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  1. A roman iron slag from smelting. Very highly mineralized! Some information about these bad things: https://glevumdetecting.com/history/roman_iron_making.htm Back here we have some good areas full of these things!
  2. I plan to keep my two EQX 800s but.....what do I do with my highly modified Excalibur II and my CTX 3030 with 4 coils and all those accessories??
  3. This has some good info and observations in the video.
  4. can they defeat the system ??can CD find a cure for these damned nuisance targets xy screen is no use as they show good ,having trouble yesterday with caps
  5. I am ready to order the XP, but I am holding back until I can see some reviews on how the detector performs when using the antenna in salt water, when diving. Have come across some fresh water diving reviews but nothing on saltwater dives as yet. Wondering if that antenna will transmit effectively when the detector is totally submerged in a salt water environment
  6. Had a blast today using the new XP Deus II on a site that had been pounded by Calabash and I. The XP Deus II did not disappoint and picked out some targets in the thickest of iron. Was great seeing this new machine perform at such a high level. Needless to say I had only used it a few times before today. This was my first official hunt with it. I think this machine will definitely be a winner for XP. You can watch the full hunt on my YouTube channel. Happy hunting everyone ! 🎉😀
  7. Typical Gary B. video with plenty of knowledge and experience given along with some dead pan humor....... Speaking of Deus ll "I'm telling it not selling it" and "I'm not interested in all the handbag fights"
  8. I tried but couldn’t find listed anywhere, but I want to know as close as possible the remote dims and screen dimension. I’ll take from Deus1 and approximate if necessary. I’m looking into screen covers , remote covers etc. thanks.
  9. Finally someone posted a video with a comparison between Deus ll General and Relic modes. Me being a gold prospector and deep relic hunter, I was hoping someone would make a live dig video like this. PWM audio is used for both modes.......would have loved to hear Square Wave audio too, but its a good start. Turning on the threshold tone would have also been interesting. It sounds like Deus 1 Gold Field and ORX Gold modes using PWM audio. Relic mode one tone VCO audio using the horseshoe screen works great for ferrous/non ferrous and signal strength/depth and gives accurate target ID numbers which are compared to General mode in this video.
  10. As I watch all the videos on the Legend and the Deus 11 I’m just wondering were I really want to spend my money. The Legend it being half the price of the Deus 11 I don’t have to sell anything. My kids knowing I was thinking about buying another detector gave me cash for Christmas. The only problem I’m having on watching all the videos on the Legend I’ve seen more excitement in a funeral home over a dead body than I have it . Here you got the Deus 11 twice price and I have to sell my soul ( Talking about my Nox 800 that I bought just lately it being the third one) that being my Nox I’d have to take a hit on to buy the Deus 11. At this point I’m just watching videos because that’s what is going to sell me not the difference in price. So far the videos that Calabash is making is winning on the Deus 11 and he could sell someone at the North Pole a refrigerator if nothing else a ice chest. The main thing with Calabash he’s all do show and tell. Come hell are high water he’s got you there with him. I don’t want something just some better than my Nox. I want something that stands out from any detector I’ve had in the past. If it can’t do that then Nox you’re not going anywhere. Sitting on a picket fence is starting to hurt so if you see my Nox for sale you know I got off of it. Chuck
  11. Another great comparison from Calabash Digger. Deus 2 with 11" coil vs Equinox with 11" coil in default beach modes.
  12. The Equinox has an all metal mode or a user profile that takes one push of a button to check questionable targets. (With all metal or a different frequency) Will the Deus 2 have anything similar? Do you have to go through a long set of functions? Thanks from a future XP newbie.
  13. WS6 Module Menus explained by Gary Blackwell. Goes through all of the menus and settings for the turf discrimination modes. No information on the Beach, Dive, Gold Field or Relic modes.........???????
  14. check out this video, all shallow finds same as mk1 ,no hammereds and no roman coins just like a mk1 dig.all these air tests mean nothing CD
  15. I’ve been wachting a few videos here and there. What has jumped out at me is that this machine appears to have a Very Solid TID. Once it has made up its mind. Doesn’t second guess much, if at all. That being said combined with the mineral and salt handling capabilities,... could just be wurth the price tag.
  16. Thousands of DEUS II leaving the factory this week! Despite the massive supply shortage this year we managed to be on time with our deliveries. Thanks to our foresight strategy and manufacturing being made in Toulouse, France, we are keeping control of our production and we are able to send over these new detectors this week. XP will always give its very best to serve your passion, keeping innovation as our course and moving towards 2022 with lots of new projects. We would like to thank all XP users around the world and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022! 🎉
  17. I've read several threads on the soon-to-be-fielded Deus 2 and how it will compare to the Equinox. There have been many good views on this topic so I thought I'd share mine. As you read this, keep in mind the views expressed here are worth just as much as you've paid for them. 😁 1. Wireless vs Wired: I'm 99% a salt water beach hunter with my EQX 800 and the way I grid a beach, I often go from the damp sand to the wet sand and then into the surf (only about 1 foot deep due to concerns over water intrusion so I keep the control box dry). Given that, a Deus II for me would have to be constantly wired from coil to control box in order to work in the surf. For that reason, a totally wireless capability would not be that enticing since the wire from coil to box would be a permanent configuration. 2. Waterproof: I owned a Deus and found it to be a solidly engineered machine so I'm not a skeptic where XP claims of being waterproof are concerned. Were I to make a wager, I'd bet on much better waterproof performance in the Deus II than was the original ML waterproof claim for the EQX. Being truly waterproof is important for me and not because I hunt deeper than 1 foot in salt water these days because I don't. Ours is an outdoor hobby so I think all detectors should be waterproof...at the very least, reliably weatherproof. How many times have you been caught in the rain or dropped your detector in a puddle of water? Even if you are a land hunter and never go near any water, replacing a damaged or inop machine due to moisture intrusion isn't a trivial thing. 3. Build quality: The Deus I had was quality built, rugged and reliable. No coil ear issues, wobbly shafts or arm cuff breakage. In my view, it was a much more rugged detector than Minelab products in certain areas. XP doesn't seem to pinch pennies as did Minelab on simple things. Recall the original skimpy gaskets they put in the CTX 3030 that caused flooding of the battery box. The issue was solved when they came out with merely a little thicker gasket! Their use of cheap coil ears, arm cuffs and wobbly shafts on the EQX series is another example. For a few pennies more per unit, they would have saved untold thousands in warranty replacement costs in both the CTX and EQX series machines. Although they are among the very best where software technology is concerned, I never understood that "penny wise pound foolish" approach in their physical build design. 4. Overall Performance: This is where the EQX was superior to my original Deus. The multi-frequency/multi IQ of the EQX vs the selectable single frequency of the Deus was an obvious choice in my salt water beach hunting environment. I eventually sold my Deus for that reason. Now, if XP has really overcome that limitation in the Deus II with their FMF feature, I'll be happily impressed. 5. Final Thoughts: I'm with the others who will take a "wait and see" approach. But, given my past experience with XP engineering, I have no doubt the Deus II will be a very capable salt water beach detector. Will it generally outperform the Minelabs? TBD. Will it be found that XP pinched pennies on their build quality? I say no. It will be a well built unit. Will it be more comfortable to use than the Minelabs? Yes. Will it be more complex in its settings options than the Minelabs? Yes. Will it's overall performance justify the higher price tag compared to the current EQX? TBD but that will be determined solely by and in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes. Just a few thoughts from my foxhole...
  18. My thoughts on the deus 2 v Equinox 800 v Deus 1 lets look at the pros and cons?. Deus 1 Equinox 800 1-Excellent in the iron unmasking 1- not as good in iron unmasking 2-Good depth on targets in open ground 2- very good depth on targets in open ground 3-very good in lose or plowed ground 3- not so good in lose or plowed ground 4- can be affected by EMI 4- can be affected by EMI 5- can be dial in to most conditions 5- can de dial in to most conditions 6- poor in the wet sand 6- excellent on the wet sand Deus 2 1-Excellent in the iron unmasking 2-- very good depth on targets in open ground 3-very good in lose or plowed ground 4- can be affected by EMI 5- can be dial in to most conditions 6- excellent on the wet sand I Have been watching all the you tube videos on the Deus 2 all against the equinox, fair battle, But we all know that the Deus 1 is far better in the unmasking in iron than the knox, as will be the Deus 2, so not comparing apples to apples really ? I have a Deus 1 and it will hit all the tests put up on you tube in the iron unmasking tests with the Deus 2, And i seen the test on depth put up in the UK soil, not a fair test as they used field 1, field 2 and park 2 are deeper seeking, but the nox still kept up with the Deus 2 , then they used relic mode and gained the advantage, the nox would have done the same in gold mode, So here is my thinking if you own a deus 1 . why spend £1400 on a deus 2 just buy a second hand nox 800 as i expect the prices will drop when the deus 2 is available, you have all the benefits of the deus 2 and a back up detector, Or if you own a Eqinox just buy a second hand deus 1 as the prices have come down already, or if you want all the advantages of the Deus 1 and the equinox 800 in one package get the deus 2. Just my thought on this
  19. Does the Deus 2 share the same vdi numbers on the different programs like the Equinox does in multi ?
  20. Hey wassup guys! Hope y'all doing great! Finally managed some time to record a little nail test to backup Calabash test! (I'm from Europe) I used 2 fresh rusty medieval nails, 1 small silver hammered coin and 1 small ancient gold coin. The soil is mineralized. Let me remind y'all that i was using the max recovery speed on my Equinox... Sorry for my English!
  21. Before starting recording and while covering the hole, i thought i had seen something orange falling inside the hole, but i wasn't sure... so after covering the hole, i went to try and see if i could pickup the signal from the coin at 31cm... I couldn't... and there was a iron tone on my nox... I didn't think that was normal because at that depth and on that type of soil the nox was supposed to have a iffy signal! So we uncovered the hole to see if anything had fallen inside... Oh crap!! A mineralized pottery fragment... and then, i had an idea... You will have to see it to believe it.
  22. and is the deus lite as a good as the full version on the standard progs??? using the puck v full remote
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