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Found 61 results

  1. Has anyone had this issue? Occasionally when charging my elliptical HF coil it will not start the 3 second on/3 seconds off indicator once it is charged. I changed it for hours yesterday and the most it would do would be that the light would occasionally flicker. Finally I took it off charge and the controller indicated that the coil was fully charged. The coil seems to function fine other than that. Thanks
  2. It finally stopped raining for a couple of days and I was able to get to the farm and try out the new ORX on a couple of old tenant house sites. These old sites date from around the 1930's or so based on the coin dates. They also sit on or near older sites so you are never sure what you will find. Coin deep was too sparky for me on these sites due to the massive amounts of iron and nails. I switched back and forth between Coin Fast at 15.2 and 28.8k, standard settings with iron tone "on". I found the 28.8 frequency to be my favorite. Once while running in 15.2k I noticed a small aluminum brad on top of the ground (about the size of a match head). In 15.2 I didn't get even a peep out of it. I then switched to 28.8 and got a nice loud tone. The separation in the extreme trash was excellent! My better finds for the day was 3 Wheaties, 1 War nickel, 2 Mississippi tax tokens, 1 Louisiana tax token, part of a broken spur, a broken tent tensioner, and one D Buckle. Thanks for viewing, MT
  3. Bharp Detecting Published on Mar 10, 2019 Compared the x35 9" coil and the High Frequency Elliptical coil on both XP ORX and the XP Deus using the same settings on 2 different targets next to iron and coal. The first target was a Confederate GA State Seal button and the second was a piece of ornate Colonial gold.
  4. I keep hearing dont buy an orx u can get a deus for the same price, i cant find a deus for that price unless its with the ws4 controller. I know u czn get an orx for about 799, can u get a deus with out the ws4 puck for 799 to 899?
  5. Looking at the filters in coin fast and deep..
  6. Testing the HF round coil for depth.....
  7. Here is a photo of this weeks finds with the new ORX (two trips). Includes one "taco" 2 piece eagle button. Thanks for looking. MT
  8. I have a ORX on the way and will give some reports on the unit when I get some time on it.
  9. I have put up a page to collect new information on the XP Orx as it appears. New XP ORX metal detector
  10. XP just put up a page answering all sorts of miscellaneous questions about the new XP Orx - enjoy! http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/en/technical/orx-help/
  11. Two videos.... gardansolyn Published on Jan 7, 2019 The ORX metal detector from XP is an easy to use machine which can locate targets at impressive depths. Deep coins and artefacts can not hide from this machine as this video demonstrates. The MI-6 pinpointer compliments the ORX very well it saves a lot of time when location deep targets. and.... gardansolyn Published on Jan 28, 2019 XP ORX top tips - How to get the very best out of your metal detector. This video shows some top tips which may help to enhance depth and find those deep coins. Follow Gary in the field digging some live targets and see how this metal detector performs.
  12. Version 11/21/2018


    XP ORX User's Manual, 3.41 MB pdf file, 24 pages XP ORX Data & Reviews XP Metal Detector Forum
  13. I just wondering if anyone has seen a list of ID numbers for the ORX on American coins. I’ve been looking over the discrimination that the ORX has to offer but it’s nothing to write home about. Oh you can block out from 0 to 99 but wherever stop anytime below that won’t be detected. The trouble you can’t step over a number are too and continue on blocking only what you want to . If and when XP has a update this one of many they need to work on to make ORX worth their asking price. Chuck
  14. Published by Graeme Stokes on Jan 22, 2019 - A brief introduction to try out the salt mode in the XP ORX metal detector using a 9 inch HF coil. I used the standard coin deep program. All you do the. Is hold down the # button for three seconds and your in salt mode. I wasn’t out for long and thought it was excellent, when I took salt mode off there was all sorts of feedback through the headphones. It definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Apologies for the dodgy camera work half way through!
  15. XP Deus Australia Detectorist.com.au Published on Dec 18, 2018 - The XP ORX Metal Detector Has been released and the main question is, "Which coil do I choose?" This video gives you a brief run down of each coil and recommends which way to go for your new ORX metal Detector.
  16. Every dealer so far is showing the ORX selling for 899.00. What do you think this detector should be selling for ? Even if you can access lots of frequencies it’s still one at a time. It comes with wireless headphones and wireless coil but a chain is no stronger than its weakest link . The wireless headphones go out no big deal because you have a speaker to fall back on . That coil battery goes south or you forget to charge it,you’re down. Let’s hear from you! Chuck
  17. I was looking over the manual on the ORX and I was wondering what’s the best coil in the field detecting. The manual shows the 9” can run in 15,30 and up to 50 kHz. The Elliptical can run in 15 , 30 but can run in 80 KHz too . I can see if you plan on nugget hunting the 80 KHz could be more favorable for you. You can see it also hits the 15 and 30 KHz say for coin hunting. The real problem between the two coils is the depth as I can see it. I feel the round 9” could be a good nugget hunter but just can’t hit 80 KHz . I don’t plan on running out tomorrow and buying the ORX . I just like your opinion and to put your thinking caps on . It really don’t make any difference how many frequencies you can access it’s still a single frequency detector . Chuck PS To get the full benefit of what this detector has to offer you need three coils.
  18. The first dealer I’ve seen that shows the ORX In stock is Big Boy Hobbies . They show it listed for 899.00. Chuck XP ORX metal detector with elliptical coil option
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