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  1. There are two sites where gold will soon be produced near Elko, Nevada. I think everything is on go with the possible exception of The Green New Deal! https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/2-new-major-finds-may-extend-nevadas-gold-boom-for-years-1972010/
  2. The weather in northern Nevada has been extraordinarily nice this past month, but it's due to deteriorate rapidly soon; time to head for the sunny warmness of the Arizona goldfields. During the last 3 weeks I've managed to scrounge up 43.4 grams (27.9 dwt) of the good stuff from old patches with the GPZ 7000 and stock 14" coil. Largest nugget weighs 7 grams (4.5 dwt) and the deepest bit was close to a foot and a half.
  3. My old friend, Dave , and I spent 8 days in Nevada last 2 weeks. Found no gold, but did find a new area to explore. Gives us a decent place to Iook forward to this winter. I found a .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, my first, and two copper nuggets, my second and third. Dave found several round balls of various calibers, and of course, many spent bullets. We also found some really fresh lion tracks well out from the mountains on the valley floor about 40 miles west of Winnemucca. That was pretty interesting, as the tracks were made in dust, and were nearly perfect. Had to be made the night before. Probably a young cat trying to locate a decent place to set up a territory. Not much big game around, but lots of wild horses. Jim
  4. Going to get cold a month early. Down to 12* Monday morning, and 9* Tuesday morning, and then back to 12* Wednesday morning. Highs in the low 30's. We're planning a trip to the Winnemucca area around the 1st. Hope it warms up a little. The earliest I've ever seen single digits here is the first week of December, though I remember a couple of years when we had 10* about the 10th of November. Both of those years that 10* was the coldest temp of the entire winter. I have a feeling the talk of a Maunder Minimum may be true. We had a cold October last year, and even colder this year. Jim
  5. I'm at Rye Patch getting ready to train customers for 3 days on their gold detectors, and finding a few nuggies to add to my retirement. Interesting discovery. Who put this key under a flat rock and forgot where you did it? There has to be a heck of a story to tell. Luckily it was not your truck key? The Golden pickers were found close by on this trip with my GPZ-7000. Anyone know who the key belongs to, let me know.
  6. So, retiring soon and have held a claim in Rye Patch for several years. Live in Wa State and am interested in possibly partnering with someone in the area to co-explorer the claim. Any interest?
  7. Still to hot for you boys ???? Lol !!!!!!
  8. I began this Rye Patch trip on Thursday morning about 2 AM. It was time to go meet Dig It and see how he was doing there. This time it was a normal trip without the burning satellite re-entry I saw on one trip before. I was treated with a full moon on my way up 395, 6, 95 and I80. We met up without a problem and I headed out to places where I wanted to look and some places where I had found nuggets in the past. I'd say at least half of my trips to Rye Patch get me on a nugget and the other half don't. This is my first trip up here since Australia so I'm wondering what I gained from all that swinging. Anyway, it was good to meet up with Ken, have a chat about his escapades and try to help him understand what little I know about Rye Patch. We parted and I expected to see him again the next day. I have a bit of an open schedule and he warned me that it was going to be warmer than we planned. I went on to near the burn barrel and spent one of those glorious nights of sleep I get after doing an all nighter. I had no sleep the previous night and I can stretch out in the 4Runner and enjoy a night of no city or neighbor noise! Planes are constantly landing at LAX and if they are from Asia they fly over Santa Monica. No planes at Rye Patch. haha I went to bed at dark, watching the sunset out the front and watching the moon rise in the back! I captured the sunrise the next morning. Rye Patch is full. I've been here many times when all of that area was dry. It was a nice, clear, cool morning. Time to get going. I headed in a direction to take advantage of the morning. Before I got to my spot I had my first target of the day. I dug around and in the early light with my sunglasses on and dirt on the target I thought it was lead. There's lots of trash in the area as I found out later. I looked and looked and finally gave it a mouth wash and I saw the color! Yeeee haaaa ... a nice nugget. I've cleaned it up by soaking it in vinegar. I don't know the weight yet. I'll edit this post when I find out. I think it is my best Rye Patch nugget. Lucky Friday the 13th full moon nugget. I gridded that area for half the day and only found trash. I don't think I would have that nugget now if it had been in the reverse order. I found the clue early and gridded. If I would have found trash, trash, trash without a clue I probably would have moved on. I discovered a couple of things while looking for more in that area but they will be put into another post. It is my only nugget of the 3 days so far but I'm seeing some new to me patches. More travel tomorrow while the temperature is up. Mitchel
  9. New to group here and just got a GPX-5000 and spent a few hours yesterday playing with different settings and breaking it in at the Rye Patch. Any suggestions on best settings for Rye Patch ( I used Sen Extra w/ 11" mono, slow and quiet with gain of 12, know of any other areas closer to Reno to nugget hunt then Rye Patch? I tried Gold Canyon in Dayton NV today but that place was filled with trash (I was mainly in the lower section).
  10. My wife and I talk occasionally of leaving California for pastures more green or gold or even desert grey as the case may be and decided to do it this time instead of just talking about it.The decision did have an unpleasant catalyst of sorts to push us over the edge a surprise letter from the county assessor letting me know that a mistake in the valuation of my home was not in my favor (depending on how you look at it) and the result was around a 1200 percent increase in my assessed valuation and a tax bill for 2 years due in two installments that made me feel a little sick at first, now that I've had a little time to adjust and have a contract from a buyer on a piece of property I own Im all over the shock and am really looking forward to living a lot closer to what i hope are some decent hunting grounds a lot closer to me then it was living in the south San Francisco bay area. Only thing is after hunting nuggets since the zed came out I've got a nice little database of places I like to hunt and ill sort of be starting over except my skills should be slightly better than when I first started doing the beep, beep beep. Im looking forward to joining some of the local clubs and having the opportunity to get in some decent day hunts something just a little to distant for me right now and ive also wanted to check out some claims I have access to in Arizona, and haven't because they are just to far away now. Be fun to have a real chance to find a little space debris too, a bucket list item for sure id like to check of in my book. Ive always thought northern Nevada would be my choice but seems my wife wants the big city life and Las Vegas is her preference so I guess Im now in love with the idea of being a Las Vegas area resident if I know what's good for me, LOL. actually anyplace I can find some decent nugget hunting will work fine and wow the housing market in the Las Vegas area is something to behold coming from the California Bay area so that's a giant plus and the tax advantages are huge with no state income tax and lower property taxes. Its going to be HOT 4 month out of the year and I figure that'll be mostly indoor air conditioned time, but who knows there may be days I can tough it out and any advice from those been there is much appreciated as to this point I've only been a short term visitor and I know some adjusting will happen, in fact i was just reading a thread on the brown recluse spider that's not something here in the Bay area in California to worry about, they seem more a problem than the Black Widow I'm familiar with. If you lived there and hated it I like to know and the same if you loved it the coordinates of your favorite patches and placers would also be very helpful... 😎
  11. Got a tip from a friend on some BLM land that has produced gold in the past. I spent 4 1/2 days (30 hours of detecting) while camping out there. Weather was quite good -- only rained intermittantly for part of one day; typical temps were 70's F daytime and 40's F nighttime. Got lucky to have had recent rains which brought out the flowers: I always try and learn as much as I can while MD'ing, regardless of the site/location and intended finds. I was hunting with the Minelab Equinox 800 with 6 inch coil in Gold 1 mode, White's Prostar headphones coupled to the WM08 wireless receiver. It was nice to get away from the EMI I typically deal with at home (coin hunting). However, the hot rocks more than made up for that! At the start of each day I adjusted my settings, taking advantage of what I had used previously but also trying to keep an open mind as to what would run the quietest. Over the 4+ days I tried gains (sensitivites) between 16 and 23, ran all metal or disked out just {-9,-8, -7}, notched in only {-2,-1,0,1,2}, tried all recovery speeds in {4,5,6,7}. I Ground Grabbed most of the time but did try tracking, which didn't seem to make any improvement at this particular site. The ground phase was locally pretty stable, only varying by about 1 or 2 typically. Regardless of settings there was always at least of bit of noise from hot rocks to put up with. Surprisingly sometimes the hot rocks ID'ed at 12. As if the Equinox needed one more object to read that value.... The biggest false signal I had to deal with was wet ground. This wasn't surface moisture but rather at about 2 inches and deeper. The ID's read right in the small gold range {+1,+2} and sounded pretty clean, although they weren't quite a sharp as the real thing. However, for me anyway, close enough to not ignore. Pictured below is my 'haul'. I actually found one more piece but lost it somehow in the process of putting it into the collection bottle. One more lesson learned. Bottom line is that I quadrupled my lifetime count but still haven't made it to my first gram. All read +1 TID and all were within 2 inches of the surface. One was in the grass, lying on the surface of the ground. I'm certainly appreciative of the lead I got to this location. Wish I didn't live 2400 miles away from it.
  12. Hello all, First time poster but long time lurker. I'm curious if anyone can help me locate coarse gold canyon in the rabbit hole district. There are several mentions of this area but no area to find it and I haven't had any luck with any of my research materials or a google search. Could anyone help? Thank you!
  13. There are quite a few newer folks on the forums and some are about to purchase a gold detector. I want to give you an update. My Field Staff Experts and I will be offering our 1st of 2019 season a 3 Day Field Training on Gold Detectors, Friday April 12th - Sunday 14th. I was just notified a couple can not make it and one other from back east won't either. This means I have 3 openings right now. Any customer who purchases a gold detector from me of $2500+ can take the class for free. With the GPZ-7000 promo going on right now and you getting the additional 19" coil (valued at $1500). Purchase one of these from me...ATX Deep Seeker, GPX-4500, GPX-5000, SDC-2300 or GPZ-7000 and you get a variety of classes to choose from. Yes I also offer a 15% Military discount on Minelabs. How good is our training? Just ask the folks who have taken the class (some of them are on this forum). Please do not think you are going on a gold hunt. Our training is for Educating you on the proper use of your detector. Each of my staff members and I will be plugging in our headphones into a splitter with your phones and into your detector while teaching you the sounds to walk away from and the ones to investigate. We'll be explaining how to tell ground noise from a genuine target doing the details over and over. Each of us say the same thing, but in different words/tones, so after 3 days of instruction, you actually start to understand. From past experiences, the most gold is usually found on the last day, as you are starting to put everything together. We teach much more with the detectors, their technologies but I won't go into detail. Contact me direct with any questions.
  14. Driving to Vegas from NorCal for a company conference and taking a few extra days to fit in some detecting to and fro ? Nox and MMK loaded, along with 6" & 15" Nox coils, and the 7" concentric MMK coil, lots of iron patches to try, some other areas more sparse with targets, yet great finds have been made in those fields, so hopefully the EQ800 with the 15" coil will light that field back up (Tom bagged a gold coin from it and I've dug a key couple of date seateds). Some other areas I want to try, including an area I suspect may have been a wagon gathering campsite, the 15" coil will come in handy for zig zagging through this area to see if there's any signs of past life to confirm my wagon campsite theory. Another area we detected in the past where I dug a super deep piece of indian trade silver, the type you see more of back east. It was super deep, and the silver was heavily tarnished and kind of crinkled up. I thought it was a junk metal tag from something modern, and it wasn't until I got it home and was cleaning my finds that I figured out the treasure I'd dug. Tom and I detected that site again and didn't find much, so he wrote it off, and I have to agree it's not promising, but given how deep this big trade silver piece was, I think the 15" Nox coil might light up something our 11" coils missed (Exp2, F75 and Racer2), it's a long shot. It's always fun to hit your old sites with your new machines, each one brings something different to the table, finding stuff your other machines didn't for whatever reason.
  15. Version 1973


    Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada by Maureen G. Johnson (USGS) 1973 USGS Bulletin 1356, 2.93 MB pdf file, 122 pages A catalog of location, geology, and production with lists of annotated references pertaining to the placer districts of Nevada. Gold Panning, Sluicing, Dredging, Drywashing Forum
  16. Long but Interesting... "Go Big" or Go Home! ?Enjoy! Ig
  17. "Some stories are worthy of being told more than once. There are countless stories about lost or buried treasure in Nevada history. Most of these are legends that might or might not have any basis in fact. The following story, however, is one of the rare cases where a real treasure was found, when there was no previous knowledge it even existed." Full Story Here
  18. Hello everyone. I haven't really gotten out to use my detector since buying it last year spring time (Garrett AT Gold). I'm not sure exactly how to use it and would love some pointers or would be very happy to get with someone local and teach me some pointers. I am a GPAA member and I am thinking about going to the claim they have out by Rye Patch next Tuesday Dec 04. I have never been out to that area so any info on that would be appreciated as well. Thank you very much and have a great week.
  19. I got permission to hunt some private property on the Nevada Utah border from a guy that owns 60 acres down in the bottom of a ravine, I think the area may also have flowing water. The area has gold mining history with a hard rock mine nearby although I know very little about the area except some deposits were discovered as late as the 1980’s and the gold reports I’ve found are very incomplete of numbers as the activity seems to have been limited. it’s a long drive, but I think I have 4x4 access into his property and may just have to drive up and put boots on the ground and look around. From google earth the area is very volcanic as is most of the desert and other minerals have been mined as well from what I’ve read, zink, copper, silver other than gold. I’ve been researching the diggins , land matters and my n Nevada mines guide, Anyone have a any idea about the detectable nature of gold from that part of N Nevada?
  20. Years ago, when I started to hunt Rye Patch I knew it was well past it’s hey days! Yet, I continued to see nuggets being found there by others Prospectors! Our group, finally started to pop some gold after wearing out several sets of boots and skid plates on our old trusty GPX’s. With the new generation of Minelab Detectors, SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000, it was a new game. Having cut our teeth on the learning curve of both new detectors on the California side of the hill, we set our sites to Northern Nevada. Multitude of hours by our group to establish productive ground and techniques with our GPX’s, lead our new detectors to what seemed like brand new patches of gold. This last outing was no different! One of our hunting members had a moment of Total Recall and remembered a few years back that we found a few nuggets in a spot with our old GPX’s. Well we hit the spot swinging and soon our detector’s started to sing back to us! Now remember, I was out there a couple weeks ago, trying to track down a couple new spots for this group hunt trip. I didn’t find any new spots on that trip and we didn’t even hunt the old spots on this trip, which I did good on. Now, there is only one way to run the SDC and that’s turn it on, it’s and incredible detector and the operators of it on this trip pulled teens of nuggets with it. But, you have to know the variable sounds of the SDC when you run the coil over a target that set you apart from others swinging the same machine over the same dirt. It’s the same with the GPZ 7000, you really can’t run it wrong, just turn it on! You make it run for you and your inner self. Sure I have settings, I like and so does everyone in our group of Prospectors. You have to know what it’s telling you if it’s a target or not, there isn’t many Duck nuggets left in any old gold field(s). Air testing or burying a test nugget does not reproduce any of these nugget signals (tones). I’m still learning tones of the GPZ and will never be and expert of them. The sweet tones of a nugget, I do have lock in my mind is what keeps me and boot makers happy! Lucky...No - spend the time in your local gold field, might take a few pairs of boots, skid plates and multitudes of digging holes in hot ground and rocks to learn the tones of your settings of your detector. We had a great time, even though the wind was crazy windy and made Detecting a challenge - Persevere, press on regardless! Until the next hunt Here’s Robin’s and my 2 1/4 day hunt total in dwts
  21. Anyone planning to go to the Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Out in September? Now that I have the EQ800 we're thinking about going to check it out. HH, Brian
  22. I have heard a lot about Rye Patch Nevada and now that we are retired the wife and i are thinking about taking a trip down there so i can do some detecting for nuggets? We have a 4x4 PU and small 18' camp trailer. Are there areas you can get to with a trailer and set up close to where you want to hunt. Is it even possible to get a trailer in there? Can anyone go and hunt? We are thinking about some time in May, weather in Oregon and over the passes permitting. Any chance some of you might be there and be willing to give a new comer some tips on nugget detecting. I have a Minelab GPX 4000, a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and a Whites Gold Master V-sat. all of which i need a lot more experience with. Hope to see some of you there.
  23. Snow was all gone, but dumped 8” last night and still falling....
  24. Poured rain here all night in Reno. Supposedly 3-4 feet of snow up in the high country - we will see when the clouds lift! We are off to a mild start and I am still out detecting, though I have mostly shifted gears to coin and jewelry detecting. I hope to stay active detecting through the entire winter - if not through mild weather here then by driving to where it is milder. It is heading into summer in Oz. Soon it will be too cold here for detecting in northern areas. And soon it will be too hot to go detecting in parts of Australia! On the other hand temps are just right for the folks down in Arizona. There is always someplace gold is being found. How are those of you who are facing an “off season” planning on dealing with it?
  25. Made it out for half a day yester to an old patch. My buddy dave let me borrow his big coil for the GPZ and i wanted to give it a shot. Good news, i scored 3 nuggets with it, bad newsI have a 9 in metal plate in my hip that sounds off every time i moved the coil to my right. Almost impossible to hold the coil far enough away to avoid the signal. Put heavy strain on my back trying to do that. So I switched coils and tried bumping up the sensitivity to 18 ground normal. I managed to get a couple more pieces. 4.6 gram total. Big was 2.2. I had found out my girlfriends brother is a closet prospector lol. He watches all thr shows but has never found any color. So i lent him my GMT and taught him my dig, rake, detect technique and he got 7 pieces for about a gram and a half. We werent getting cell service where we were and he didn't want his wife to worry, so we packed in early at 1:30. I text my girlfriend we were on our way. She asked why so early, and i told her Jason got sick. She text back with concern asking if was the heat? I replied "hes got a bad case of gold fever" lol in which she replied that i am a dork. I guess i am. Chris
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