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  1. I have been thinking the other day as I was digging yet another deep hole with a sweet sound how I wish I could just reach for my small discriminating pin pointer. Something small like a Garrett ProPointer. I could reach for one in my back pocket and check it down in the hole and than I can decide to leave it or clean the trash out. Sure would save some time. Sure I can modify my Tesoro silver U max and make it a stubby disc pointer, but its too big for me to carry around as I have enough on my back all ready. I don't see any sense of nugget hunters with a vlf buying one, but for PI users wit
  2. I got a new Whites waterproof pinpointer last week. Dunno if its operator error or bad unit? I am using the AA batteries it came with. When I turn it on to pinpoint a coin, it is stable for about 10 seconds, but then it starts to sound off on every dirt clod within a foot diameter of the hole . If I can pinpoint the target quickly, its ok, if not? Well then I start cussing/screaming at it. The book says something about the Ground Grab thing but this is all black dirt, and hardly any ground minerals. Before I send it back and get the orange Garret Carrot Propointer, I thoug
  3. I think some people will like having some brighter color options... https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/bullseye-trx-pinpointer-color/ White's is thinking of all you that already own a TRX. You can get replacement color shells at https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/trx-replacement-shell-color/
  4. What pinpointers are everyone using? In the market for one myself.
  5. Just thinking about the possibilities, some assumptions are necessary to further the thought. Let's assume the Deus introduces the 5X9 coil as expected. We know the Deus is unique in that the coil is the detector, no control box mounted on the shaft. We know the audio and control functions are wireless and transmitted to a very small pocket sized controller or wireless headphones. The Deus seems to be very accurate on Ferrous, at what depth I can't be sure. So, other than something to function as a handle, the coil could be carried in a pouch or belt holster, brought out and switched on a
  6. Which pin pointers are compatible with Gold Racer and the Racer 2, The Minelab Pro Pointer was picked up by the Gold Racer any where within 5 feet of the coil while on or off. I used a White's TRX with a DFX and didn't have a problem. I sold the TRX before I bought the Gold Racer.
  7. Is there a more powerful/deeper alternative to the usual pinpointers.? Need a small handheld, waterproof nugget detector, with a 2"-4" coil, suitable for snorkelling in small streams. Alternatively, a backpack mounted normal detector(in a waterproof bag), with a tiny coil directly held in the hand, or on a small 6" handle, might work I know there is the NOKTA POINTER & GARRETT PRO POINTER AT. (Lacking depth, and sweep coverage) Also seen the DETECTOR PRO Pistol Probes, VIBRA QUATIC & VIBRA TECTOR 730, & FALCON MD20. Would any of these work for me? (Possibly too low a
  8. I just recently purchased the Garrett Carrot Pinpointer. I really like it. The issue is the GPZ7000 does not like to be within 4 feet of it. And that is with the pinpointer off. I swing the detector with my left arm. I put the pinpointer in my finds sack on my right rear belt side. Every time I swing right I would get a signal from the pinpointer. My pick, old pinpointer, and trash in the sack, no problem. But the Garrett Carrot sets the GPZ7000 off. I really like the pinpointer, but can't carry it with me. Will have to leave it with my water and lunch and go get it when the rare times I need
  9. Good look at the guts of yet another Garrett pinpointer clone at http://md-hunter.com/opening-the-gold-hunter-pinpointer-photos-whats-inside/ Lots of circuit there, kind of like a phone blows away computers made years ago there is an entire metal detector in a pinpointer these days.
  10. When I was a kid I was told it's not polite to point. The kid got lots of years behind him detecting now. One dealer sent me a pinpointer some years back but I didn't like the looks of it. To me it look like a box of M & M peanuts that you get at the show with a big pencil sticking out one end. The newer shape came out you can wrap your hand around it and this I like. So when I ordered a detector from Digger Bob I said I'd try another pointer. So now I find myself as soon I open the ground I reach for my pointer. Oh my thinking is why didn't I use the first one I had. If anyone is ou
  11. Appearing at lots of dealers a new pulse induction pinpointer http://golddiggerinnovativeproducts.com/land-or-sea-pinpointed/ Waterproof to 20 feet Powerful pulse circuitry that works great in mineralized dirt and salt water Sound, Vibrate, or Sound & Vibrate – and LED Signal Indicator Introductory Price $99.95 Retail 2 Year Warranty
  12. This post is inspired by the the question 1515Art asked at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/972-iron-detector/ "is there a small lightweight detector that would compliment the GPZ mainly by giving the operator a second look that reads for an iron signal on the target in question, something like a pin pointer with some decent depth made for iron." This question has of course been asked by many Minelab operators over the years, including myself. In my case being dissatisfied with the option of carrying a complete second detector around as not very practical (I tried it) I made this
  13. Not too long ago I posted about converting a Tesoro Silver uMax into a pinpointer at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/980-tesoro-silver-umax-pinpointer-conversion/. I finally sold the Silver uMax, but I kept the shortened rod and put the slip mount for a Gold Bug 2 on it. This way I could convert my Gold Bug 2 into a similar setup which I still have today. I put it together this morning just to show it to you! It is a bit unwieldy with all the extra cable but it actually works just fine. The bent coat hanger is just a hook for hanging it off my belt. The entire unit is 16" long.
  14. Someone posted this else where, after they sent in their pin pointer in to Garrett to have it repaired only to find out is was a Fake, Lucky for him he used Ebay Via Paypall and got his money back and the Son of a Chinese Meadow Lady has been reported, Can you tell them apart ?? my guess is the top one is Real but I am not sure john
  15. It only makes sense to copy success. Garrett scored a home run with the original Garrett pinpointer, and now everyone is falling all over themselves trying to cash in on Garrett's success. I have used a lot of them and at this point it is getting a bit silly. Some are missing the point in that what really makes the Garrett unit great is the simplicity. Some of the new versions are suffering from feature creep, kind of like Microsoft Word and all those functions you really do not need. The real problem as I see it is I do not need version 20 of the same old thing. How about somebody do somethin
  16. Has anyone tried using a Sunray probe for small nugget hunting? It seems to me that a sunray probe attatched to shaft of a GB Pro or a F75 would work great in places where a larger coil would be too big, like in cracks and around rocks. Since the Sunray workes off of the detectors control box it should have good depth and sensitivity.
  17. it seems the biggest weakness of the GPZ is the lack of any reliable discrimination other than a best guess as to depth due to the double target response. My Whites SST will power up in seconds and is a great detector with excellent iron discrimination and may even give an accurate iron response in proximity to the GPZ, but its not practical to carry both. my question is there a small lightweight detector that would compliment the GPZ mainly by giving the operator a second look that reads for an iron signal on the target in question, something like a pin pointer with some decent depth made for
  18. Deteknix X-pointer is PI not VLF. Better for gold prospecting but has some issues... like fast battery drain etc.
  19. Dear Valued Members: We are proud to announce the new waterproof Nokta Pointer: http://noktadetectors.com/nokta-pointer.asp
  20. I finally managed to find some fluggets (bigger than flakes, smaller than nuggets!) that make the Pro-Pointer sound off. But running the probe over the pieces of gold I realised that there is a sweet spot on the pinpointer. In my case it is about 1cm up from the tip of the probe on the opposite side to the yellow decal. With very small gold it is the only place the pinpointer will register a signal. Has anyone else noticed this?
  21. After reading a post from rumblefish he had asked the question? "So I got to wondering, what is the minimum flake/nugget size that can be detected? Could anyone with an SDC (or even a Pro Pointer) post and tell me their results?" So I thought I would try a small nugget with the x-pointer, don't know the size of this nugget but the x-pointer would not detect it, Yes it was on level 4..
  22. Anybody ever hear about this treasure mate pointer? about 180 bucks... The Treasure Mate Pinpointer is a small hand held super sensitive metal detector that can be used for pinpointing coin and relic targets or for gold prospecting. It is very light weighing, only 6 ounces, bet at 16.5 kHz it is sensitive enough to locate very small pieces of placer gold. Comes complete with a deluxe detector / target pouch and belt. This is the pinpointer that is sensitive enough and equipped with circuitry to deal with harsh ground mineralization so that it can be used for gold prospecting.
  23. Well, this has been a long time in the making. White's is finally shipping their long awaited new pinpointer, the Bullseye TRX. It looks very promising indeed - automatic ground balance with tracking, in a pinpointer? Wow! Shipping now to dealers. The ground balance feature means this has the potential to be the pinpointer prospectors have been waiting for. I will get one ASAP, give it a spin, and report back. Highlights 12 kHz operating frequency Audio and/or Vibrate Alert Automatic Ground Balance with Tracking Automatic Power Off Alternate Battery Operation (2-AA or 1-9V) U
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