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Found 126 results

  1. Sorry about the title, I couldn't help myself with all the monster talk . This video is a bit of detector vs big coil comparison on a decent sized bit of trash (unfortunately).
  2. I had my first experience with caliche recently...I was wondering if anyone has advice on which coils work well on caliche covered nuggets. I plan to buy a 9x14 evolution soon, but don't know if that will be better in this regard. I was swinging an advantage 12" RM and managed to get one, but thought there could have been some I may not have heard. I use a goldscreamer and it blasts on the tiniest of targets so I think there may be something special about nuggets with caliche. Any experience you can share is appreciated.
  3. There appears to be a new genuine by Minelab smaller battery option available for the GPX series. Oddly enough it is not on the Minelab site and no reference to it anywhere except one Australian dealer http://www.minersden.com.au/minelab-gpx-small-lightweight-battery/ Part number 3011-0332 and less than half the weight, 18.6 wH good for around three hours.
  4. Does anyone know the part number and or the manufacturer of the connectors on the end of the Minelab gpx battery cable ? It looks like a common 5 pin mic cable. I make my own cables have so since the sd's. Thank you Kenny
  5. Doing a bit of testing on the new Evolution coil. Some may recall I was skeptical of the newer generations of coils and I said I would post a testing video when I got one of them to test. Results were not entirely surprising for those who don't like watching videos, but overall I am satisfied with the Evo. See below video for summary. GPZ is definitely king of the dinks, but superior overall on all targets too. If I had some crystalline or highly disseminated specimens to test it wouldn't even be a contest. These tests pretty much replicate my experience in the field - on medium sized stuff I am generally getting 1-3 inches deeper with the GPZ which may be like 10% improvements, but on smaller stuff I am seeing more like 40% depth improvements. Evo is definitely more sensitive and deeper than the 17x11 on every piece of gold I tested. Question is whether it's more sensitive then it's direct size equivalent which would be a 15" round mono. I think it would be, I'm guessing it's probably closer to a 16" round or maybe even a little better when it comes to the small stuff which is (like the GPZ) where I think the biggest gains are at since a 16" round mono would probably not pick up the last nugget I tested at all, or if so only right on the edge where the winding is at. What I'd like to test is whether or not it has greatly increased sensitivity to the crystalline/disseminated stuff but I sold all of it that I found this spring. After the last few generations of newer coils, this one seems like the first to make a noticeable change to me, but don't expect miracles. In other words, it's easily noticeable to me, but slight...but in a game of inches that can be everything. I have now made the Evo my default coil on my 4500 and put the 17x11 on the shelf for the first time in 5 years. For long exploratory trips where I spend all day weedwacking nonstop I'll still use the 17x11 because its much lighter.
  6. Just recently we were detecting (all experienced detectorist) in the grasslands of California, with two GPZ's, one had the stock 14" coil and the other had the 19" coil and two GPX's one had the 17x13 Evo and the other had the Minelab 12x15. Towards the end of the day, we decided to perform a test. We buried about a 9mm slug 14" deep. I went over the target with my GPZ, HY, Normal, Sen 15, Smoothing Off, and barely heard the target. Same settings with the 19" but much better results. Heard the target about three inches above the ground. Next, the GPX with the Evo coil in Sharp, General, don't remember the gain but a smooth threshold with the gold screamer, and no signal. The next detector is the one that is really giving me heart burn, the GPX with the 12x15 commander in Sensitive Extra, General, don't remember the gain but a smooth threshold with the stock battery. It gave an obvious signal about 5 inches above the ground. I could not believe how loud of a target response this stock GPX gave. After hearing the results from the GPX, I increased my Sensitiviy to 20, but there was too much ground noise to hear a target. I also tried different ground and gold modes with the GPZ, but nothing compared to that GPX. I wish we had more time to really investigate, but we were all tired, and the sun had already set behind the mountain. Is this just one of those scenarios that we must except and move on, or is there some credibility here??? Has anyone done similar tests or can give some suggestions? Still scratching my head, Brian.
  7. how do i find out the birth day of my 4500? Thanks for the help.
  8. when useing a DD coil on GPX 4500 do i need to flip toggle to DD?
  9. Xp deus shaft docs gold screamer and a few different wireless options! Finally got all the peices. Of course I got a bum connector peices for the aptx blue tooth so that will have to wait. I did test it but I had to keep my fingers on the connection while I used it. I must say sounded perfect, there was no lag as far as I could tell. Ready to stuff it in the pack and go find some gold!
  10. Hi all, I'm ready to buy my first detector and have narrowed the choice down to two. Mainly based on price but some advice could help point me in the right direction. My choices are the GPX 4500 & SDC 2300, within $100 of each other. Most of my hunting will be in the Golden Triangle of central Victoria, Australia. The GPX seems to be more versatile but the SDC appears to be easier to master. It appears both will find gold in the right hands so I suppose my quandary revolves around which one will give me the broadest chance to find gold in quantity and size. Cheers in advance, Benny.
  11. I have a ML GPX 4500 and want to buy a control box cover that has a battery pocket. So, I need a shorter power cord...any idea where to get one (and ensure it meets specs)?? And, any suggestions on the best headphones? ...Killer Bee Wasp?
  12. As a total newbie, the more I read the more confused I become. I was leaning towards a 2300 as a first machine to use when I move back to AZ. But I was looking at the 4500 and 5000 as the price where I am are all within 100 bucks of each other. Makes for a tough choice........BUT then I keep reading about the GPZ and the size and depth increases it affords and I think that is the machine I will ultimately want anyway. I am new to the detecting(read zero experience since the 80's), but not to prospecting. Would I be getting over my head going straight to the GPZ? I am not talking about the price as much as I want to know if as a first piece of equipment is it too much? Do I need to work my way up the ranks before I get the big dog? I do not want to buy and then sell a 2300 or a 5000 or both only to arrive at the 7000 as an end game machine anyway. So if I bite the bullet and skip the retirement watch..... I defer to the experts.
  13. Please help me out with some GPX experiences. Living in the eastern US I don`t have the opportunity to use the 5000 much. I try to do two or three trips a year in gold country, so my actual time on the machine is limited compared to those who can get out more often, so any advice or helpful hints are much appreciated to shorten the learning curve.
  14. Great Treasure Talk blog by Nenad Lonic at http://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/comparing-minelab-s-sdc-gpx-gpz-detectors comparing and contrasting the Minelab SDC 2300, GPX 5000, and GPZ 7000.
  15. Above is a quote from Jasong, from another thread that hits the nail on the head. Somewhat a forbidden topic on OZ forums, which I guess says a lot about social media. This matter has been touched on by others when speaking about the "new age" coils on the Xs in other threads. While I`m a confirmed and dedicated Z user, I recognise because I`ve experienced the ability of these coils and how they have closed the gap( in the field on undisturbed gold), plus in some cases exceeded the Zs ability. Saying that I`ve also experienced more cases where the Z exceeds the Xs ability. But it is interesting and really says it all about the dominance of ML, their only true competition to their latest serious gold detector is their model it replaced. This has been so for how many years? What are the other detector manufacturers doing? And why is it sort of "taboo" to post about this subject?
  16. Well, I thought it would be a good idea to become a member here. Just bought a GPX unit,,seems the host here along with other folks have great in depth knowledge on them. I'm not a nugget hunter,, rather a relic and coin hunter... Every time it seems I was googling about GPX units,, it took me here.
  17. My first nugget! Near Scot river. Now I am sure, this quite good beginning, for GPX 5000 and new coil Evolution 17 X 13". Alex.
  18. Been reading a lot about the new Coiltek, Nugget Finder & now Detech coils of late. I haven't had much to do with any of these but have detected a small area immediately after 2 x GPX4500 with the Coiltek Elite 14" mono attached. Although not an exhaustive or scientific test the end result was I got 8 x subgram nuggets from the area with the SDC & the 4500's nothing. 2 of the subgrammers came from adjacent to their scrapings so they knew something was there but was still iffy enough to walk away from. I keep hearing or reading how these coils are transforming GPX's into SDC's or even GPZ's but this short "test", for want of a better word, put some doubts in my mind. I've got no doubt that there is improvement in the new coils in how they enhance the target information or audio response of the detector through better windings etc. but I'm not entirely convinced it's as substantial as some make out. My thoughts are it may be about 10% performance improvement (every bit does help regardless) & 90% of a placebo effect i.e. you buy a new coil excited by the possibilities of it's performance, you regain some enthusiasm & become more positive in approach even detecting more carefully + with more purpose - then when you find gold of course it's the new coil that done it right? Another thing that has me scratching my head is how excited people are about them finding very small gold. My smallest bit with a GPX5000, fine gold & standard 11" Minelab Commander mono coil was 0.03 of gram (I think about 0.46 of a grain) so they have always been capable of doing it even with an unfashionable coil (but still a good one). Like I said I'm not doubting that there are definite performance improvements, much like the introduction of litz wire, but I do believe a lot can also be attributed to a refreshed or reinvigorated enthusiasm too. New detectors could also have a very similar affect on us. What do the experts reckon?
  19. Several of you looked at my recent dig hole in Quartzsite. That thread is What do you think I found? http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1514-what-do-you-think-i-found/ A couple of years before this hole and before I was on this forum of Steve's I was in a similar situation. I was in the Arizona desert on Thanksgiving Day a hundred miles north of Quartzsite. I had spent the night watching meteors in my Isuzu Trooper (I miss that SUV) near a wash/gully that I wanted to detect. When the sun came up in the morning I started again as I had done the previous year. This was now my 3rd or 4th trip. There have been many meteorites found in this area. I had found one on my first trip. It is a large strewn field that had been hunted for at least 10 years before I went there for the first time. In addition to the large number of meteorites in the area, there is also a lot of military trash in the form of 30 cal, 50 cal and the clips that held them as tanks and aircraft used the area for WWII training with Patton. When I got up from sleeping in the car I just started detecting. There was no one around (or at least within a couple of miles) when I dug a couple of trash targets. About 45 minutes into the hunt I got a signal and dug. I dug more and more and the hole got bigger. (At the time I was using a 5000 and I had recently bought a used 18" Nugget Finder coil. This was the first month I had used anything other than Commander coils on the unit. In the summer I had purchased a CTX 3030 and it was with me.) This hole got so big and I got so tired I had to take a break and go back to the Trooper about half a mile away and bring it closer to the hole. I got the 3030 and tried to use it as a pin pointer. It registered as a good target (not iron) but it didn't tell me where in the hole it was. I expanded the hole by lifting out the objects on the sides and the target was out of the hole. I didn't see it. What do you think I found? (I'll add the find pictures in a couple of days.)
  20. HI just wondering if anyone as ever attempted to take a minelab GPX Series metal detector OFF of the shaft and mount it to a backpack frame? i havnt been able to find any images of a modified gpx......Does anybody know if minelab makes extension cables for the ground balance button? or who might be able to make one? Also does Nugget finder have extension cables available for their coils to make it longer? Thanks ahead of time...... just wondering if its doable....appreciate any input or recommendations! Cheers IG
  21. I have a claim that has lots of very tall thick brush. Tired of getting caught on all the branches. So I ordered a Gold Screamer battery kit for my 4800. Since I am very protective of my GPX I thought I would ask for reviews from others before I used the Gold Screamer. Anyone have any problems using it with there GPX? Thanks in advance. Steve
  22. You buggers must have cabin fever. Surely you cant all be snowed in. I will tease you with a few days detecting finds over xmas from up in the high country of the Land Of The Long White Cloud. Summer time here. Just over half an ounce. And the old shovel head. Bet that could tell a few stories. All found with the Coiltek 14" Elite mono on my GPX 4500. Smallest .06 of a gram. Largest just under 3 grams. Loving that coil. All the best of luck out there for 2016. JW
  23. Long time reader, first time post so be gentle. I just received an email this morning from Minelab that announces for the remainder of December they are bundling the GPX 4500 and the SDC 2300 for $3999, just $249 over the regular price of the SDC 2300 alone. I haven't found anything on the site that indicates what is included in the package (like possibly the Commander 15X12 Mono search coil in the current $2699 GPX 4500 package). I'm sure dealers will check in soon as to what is authorized. I purchased a GPX 4500 not long ago, or I would be all over this. In fact, at this price, I may purchase the package, and either keep the additional 4500 as a hot spare, or just sell it.
  24. hi I am a begginer in gpx 5000 prospecting deep targets , I prefer to use coin/relic timings and use a double D 18" coil . What confuse me is ground balance , we have "fixed" and "tracking" in front of panel and also 3 option to choose by setting in GB type . Would you tell me what to choose to gain maximum depth? And is it possible to ground balance on a target and eliminate that size of target in prospecting? Thank you
  25. Hi friends Let's share our maximum depth experience with GPX 5000. I had an detection of a tea spoon in about 2.5 feet with 18" DD and sharp timing.
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