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  1. Another lovely day here, winds at 30 with gusts to 45. It was sunny and fairly warm so I got a quick hunt in on the hill behind my house, I am now calling it Mason Jar Hill because I have found about 50 mason jar lids there, I think it was a dump. It was bush hogged recently giving me an opportunity to search it more. I don't keep any of the lids, they are all rusty and corroded. I doubt anyone would care. I was only there about an hour before I got tired of the wind and the deer flies. Usually deer flies are suppressed by the wind but lucky me, not today! There were some spots on the hill that were out of the wind. Finds: Nice green 3oz jar, I think I damaged it digging for whatever else I was after. Heavy glass. Mangled token marked "Good for 50’ in merchandise", sadly the vendor could not be read on the back. Old zipper pull, 1919 wheat, and a piece of decorative metal. Here is what the jar is, I found it. Got a lot more to do here, it's only about a half acre but it's all hill. Trash was mostly handgun bullet shells and the ever present Mason jar lids. The lids ID from 21-32, so I have to dig them all. 😡
  2. Me and a hunting buddy happened upon a CW firing range. We thought, great, we'll dig a few minies and move on. But when we swung it was immediate target after target. A rare unexploited hot spot. Limited only by how fast we could recover the targets. Another buddy made it over to the area coming from a different field and joined in with the Deus. But this was hot Culpeper dirt so I had the advantage with my GPX 4800 PI detector. My other buddy fanned out to look for the likely firing line holding drops and buttons, but no joy. Likely cleaned out by others who were there beforeMe and a hunting buddy happened upon a CW firing range. Anyway, it kind of became an obsession and challenge for me. I would either be continuously recovering a target or checking/confirming one of my buddy's Deus targets. Would the minies dry up or would I drop from exhaustion? The minies won. 81 minies, one button, and 7 hours later, I called it a day with plenty of targets still heard as I walked out of the 20 yard by 20 yard patch. If you did the math, that is one minie recovered on average every 5 minutes. So now I have that out of my system, can take the memory of the day I dug minies at will, and will probably never have a day like that again, which is probably a good thing. P.S. The minies with the star marking in the cavity mean they were manufactured at the Washington Arsenal.
  3. Nothing special today but still productive. I'm thinking the steamboat unloaded passengers on one side (the high pilings), and cargo on the other (ramp). Hacked around the "passenger" side but didn't go too far out. The sand got kinda loose, and once gave way. There was a 26 ID object in the pilings, dug out out with my pinpointer and trusty composite shovel, when I got it out it ID'd a 31, it's on the left in the trash photo: It's just some sort of aggregate rock, haven't done anything with it yet. The license plate was a 36, again I thought I'd hit the jackpot. 😡 Even the Comet can lid was a solid 22 πŸ˜€ The finds: Odd brass object, some kinda strainer or lamp thing? Here's the back: 1892 IHP, it was totally encrusted, but carefully peeling away the black brought forth what was left. Unidentifiable wheat penny, no date. Came out as is. IHP was a 19/20, wheat was a 21/22. There is a small area all these coins are all coming from, I'll keep hitting it. I think it may be where people were swimming. Might rake or dig it down a bit to see if there are any silvers there.
  4. Here are some different relics to find! https://www.livescience.com/sword-poland-battle-of-grunwald.html?utm_source=notification
  5. Finally got a chance to hit the steamboat landing on the water today. A coincidental lower tide and great weather made an opportunity for me. It's a beautiful place, but fraught with risks from the poison ivy ground cover to the soft sand/muck in the river. There are places here that look solid but you sink immediately should you step there. Really didn't find much but didn't expect to. What I was more interested in was getting used to the gear and the conditions, I was wearing waders and using my scoop as a "stabilizer" as well. There are pilings, underwater holes, even saw an engine block out in the river. I only went a little above knee deep today. The water is clear but silts ahead of you as you walk. Water parallax makes it a bit difficult to locate where to scoop, but lifting the coil straight up after pinpointing helps. Found some pretty cool stuff, the steamboat mooring line cleat and the old blue medicine bottle were my favorite trash, the cleat was a 36. Thought I'd hit the jackpot. πŸ˜€ I worked my way over to the area I found some completely corroded Indian Heads just before I quit, I was only there about two hours. Got a 9/10, and scooped this very corroded "V" nickel, sadly not enough detail to provide a date. Identified it by size and the bust that was barely visible.Going back soon! They're planting the fields so woods and river are my only local diversions.
  6. Brutal day today, but the farmers came early to disc. 20 mph constant with gusts to 35, never got much above 50. Felt like March. Hunted along the other side of that road today, I have never found so many bullets but I dug them all because they ID'd at 21-32. 😡 I stayed on one side of the road while they disced the field on the other where I was last time. Got about halfway up the road and hit a solid 18. Dug my first 1980 memorial. Swung around where I found it and to my surprise found 9 more, and what appears to be a rifle or shotgun takedown pin. Also found a piece of broken glasses frame there, I can only imagine what was going on that day. Got a pistol ball, a 7-30 Waters cartridge, a piece of decorated copper that could have been a ring. A small pin, some kind of jumping frog or entity and a large wingnut rounded out the relics: My battery started to get low, I started early. Went back to the house real quick and got my backup charger battery, it's power delivery and can charge the Equinox 3 times. Just taped it on and went back. πŸ˜€ Rural engineering at it's finest! Made the Equinox heavier, but you play, you pay. An hour later it was fully charged. Up by the trucks and my golf cart I made my find of the day: 1943 Mercury Dime. All's well that ends well. Oh, and the trash, never dug so much: I counted 21 bullets.
  7. Maybe the finds were light but the trash was heavy. I'm getting nervous that the farmers will show up and I'll be out of the fields for the rest of the year. I've never dug so many bullets, all either vintage non military, or brand new black powder, mostly in the 50 caliber range. I was hunting a roadside in this field near my house today. There was a horse racing track here long ago, the farmer "killed" the side of the road it was on, not sure whether he did it so I could check it out, but we did discuss it a while ago. This is only half the road looking back to the entrance, I'm pretty sure it's about a half mile long or more. This field is over 200 acres. Didn't find much: A fired musket ball, a ramrod tip, an odd shaped bullet that was interesting enough to keep, a 1912 wheat penny and an unidentifiable wheat, and my favorites of the day, most of a 1600s spectacle buckle and an 1800s 2 piece button. Looks like the button was decorated but bronze disease has taken its toll. Just before I wrapped up the farmers stopped by and gave me some great intel about this area. They figure I have another week or so before they plant. Great guys!
  8. Whooo, what a week. Back home from the beach, I didn't post my last hunt but I found .99 in change. 51 coins total, 3 rings, military button and some small stuff. No silvers. 😡 Got a 50 Centavos piece and 1 South African Rand, so I scored over $5. Oh, and an Anvil... My wife got food poisoning (she is ok now), my RV water heater element blew, and the outside faucet decided to crack and blow the knob out. Filled the underbelly with water. That lovely trifecta made us decide to head back a day early. I love beach hunting! It must be my luck but GB never went higher than 10, I only got EMI near a water tower with cell service on it. Clean, clean beach. You got what the Equinox said you did for the most part. Got many more beaches in my future! Today I hit the farm, decided to grid a farm house where scouting didn't turn up much. All I found in 4 hours was one 1994 dime and one button. I got a 36 on the Equinox, thought "yay!" And dug a huge crudely cast lead ingot. πŸ˜€ It's about 3" wide and is heavy. Yep, back on the farm. I guess we all have these days, you should see all the bottle caps and aluminum I dug to get this. Yikes! When I got home I had this waiting for me: It's a 1954 silver quarter cut to the Equinox coil shape. It came with a bead chain, I replaced it with a snake chain. Thus far I have only found two silver coins! Maybe it will be a voodoo talisman for the future. πŸ˜€ I thank everyone yet again for their advice and encouragement.
  9. β€œAs proven today, the finding of military ordnance from the Civil War is not uncommon in Maryland, and these devices pose the same threat as the day they were initially manufactured,” the fire marshal’s office said. People are encouraged to report such discoveries to the authorities and remember that even vintage artifacts can be deadly. In 2008, a man who collected Civil War relics died after a cannonball he was attempting to restore exploded.” https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/bomb-squad-detonates-civil-war-cannonball-found-maryland-n1262276
  10. That's $1,000,000 worth of good luck! Found this unusual token at a park this week. Can't find a lot of information on this token.
  11. I hunted the camp today found a bunch of old iron trash and a few goodies. No buckles on this trip but did score a tiny silver using the Equinox 6” coil in park 1 stock settings. My wife found the flower button and it made her day. The other button is what I think is a wolf. Both in good shape. May go back tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for any help or direction you can give. The knife is wood on one side and celluloid (maybe) on the other. The spike is from the same field as the other iron piece I found. I couldn't help but hear Gary D.'s voice say something about a decking spike off a Spanish galleon.😁 I am now digging the deep iron in the area these came from. The other signals are either masked or most are gone due to being dug. Thanks again for your wisdom.
  13. Finished up the farmhouse I started yesterday, I know I'm finished when there are nearly no signals in two+ passes. I will hack around a bit just to be certain. Today was padlock day, got two and a possible third. The brass lock marked Red Cross was found when I went to an area that was not fully covered on a hunch. It has a unique back, they call it a Maltese Cross but since this house was standing in the 1860s I think it might be something else. πŸ€” Fairly common lock but none for sale recently. The other is a Slaymaker "Old Guard" with the shackle long since rusted away. Can't find any info on it. Giant piece of plumbing marked Wilson MFG Co. Looks like maybe a closet rod holder or maybe a sink trap? The rectangular object next to it appears to be part of a third lock, it is only half of it. Shield looking thing looks like it was attached to a rod, no clue. Interesting find is the large rimfire cartridge, looks to be over 40 caliber and has two opposing rim strikes. It is marked US. And last, 1935 wheat penny. Not an epic day but at least I found some stuff worth showing. It will be my last for a bit, farmers are putting down lime and fertilizer, and I am going to spend a few days getting my RV ready for a trip. Taking the Equinox (and my wife) to the shore! πŸ˜€
  14. Had a lot of stuff to do this morning, it was 35 out anyway. By the time I got out to the field it was about 11, but had warmed up to the 50s. I set up a grid search of the last known farmhouse in my permission, it was dismantled about 1967. Few but me know it was there. Started out where I think the back of the house was, and turned up 3 buttons. Clothesline! Found the well, and near it dug the best find of the day! Good stuff today. In the photo from left to right: Some kind of wire/rope guide, thought it was a weight but it looks like it was on a post or something. It is hollow underneath. Small brass oval plate, no engraving. Unusual brass plug shaped object with a slot made from two holes, a leg to something, D buckle, and some sort of aluminum wheel, at first I thought it was a roof nail but the hub is threaded. Large tack or stud, drawer pull or broken bit piece, and a small copper washer. These washers annoy me, they are really small and come up a loud and solid 22 no matter how deep they are. I've found quite a few. Buckle fragment, and then a cloisonne pin, I think it was all white when new. It has a fine border and rings when dropped. Next the buttons. First one is a Great Seal button backmarked Scovill Waterbury. Second is a button mangled beyond ID. Last one is Baltimore City Police, backmarked Rosenfeld Bros. Baltimore. Last is the find of the day. 1816-1836 Matron Head large cent. Can't get a date but the bust is clear, at least what shows around the bullet hole 😡 High velocity rifle did this, probably a 30-30. A solid 28 on the Equinox, at first I thought it was a washer.
  15. Finished grid searching the farmhouse today. Last couple of days I spent working on my RV. Found some interesting stuff, more of those brass beads or rollers (they are indented but not hollow), an odd button that looks like a center-fire cartridge end but isn't. It has a stamp but it's very corroded. Has a single shank in back, may not even be a button. 4 aluminum buttons, one had traces of blue paint, the other 3 are like the others I dug, 6 total. Surprised I didn't find the shirt. A small octagonal tag that reads "E. F. & BRO." Next is a bronze pin, I have no idea what it is for. Gold plated pocket watch plate, reads "patent pinion". Another pewter foot and a small box keyhole. Got 1 more corroded Indian head, an 187-something. A 1940 wheat, and a 1925. This makes 6 wheat pennies, 8 IHPs, one Trime, and one mercury dime at this site. I went back to where I found the silver but found nothing. Best coin haul ever for me, not the last I hope. Got "something" gold anyway! (plated) 😁
  16. We spent a few hours at the camp today. The easy targets are gone so now it’s low and slow. I still managed a few good finds. I think I have spotted a few more stacked rock foundations to check out but they are obscured by some thick brush. I’ll keep plugging along. I would appreciate any good info on the coin. The gold gilt button looks much better in person.
  17. Warm enough to hunt in a T-shirt today. Farmhouse Grid search day 2. Dug a couple of buckles and what I thought were cufflinks, but yeah that's just a rivet. 😡 Little gear or saw blade, some sort of brass bead but it's not hollow. Really fancy spoon handle says Sterling on the bent piece. The large rectangle may be silver, it sure sounds like it and it's heavy. Two more of those aluminum buttons flanking a really heavy colonial brass button that appears to have been silverplated, it has a backmark but it's obliterated. I think I found the clothesline, kept turning up Indian Head after Indian head, and then one wheat penny. Dates: 1864, 18?5 (who would drill a coin through the date), 1887, 1890, 1901, 1907. The wheat is 1910. I really like the green color Indian heads have when they come out of the ground. Spoon reverse in the second photo. Fancy!
  18. Went back to the farmhouse site I scouted yesterday and set up a grid search. Dug a very odd button, no backmark. Appears to have had some sort of second piece but it's stamped on the back so the images show on the front. Crossed muskets or swords, a horn with an arrow coming out of it on the bottom, a sword that morphs into what looks like a snake, and I can distinctly make out the letter "B", but little else. Looks like there was another letter but it's obliterated. Found what I guess is a newer two-hole Scovill button, circle of dots on the front but nothing else. Small two hole button may be aluminum but it was a 23. Small shoe buckle, snap, D buckle, pewter piece (does anyone ever find a complete candlestick?), Harmonica reed. Then the good stuff, 1857 Trime (solid 17), 1917 mercury dime, and 1907 Indian head - 3 7s again...Just got to the well, there is a lot more ground to cover! Dug a lot of trash today, you know you're on a home site when you fill your bag with stuff that sounds good but isn't.
  19. Beautiful day today. Didn't get out until 10, but by then it was already warm, about 47. It was 25 when I first got up. Headed out to the old farmhouse site to run a couple of passes I felt I could have done better, surprised a large Coyote hunting at the woods edge. Coyotes migrated to this area in the last 5 years or so, this one has wiped out all of the foxes and many of the rabbits around my house. I get photos of him now and again on my deer cameras. Today he was stalking a groundhog that I saw go in the woods where he was a day before. All I found at the old site was a cutlery handle like one I found not too far from it previously. This one says "Sterling 925" on it, well maybe the plating was πŸ˜€ Last night I set up a new plot for another farmhouse in Tect-O-Trak using some historic aerials I found. Went there and saw brick and heard lots of iron so I knew I found the house. The well was filled in but not a great job. I have fallen in a well before, not something I would wish on anyone. Shown in the photo: The cutlery handle, a large adjusting wheel of some sort (at first I thought I found another KG Copper😡), another very heavy piece of cutlery with an odd tab. Belt buckle might be animal tack, it's heavy but still managed to get twisted. Four Wheat Pennies from 1913 to 1944. Two buttons, one seems to be aluminum, the other is the front of a two piece. I can't make out the design so below is a close up if anyone recognizes it. Toy wheel, and my most stunning find of the day, a .58 caliber Gardner ball, dropped not fired. I'm surprised to have found one in such great condition and even more surprised to find one at all. πŸ€” Tomorrow I'm going back to grid search.
  20. Finished up the farmhouse site today, made a few more passes and found nothing. I went to a new site that I previously plotted using old maps where a building was up to the 60s, and first known in 1917 on a USGS map. Hacked around a bit and found the objects in the photo. I'm not sure if I should grid this spot, I didn't hear a lot of iron. Great way to kill an afternoon. At least this field was out of the annoying March wind. The disc is lead, could be a bale seal, or possibly a weight or game piece. 1 1/4 inches in diameter. It was weird to find a sinker in a farm field about a mile from the river, but there it was. Some kind of point, it is brass or bronze. It is fashioned to be aerodynamic at any rate, but could be a finial. Large heavy buckle, most likely work animal tack. I think the wheat penny is a 1909, but not an S or VDB, it is so corroded it doesn't matter. πŸ˜€ Best find of the day, the brass plate. It's 2 1/2" by 2, has a naked woman on each side, and a man and an animal in the center embraced by the arms of the face on top. Better detail in the bottom photo. Image search returned nothing, but I may have this very object in one of my artifact books. Don't know whether it was a buckle, mounted on furniture (it has a flange on the back but no holes or guides), or some sort of breastplate. Not much time left before spring planting.
  21. I'd have named this "Just the Artifacts #5", but again I found some coins (thanks GB 😁) Today was a decent day for March but the wind was unpredictable. At least it got warm enough that I didn't have to wear heavy or electric clothes. I think I found my first "Zincoln", it's the heavily corroded memorial to the right of the unidentifiable penny. Got another handle, again probably a razor. The large disc is gold plated, one side smooth and one has concentric circles. I'm thinking it was on a pocketbook or something. Small knurled ring that at first i thought was an Asian coin, but it is some sort of adjustment wheel. Much too small to be a coin. Odd lead "egg", a snap, another knurled knob. Big brass padlock I can't find the manufacturer of. The artful logo brings no result on image search. Heavy spoon handle, two buckles, one appears to be plated. Penny, probably a wheatie, and the corroded penny. This field isn't too good for copper or Zinc! Best for last again, a two piece button with the back missing says "Metropolitan Police DC". The small version of the Marine Corps buttons I've been finding, and the second four hole button I have ever found, "Lamm Baltimore". It's about ~1910, from a Baltimore company that made men's trousers and raincoats. Hope this crazy stuff is still interesting! Anyone identifying the anchor over rope button in my previous post is welcome to visit. πŸ˜€
  22. Was out for two hours today to a local football field after a rain. I have detected the field and surrounding area many, many times in the past. However, today there were many more interesting finds than normal! The only problem is, I have no idea what some of them are. The coin, which had an ID of 21, looks like it could be a colonial copper of some sort. I have circled what I think is the word "et"... assuming the meaning is "and." The brass item has glass windows, and was easy to take apart. Maybe a drip feed oiler? It was down about a foot. If you could lend your insight, that would be awesome πŸ‘. The knife was crusty, but a bit of hitting helped break the sandy rust off. The handle appears to be plastic/ bakelite. I am along the west coast of FL around Tampa. Equinox, 15", park 1, 6 recovery
  23. Second day in this site. It never got over 42 today, the wind was around 20-30 mph all day. I went out dressed like I was yesterday and had to go back for a heavy hoodie and heated socks. Got Reynauds in my hands and feet, unbelievable pain if they get too cold. The reason I went right back is because the first coin I found is either an early American penny or a King George, or not... πŸ€” It's 1 1/8 inches in diameter and weighs 9.7 grams. No really identifiable lettering, just the bust facing right. Big coin. The only way to "read" it is the good old flashlight trick. Left to right: small crude button signaled a whopping 22. Might be silver. I didn't know it was a button until I cleaned it a bit. Small Great Seal button, backmark "New York Button", might be WW1. Second Marine button, this one in much better shape. 1860s. 1800s button marked Treble Gilt. Two wheat pennies, a 1919 and a 1937. Heart shaped locket, brass that may have been gold plated. I'm afraid to try and open it! Two aluminum geegaws marked HOLLY US PAT'S. At first I thought they were pull tabs. πŸ˜€ Next is a heavy silverplated handle, possibly razor or magnifying glass. Honestly the bust on the coin looks like Lincoln, but they never made a penny or half penny that big with him on it! πŸ™‚
  24. Great day but windy, 20 with gusts to 30. I could hardly hear my headphones sometimes and the wind kept blowing my spade around. Went to the site of an old farmhouse in my permission, at first I just scouted about but then switched to grid search using my flag sticks. It's not a huge area but will take a few days to search completely. Gotta say I was surprised to find any military objects at all. If you read my other posts your know this area never really saw war except for 1812, and that was only a very short skirmish that occurred nearly in my backyard. But find militaria I did! The site is as trashy as the other one I went to yesterday but just in the small area where the house stood. Found a decorated cutlery handle, looks like it might be a small teaspoon. There are marks and decorations, but nothing legible. The oval plate has a coin like border around it but also has nothing stamped or engraved other than the border. Next is some sort of part maybe to a machine or gun. The broken circular object seems to be tin. Large buckle is probably silverplated, it may be military. Two knurled knobs I found far apart that may be for holding a military device but I haven't found it yet! Some weird geegaw and a 1918 wheat penny. It was the last thing I found, It dates the finds somewhat. Saved the best for last, a colonial era button, and two military buttons. The left one I cannot identify but the right one is possibly 1864 to 1866 Marines. I did reverse image search on Goog. Anyone with an id for the other? Last is a shotgun shell , the UMC Union star primer is 1901-1912.
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