balanced good and I had no issues with bump sensitivity. I didnt have alot of field time today, but the Racer was very comfortable in that time. I only tried the 10x5 dd coil, but I will have to try other size coils one of these trips out. Gold racer found about 50-60 pieces of lead. But did manage to find some nice gold too. First time out with gold racer found 2.4 dwt for the day. It is definitely a good gold hunter. The gold racer was a nice surprise. Thats it till next time Good luck I have a few videos I will post also
  4. Well, well..... She came a 4-6 inch snow last night so the obvious thing to do today is to see how the Makro Gold does in the snow---- right? One thing the snow does do well---- is protect my skid cover and keeps the coil a comfortable distance off the screaming aluminum shards ( i am saving those for Steve) I notice no change in the mineralization of the ground due to the snow--So... I would like to add that to the benefits of the Makro Gold--- it can really handle snow well.-- Now I am back in the safety of the 5th wheel--- and it looks like the rest of the day will be a chili day!!!! I have a link showing how the Makro handles the snow---these videos are too big to load directly to the post ---so you will have to put forth the effort to click on the link---lol It is well worth it---- https://goo.gl/photos/iU4d6dsdmhX7QPqq5 So there you go californiagold---- that's how we do it in the snow belt!!!!!
  5. Here are some pics and a few rough videos of me playing around with the Racer --- Trying to get some time in on it before i sneak off to the gold fields with it.... This thing is deadly on coins... and FOIL, but if you get lazy like i did after awhile you can just pull pennies and quarters..... If it works as well on gold in trashy mining camps,,, i wanna go there NOW! https://goo.gl/photos/9bzUrMsxkZANha9j9
  6. Hello all, here are some pictures of the Makro Gold Racer in the field. The Racer was used in areas previously detected with other VLF's. My detecting partner Chris was using the Racer and I as following up with another VLF going over the same targets. Many of the same targets could be heard easily by both units, however there were a bit less than a quarter of the targets that only the Racer heard very well. The targets that were in some of the deeper and grittier soil gave a weaker response. Both VLF's read the target but the as I said the Racer sound was much more distinct and in fact heard some an inch or two deeper. The ICMJ featured an article that I wrote titled "Piles of Gold'' just a few issues back. If you look very closely at the first picture you will see the Makro Gold Racer in action. That particular pay pile that we were working had been gone over with other VLF's and a few pieces were heard in the highly mineralized material of the heap. We assumed that was all we were going to get until we went back another day with the Gold Racer. Once we found other pieces we started taking the pile apart. We pulled a bit over an ounce of gold off that pile and have since found other piles. The video shows how many targets we were hearing sweeping the Gold Racer over the ground. As mentioned earlier, some of the targets could have been heard by other VLF's but the Gold Racer was ultimately what made us decide to tear into the pile. Chris did have a bit of luck with the Racer one day along a creek where the alluvial gravels had been worked. That piece was 14.8 pennyweight. One thing that really impressed me about the Gold Racer was its ability to give a better target response to some nice pieces that were on edge in the bedrock. Most of you know that flatter pieces of gold, especially lying flat, will give a better target response than round, marble type gold targets. The Racer showed me no difference in discerning round to flat and I like that. The unit is very light and maneuverable and I like that. Anyone who has detected with me knows my favorite saying "what brush?" and "that's not thick". It can be short shafted or long shafted so it works in the brush for me very well. As mentioned in an earlier post, I will let Steve do the technical assessment as he is much better at that than I am. I know that the unit is well built and many changes were put into the final product. I will be using it quite a bit. A few videos can be seen on TRINITYAU.COM I will have them posted by end of day 11/23/2015 Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Take it away Steve... Steve, I did my pictures the way I normally do but they came out large, reduce them if you need to, Ray
  7. Now if we could get a comparison between the Fors Gold Plus and the the Gold Racer? But maybe we should wait for the new Whites MX machine next month too? -Tom V.
  8. Dear Valued Members: The Gold Racer is now available for pre-order. We will start shipping dealers early January in the same order the orders are received. PACKAGE CONTENTS Standard Package - MSRP: $699 GR26 - DD Search Coil - 26cm x 14cm (10'' x 5.5") Headphones 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries Pro Package - MSRP: $899 GR26 - DD Search Coil - 26cm x 14cm (10'' x 5.5") GR13 - DD Search Coil - 13cm (5") Headphones AC & Car Charger, 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries Carrying Bag Rain Covers Extra Lower Shaft OPTIONAL SEARCH COILS AND ACCESSORIES GR40 - DD Search Coil - 40cm x 33.5cm (15.5'' x 13'') GR26C - Concentric Search Coil - 26cm x 14cm (10'' x 5.5") 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones and Dongle You can find the Gold Racer brochure and the User Guide at the link below: http://www.makrodetector.com/gold-racer-metal-detector.html
  9. I was on fire to buy a Makro Gold Racer when it was announced they were finally going to be released. I mean who doesn't like having the latest and greatest? Since that time a little common sense has maybe crept into my purchasing decisions. I already own a Makro racer. When I first got the Racer I experienced many frustrating hours learning how to run it. He-hee - I already donned a Nomex suit before I typed that statement! I can already hear the flamers attacking me......"you dummy, the Racer you just turn it on, ground balance and go" or some variation of that. And they would be correct 90% of the time. Never have I owned a VLF detector that is so easy to operate. The Racer locks onto non-ferrous targets like my super magnet locks onto square nails. My frustration stemmed from my attempts to try recovering the final 10%. Those targets that are so compromised by ferrous masking that they are not obvious. With the Racer as with any VLF you get many high tone targets that could be non-ferrous targets but also could be iron falsing or wrap-around. In the beginning I felt I did good identify good targets versus iron in beds of nails. Targets were obvious and the Racer did not false too much as long as I kept the sensitivity under control. It was in areas where there were many disintegrated cans (flat iron) that I felt like bending the Racer around the nearest oak tree. These flat pieces of iron just sounded so good to my untrained ears and the VDI often lumped the numbers into the dreaded 82-83 range so it was no help. More than once I put the Racer away and used my Deus instead. Finally I got mad and determined I would never understand the Racer unless I kept after it regardless of the conditions. Now, I am happy to report after many hours of swinging the Racer the light bulb finally came on and I sort of understand the Racers language in cans. Oh, I still dig a lot of flat iron with it but I do so knowing that is what the target will likely be. I just keep hoping one of those targets will be a big nugget or a gold coin compromised by iron. For my VLF gold detector I want a machine that has kick a$$ discrimination so I can take it places I fear to tread with my Pulse Induction, namely old habitations around gold workings and/or trashy hard rock mines. You can keep your GB II with crummy iron discrimination and lack of GB options. Yes it is the king of fly-poop and that is great for some people but not for me. (flamers please be gentle) I like gold I can hear in the bottle. So maybe the Gold Racers 56 khz is not as important to me as some other features may be. The iSAT/iMASK might tip me over the edge in favor of the Gold Racer if it handles bad ground much better than regular Racer. I apologize for the lengthy preamble. The meat of this post are the questions "will the Gold Racer at 56 khz be worse at identifying flat iron than the original Racer at 14khz?" and " does the Gold Racer with iSAT/iMASK handle bad ground better than a typical VLF ergo regular Racer to justify the expense of switching machines?" Recently a well respected relic hunter(Keith) posted this on another forum in reference to Gold Racer. "Thanks for the tip.. Another one I might add is Stay out of Tin loaded 1880s type sites...LOL!! Ouch, those are my favorite type of spots. So Steve, Keith, or any one else that has ran both these machines, have you done any head to head testing or do you have any opinions/answers to my questions? Thanks in advance, Merton
  10. Find the tiniest nuggets, micro jewelry and even coins with the most sensitive and versatile gold detector ever made! Specifications and Details on the Makro Gold Racer
  11. For those of you who like me have been waiting and waiting for the new Makro Gold detector to come out, I have good news. I e-mailed them last week and they said within 1-2 months before they are available. I have been waiting for at least 6 months for this new vlf that is geared towards nugget-hunting. I was going to just say screw it and get a GB2 or another vlf for my trashy areas but decided I would just wait and hope its worth the wait. According to the rep at Makro he said this will be a top notch vlf, so I am glad I waited this long another 2 months will fly by.
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