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Found 341 results

  1. GlazedTofu

    Old Chinese Coin?

    Found at old pre 1900 coal mining ghost town in Washington state. I have no idea how old this is but we did have a lot of Chinese miners at this site. Anyone have some some knowledge I’d love to hear it!
  2. Well , I was using explorer xs to work in the test garden and noticed half the screen went out. Discovered that a couple of the plastic bosses for the screws in the control head had broken, allowing the pc board to separate. On last ditch effort to repair would be to replace plastic control housing if cost effective. So looking to purchase a front half for the control housing.. This is the plastic that the keypad attaches too. I would consider a parted machine if not cost prohibitive. I am kind of attached to the xs , and was trying to keep as a backup, but I think it is P......d because the nox is the new kid. Prop
  3. Today I had a look at the shaft that my father put together for his 800. I thought it turned out very well, so I thought I would take a few pictures to share here. We looked at a few options but ultimately thought a true one piece shaft was best and easiest. Based on a previous conversation I had with an experienced water hunter on here, we figured it would be alright to run the carbon fiber almost all the way to the coil. The lower fiberglass factory shaft was cut down to about 6" and secured into the inanimate carbon tube with epoxy. This, along with the lack of clamps really reduced the weight. A couple of holes for the armrest and pod completed the project. Looks like he even got the button on the end of the shaft too. I will be doing something similar with mine, although I still think I want to try a kevlar shaft just for fun as it is basically transparent to RF. I'm in the process of finding one with the right diameters tonight. The main thing for me is to get the 0.875" O.D. (~22mm) to fit the pod, i can modify the lower piece if need be, or print a new one. I'll also tilt the handle a little bit towards myself. I love this because it is light and simple.
  4. So my next project is nearly complete already. I've designed a "mini gold cube". Same general idea and layout, but each "tray" is only 11" long, and 6" wide. About half the width of the real Gold Cube. The underflow loop is exactly the same dimensions as the Gold Cube as well, to make calculations easier. I've read that the Gold Cube is set to run on 1100GPH. Since mine is half that width, I would assume that 500GPH would be fine. Also, my trays are set at 9 degrees (just how it worked out). Is that an appropriate flow rate?
  5. Here is another one for you guys to figure out. I haven't the slightest clue, this one makes my head hurt. It was found in the water. This old bay has an insane asylum built on it dating from the late 1800's. It is also has a ghost town, a failed colonial type trading settlement dating from around 1825. Before that it was a native village but I think it's safe to say this is not native American. It has three stars, or starfish? and a small hole on each side. It measures about an inch across. It weighs about 17 grams but has at least some sand and clay remaining inside. There is no way you guys are going to guess what it is.
  6. Here is a easy way to fix your shaft wobble, even if only temporarily. The male end of the middle shaft just needs a single layer of electrical tape. The tolerances on the Minelab shaft are actually pretty tight. If it was any closer you might not be able to get it apart again. Anybody who has swung a Tesoro Knows those twist-locks only work for first assembly, lol I've done this before with other machines except I used aluminum tape, time will tell how long the electrical tape will hold out. The tape in the picture has about 15 hours on it, so far it's OK. Besides, it's easy to replace. Coincidentally when I took the machine apart for a cleaning and to take this picture, I noticed that Minelab made a similar raised surface on the lower fiberglass rod. The lower rod is so long that a little play really wouldn't translate into as much slop as the upper connection does.
  7. Disclaimer: I've only really been interested in Gold hunting so I'm pretty clueless in using my Nox for jewellery hunting. This might be a challenging one, a farmer I knows wife lost her wedding ring in a paddock and didn't realise, Later the same day they run a plough or some sort of farming gadget over the paddock as they planted it out with grass seed so the ring is likely buried. They're pretty certain it was lost in this paddock. I have been recruited to try find this ring, it's 24k gold with about 20 diamonds on it. The guy originally gave me the wrong description of the ring, probably his ex-wife's ring he described as he said it had 1 diamond and sapphires 😄 The paddock is really junk filled, I went and swung my detector over it yesterday morning before skiing and there was iron I assume setting the detector off everywhere in all metal mode. I know the VDI numbers are extremely useful for coin hunting but will they help for finding this ring, I really don't want to have to dig everything! Is there a range I should be targeting? I assume Field 1 will be the best mode or maybe Park 1 seeing there is a lot of junk? Small gold when prospecting always comes up under 10 on the VDI's, I am guessing a ring will come up higher? Would the Equinox be my best choice or would I be better off using my T2 with Mars Tiger 10x13" or 15" round Stock T2 coil for more ground coverage? I also have a Garrett Euroace with Nel Tornado 12x13" I could use if that would be best. That's the biggest coils I own. I have a GPX 4500 with a 15x12 DD Commander I could use but I don't want to dig lots of junk and I was hoping VDI's would be useful. I told them I'd do the hunt for nothing when they tried to pay me as it's a bit of fun for me anyway but they said they can't allow that and they'd give me a few sheep for my freezer for my efforts even if I don't find it but I'm sure if I find it they'll force me to take some sort of payment, I will try refuse as I really don't want it but it will be difficult to not take it when they're forcing it.... The paddock is about 3 hectares!!!!! Just over 7 acres so I really have a job ahead of me. The soil is extremely mild but it seems to have its share of junk. I assume rusty old nails and tractor bits and mower blades whatever else over the years. Any help appreciated.
  8. Hard Prospector

    White's Rant ( Or Feedback )

    I've been a dedicated White's guy for over 20 years of detectors; GM VSAT, GMT, MXT, TDI, TDI SL (X2) , TDI PRO, SGT and the GMZ....(remember that detector?) so I suppose I feel just a bit "entitled" to talk a little bit $h*T here. I know the company's gone through engineering and management upheavals in recent years anyway, staying loyal to this company as been a tough journey. I'm glad they finally did something to up date the Goldmaster series with the 24k. Five to ten years too late......maybe and time will tell. The industry has changed in a big way in just the last year. Too bad they couldn't have also made the appropriate power and tuning up grades to the TDI SL as well (which has already been done by talented do - it- yourself tinkerers out there and sold on ebay). I know the SL now comes with new paint and a straight rod ......so what! I just could not wait any longer and anyone who watches the classifieds has seen my TDI fire sale recently. Sorry for the "sour grapes attitude" but I just had to vent. On a more positive note and for this single frequency detector, I can see the 24K showing good promise in tailing pile work. Sorry for the rant, its been building for a LONG time!
  9. Getting geared up for my beach hunting season. Not the usual sunny day morning clad hunts. I like to go behind big winter tides, preferably with a hefty sea ripping into the beach giving me some cuts to work. Pretty use to the Excal running in pinpoint mode and my SDC hunting with a SAT. Trying to figure out how I can fool a NOX 800 into thinking its an Excal. The Nox 800 has allready given me some gold in Beach 1 and pretty basic settings, just curious if I can really get her to Hunt in pinpoint mode with a SAT.
  10. Hi everybody, I'm a european prospector. I use shovel. sluice, pan, pry bars and crevice tools in creeks in Europe and Alaska. Till now, I had a Whites GMT VLF detector, to check my spots after I worked them, i.e. to check if I missed some gold. I rarely go prospecting with a detector on large areas, like the aussie or US pros. Now I broke my GMT (after 10 years). I have three options for replacement: - a new Whites GMT, i.e. staying with VLF - SDC 2300 - GPZ 7000 (I could buy a used one from a friend) It seems to me, the GMT and SDC are better for my application, as they have small coils and are light etc. When I check my spots in the creeks, its often narrow between rocks etc. and I'm not able to make large sweeps with the coil. But the GPZ obviously is far better in depth. My question: Is the GPZ also practical for detecting in creeks between rocks etc, as I described above? Or is it only practical to detect large areas like the aussie or US pros? Many thanks in advance for your appreciated advice! Andreas
  11. Howdy fellow detectorists, So....After gaining permission on a historic site (yada yada yada) , and especially finding my silver 1400 penny last week, i was finding myself getting a little complacent and unrealistic in my hopes for a days detecting. And so it transpires...that......Yesterdays detecting was somewhat of a let down, and i found myself walking home rather disappointed. I told myself that good finds are fairly rare, but still i felt disappointed in spite of my logical and grounded part of my brain saying its all good and to be expected So i was wondering/pondering on my way home what you guys would consider: 1. A bad days detecting 2. A moderately good day detecting, 3. A good day 4. And a outstanding days detecting. I understand that different locations and countries will provide better finds, but hypothetically if you were on a ploughed field, what would your expectations be? Short of giving myself a good slap, perhaps your expectations of a days detecting will give me a clearer perspective on the matter. Appreciate any input with thanks! Andy.
  12. I find this stuff really interesting, to the point I'm making my daughter her own little detector, I've got all the bits together and now it's time to start making it. It will be more of a pinpointer, a bit of fun however it won't have any sort of housing unless I can come up with something. I could make it like an early model detector out of wood or something 🙂 So here is a video of a guy making his own coil, pretty simple one but looks like it works alright, he just used coax cable for the coil cable, I guess it's well shielded and strong. I thought some others may find it interesting, more to see what's inside a coil more than anything. I expect the genuine coils will have tighter wound wires and the flat wound coils would be much more difficult to do than this. I suspect most the cost of coils is labour, especially when a lot are handmade still like Nuggetfinder coils.
  13. I've been DITHERING on whether or not to get the 6" coil for my NOXIE 600 .... I mainly do BEACHES here in Southern California as I live only 12 miles from the nearest beach ( I only got about 150 miles of beaches within a short drive depending on traffic.... Will it be worth the expense... Will the little guy give me better target results ???? For my type of "diggin", is my 11" coil the better choice for coverage and accuracy??? Hmmmmm
  14. im looking with an online map for an area that an old known miner from the 70s would go. he would get droped off by dog sled in spring than walk back in fall. does this look like a dam for a sluice or a dam to catch fish????
  15. I am going to a permissions on an old gold mine from mid 1800's. There is a tailings pile about 4 feet high 20 x 30 feet that is a mixture of dirt and white quartz. I am using an Equinox 800. I will be using gold 1 settings. my question if a quartz rock indicates gold do I break it up in the field or bring back home to do it carefully. I have to walk back about 2 miles to the tailings pile from where I park my car. also can you distinquish between a hot rock and white quartz with gold in it? thanks for any help. last time I hunted gold in streams was using the fisher gold bug to find buckshot and black sand and then dig and pan the gravel. That was pretty easy. This seems a little more complex.
  16. Howdy folks! I could use some help, I was out detecting last night on a portion of my wooded property that I had not been to yet and found this little buckle about 8" down with the Equinox 800. I was using Field 1 with mostly stock settings, minus a few volume tweaks, and it came in at a constant VDI of 20. It's only about an inch long and a half inch in width. It's interesting because it has some "fancy" around the border and is kinda unique in it's shape. I've been trying to find some possible timeline info on it and keep striking out. Once decent site I found on buckles may indicate that it's from the 1660's-1720's, but that can't be right (or if it's right, that would be pretty cool!) - http://mdgear.com/buckle-guide/ if you've seen one of these before, or have some ideas, please post and thanks in advance! -Bill
  17. I just came back from a beach hunt with my 3030. There was not much there (a 2g silver ring) and a few coins. Most of the 3 hours I was out I was thinking about another thread that has brought up in my mind the difference between hearing targets or ground listening for targets. The 3030 gives you choices of Low Trash, High Trash, Ferrous Coin and Ground Coin as examples of how you want to separate the sounds. This would have to be a bit of a speed control choice. The Nox has different settings of course. I've found gold with both detectors. I'm a fair beach hunter and reader of a beach with the 3030, SE Pro, Equinox, 5000, etc. I swing for target sounds and dig'em. I pretty much ignore the ground and the salt water. Often times I go to our local gold fields and I'm not as successful as others. I don't seem to get some of the little nuggets or the deep ones. Most of the time I've described my nugget style as beach hunting for nuggets. The bottom line is I want more nuggets. I just read Steve's tips on setting up the Nox in a way that will allow it to identify nuggets. I've got a 7000, 800 and a 2300 and some other detectors (GB Pro) that can also hear nuggets but maybe this is not what I should be doing for nugget hunting. Maybe what I should be doing is listening to the ground! Let me give a couple of definitions: listen to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing; give ear. to pay attention; heed; obey (often followed by to😞Children don't always listen to their parents. to wait attentively for a sound (usually followed by for😞to listen for sounds of their return. hear to perceive by the ear:Didn't you hear the doorbell? to learn by the ear or by being told; be informed of:to hear news. to listen to; give or pay attention to:They refused to hear our side of the argument. The reason for these definitions is to show myself that hearing is not listening unless I concentrate. Most of the good nugget hunters that post here talk about getting a smooth threshold. They learned their techniques back in the day when ground balance was much more difficult than it is now. I think those guys intuitively listen to the ground even with this new technology. I've always wanted to hear targets. (Is this too find a difference?) So, I could go on and on but the question becomes: Do you listen to the ground or concentrate on target sounds? Mitchel
  18. nobadges

    Looking At GPX 4500

    I have been using a VLF for years and recently have been reading about PI detectors. I am wondering about the positive aspects of the Minelab over the VLF. I know about the greater depth, but for the expense, I can afford. If others can direct me or chip in..Do you still dig up the same amount of trash? I have buckets of bullets and pennies...I have found gold with my VLF but I know I must be missing a lot more... Thanks John
  19. As I now have the EQ800 and also an Explorer XS and Garrett GTI 1500, should I consider selling the latter detectors and replacing with something else. Trying to simplify things but would like to have a back up to the Equinox. the battery on the XS is shot but I use with the alkaline pack and the Garrett is only alky's I would be willing to consider something less all around and more coins and relics than the EQ. I would be interested in hearing some thoughts A DD coil would be preferable as I am getting use to the EQ11. Jim
  20. All - I thought I would share an idea on carrying your gold monster. This is more for those of you that hike very far before you are ready to detect, or maybe you already have your hands full with another detector like a GPX or GPZ. It is not an original idea but one I saw recently for carry spare fishing poles. I recently tried it on a night hunt and really liked how it handled. It allowed me to use my GPZ and then switch to my GM1000 when I hit the bedrock. A major caveat is that I have converted my GPZ to telescoping rods, but I think the idea might still be useful for some people. For starters, this is for people who have made their own stand with PVC pipe fittings. you simply remove the elbow at the end of the stand so that you have a straight piece at the end. This is key, because the first contact point is low on your Camelpak (or other backpack). For this low contact point, you need a zip tie or similar method to make a loop. This is where you put the pole end of the GM1000, then you swing it over your shoulder and hook it to a caribiner that is latched to a high point of the backpack, typically the carrying handle. I used a caribiner but you could sew a velcro loop on there with back pack clips. There are many ways of doing this. Whichever way you choose, don't forget to bring the stand with you. 😃
  21. I recently lost sound whilst detecting. The detector was working just fine. I turned it off after finding 3 small pieces of gold to have some lunch. After i turned it back on and went through the quick start process it just dropped sound. Only noise i got was turning the wireless off and on. Then the detector would shut down without removing the battery. I tried to reset, also didn't work. Very frustrating as i was on a good area and had driven 560km. Please advise as im at a loss. The detector hasn't been used more than 20 times, ie brand new.
  22. Went out yesterday and the unit was hitting between 85 - 90 in relics mode. After digging I found part of a wire fence and beer cans. I'm I missing something the machine is telling me?
  23. Any idea what this may be? It was found at a 130 year old school yard that they are soon going to tear down, though it doesn't necessarily mean its school related. My first thought was it might be part of a horn? However looking at it further, I don't know if it had the tolerances to be part of an instrument. The top part swivels in the center, while doing so it lowers the tear drop shaped flap into the tube part, while raising the other two. (One appears to be missing) It seems like it could be used to count or meter out some objects?
  24. Howdy folks, A friend of mine is putting an addition on his house, built originally circa 1750s. I spent some time working on the dig pile from the foundation work. I have found very little other than nails. One old drawer knob, and this little item. It is a nice brass item with gold plate...still a little of the gold plate hanging on in spots, so I really don't want to clean it much. The little egg shaped item does spin freely on the post, as does the little skinny thing, which I will call a leaf. That has the most remaining plating on it. So far, searches have brought up nothing similar, but so far the best guess from a friend is a pocket watch fob. Any other ideas? I think the handle part used to swing freely, and it has a small hole in it, smaller diameter than the iron rust colored part it is touching at this point. I was using the VGG with super six coil...it really does have awesome audio in a mess of nails. Thanks for looking.
  25. Hello all! A question that I have as I get more use to the NOX800. How does everybody store their information? Example being; would be Using Park 2 Or Beach 1 Mode. You have a saved user program already stored and do not want to encroach that information. You wish to make changes in your park 2 mode for whatever reason because of the site. You already have a favorite mode saved here but wish to use the new settings.This is your modified mode. So now you go to another park that may require a difference in Iron Bias or tone, but wish to document the first mode used, before you again make changes ( I am confused just writing this) I see this happening a number of times especially for those testing different settings.. How do you keep track of your settings for reference or in case you have one of those oh-oh moments