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Found 103 results

  1. Here is a machine I have not heard of before: http://www.metaldetector.com/drs-ground-exper-metal-detector?awt_l=3I64Qc&awt_m=K4CvxdoyBVWfZf It looks interesting but does it really work? I haven't even heard of the company before. Anyone have any info on this? There are quite a few videos which I haven't watched yet - but will. Just thought I would throw it out there for discussion.
  2. I would like to know which appropriate and best all purposes detectors and especially for depth , I live in north Africa, a lot of treasure.. Many civilizations were here: romans, vandals, Berbers, Byzantines...and much more, I will be waiting your answers guys.
  3. Hello everyone, very quick post about the newest detector to hit the market place.The "AU Goldfinder" detector. I received the detector the other day and was able to get out for a few minutes with it on Saturday. I love the Makro Gold Racer and now I really love this AU Goldfinder. It is all manual, and well balanced. Virtually the same as the Gold Racer except it has knobs and toggles.This in itself takes me back many years. I think this unit is going to be a top seller unless other detector companies provide a vastly superior VLF unit soon. I will be using this unit over the next several weeks and provide more information as I can. I was very impressed with the stability in all modes and even found one small nugget first day out, actually, the first hour out. I was detecting in an area that does not offer any sub-grain pieces but did have one with me and absolutely had no problem hearing it in any of the three modes. As always, I will let Steve take it away with the technical aspects as my free time will be tied up playing with my newest toy.. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Sorry about the second picture, not to clear. The piece I found was one half pennyweight or .78 grams at about nine inches.
  4. Deteknix first made their name with their XPointer pinpointer. The products are made in China and the company has a U.S. office in Covina, CA. The website is at http://www.deteknix.com/ The first detector by the company got a lot of notice prior to release based on photos showing a relatively simple and modern design. Key features were a straight shaft, light weight, built in rechargeable battery, built in wireless headphone capability, and supposedly waterproof to 3 meters. However, the new Deteknix Quest Pro got savaged pretty bad on release. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,98160,98881 The brand was also discussed back in April on this forum at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1904-new-deteknix-metal-detectors/ Then Findmall set up a forum at http://www.findmall.com/list.php?106 for the new brand. it only has a few people posting but one caught my eye - George Kinsey, who goes by woodchiphustler. George has been around and I have found his opinions to be of value. I thought it interesting that despite early bad reports he seemed to not only like the units, but had interest in being a representative for the brand. My assumption is new brand/new model teething pains but otherwise looking good enough to get more than a passing glance from George. I can't say for sure having never been even near a Quest Pro. The main reason for this post is that the company plans a similar machine but aimed at gold prospectors - the Deteknix Quest Gold. It is to be a 19 kHz machine and except for the frequency appears to be a general purpose detector. There is no release date at this time for the Quest Gold or another planned model, the Quest Diver, a waterproof unit. The company does make a wireless headphone setup with a transmitter module you plug into any detector, and a receiver module that lets you use any headphone you want. Looks good on paper, but again some initial issues reported with lost signals, etc. I assume that will get sorted out. Anyway, no real reason for posting other than to keep people alerted to possible new prospecting detectors. I can't say that I personally have any real interest in yet another 19 kHz single frequency detector. There are too many now as it is, and no new one is going to do something that existing models can't do also when it comes to detecting gold nuggets. It really is just the design itself that is interesting more than what the machine can do that is interesting. That, and the Chinese finally making a credible attempt at entering the market by at least opening offices in the U.S. You might think this would mean more low price competition but the Quest Pro at $599 will not put much fear in the competition. The Quest Gold is rumored to be about $100 more than the Quest Pro. The Quest Pro was supposed to be waterproof to 3 meters. Some websites selling the unit still say it is, but the company website only says "All Terrain Structure Design" so I am not sure just how waterproof these units are. I think single frequency VLF is now at commodity stage with the number of new names producing models seemingly growing by the day. This can't go on forever and we are seeing some hints of a coming price war.
  5. Johnnysalami1957

    New Detector For The Mrs.

    Picked up a new White's Treasure Pro for my wife Carla. Very happy with the quality and simplicity of the unit. For 360.00 shipped you can't go wrong, it's light, has auto ground tracking or lock track, backlight display and a 10"DD coil and takes 2 AA batteries . I was playing with it yesterday and it is pretty impressive. Dime at 7" Quarter at 8" not an issue. And no how do I .......this again from Carla! Every ones happy.
  6. Just playing with the Detector today as I was curious as to how the 3 coils I have would do in the air. The 3 coils I have are the 10X5 stock coil, the 8" round Minelab coil and the 15" Round Coiltek WOT coil. All coils are DD. There are no mono coils for the Eureka. I used the same 3 targets for all 3 coils tested at all 3 Frequencies. The Sensitivity set to max, Threshold 3/4, Disc in all metal, Signal set to Boost and Volume max. I used 3 different coils and only 3 targets: a 36 gn. 22 cal bullet, a 115 gn 9mm bullet and a 1899 Indian head cent. Results are not exactly as I expected. Used headphones for most of test but afraid phones may be interfering with WOT coil so took them off doing that test so with the low volume audio on that detector coupled with wind noise etc may have reduced slightly the depth of the Wot coil. 10X5 stock coil 60 Khz 20 Khz 6.4 Khz 22 bullet: 7" 22 bullet: 9": 22 bullet 8" 9 Mil bullet: 8" 9 mm bullet 9" 9 m bullet 9" 1 cent: 9" 1 cent 11" 1 cent 11" 8" Round Coil (All coils are DD") 60Khz 20 Khz 6.4 Khz 22 bullet: 9" 22 bullet 10" 22 bullet 10" 9 mil bullet 9" 9 mm Bullet 10.5" 9mm bullet 10.5" 1 cent 10.5" 1 cent 10.5" 1 cent 13" 15" Round WOT coil 60 Khz 20Khz 6.4 Khz 22 bullet 9" 22 bullet 11" 22 bullet 11" 9 mm Bullet 12" 9 MM bullet 12.5" 9 mm bullet 14" 1 cent 16" 1 cent 15" 1 cent 15.5"
  7. Anyone got one or used one? How does it compare with other familiar brand detectors for prospecting? Performance, capability, tech features, ease of use, ergonomics, good, bad? thanks jim
  8. tboykin

    White's Dr-pro

    Is it ok if I make a new thread about the White's DR-PRO? If not please delete. Figured people might want to discuss this new product from White's Electronics. Will be releasing the announce video at 1pm PST today (just got approval to do so). I'll post a link then for all to see.
  9. Ridge Runner

    White's XVENTURE

    White's applied for a trademark called XVENTURE. I don't know just what it's all about. .MD-Hunter had it on their site. Talk was maybe something new in metal detectors from White's for 2016. The odd thing is when I went back to take another look it was gone. ???????? Chuck
  10. On md-hunter its says that Garrett has added a ( i ) after each number. At first look without firing it up you can't see the difference. It's all in the new software in more ways than one If you want to learn more I'll let you go look for yourself. The only dealings I've had with Garrett Ace was when I got the 200 for my Grandson. I was surprise to see what the Ace 200 had to offer for the money. More new for 2016. Chuck
  11. Sourdough Scott

    Minelab Go Find Metal Detector

    Saw this Minelab Go-Find on another site. I can't find any other info on it.
  12. nugget65

    Minelab Eureka Gold

    got my eye on a Minelab Eureka Gold at a good price ($500)..The problem is I can't get any input on one...is this my first sign to look elsewhere??? Any unbiased help would be appreciated thnx
  13. Finally got a chance to give my new Minelab GoFind60 a go at a local park. Got it a few weeks ago from KellyCo but too much rain lately to try it out. Went to a local Park for two hours and found a few dozen clad coins but no jewelry. Seemed to be dead on with the coins including the graphic read out and tones. Can't tell much about depth as I only use a probe in "manicured" grassy areas so most of my finds were only an inch or two down. Love how it folds up compactly like a Swiss Army Knife. Main reason I bought it was it will fit easily into a suitcase for my travels in the plane.
  14. Seems from what i have read this could be good for me. waterproof, as good as my sd2100 at gold?, and compact. mods- dectormods.com i think i saw somewhere in my quick review, havent looked yet. More to follow.
  15. Hi Steve, please I need your advise on the detetctor that I just ordered from China, Nugget 9.5inch, waterproof coil with 9.6khz. Its sold by Chinavasion. I actually ordered before getting to know about this site of yours and as someone with little or no knowledge about the detetctor, I go for something cheap and also with a reasonable depth. The depth of this machine is 3.5m. I am writing this because I could still cancel the order if I know it won't be functional. I also noticed yesterday that most of the detectors from US give 5yrs warranty while this one gave just 1yr warranty. Please kindly advise. Anybody else could give helpful hints. I will also like to know what the FREQUENCY rating means to a detetctor. Thanks
  16. The rumor mill is cranking up fast about a possible new release from White's Electronics, the White's V4 http://www.findmall.com/read.php?31,2137141,2137141#msg-2137141 http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,71980 Multiple frequencies, PI mode, etc. Perhaps something taking advantage of one of White's new patents? The Half Sine patent in particular seems applicable. White's Electronics Half Sine Technology Patent White's Electronics Constant Current Technology Patent White's certainly is due for something new. Rumors are saying March/April. Looks like 2015 really might go down as the year metal detector technology made a real leap forward. But then again - it is all just rumors.
  17. RIP Gold Stinger! Garrett quietly discontinued the Scorpion Gold Stinger last year. It is no longer on their website or in their new catalog and generally unavailable for purchase though a few no doubt remain on dealer shelves. The Stinger was introduced in 1990 and so enjoyed a 25 year run. Pretty amazing really for such a lackluster machine. The Stinger was basically an old 15 kHz Groundhog stuffed in an updated box. The box I loved to hate, as it featured without a doubt the worst battery replacement system on the market. It also suffered from a dearth of accessory coils. Once the AT Gold was released it was inevitable that the Stinger would finally go its way and the day has finally come. About time is all I can say.
  18. The Fisher CZ-21 is one of the best VLF underwater detectors on the market and can double as a good dry land detector. Waterproof to 250 feet, it is the real deal when it comes to diving and built like a tank. It is the only serious competition to the Minelab Excalibur with the main difference between the two the basic physical design and control layout. Performance is too close to call. I personally prefer the CZ-21 due to the east hip mount capability and more distinct tone scheme and true all metal mode. You can get it in 8" or 10.5" coil sizes but the coil is hardwired so be sure and get what you want. Big coils are better on the beach but if you are also thinking parks and such on dry land the 8" is the better option. There is a huge price increase coming that will put what you see it currently for sale at as not too far over the new dealer cost! I literally almost just bought one myself just now but veered away before hitting the buy button because - well, you know it - I have too many detectors already anyway. Still, it is almost an investment at this price as used prices are going to take a big jump also. Anyway, just a head's up for forum members in case anyone was on the fence about the CZ-21.
  19. Has anyone here ever seen a convincing demonstration of long range detectors, the Electroscope Regulator for example? Seems to me to be a scam but I know very little about them and could easily be wrong. I would really like to hear about you're experiences with them. Thanks in advance!!!
  20. First off I'd like to thank you for all the info you have provided for all us prospectors and your "Best Gold Prospecting Detectors report" is awesome. Couple of questions, I have owned 2 Xterra 705's and loved them both using them mostly on beaches here in FL. 2 years ago I went out to my old stomping grounds in WY and took along a 705 and a Tesoro Diablo Gold Demon. I was working a mining tailings pile when the 705 just would not keep quiet, it just continued to sound off in the prospecting mode. I did not change to coin mode but called Minelab from right there on the top of old Centennial Ridge. I spoke to John and he could not help me nor could he come up with any reason for this. He told me he would have Kevin call asap, well I never heard back from them. I ended up taking out the Gold Demon and ran it over the same ground. It ran fine and I did find some nails and various sized bullets. If i used the 705 off the tailing pile it seemed to work fine and I tested it with some gold I had with me. I am headed back to WYO soon and I'm planning on getting a couple of gold detectors to take along, I'm leary about getting another 705. Now I have a Safari that I also love to use here in the east, since it has a the FBS Multi frequency Technology I am wondering how it would perform in the western Goldfields. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Can anyone tell me how the Minelab GPX 5000 or Garrett ATX would compare to a Makro New Jeohunter 3d dual systems.. they seem to have a nice graphical display and they boast detections at 1.5 meters... Whats the truth in comparison?? See video on this page..http://www.metaldetector.com/makro-jeohunter-metal-detector Thank You, Greg
  22. I primarily do placer gold prospecting by working river gravel bars on Northern California's Klamath river and across alluvial fans here in Nevada. I have an old White's XLT Spectrum that's great for coins but is terrible for gold detecting. Does anyone know anything about the Lorenz Deepmax Z1 from Germany? I cannot find any reviews. This detector was recommended by a popular detector re-saler over a GPX 5000 for my sort of prospecting. The gravel bars can often run deep and are covered with cobbles and creek run boulders. Is it realistic to think that one might locate the pay streaks with a deep detector or is that wishful thinking? Yes, I am shooting for larger specimens. There are a huge variety of hot rocks where I prospect and a variety of mineralization in the desert washes. Any thoughts or recommendations would be deeply appreciated. An aside, there are so many cheap Chinese copies that one really dare not buy a used GPX 5000. One cannot tell the fake from the real article over the internet. Chances are, many people who own a knock-off might not even know with certainty whether it is real Swiss cheese or Chinese.