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  1. Be aware! I saw this on eBay today and it looks like a fake to me. But the seller says, "it was an early test unit." One pic Shows an obvious name change and other shows paint peeling off the bottom of the coil. My sdc did not have a painted coil. Hopefully, Steve can confirm one way or another on this unit... I really don't want anybody to get sucked into a scam...
  2. My SDC is nearing 2 years old although I haven't used it much since the 7000. There had been some audio issues with a worn headphone jack connection so I used duct tape to stabilize the whole mess but it was down to audio in just one ear. It's not the headphone cord, but the connection ring on the detector that was worn. A friend expressed interest in buying it and he called Minelab about getting it fixed on the warranty. He was told they don't repair the 2300's, just send it in and they would send out a new one. I know a couple guys here in Yuma that had audio problems with the 2300's an
  3. I purchased a SDC 2300 before the end of last year during the promotional pricing period. Because I have been away at sea and/or in areas no gold exists I just took my new girl out for her first stroll yesterday. An hour into the hunt my machine started turning off and on. I knew there HAD been a problem with this is as I had ran a friends 2300 for a few days. What I find inconceivable is the SDC 2300 has been for sale in this country for quite a while now and they have done nothing to fix a seemingly minor problem. The MAP price on this machine is approaching the $4000 mark. You would think
  4. Well, my Son did it and turned up with a SDC in exchange for my 5000 for Easter. Went off to try the SDC, left him with Z to compare with 5000 and new age coils, he was fairly impressed with performance of 5000 with the Elite 14" but in using the Z to compare he is now spoilt and talking Z Z Z Z only. Suspect the 5000 is history, regardless that the new age coils have increased the performance of the 5000, the stability of the Z has swung him. The SDC, it is super stable and a small piece magnet, good fun and will complement the Z. It is the small coil gold detector for those pieces aroun
  5. Hi , Could someone point me in the direction of a decent set of rechargable batteries for the 2300.... i have the charger i got with it... i threw the batteries that came with it away....
  6. I got out into the field yesterday for my first nugget hunt of the year. About an hour into the hunt I got a very nice repeatable breach in the SDC's threshold; I raked away some overburden with the pick and scanned again - same thing with the signal a little stronger. After removing about 3 inches of overburden I was already in bedrock. I would chip away a few handfuls of bedrock and scan the tailings and bedrock and repeat. This went on for some time, probably about 30 minutes and I was probably 8" into the fractured bedrock and went to rescan the hole and nothing - not even a quive
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone had a great Christmas. It's been some time since I put up a new blog on my website, but I've recently posted one discussing how to get the best performance from the SDC2300. http://phasetechnical.com.au/getting-best-sdc2300/ If you pick up 1 new tip, then it'll be worth the read. Cheers, Nenad
  8. Yesterday I beat my old record. Now it's .023 gram. .35 grain. I don't know if that's a good thing.
  9. Long time reader, first time post so be gentle. I just received an email this morning from Minelab that announces for the remainder of December they are bundling the GPX 4500 and the SDC 2300 for $3999, just $249 over the regular price of the SDC 2300 alone. I haven't found anything on the site that indicates what is included in the package (like possibly the Commander 15X12 Mono search coil in the current $2699 GPX 4500 package). I'm sure dealers will check in soon as to what is authorized. I purchased a GPX 4500 not long ago, or I would be all over this. In fact, at this price, I ma
  10. Was able to get out for a couple of hours today with the SDC and added these to the poke. It is still pretty warm in the high desert but that will change this week with rain and cooler temps moving in to AZ. Prospecting season is here! Good luck! Dean
  11. Are stable threshold settings on the sdc (1,2,3...etc.) dependent more on ground conditions than anything else? The reason I ask is I have not been able to run the threshold on my sdc less than #3. On 1 and 2 the threshold is intermittent and "warbely" and basically un-huntable . On 3 she's stable and I'm finding the tiniest bits of gold. Iv'e hunted various locations here in Central Arizona and always have to set it to #3 to get a stable threshold that is not intermittent. Normal? Dean
  12. So i got a little cuious abt my f3 and ability to adapt to other coils and took her apart. the coil plug in is a smaller 6 pin unit. 5 wires attach at coil adapter;blk,red,yel,blu, and green. Circuit bd tentitavly look like blk n red are tied as well as yel, blu, and grn. coil has 29 turns with a little steel/non copper wire soliered to the leading/starting end of loop. the ANTENNA as i call it, is aprox. 10" length, starts at soldier conn near coil cntr goes 6 oclock to wrap around insulated portion of coiled wire where it enters coil pltfrm. then it goes to abt 10 oclock position bout half d
  13. First off I want to say I am not advocating anyone do this. It will void your warranty. But I like to know stuff and this is interesting information. Ismael has opened up an SDC and confirmed that the coil is plugged into the control box with a plug connector. He has used an adapter to run some other Minelab coils and in his opinion mono coils seem to work well. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t22372-coil-question-for-the-sdc-2300#216360 Further down in the same thread there is a picture of the connection, which is under the cover on the housing where the rod assembly pivots. http://golddetecti
  14. So when you get out and run your detector in the right places, this is what you can find: Its the gold I've been getting in various locations in Plumas and Sierra counties in July, August and early September - just going out and prospecting for a few days at a time. I figure I'm probably out digging about 1/3rd of the time. This is just from my detecting in California - it does not show about a half ounce of fines and small bits from some days of dry washing nor does it show the gold I have detected in Nevada. All of this gold was detected using either Minelab's GPZ 7000 or the SDC 2300 -
  15. An interesting thread on an OZ forum on interchanging coils. Lots of back and forth, some misinformation - the Ismael - a long tome modifier of ML PI machines, chimes in and says - "no problem"! http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t22372-coil-question-for-the-sdc-2300#216436
  16. Hi All Ever since I purchased my SDC I have been wanting to make it a wireless unit as I enjoy the freedom of no cables on my SD2200d by using a "Little Ripper" system. So with numerous questions on forums & checking out anything along these lines, I finally found some info online, so armed with a bit of info I went down to "Jaycar" & hey presto they had what I needed. I purchased 1x "Bluetooth Transmitter (which can receive also) & 1x "Bluetooth receiver, an adapter plug & adapter lead. I connected it up yesterday when I got home & gave it a test run & it works great!
  17. Many of the prospectors here sometimes prospect in Northern Nevada, and like a number of GPZ users prospecting in northern Nevada, I have been experiencing issues in certain places with the GPZ moaning and groaning over wet ground that is a little bit salty. The amount of salt in the ground at various places in northern Nevada ranges from not salty at all to fairly salty with all ranges in between. When fully dried out this ground is no problem, but when wet it is a whole different story. Some places the salt is no issue, while in others it is very noticeable. Salt, by itself, is not conductiv
  18. Has anyone gone blue tooth with their SDC? If so, is it as easy as getting any of the readily available blue tooth transmitters plugging it in and off you go (with the proper head phones/ear buds,etc.)? Thanks! Dean
  19. Hi All, Well, I received my 2300 Friday afternoon and, of course, charged the batteries right off. Then fired her up. All good! After putting in my time on the "honey do" list on Saturday I was able to escape for about two hours to a near by gulch that has been prospected since the late 1800s. A buddy of mine does well there using the usual "wet" methods of recovery. My main concern was the proximity of some large power lines (100-150 yards). I knew that the GPX line would have fits there and wanted to see how the SDC would handle the emi. I fired up the SDC, did a noise cancel and ground ba
  20. Well, I am now an official member the the SDC owners club . Should be arriving in a few days . Can't wait to give it a swing. I have my eye on some higher (read COOLER) areas for some summer swinging. Already getting warm...was 80 yesterday here in central AZ. -5000ft elevation. Hopefully, we will get some rain soon or we are going to burn up this summer. Dean
  21. Hi all, I am curious just how you guys that use a bungee on the new Minelab SDC 2300 have rigged your bungee,for your own use. I know you knuckle draggers:) will say "it isn't heavy to me, so I don't need to use one", but you may not spend as many hours in the field as some of us. Even a Gold Bug II will get heavy over a long swing time, day in and day out... So, if you have one, let's see what how you did it. It doesn't need to be complicated nor expensive. I made one for my SDC, I can leave it on, even when it is folded up, is made of 4 items. A piece of parachute cord, a parachute cord
  22. Hi All, I've been working on something over the last few weeks that may be of interest. My hearing is ok, but not great. So I got to wondering if there was a way to turn the audio signal of the SDC 2300 into a visual signal that I could see on my phone instead. After a bit of playing around I managed to rig up something. It's still very green and I am not sure if everything is working 100% as it should, but I will post below some screen grabs of the first test I did today with a small picker. I placed the gold on the ground and ran the coil over it at a height of about 6cm (3"). I didn
  23. Hello All, I can gladly say that my SDC arrived this afternoon and as soon as my wife was home to watch the kids i hit my latest spot. As unbelievable as it sounds and still seems to me i hit the small flake (doesnt register on my scale that goes to .1 grams) a few inches down in the bedrock, i chipped and chipped and the sound got better and better. Got it out by bashing and cleaning up in my pan was absolutely amazed at how clear and true the sound had been. Stoked and still dancing a jig i slowly proceeded up river and got another signal that was a little louder but kinda hard to get at due
  24. Hi there, I'm in the market to buy my first gold metal detector. My heart wants a new SDC2300 but my wallet is not cooperating with this idea. Unfortunately there seems to be virtually zero used SDC2300 models on the market. However, I've found a used SD2100 for sale for $850. Are the two models even comparable in quality and ability? Please lend me your perspective.
  25. Can someone please tell me the correct term for the type of audio out socket (headphone socket) on the SDC 2300? Thanks!
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