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  1. I had my old XP Deus 1 out checking the charge and wandered if the Mi6 would still pair and it did. Now, I had the new XP Deus 2 powered off and in another part of the house. I don't understand it but it still worked with both. I guess I was so tickled when I got it working with the XP Deus 2, I failed to un-pair with my old XP Deus 1. As I once asked this question----It would be so nice if the old high frequency coils would still work with the mono program on the new XP Deus 2.
  2. The greatly anticipated USA arrival of XP’s new detector, the DEUS II, is still several weeks away! Although the DEUS II was first released back in mid-December in the European Union countries (EU preferential origin), specifically France, Germany, etc, they have only just arrived in the UK this past week for dealer distribution. For us “across the pond”, the first limited allocation shipment is planned to be air freighted to the USA late this next week and after import/customs processing and shipping to XP’s USA distributors, it could take two weeks, to as much as three, to get them to dealers and their customers. Please keep in mind, these first shipments are limited in numbers so most of the dealers that submitted their orders by November 6, 2021, may only receive 1 to 3 units as XP and the USA distributors are striving to fairly share their limited availability across the USA. However, the good news is XP is assuring that the USA will have the top priority for the sending of the 2nd and 3rd allocations of DEUS II. In the meantime, following is the link for the XP DEUS II manual. It is well written and will be helpful when the DEUS II arrive. UK RC DEUSII.pdf (xpmetaldetectors.com) Incidentally, there were some USA DEUS II YouTube’rs/testers that thought the DEUS II USA shipments were already in the air and arriving in the USA by this past Friday. However, the XPLORER manufacturing facility and headquarters in Toulouse, France, confirmed that this was not true and just wishful thinking. Also of interest, XP testers and/or YouTube’rs got pre-regular production versions of the DEUS II with version 5 software. The DEUS II that will be shipped to the USA will have the newer version 6. The DEUS II , its coil, remote control, WS6 headphones are all designed to have their software updated online!
  3. I really like having the pinpointer paired with the detector. Most of the time, it works great. Periodically, the pairing doesn't work. Sometimes, simply turning it off and back on does the trick yet at other times, it takes several tries. Today, I had to un-pair it and then re-pair it to get it to work. Several times afterwards, I had to turn it off and back on a couple of times to get it to work. Most of the time it works great but sucks when it doesn't. I was using Program 2 Sensitive on the Deus II.
  4. I used a similar configuration on my Equinox which proved somewhat popular so I thought I’d post my Deus version. Keep in mind that everything below is just my personal preference. Rationale: Over more than a few years, I tried numerous ways through a combination of Target Identification (TID) and tones to better identify what was under my coil. It didn’t take long to discover that trying to cut the tone and TID distinction too fine in an attempt to accurately identify all targets was unproductive. Thru tedious trial and error, the obvious became clear. TID is not an exact science by any measure. TID can be affected by numerous variables such as depth, soil composition, the metallurgical make up and orientation of the targets in the soil. Expecting a consistently exact value for each possible target was unrealistic. I finally concluded that what I wanted was only an indication of what might be under my coil rather than expecting or trying for a precise ID. Can TID and tones do that for me? Yes After realizing what I wanted or needed from of a TID/tone combination, I settled on a 3 tone option. Below is a summary of my rationale for adopting that 3 tone solution. ~ My attempt at using full or 50 tones proved impossible for me...information overload! I then tried 5 tones and although more understandable, I felt that 5 tones was unnecessary and might even be overkill...for me. Why? ~ ALL targets fall within 3 conductive categories/zones--Low, Medium or High. So it made more sense for me to focus on those 3 zones and align the tones accordingly. The tones provided information on what zone I was dealing with while the TID gave me some rough indication as to where the target fell within the range of that zone. ~ I also wanted a system that wasn't apt to cause me to ignore good targets because they were similar in make up to worthless targets. Example; gold and aluminum are both mid level conductors and generate similar TID within that range. Yes, I'll dig aluminum so as not to pass up potential gold and dig other high conductive targets such as copper pennies so as not to pass up silver. Then as I was just learning the Deus II, Calabash Digger cautioned me that a too high discrimination setting could cause a good target to be masked by junk...and ol’ Calabash was right! I didn’t want to risk that either. ~ The question: How to get around junk that ranged from 0 to 20 or 25 on the Deus scale without risk of masking the good ones because of a high discrimination setting. I simply converted the 4 tone option to 3 tones using a combination of selected tones and tone breaks. Solution: I tested quite a number common targets of varying size and metallurgical composition and came up with some common TID ranges that I see on our beaches for each of the conductivity zones. This 3 tone configuration suited me just fine for the beach hunting I do. For the lowest conductive junk targets ranging from 0 to 7, I set tone level 1 at 100 kHz using a discrimination level of 7. (Disc setting of 7 seemed to prevent the masking of a good target even with reactivity set at 1 or less.) For other low conductive targets ranging from 8 to 20, I set tone level 2 at 100 kHz also. (Using 100kHz for both tone levels 1 and 2, I get the iron grunt for those junk targets which range from 0-20) Mid level conductors ranged from 21 to 85 so I set tone level 3 at 450 kHz..a nice mid tone. High conductors ranged from 86 to 99 so I set tone level 4 at 993 kHz I prefer the volume level of each zone to be at maximum--including ferrous items...personal preference. ~ In my work with a local museum however, I could use the 1 or 2 tone option. When digging museum quality artifacts, iron could be a valued artifact so I dig everything. I also dig it all when detecting along Florida's Treasure Coast as remnants of the ships fall within the iron or low conductive range and are periodically found along our beaches. Just one solution that works for me…your solution could be even better! 😉
  5. Just got my D2 (11 inch coil) in the mail yesterday and got to take it out today for the first time, for about 1.5 hours. This is my first MF machine, the closest I’ve used prior to this is my Simplex+ which I really enjoy. I was worried when I bought the D2, that It would be way too advanced for a complete newbie to MF machines but Ive spent quite a bit of time watching videos and reading the manual. Anyway, I made a few tweaks to the park program, switched to the XY screen and gave it a go at a local park. Long story short, I ended up finding 25 pennies, 9 quarters, 3 dimes ( 1 Silver Rosie) and 2 nickels. From my new guy perspective, I have to say that Im really liking this machine ALOT. Im not going to touch on all the things that everyone already knows about the quality of it, but I have to say that for me, it seems pretty intuitive to operate. What I mean by that is, I was expecting the remote to be much more complicated than in reality. Now, having said that, I still don't completely understand what all the different programs and options do, but its not as daunting as I was expecting. Additionally, the XY screen really does work very well. I got fooled a couple times by pop tabs, until I figured out the tone nuance but after that I didn’t dig any more pop tabs. Im retired from the military and deaf in my left ear, so it is difficult to hear the audio on some machines but I have to admit that what everyone is saying about it being a tone machine, is true. Using the headphones, I could start to pick up on those subtle tones although I have to say I’m not a big fan of the headphones as they tend to hurt my ears after a little while. Anyway, just wanted to share and to let folks know that just because you’ve never used a Deus in the past, don't be afraid to give it a try.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the number 2 in the lower left corner means ? Also, my battery indicators for my coil and RC never ramp down. Both always show full charge until either just dies. Anybody else notice this issue ? Suggestions ? Thanks in advance. That 2 is driving me crazy. 🤣
  7. Does anyone see or know any reason this WS4 adapter would not also work for the WS6?
  8. Hi all, I noticed that D2 threshold which I select when I’m in pitch is useless. It’s a steady hum, without any variation, not even on discriminated iron. I love threshold and, in my opinion, D2 hum is useless. What’s your opinion about this?
  9. I got my 9" XP II yesterday and after charging it up I started to play with it. After about 5 minutes I could see where this thing was going. It's incredibly easy to use and set up for whatever task in terms of detecting I could ask of it. Here's what helped me and got me ready to use it: 1. Gary- Seriously about the best detector teacher on the Interwebs. I could listen to him teach about shoe tying and come away satisfied. If I die before him I'm going to ask my wife to contact him to do my eulogy. Pay him whatever he wants as no one tells a better story. 2. Calabash- his videos are short and to the point. Who cares if he says how great the XP is? If you get all riled up over metal detector videos you ought to consider other hobbies. I learned a great deal about getting started by watching. I'd love to hunt with him someday because it would be FUN! 3. Mental Metal Guy- Another great use of youtube. You'll want to skip the first 1-2 minutes of the videos because it's basically dramatic music and a Fort Bedford ad but the rest of the videos are great. He will teach you all the basics in a different way than CB but between the two you will know how to operate the D2. I think he called me a clown in a forum post awhile back but I don't hold grudges so if he could help me find a gold ring I'll be a clown all day. 4. Griffinds guy- more good how-to stuff on the D2. I'm a school teacher and the kid at the end (I'm assuming his son) is a bit like the smart a$$ know it all who always tells the teacher they are wrong but the info is top notch and will help you if you'll listen. 5. Chase- Read what he says. If he says something he is likely right. I flew clear across the country 5 years ago and did an XP bootcamp with he and Andy in Gettysburg. He was right then about detecting and he is right now. Don't question him just listen. I hit the beach this morning for my first time out. Started in Beach. I did a frequency scan. Hit the wet sand and it was chatty. I remembered something about what Chase said about Beach P (remember, do what Chase says) and I switched to Beach P. OMG, it became so quiet and I began to hunt. The tone was in pitch and while it was different than my 800 I just decided to go with it. It was fine. After about 4-5 targets you could easily tell what something was. Iron sounds crappy, you can easily tell. I dug everything and Modelo is now #1 in terms of what drunk people drink at the beach in 2022. The bottom line was this D2 is a breeze to swing and if you'll take the time to learn it BEFORE you get into the field or beach you will have zero problems. If you make a mistake TURN IT OFF and then turn it back on. I dug a silver medallion that was at least 16 inches deep in the wet sand. Could my Nox 800 have found it? Who cares? Performance wise this thing is sweet. Again I dug everything this morning, and after an hour I could tell what everything was going to be based on the tone and the ID. Every signal that said "I'M IRON" was iron. Every bottle cap was a bottle cap and every penny was a penny. The hardest thing for me today was putting the RC on the stem and yes I had removed the cover(like I said, Idiot proof) but I finally got it on. I'm going to figure out a way to tether it on to the shaft because I had to traverse about 20 feet of boulders to get to me spot and all I could think about was what if I slipped and knocked it off into the abyss. I solved the problem by taking it off and putting it into my pocket. Now there are some folks who will complain that for $1600 XP should have included a cup holder, a place to rest your cigarette and beer but if you paid $1600 you likely missed out a better deal elsewhere but in the end it's only money and XP has produced a winner. For a person with a junk elbow it's the bomb. I'll admit I'm going to become a fanboy and buy the 280 backpack because I'm tired of getting yelled at that my detectors take up too much space in the car. I hung my 800 up on the wall and I don't plan on using it for the forseeable future as I want to put the hours on the D2. I'm going to hit a park tomorrow so I'll do some dirt fishing with it and see how it goes but I suspect that it will kick some serious booty. Hope this eases some minds about what detector to save up for if you're on the fence. Skate
  10. I’m going to tell everyone in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa to not buy this machine or cancel your order. I would hold off until they can figure out those loose screws and other major issues. Truthfully, this machine is absolutely fantastic and so much fun to use. I have just been using the Deep HC program, only change I made was 5 tones and I use the XY screen. Today alone I got: 24 quarters, 36 dimes and 16 pennies ( 1 wheat). I got fooled 4 times with items I thought would be keepers and weren’t. The park I was at was completely full of trash but the audio and XY screen are amazing. I have the ORX and have only had it for a short time and haven’t got to use it much. So my experience with XP machines is limited but I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and that really helped. I don’t care what machine you use but I figured I would tell you my experience from someone with very limited exposure to XP products.
  11. I posted a while back that I had purchased the bone phones to try with my hearing aids. I just got my Deus 2 a couple of days ago. Today I tried the bone phones for the first time. They work wonderfully with my hearing aids. Now I can wear my hearing aids when I am detecting. That is a big difference for me when I am detecting. I am very happy with them.
  12. The entire XP team wants to thank all XP users around the world and wish you all a Happy New Year 202II! DEUS II is an evolving detector and constantly improving. Our engineering team will regularly release new updates. We recommend you to install the DEUS II UPDATER software on your PC and update your remote control and headphones upon receipt. Please make sure you download the latest update. This will allow you to detect with the latest version and the latest improvements! For those of you who have not received their DEUS II yet, we recommend updating the devices as soon as you receive them! Current version to date: V0.6 · Correction to the frequency SCAN function · Improved discrimination in PARK and DEEPHC programs · Improvement of the WS6 operation in Master · Various corrections Here are all the instructions you need to follow to successfully update the DEUS II to the latest version and any future versions we will release. 1. Download the latest software DEUS II UPDATER 2. Then install the new application 3. Then follow the instructions to install the update on the DEUS II Remote Control & on the WS6 headphones For the Remote Control you have to: · Use the 6 point stainless steel connector cable we provide with the DEUS II. Plug it to the remote control · Select DEUS II in the top left corner of the update application · On the remote control: · Go to OPTION menu · Go to SETTINGS · Scroll, select UPDATE and confirm · Plug the USB cable to your PC · Then the device will start to update automatically For the WS6 headphones you have to: · Use the single USB cable we provide with the DEUS II. Plug it to the WS6 · Select WS6 in the top left corner of the update application · On the headphones: o Press the ⚙️ button to access the menu, scroll with the same button and select SETTINGS by pressing the button for 3 seconds o Scroll with the same button and select UPDATE by pressing the button for 3 seconds o Press the Menu button (bottom right) for 3 seconds to confirm o Then the headphones will start to update automatically · Then the headphones will start to update automatically At any time you can start the DEUS II UPDATER from your PC to find out the latest version available for your DEUS II. Download Deus II V0.6 Here
  13. My D2 with 9” coil arrived Friday night. Rained most of the day Saturday, finally got out this morning. I purposely went to my most pounded colonial site to see what the D2 could do that the D1 couldn’t. I was very impressed with the D2’s performance. This is a small site, 100’ by 60’ tops. It’s enclosed on 4 sides by stonewalls so it is easy to grid and be thorough. This site has been hit with multiple machines and over the years I have thrown everything at it that the D1 was capable of with multiple coils and every program and setting. I’ve pulled a lot of good targets out of it, but over the last couple of years I’ve been lucky to snag a small cuff button from the iron now and then. I’ve been shut out more times than not at this site over the last couple of years. The Deus 2 managed to sniff out an additional 6 buttons and a knee buckle fragment from this site. I would have been pleased if the D2 had just pulled out 1 button. My plan going in was to hit it with a couple of Pitch programs then try a Deep HC program. One thing I noticed yesterday when trying out the D2 in my test patch at my house was that the SMF platform allowed me to hit iron-masked targets using a very low Reactivity setting. With the D1, this iron-masked dime at 6 inches, could only be heard with a Reactivity of 2.5 or 3. I could actually hit it with R=0 with the D2 and that surprised the heck out of me. And it wasn’t the nails sounding off, it was the dime. I couldn’t bring my self to actually use an R=0 with all the iron at this site but I did use a Reactivity of 0.5 to snag a couple of deep small buttons. But I had to swing the coil very slowly at that Reactivity speed. After that I went over the site again with the Reactivity at 2.5 and snagged a couple more fairly deep buttons. I switched over to Deep HC before I called it a morning. I wasn’t really feeling it with the Deep HC so after a while I made a couple of adjustments to suit my preferences and pulled a couple more buttons. I liked hunting in Pitch using Square Tones. The iron has a distinctive sound. The tonal nuances are a big part of the D2's performance but I was also surprised to see the TID lock in on a couple of these small deep targets. So yes, I was very impressed with the D2 on its maiden voyage. As an added bonus, one of the buttons I pulled today was a Rev War Continental Navy Officer’s button! It appears to be the French-manufactured yellow metal style and I think it will clean up nicely.
  14. For anyone interested in underwater use of the Deus 2 here is a link of my test done for a dealer I'm partner with. I tried to push it to the limit with the P11 beach, slightly less blind to thin stuff, on a hot rock site plenty of weeds and trash of any kind. With a sensitivity over 90 and salt sens of 8, the keypoint was to raise immediately the reactivity up to 2 and stay for a good compromise among falsing and true signals. That's an extreme setting just for the purpose of a test. Pure sound, long video. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/r_pO7_Ckzbw
  15. This has come up on my FB feed. Its looks like XP are listening. edit: It looks like it is already in the current firmware. People are re-installling and the option is then present.
  16. Ok, I admit, this has been the worst week in years, thanks also to the fact that I am now limited by law to hunt in very few spots on my coast among the thousands available before. But preparing the Deus 2 in a scuba configuration for tomorrow morning, I'm really feeling like I've got it all wrong. Wrong coil due to the only 11 "available, no need of the ws6 headphones and last but not least, this horror shaft lenght! So the almost funny question is: how did You manage to dive with it? Shorter lower stem's lenght doesn't allow to hunt without upper shaft falsing noise. If I extend in the correct position the upper shaft part, there's no way to reach the coil area with the arm and to dig properly, not to mention the bonephones connector's cable contact with the shaft. The last forced option is to collapse it and have to literally face the remote among the forearm and the elbow. Can I be more pissed than usual?....Of Course...Apparently.
  17. Really wishing I had another set of the Quest headphones but since they're sold out what's the word on the Gray Ghost version for the Deus II?
  18. I always weigh the detectors as an important part of my testing procedure . Here are the results : CC : coil cover RC : Deus2 wireless control box 1) DETECTORS WEIGHTS : --------------------------- - Deus2 9" , RC in the pocket without CC = 800g ( estimation based on NCtoad's post ) - Deus2 11" , RC in the pocket without CC = 880g - Deus2 11" , RC in the pocket + CC = 930g - Deus2 9" ,, RC on shaft without CC = 950g ( estimation based on NCtoad's post ) - Deus2 11" , RC on shaft without CC = 1030g - Equinox 11" without CC = 1260g - Legend 11" without CC = 1320g ( estimation based on cal_cobra's post ) - Deus2 9" , RC on shaft + CC = 990g ( see NCtoad's post ) - Deus2 11" , RC on shaf + CC = 1080g - Equinox 11" + CC = 1320g - Legend 11" + CC = 1370g ( see cal_cobra's post ) 2) PARTS WEIGHTS : ---------------------- - Coil without CC : - Deus2 9" = 330g ( see NCtoad's post ) - Deus2 11" = 420g - Equinox 11" = 420g - Legend 11" = ? - Coil with CC : - Deus2 9" = 370g ( see NCtoad's post ) - Deus2 11" = 470g - Equinox 11" = 470g - Legend 11" = ? - Control Box/RC : - Deus2 = 150g - Equinox = 320g estimation ( digital cb plus battery minus plastic handle) - Legend = ? A few pics : - Deus2 11" RC in the pocket without CC : - Deus2 11" + RC + CC : - Deus2 11" coil without CC : - Deus2 RC:
  19. Jeff PM'd me and told me how bad the video was. I knew it was going to be bad with the EMI issue and I wanted people to see what reality is using the Deus 2 in the city. Out on my relic sites away from power lines, it is very quiet. I have a park about 3 miles from me that I can't even use the Equinox in unless I run the Sensitivity down to 18. I took the Deus 2 there a few days ago and I have to run the sensitivity down into the high 60's to get it quiet. For me and the soil I have, single frequency is really not an option. I literally get 4" on a dime with single frequency. You'll see in this next video the Deus 2 still gets about the same depth with the EMI under control. So a 6" dime with accurate ID is way better than the Deus 1 at 4" in my dirt.
  20. I've held off posting a video like this because of all the controversy with Deus 2 vs Equinox thing. Now that other people are getting the Deus 2 and showing that it struggles in mineralized dirt just like all other VLF's I decided to go ahead and post the video. I've said this to a few other people privately and I thank them for their comments and input. I actually filmed this test in my test garden 3 times over the past week and a half, deleted all but the last just to make sure I had all the programs in the Deus 2 figured out. I've been out with the Deus 2 on 3 different hunts about 4 hours each and I'm seeing the same results as this test show in my soil. So if you have higher or lower mineralization this probably doesn't apply. I've used the Deus 1 for about 6 years, so I'm not new to how it operates and the Deus 2 is very similar to the Deus 1. Just today I went out to a relic site and confirmed what I'm seeing in the test garden when I compare signals Deus 2 vs Equinox. I'm personally not getting rid of the Equinox, the Deus and Equinox are still yin and yang IMO. The Deus 2 in my city has a real issue with EMI, more so than the Equinox. It's going to be tough using it in a park around here. Might just be the 11" coil, I hope. Looks like Paystreak has the same EMI issues with the 9" coil as well. Some may ask about the relic program because I don't show it in the video. I will say it hits the deeper targets, But the results are still the same as the other programs in the video 00 ID.
  21. Alright, no snickering. This is a serious comparison. For those that have never used a Simplex, it is pretty impressive. Deus 2.....I have never used one. Paystreak Superfreak sometimes makes some weird videos. I do weird stuff too like metal detecting at 30 degrees F in 4 inches of snow.... This video is no nonsense and very accurate from my experience. This is a test on three US coins at 6" in disturbed freshly dug high magnetite and volcanic particulate dirt. For those of you who are fortunate to hunt in mild soil....now you are getting a good idea of how bad it can get just in someones back yard. My backyard dirt looks almost exactly like Paystreak's. Detects about as bad too. By the way, the Equinox does not like highly iron mineralized freshly disturbed ground either.
  22. I found this content really useful...Especially If someone likes to dive with the machine and wants a short setup like me.......
  23. I should be getting my new deus II by next weekend. I’ve been using a Whites TRX for the past four years and I really like it. The thing I don’t like is that it’s not very loud and I have to pull one side of my headphones off to hear it. The MI6 connects wirelessly to the deus II so I’ll be able to hear it through the headphones which would be really nice (at least I think so). How does the MI6 stack up to the TRX in performance though? The only other pinpointer I have is a deteknix (Quest) Xpointer which works well, but isn’t quite as deep as the TRX and not nearly as sensitive to small items as the TRX. So with my limited experience with pinpointers should I spend the money on the MI6?
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