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  1. XP Deus II at $1599 versus Nokta/Makro Legend at $635 Is Deus II worth over double the price? And how do both match up against Multi-IQ? Only head to head field tests will tell, but this looks like a real grudge match if I ever saw one!
  2. Hopefully the Deus II arrives today.. These are my expectations: I’ve been using a PulseDive with a 8” coil for deeper dives but searching long stretches of seafloor is very time consuming, especially with a ‘dig it all’ detector which doesn’t punch very deep.. The 11” coil on the Deus II will be a bonus in deep water but I’m going to miss the Equinox with its larger coils in shallow water.. I’m sweeping the seafloor, not creek beds.. XP shows a 11x13’’ coil in the manual but I don’t think it’s on the market yet.. This coil will fill the gap a bit, but not by much.. I hope XP will make larger coils for the Deus II.. No need to go too wild (over 20’’) but a 15’’ coil would be a welcome addition.. A fully submersible coil similar to the Equinox’s 13x15’’ will also sway other sea hunters towards XP over Minelab.. Going by the manual and test reports by Calabash, the Deus II will stay waterproof deeper and longer than the Equinox.. I’m not saying I never expect it to leak (even with its whopping 20 metre depth rating), rather the likelihood of it leaking is far less.. This also reduces the worry about taking the detector deeper than its limit.. Right now I’ve got a depth gauge tied to the control box of the Equinox to make sure I don’t drop below 3 metres.. I’m sure it can go a bit deeper but I’ve never taken the risk.. I hope the Deus II takes away the ‘pain in the arse’ factor of forever worrying about leaks.. Having said that, I never treat the Equinox with kit gloves.. It works hard underwater and never leaked (even since I ‘broke the seal’ to replace the battery).. It’s just that I won’t have to worry about the Deus II leaking at 12 to 18 metres, the deepest parts of my search areas in bays or around old ship wrecks.. The manual says the screen can crack at 35 metres, so beyond that depth I’ll whip out the mighty PulseDive.. With the Equinox, I have to use sensitivity settings below 20 to stabilise it in seawater, otherwise it buzzes like mad and the target ID constantly jumps between 2-3-4-5 (especially with big coils).. I’ve used the 11” inch coil which is a bit more stable with the sensitivity on 18 or even 19.. But I hate lowering the sensitivity, when I get down to 15-16-17 to stabilise the Equinox underwater I start to worry about all the gold rings I’m missing, especially the small stuff.. At these lower sensitivity settings it’s also harder to get a solid hit on small targets - the target IDs become erratic or are drowned out by seawater static.. This is where the Deus II’s salt sensitivity settings (adjustable from 1 to 9) can make a difference.. I hope that by adjusting the salt sensitivity settings (only available in the diving and beach programs), the Deus II will be better than the Equinox at removing the false signals caused by seawater.. If the Deus II also runs more stable and hits hard on targets without jumping about too wildly, I’ll be a very happy diver! I also want to see if the multi-frequency ranges in program 11 - Beach work as good as promised in seawater.. From what I can make out, in this program the range of available frequencies are 4.08 to 4.76 kHz - 6.94 to 8.08 kHz - 10.39 to 15.15 kHz - 15.62 to 20.75 kHz - 22.06 to 28.57 kHz (topping out at 24 kHz) compared to the Equinox’s multi-frequency beach modes using 5, 10 and 15 kHz.. According to the manual, program 11 - Beach can also be used for diving.. If the detector is hard to stabilise or becomes less sensitive to small deep targets, I can switch to program 10 - Diving (with multi-frequency ranges up to 14 kHz).. The manual says that ‘’unlike some multi-frequency detectors that offer fixed multi-frequencies, the Deus II uses different high and low frequency combinations depending on the programs… These frequencies can then be subtracted to remove electrically-conductive soils or added together to help locate a wider range of targets’’.. I hope that the ‘Conductive Soil Subtraction’ in the diving and beach programs will give the Deus II another edge over the Equinox in seawater.. From what I can gather so far, the Deus II is not just a good all-rounder.. XP also has its multi-frequency in mind for the ocean, more so than Minelab throwing divers a bone with the Equinox.. Minelab did a great job with its PI scuba detector, the Excalibur, but I’ve got a feeling the Deus II will finally wipe out its already small share of the pie - especially with accurate target IDs and comparable coil depths.. Maybe the Equinox 1000 will be waterproof to 80 metres and feature salt settings or remove false seawater signals, but until it’s released I’m more than willing to jump ship to XP for a detector that’ll get the job done around the island.. And if it also turns out to be a capable nugget hunter, I’ll be doing even more back-flips with joy!
  3. A couple of Deus 2/Multi Kruzer comparison videos in English on Swiss hillside pasture. Very fair comparisons by an experienced Multi Kruzer user. Both videos are fairly long but are live relic/coin digs with tones and target ID numbers.
  4. This morning I sold my GPX 5000 to a prospector who lives 3 hours away.. he was willing to make the 6 hour return trip for the price I asked for it.. I wasn't using it enough to justify its existence.. I was after a scuba detector and was looking at a secondhand Sea Hunter but when I saw the Deus 2 is now available in Australia (Detect-Ed) I ordered one straight away.. They said they would send it express post and I'll have it in my hand by the end of the week.. So today has been a bit sad for saying goodbye to the GPX but also looking forward to being able to dive with a (hopefully) reliable detector.. 😁 The Deus 2 will be another world altogether but that's always good..
  5. Will the Deus 2 have a volume control for each frequency of sound? So you can have a different volume for each tone break.
  6. Gary Blackwell explains the Deus 2 Notch feature. Good news, the notch feature is on the WS 6 module too.... Bad new for gold prospectors and micro gold jewelry hunters, Sensitive, Sensitive FT and Fast have halo effect/coke notches by default at least on the version of software that Gary is using. Park also has the big 23-36 coke and tiny aluminum notch. So if gold prospecting/micro jewelry hunting with some of the 40 kHz discrimination programs, better remove that notch first. Dumbing down the Deus 2 for the masses like this is very similar to how Minelab dumbed down the Equinox with coke discrimination in Park 1, Field 1, Field 2 and making every program including the Gold modes have iron discriminated by default.
  7. Check out the latest updated Deus 2 manual! https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/uploads/files/document/gb-rc-deusii.pdf
  8. I casually found this video and the results are actually confusing me...A lot🤐. Nothing to say for most of the programs but look what a difference on gold signals when in diving/beach and beach sens 😬. Not to mention the higher vdi reading (twice) when in mono 17Khz... Please, can someone explain what I'm seeing?
  9. in this video we can see that the main transmitted signal is the same - Multi signal Equinox Park/Field/Gold = Deus-2 pr.1/2/3/4/8/12 - Equinox Beach and Deus-2 pr.5/9/11 signals are slightly different, but the upper frequencies are the same 24кГц - Equinox does not have a low-frequency signal, like deus-2 Deep and Diving program (Pr. 6/10)
  10. Made a quick depth test video some days ago. Sorry for the bad quality and for my poor english. First part is in italian and second part in english from 1:34. Soil is very low mineralized and put 50 euro cent coin on the bottom of a 14” hole. Deus 2 and 11” coil. It was the very first time I turned Deus 2 on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuHU4tTVSLI
  11. On the Equinox you can notch out the zinc cents without missing the dimes. Can the Deus 2 do that?
  12. First gold ring found today with the XP Deus 2. Loving this machine !
  13. I test drove a Deus yesterday and found that there is not a way to adjust the volume of the individual tones. The user cannot apply audio dynamism to the machine. That unless I am mistaken (could not find it in the manual) is an omission of flexibility that does not compare favorably to the Anfibio. The Legend retains this positive feature from the Anfibio. If the Deus is a tonal nuance machine but only allows adjustment to the iron volume sans other tones this may be why some user claim it takes years to learn the tonal nuances. On the other hand the XPD2 may not be the end all and be all machine if you can only receive a flat volume level response from all tone segments except iron.
  14. I'm really liking what I'm seeing with the Deus 2 however never owning one, I have concerns for / about saltwater durability and the charging connections. I've dealt with minor charging problems with the connections on the Equinox and was just curious if anyone had an idea how the Deus coils hold up to saltwater use on a fairly consistant basis...I mainly water hunt. Cliff
  15. Has anyone tried the Deus 2 prospecting mode yet in the goldfields? How does it compare to the Gold Monster, etc?
  16. Went to the beach today after putting up the salt sensitivity setting video up. This machine continues to impress ! Calabash and I had a long discussion on how we felt the higher weighted frequencies would be a game changer for smaller jewelry and gold targets on the beach. Check out this video of my hunt on the beach. Very impressive performance by the XP Deus II !
  17. Short video showing target ID for US Coins using the park program on the XP Deus II. Happy hunting ! 👍😀 Loving this machine and can’t wait to hunt this weekend !
  18. So I made this video on the XP Deus 2 on the beach yesterday to show the depth of this machine.I also showed a few targets being dug. I know Calabash has shared some of the clips already but if you would like to see the full video here it is. All I can say is the machine blew me away with its performance. It ran quiet and showed depth that I think any beach hunter would appreciate and enjoy.
  19. Greetings all. This is my first post here outside of the meet and greet section. I’m running a Nox 800 now, but I’m adding the Deus 2 to the arsenal tomorrow (getting on the order list). My question is: which is the better coil option, 9” or 11”, and why? I’ve watched most of Calabash Digger’s videos, but don’t find a video where he discusses this. I understand the improved separation with smaller coils in trashy areas with all the other detectors I have owned, are the benefits the same with the D2? Any other real differences other than a slightly larger coverage area and trash separation? Any advice from any of the people fortunate to have used/tested the Deus 2 would be much appreciated. TIA Mac
  20. Hello. I've been doing lots of research but I think it's about time that I consulted some experts in this field. What is the difference between Minelab multi IQ and Ace Apex multiflex technologies
  21. Short video which might explain the fantastic results we are seeing on the beach with this machine. Calabash is currently testing on the beach and will have some great content coming later today so stay tuned. In the mean time check out this video on the salt sensitivity setting. Great feature and it should enhance the beach hunting capabilities of this machine. The XP guys did an outstanding job with the beach programs and the higher weighted frequencies it allows you to hunt with.
  22. It was shared with me that early Deus II's had shipped last week from overseas. I'm not near the top of anyone's list but I was wondering if anyone had been given dates or had one show up at the door this week. Best minus tide of the year is this Sunday afternoon and my Nox and I will be hitting it but I'll be wishing I had the D2.
  23. does the 2 cough up 00 tids on questionable targets ,,just curious or is it more precise one for cd
  24. I just weighed my nox. It has an Anderson carbon fiber shaft and their metal armrest, home made counterweight, deanos control box cover, and a coil ear stiffener. Guess how much it weighs? Check pic below for the answer. The counterweight makes it more comfortable for me to swing but it’s still heavy, especially after 4 or 5 hours. Now the deus II can be set up in several configurations, but if we go with the heaviest setup with the nine inch coil which is what I have on pre order, I believe it’s around 1 kilogram which is 35.27 ozs. That’s a 22.83 oz savings!For those of you using a counterweight, have you ever weighed the entire rig? If so, please post up some weights.
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