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  1. Hi Steve, To start off, you have a great informational site here. I have always liked your posts from around the different forums and now you have it all right here and you are sending out info double time. Very nice. Since this thread has an SDC component to it I would like to ask the question I been wondering about. I have read JP's analysis that he can run GPZ head to head with the SDC except for very small surface gold. I have both a 5000 and SDC and quite honestly I love the stealthy little detector and use it 90% of the time. It just work in the steep manzanita choked hills that I frequ
  2. A lot of people have talked about the coil comparisons in the GPZ video with regards to the larger deeper stuff. What about the fact that the GPZ is being said to go deeper than an SDC on small gold – 14" coil compared to 8" coil. If that's the case I'm impressed. I also hope there will be an 8" coil option in the GPZ's future. Imagine how much better it could do on sub gram nuggets if it had that coil! My question is; Does the GPZ really beat an SDC on small nuggets even with a 14" Coil? Is that number coming from that 5 gram mark or sub grammars too? With the detector reaching buyer
  3. Hi all, I have been thinking about the directionally challenged speaker on the SDC 2300. Yes, I tried the mini speakers, but that is a story you don't want to hear, as it deals more with principles, and less with utility... Here I am wondering if there is a way I can utilize some of the box full of gear I have bought in the past 25 or so years? There must be a way. I dug around and found a little Radio Shack Mini Speaker, that I had used on my Whites Goldmasters. I also have a Depth Master, as well as a Barrie Johnson Nuggett Finder Signal Enhancer, MKIII (Yes, that is the wa
  4. My bread and butter are nuggets 5 grams or under. In light of that and looking at this chart again, the SDC apparantly gets up to 25% depth increase over the 5000 w/11RM which is not far off from the performance they are quoting for the 7000. Is this like only for extreme boundary conditions like ultra spongy or specimen gold, or does the SDC actually hit deeper on a 4-5 gram normal nugget? The small text states "typical conditions" so I'm assuming no crazy ground. Finding that hard to believe but I've not used an SDC. Just curious because that metric also appears to be the same one they u
  5. Another Treasure Talk blog I wrote was just posted on the Minelab website at Scrape and Detect – with the SDC 2300 The Minelab SDC 2300 is a remarkable metal detector, and more people are finally realizing it. The SDC 2300 has exceptional sensitivity to very small gold and even larger gold that other pulse induction detectors have difficulty with. Porous specimen gold is being found that is surprisingly large in mass but which due to the spongy nature of the gold has been missed by other detectors. The SDC 2300 small gold capability rivals the best VLF detectors and exceeds th
  6. So I have had two very experienced older prospectors tell me that they don't like the 2300 because the threshold warbles. In other words it is not stable. It does not really matter which setting you use it still has a slight warble to it. Since I am new to prospecting I just kinda figured this was normal for the Minelab PI's They tell me that their 4500 and 5000 have a nice stable threshold which allows them to hear the faint signal's better. Therefore they don't have to use as much gray matter trying to figure out a target. I have sometimes wondered if I am missing small pieces of gold beca
  7. I seem to be having a little trouble in pinpointing my targets. With the GPX 5000 I am spot on in getting the target in my scoop. With the 2300 I seem to be going a little right of where I think the target is. I eventually get the target, but am wasting time in my retrieval . It is a numbers game and it needs improvement. Anyone else having these issues? Or am I the only special one. LOL
  8. Has anyone else notice that if you leave your cell phone in your front pocket that the SDC will false when you swing the coil over to the left---- i couldn't figure it out one day and thought it was that dang pinpointer---but then i remember the deal about not keeping your coil level with the ground on the end of a swing----and remembered that will cause one to make a blurb,,,, Anyway, i finally figured out that when the SDC came across my body and the detector touched my front pocket where the phone was that i was getting a little interference---it was killing me because it was repeatable
  9. Hi Steve, I am very new at metal detecting and have been wanting a gpx 5000 since they came out. Go to buy one and there is a new kid on the block. I'm Planning on detecting old mine sites and tailings in Virginia. Price is not an issue, but I cannot afford two, I really like the folding up to backpack size and waterproof sdc 2300, but still want to buy the best detector for what I am doing. I have read all your articles and thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I have only used a very cheap Tesoro and would value your opinion as to purchasing a sdc 2300 for simplicity or Gpx
  10. The place I've been river prospecting recently is only showing me very small flakes of gold (so far). They are so small in fact that even the SDC can't pick them up. Yesterday my Garret Pro Pointer arrived and that also sees nothing when I pass it across the vials. Even some of the quite big flakes that I found a while ago in Scotland. So I got to wondering, what is the minimum flake/nugget size that can be detected? Could anyone with an SDC (or even a Pro Pointer) post and tell me their results? Thank you!
  11. Wow Minelab SDC2300 It makes you really want one. Ivan
  12. I just purchased a SDC 2300 and own a GPX 5000. Have not taken the sdc 2300 out yet due to snow and work. But was wondering how many detectorists here go detecting on salt? Lakes, Beaches or Ocean area's? Do you have any success ? I never seem to ever hear of anyone finding gold in these area's. But Minelab makes settings for them.
  13. The folks Downunder are busy with the SDC-2300. Keep up with it here http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t20312-coil-size-used-on-gpx-before-the-2300-cleaned-up-old-patches#193870 For my part, I have a call in to ML in Chicago. Mine is falsing over green plants and there is the small matter of gross stupidity - MINE. REMEMBER MY BRILLIANT IDEA ABOUT PROTECTING THE BOTTOM WITH gorilla Tape. Worked great - when I peeled it off, off came the clever anti-counterfiet sticker on the bottom. After spending 20 minutes seperating it from the tape - I stuck ot back on. Hurray, except now - through the m
  14. First off, thanks for the add to the forum Steve and secondly i wanna express my thanks for your willingness to do real world tests of all these detectors--that's what means the most to me...how they react on the same undisturbed target. I am looking forward to the comparisons. If you get tired of your FrankenATX i wanna be the first to have a shot at buying it--i love the idea of the weight loss program you have it on. I may have one question---what is your normal set up of the 2300 here in NV?--- [Mine is not as quiet as I expected, of course i run it on 5 sensitivity if i can get away with
  15. It's well known that the SDC is finding a lot of small gold, but the truth is that it can also be used to find some larger types of specimen gold where the SDC also has an advantage over other detectors, because the response of wiry, porous gold is much like that of small gold even when the overall amount of gold is fairly large. Metal detectors work by seeing the eddy currents created by a magnetic field coming out of the detector’s coil. The eddy currents which are created in porous, mossy or wiry pieces of gold decay and disappear much more quickly than those which are created in solid piec
  16. I'm currently trying to find something like that black ATX bag for my SDC 2300. Really a bit miffed that having paid so much for it, it doesn't even come with a bag to protect it. Don't need a hard case (Pelican make some very good ones if anyone is interested), just a durable bag to stop it getting scratched while I'm carrying it in the back pack. Think I may have found one designed for a Midi controller that would do the job. Just have to double check the sizes.
  17. I went back to the deep canyon this morning. I found 2 that I missed the other day. It seems peculiar that I found 4 quality nuggets in there with a total weight of over 1/4 oz, but nothing deeper that about 8 inches. The canyon is all bedrock with overburden ranging from 0 to about 2 ft. I covered just shy of 2 miles of this good looking ground and obviously had decent success, but just wondering what I might be missing. I found no nuggets on the margins of the wash, everything would have been right in moving water during heavy rain runoff. Today's fatboy was smack in the middle of the
  18. I witnessed first hand the power of the SDC Detector on small gold. The SDC 2300 has has amazing sensitivity. Its true what they say about its ability to find small gold. I compared targets with my GP3500 and the SDC and to my surprise the SDC out performed on the small gold. I just want to say I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. Simply amazing.
  19. Hey Steve, How would you like to follow behind Glenn with the SDC? I got out for a few hrs and dug a bunch of bird shot, but found this guy in a spot that screams gold. A bedrock bench with a foot of overburden. Based on the birdshot, I doubt it was ever detected. I need to pull off that overburden and give her another go. 3 grams, we're getting there.
  20. I went out to a new old spot from last year. I had taken a few pickers off an old bench with shallow bedrock using the Gold Bug II. The overburden is 8 to 10 inches with decomposing schist bedrock. The bedrock was almost too hot for the GBII, hard to separate the tones. I had raked down the overburden and went over it with the GPX 4000 with 16 inch NF round mono, no joy. I went back yesterday with the SDC and immediately got a faint tone. The bigger of the nuggets was right in that decomposed bedrock. With no more signals, I again pulled down the overburden as best I could with my short handle
  21. There is clear evidence that the SDC-2300 presents a new capability when it comes to finding small and specimen gold. However, given it's 8" coil and preference for slow sweep, it can't cover acres at a time. Since I'll be getting one soon, I'd appreciate it if everyone would kindly send me GPS coordinates for all their "worked out" patches. i would especially appreciate ones with high mineralization or EMI. OF COURSE i will give you full credit for putting me on to all that small and specimen gold which was undetectible with PI detectors or un "hearable" because of limitation of VLF machine
  22. When I was big in coin hunting most of the time I used a small coil. One reason was you had less trash under the coil and the ID work better. Another reason that small coil would detect the very small coin are gold ring. I knew I loss depth but I'd come back with the large coil to punch down deeper. We all know a small coil will detect the very small and it will detect something larger if in the ranger of the coil. The small and large coil has a limit in relation to the power of the detector. I can take the GPX 5000 and put a small coil to detect the small gold. Now I got the small coil wi
  23. Ok, so what about SDC 2300 for beach hunting? I can't find anything about that... this is weird. Any videos, reviews just nothing. How to compare ATX to SDC 2300 in salt conditions. Steve could you help with this?
  24. I was out hunting some dredge tailings yesterday and did some testing with the SDC 2300 and the Gold Bug Pro on some specimens. I tested a variety of pieces but the one that is most interesting is in the pic below. I previous tested this with the GPX 5000 with standard 11” mono and it registered only very slightly when touching it to the coil. The GB pro with the 6x9 coil in all metal mode will easily pick this up at 8”-9” in an air test. The SDC in an air test was slightly less at 7”-8”. I then put this at the bottom of an 8” hole without covering it up and retested. No change on the SDC but
  25. Last week Steve and I got out to a spot in Northern Nevada that is known for spongy specimen gold. This is the type most PI detectors have some difficulty with because the gold is not solid or well connected - its almost like a delicate jewelry chain formed into a ball. Stuff that is sparse enough in gold content can even be invisible to a PI. However, this is the kind of gold the SDC does really well with - and it doesn't have to be tiny gold either - some spongy, loose, hard to find specimen type gold even in larger sizes can show up poorly on many PI detectors. This is the first time I've h
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