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  1. Finally got the GM1000 out on the lode mine gravels I have access to. The small coil picked through the iron and trash easier than my GB2 did, and with it being so hot it was REALLY nice not having headphones on. Dug lots of crap, but eventually got a couple nice specimens. Tomorrow, up to one of my favorite benches if I can get across the creek! :-)
  2. I just read one report by an Aussie dissatisfied customer. What a surprise. We heard the same things about the initial release of the SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000. As I recall our moderator took a fair amount of bashing from his reviews of the previous machines as well. For Pete's sake, it's a VLF and in OZ it cannot hope to equal pulse induction in hot ground, nor does it claim to. It's an entry level machine ostensibly targeting the African gold rush. Its price point and turn on and go features have a place. As Steve as said time and again, when considering VLF, there really are
  3. Just received my GM 1000: (As posted on another forum) First outing today for 2 hrs in a trashy garden. Picked up two 50 yr old Canadian coins (quarter and a penny) in deep all metal mode showing non ferrous.... ok so far. On the other hand this detector has a flimsy, cheap feel to it despite not expecting heavy duty at that price. The "lid" for the battery compartment I believe would embarrass even "made in China". However, time will tell. My previous detector was a Whites TDI... very tank like. Had I not had such a good offer ..would have kept it. My bro has a Fisher Gold Bug 2 and
  4. Testing phase of this new machine. Tomorrow I will be going out to a copper claim on Vancouver Island. Geology reports that some of the rock may contain gold. I have not charged the battery since purchase. Today I plugged the lithium ion battery into the wall charger in prep for tomorrow but did not see any light. When I first un-boxed the unit I plugged the battery in and a red light came on. The next day the light was green (fully charged). This time no light. Does this mean the battery is still at a high enough charge? Does this battery require a full discharge before re-charge
  5. Pros & cons on these two detectors? (one versus the other)----All opinions welcome!
  6. Well, the final, part three of my videos on the Gold Monster 1000 are complete and up loaded. In this one I am giving hints and tips on how to get the best performance out of the GM1000. I focus on the types of places that the GM1000 will perform best and some suggestions to prospectors on how to increase your chances to find gold. You can see its a funny opening still picture - I'm going to have to change that frame. It makes me look like I'm doing some kind of Zieg Heil maneuver. Actually, I am explaining how if you dont overlap swings, you may miss gold - I have no idea why this was selec
  7. After taking delivery of my new Gold Monster 1000 a few days ago, I was finally able to get out into the hills with it this afternoon. Most of the ground I detected was mild enough to use the deep all metal search mode and a manual sensitivity of 10; other areas were pretty mineralized but tolerable using the sensitivity plus setting. Pictured are 3 nugglets and 3 flakes recovered with the 5-inch coil.
  8. Steve, a curious question for you. Two GM 1000 detectors both using Koss UR30 headphones. Headphones work on both units with no sound from external speaker on either unit. Same two units do the same while using the Minelab provided headphones. No sound from external speaker. Now, when Black Widow headphones are used:. #1 Headphones work #2 Headphones work along with external speaker at the same time. Black Widows set up differently somehow? Same additional jacks were used on all tests. Technology on GM 1000 rejecting use
  9. Hi all, just thought I would share abit of a story on my gold monster, Well I received it a few weeks ago from JP and had a bit of a play round with it with various size nuggets in the back yard while also checking out the discrimination feature. Was happy with the results on specie gold and more solid type bits. Well to cut a long story short, I fell off some machinery at a height of 3.5 meters plus and broke 2 fingers on my right hand which were at right angles of where they were sposed to be.Snapped them back into place by myself, but fractured both wrists and dislocated my right shoulder
  10. Hi all, im alex from patagonia argentine, i have a gold monster inbox , i cant use because we have like a 60 cm of snow now, i must wait few days or weeks! I have a few questions about accesories for this detector, i read all the post, excelents alls!!! Im very happy to belong at this forum! Thanks, what do you think about headphones? It possible to use a betters headphones like ur-30 1/4 with adapter off course? Change something? The pro-sonic works in this model? And the lastone , coils. its possible to put anothers coils?? Like a coiltek or anothers minelab coils, for more
  11. I have part two of my videos on Minelab's Gold Monster 1000 done and up on Youtube. You can see it below. In the video I take the GM 1000 to two areas, one with bad ground and one with milder ground to check out its performance. The GM1000 is a VLF, but does OK on difficult ground, I even found a nugget while poking around getting ready to film the video in the bad ground area. If you like the video, do subscribe to my Youtube channel. Part 3 will be out in a couple days and I will be doing more videos on other subjects in the coming weeks.
  12. Hi guys, I went out for a few hours this afternoon with the GM 1000 carrying on from where I left off last time in the old timers sluiced workings down on the bed rock. (Photos are now care of tinypic.com & not Photobucket.) Was a nice day. I taped the coil lead to the lower shaft like Mike C had done to try to stop the touch/falsing issue. I really didnt think that would solve it but he said it fixed his issue so I had to give it a go. It didnt make any difference to my issue & the tape also locked the coil pretty solid so I couldn't pivot & tilt the coil
  13. I see customer deliveries have begun in Australia so the U.S. should be any time now. Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Threads
  14. OK, I know people are probably tired of looking at my Fly-Poo gold, but check out the amazingly tiny piece in the middle that the GM1000 heard no problem this afternoon up at my "old reliable" bench! Again, I had to take out some brush and dig down a little to get these 6 little guys. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my GB2, but I think I'm starting to love the Monster more....it's such a fun machine! ?
  15. Hi guys, A short clip finding a tiny bit of gold with the GM 1000 & 5" coil. The battery went flat right at the end before I had finished. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  16. It has certainly been a busy year for me so far, with not as much detecting time as I would like. Still, I have been getting out a little and thought it was time to share a few photos. My first couple bits were found with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 on some scouting runs. I am liking this detector as a grab and go unit for checking areas out quickly. I am not trying to hunt for max performance but instead looking to cover a lot of ground quickly to check things out. I have learned the GM1000 auto sensitivity actually suits me well for this. I just fire up the detector in all metal mode,
  17. Picked up my GM1000 from Gerry on Friday, then after doing chores up at the cabin got it out yesterday and today. Used the larger coil for scouting out a new spot and after a couple hours of no decent targets yesterday, went over the same area with my GB2. Still nothing, so at least I didn't miss anything in that area, but I wasn't real comfortable with the Monster yet. So today, after yacking with VA Nurse Paul last night and Scott T today...both singing its praises, I put the small coil on it and went to my "old reliable" bench to see if I could squeak out another baby nugget. Moved rocks an
  18. I am getting a little impatient waiting for the Deus elipitical as summer starts and I find myself wanting to explore more with some discrimination while still being sensitive for tiny gold. By tiny I mean the small stuff I'm missing with the gpz, but big enough to see with my old man vision...not flakes I'd need tweezers to collect. I have the Deus with 11", so going down to a 9" coil would be great improvement in the feel of the detector, also I've been using it for a year now and am beginning to understand it a little. The reports on the 9" hf have been good as have the reports on the GM100
  19. Hi guys. This is my first ever bit of video footage I have ever done, saved to youtube & then had to cut, edit, & merge 4 different clips together in to one. So not sure how it will turn out. Footage is of a couple of targets I got using both the Gold Monster 1000 & the Gold Bug 2. I didnt mention in the footage the Gold Chance Indicator & what it was reading but you will notice that as both targets were non ferrous it was indicating to the right quite strongly. Even when the GM 1000 was in iron reject it was still giving an audio signal as well as indicating to the right.
  20. Hello everyone.. Im rookie starting out gold prospecting with a metal detector. I have always dredged for my gold and wanted to give metal detecting a go. So i have gotten the GM as my first gold prospecting detector and i would have to say im very impressed. Im happy with how simple it is even in our hot soil here the Dominican Republic. I had to switch from deep all metal to "Gold Mode" most of the time because of the ground noise. But it was manageable for a rookie like me just walk everywhere and just detect. Found a couple false signals but they was like pockets
  21. Greetings fellow prospectors! For a more than a year I have thought about doing up some Youtube videos on prospecting and I have finally gotten off my backside and done it! This is the first video of a 3 part set where I will be taking a look at Minelab's new Gold Monster 1000 nugget oriented metal detector. This part one video is an introductory discussion about its various features and settings. In the next couple weeks I will put up part 2 which will be on testing the GM1000 out in the field and then part 3 will cover some practical suggestions for prospectors on getting the most out of you
  22. Does the 1000 ID all low conductors as possible gold? For example a beer pull tab and a nickel? Women's and men's gold rings? Is so what is the breaking point where it will not indicate a possible gold target?
  23. Finally received my GM 1000 today from Chris at Arizona Outback great guy vary easy to deal with and always willing to give advise when I speak to him on the phone. Put it together and put a set of new batteries in because I wanted to charge up the rechargeable battery pack put the larger coil on to start Took it out to an area on my property that I have been over countless times with the X TERRA 705 and had never even got a hit with the 705 turned on the GM 1000 let it do its noise cancel and started detecting had it set in the auto plus settings at first and started getting hits a
  24. Hi guys, Last Saturday I Headed to some old workings that I hadnt been to for about 4 years. I kept meaning to have a swing there with the Zed but always ended up going elsewhere. I did really well there back in my GP 3000 days & did ok with the 4500. The last time there with the 4500 I noticed how much the wild thyme bushes had taken the old workings over making detecting difficult. There was an area of exposed schist bed rock that the old timers had ground sluiced down to where I did well on with the coiltek little joey 10x5 mono coil on the 3000 & pinged more bits later with the 4
  25. Ok here's a youtube link..looks like Mexico is gettin them before us lol
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