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Found 124 results

  1. Sometimes you just have to find the right beach ... the right energy. That is what I did this morning. I got out about 3 hours before low tide (4:30 AM) at a regular beach and found next to nothing. There was nothing that had been moved by the tide or the waves in one of my favorite beaches. This half of a mile beach was dead. It was time to go over a jetty and detect a beach that could get waves and energy from a different direction. That got me started. The waves overnight had been small and the tide was not really going to be very low but the beach had quite a slope to it. I found a couple of quarters. I gridded as I have done this beach before and the quarters kept coming. These were 'old' quarters as my wife sometimes says. That means they are tarnished and have been in the water for some time. Now enough energy had focused on this beach to move them up. What comes with old quarters? RINGS! The first one came at the bottom of a grid. It was the stainless steel black ring. More quarters and more dimes and then the bracelet, and then the second ring and more quarters and a little trash and I'm skipping some pennies. Then I get an 18 on the 800 and I did it and it is the 3rd ring. Another cheap one but still a ring. I'm closing in on 3 hours and I need to go move my car but I also want to complete my grid pattern. Then for about the 3rd or 4th time this hunt I get multiple signals but the 800 is fast enough to distinguish the sounds. I focus on a 'ring sound' and sure enough I get the 1.9g/14k ring. It was among 2 other quarters, a couple of nickels and a dime. These were all within a 5 ft circle digging down about 6-8 inches. It was a good day and a good lesson once again about the energy. The places I hunt need energy to move valuable objects. Some of the heavies will be at the bottom of the grid but the gold ring was near the top. Quarters will get there also with the right waves and wind. I don't need a negative tide to find some good stuff. Totals 38 Quarters 37 Dimes 14 Nickels 23 Pennies (I could have dug more but I do a little cherry picking to save my arm and time!) 4 Rings The beach is not always this good and looking for gold in the desert has its challenges also. You have to take what you can get. Mitchel
  2. After work yesterday i went to the beach at 9pm for a start at 9.30pm . There is a big thing going on at this weekend and the beaches are very crowded . I started low down the beach but found little so started to search between the crowds and found coins , if the beach was less busy at that time i would have found much more . Later in the search i found a £10 note and then a £20 note . I also found a few mobile phones but left them alone , cant be bothered with them . As it says in the title it was a big q!55 up and there was tons of rubbish all over the place . I always take a rucksack with me and i found during the search 16 440 and 500 ml tins of Stella and other Beers , i also had 3 liters of drink in the ruck for me too so i was getting weighed down by the time i found all that and there was lots more beer i could have picked up but had to leave . At the end of the search which i had to cut short because of the Beer i had found 2 junk rings , the 2 notes and £62.92p in coinage , no picture of the Beers , 3 have gone now . I would have stayed on the beach till the first Bus at around 8am but i was knackered . I dont know if i can get back out this week . Mum is going into Hospital in London Guy's Hospital for her Lung Cancer Operation on Wednesday , when she comes home all being well she will need to be looked after and i am taking unpaid leave from work to do that for a week or 2 . Maybe Thursday or Friday is possible but ? On Tuesday i will be selling my first Equinox 800 to someone i know from a previous club membership . He needs a new machine and i feel i only need 1 Nox anyway , i will buy new coils laters for it. The next search will be with the ET or the Terra again . I will use the newer Nox later .
  3. This morning i took my Nox to the beach for a look at the low tide , i didn't take the Terra too so was going to have to use the Nox on the difficult dry tops too if necessary . I got there at 5am and went straight for the normally best beach . It didn't look brilliant , the lower beach had built up a bit but was workable. There were others detecting the dry here and there so i went straight for the wet . I got lucky and found a few coins almost immediately and not long after a small toe ring , it looks Silver and had a high tone but isn't marked . It compares well with tones on other Silver rings of the same size that i have . Further along i found another ring , it also has no hallmark but has a high tone , i scuffed the metal and it stayed Silver looking . I will get them checked one day but will consider them Silvers . The tide was too short to do much sand so i will have to do that tomorrow when the tide is out further . Time for a Gold . After that i went onto the tops with my Beach 1 mode and only listened to high tones for the Pound coins . Lower denomination coins are impossible to tell with so many junk targets about , thats normally best for the Terra to look for. After a while i left that beach and worked East and it was hard work , i looked at an area i searched last week but found little . I was about to give up when a Man came up to me and asked if i could find a bunch of keys he lost , there were car keys , house , shop and other keys so i went for a look , he said he would pay for my time . I doubted i would find them . We got to the area he and his family were at and i searched that area but there was no sign of them . I asked if he was sure about the area and he then said maybe it was a bit further down . I searched for a while and then suddenly i got a target that seemed right and i scuffed the surface a bit and saw the keys . He was very happy as it was not long before he would have had to pay for parking and he has to display the ticket inside the car . He could have been given a ticket let alone the cost of all those keys to cut. He picked out 3 x £20 notes and said have this but i said no i couldn't and said only £20 . . I think i am getting quite used to finding peoples lost rings and things when out , might have to start a business 🙂 , bet that will pay . Like Hell it will ! When i left i counted up and my total was £38.25p and the 2 rings . Tomorrow the weather will be a bit stormy after the heatwave we have had , so i will be there looking for the Gold if any and will be out from 5am till 2pm . I am going to use the Nox firth till the sand fills in the do the tops till i have searched them out . Thats 2 miles of beaches if i can . On Sunday there is a nice dig on with the Weekend Wanderers which i was thinking of going too but i am not likely to go , the weather is iffy and i dont like the heat on fields either . but the main reason is that i dont want to be far from home right now . On Thursday my Mother went to the Hospital for an Echo scan of her Heart so the results can go to Guy's Hospital in London . She will soon be there to have her operation for Lung Cancer . But when she was going into the entrance she tripped up and fell on the floor face first . Theres no broken bones but she does have a big bruise and black eyes . Both are black now . She is getting the most out of the NHS right now! I will go to another dig another time. Been a long time since i have searched land .
  4. Found some cheap-ish waterproof phones on eBay and also noticed that they do the same ones with the Garrett connector, anyone tried them? https://m.ebay.com/itm/Underwater-headphones-for-MINELAB-EQUINOX-600-800-METAL-DETECTOR/183235707657?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20180306143914%26meid%3D548e73500f864ba4b6f03cb386904682%26pid%3D100935%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D253645860653%26itm%3D183235707657&_trksid=p2056116.c100935.m2460
  5. This is kind of a know-nothing post, but after finding so many pennies on the beach on my last four beach hunts, I thought I would throw the question out there. On the beach I mostly hunt there are vendors selling their wares. Boogie boards, fruit, ice cream, water and so on. All the charges are increments of 25 cents. Dollar, two dollar, five dollar, 50 cents and so on. Nothing ends in an odd amount leaving you or the vendor having to use pennies. So why all the pennies? In my last four beach hunts I dug up about 120 pennies and that's not counting the ones I passed on! So, I ask you, why so many pennies?
  6. After finding that the compound that i wanted to search yesterday was not cleared i went back this morning for an early start if it was today . But when i got there at 7am i found that it would be a few hours yet . So i wasted 2 hours till the bank was open so i could put some money in then After that i got a Bus and traveled a mile West . When i got to that part of the beach i found there were a few holes so i knew someone else had searched it . In any case i got to work and found that who ever it was had missed a few targets and by the time i finished and got to the main beaches i search i had a bit over £18 in coinage . I didn't find any gems . When i got to the compound they were not long in clearing the fencing . Another detectorist was in the area and we both went in to the area once opened up , that was about 12.30pm and stayed there till we had searched all the area that the Footy fans were sitting on . By about 4pm Michael the other detectorist had just over £25 and i had just over £40 and some Euro Cent coins and 2 US Cents. So my total for today was £59.33p , 1.10 Euro's and the US Cents . During the search my Terra kept cutting out , i changed the batteries but it did it again . I think there is an issue so i will contact my Dealer and see about getting it looked at when i can . Not keen on sending it away because it means using my ET on the tops and thats hard and heavy work in this heat . I will see if the Terra can soldier on till the end of the School Holidays at the beginning of September .
  7. This morning i took my Terra and Nox to the beach at 7am hoping that either i would find a ton of coinage or a ring with the Nox on the lower beach . As it turned out i didn't use the Nox as the Terra was enough . I was hoping to have a go in an enclosure with a large screen that was put in place for the World Cup but that was not available today , not sure when it will be but will check again . Over around 3 hours i found a 1 Euro coin and 2 other foreign coins , a junk ring and £16,38p and a fishing weight and a toy car . Tomorrow i will take only the Terra and have a go in the enclosure if i can , that might turn out to be my best score this year so far but it will also give me a chance to see if the cashless society is as bad as i think it is . A few years ago i found £157.99p and a Gold ring in 4 hours . Wont do that but it should be fun trying .
  8. Yesterday after work which i finished at 8pm i got home and had a while to rest before going to the beach for the night . I got there at around 1am and first because the tide was very high and long i used the 705 on the dry tops for the coinage . For the first hour or so i seemed to miss all or most of the coinage , seemed to be passing around them i think . Then when i got to an area near pubs i started to find a steady stream of coinage , after a while i found a then broken now fixed Silver bracelet and a lighter. After that i was still finding more coinage . At around 4am it was starting to get light and i knew it would be time to change to the Nox but for a while longer i stayed with the Terra and then on the tops which in a small area were being turned over by a digger i found an old Silver ring . At about 5am i took the Terra's control box and coil off the Anderson stem and put the Nox box and coil on and started the low tide , soon after i found a small Silver ring and a few coins but the finds were few and far between . At around 6am a few other people turned up to detect and 2 were using Nox's . After seeing and talking to the first one i saw i went along the beach into the surf a bit and found a Silver band . By 7am i was getting a bit knackered and wanted rest but the long low tide kept me going for a bit longer but apart from a few targets i was getting nothing else so at 8.30am i finished and left the beach. My finds with the Terra were £49.96p , a Silver ring and Silver bracelet and the Light and a small foreign coin and a 20 Euro Cent . My finds with the Nox were £4.86p , 2 Silver rings and 2 x 20 Euro Cents . The tides will be getting shorter from now so not sure when i will use the Nox next , maybe a different beach somewhere but my normal beaches are not sandy all the time unless long tides .
  9. mn90403

    Mirror Mirror

    Well, I'm going to tell you I found a new 'category' of item this morning with the 800. I'm at the beach where I found a piece of .925 silver hoop, a puka necklace and just over $1.50. I hear this somewhat 'strange' wobble but not negative. It is repeatable so I dig. Upon digging I see this piece of glass and I'm glad to take it out of the beach/surf but then the signal is gone. What? Can't be the piece of mirror but it is ... Has anyone found mirror pieces with a detector before?
  10. Last night after i finished work i went to the beach for a 9pm start . The tide was in and i would work it out all night if it was worth it or if i could stay awake . I did the dry tops for a few hours then looked down the lower beach but it has built up in many places . But i did find a Silver chain and on the pendent it say 925 375 DIA , its all a bit knotted up . So i presume thats Silver , 9k Gold and Diamond . I had a good session on coinage but not as good as it should be , the weather was a bit chilly and cool yesterday so i didn't expect much . Near the end of the search i found 2 cufflinks , not Silver . I finished at around 2.30am as i was knackered and my bed was calling . I walked a few miles so that was enough exercise for me . In this search i found the Silver/Gold chain , a foreign coin and the chain , the cufflinks and £35.87p in coinage . Today i wont be out , i need sleep . Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  11. Went out with my Father yesterday, for a couple of hours to a local beach. Both with our Equinox 800s. No gold, but bear in mind, this is a UK beach, so not exactly the Treasure coast in Florida...lol. I got a shed load of coins....all modern and a heart-stopping bracelet RAM PACKED full of diamonds.....but turned out to be fake! GRRR!! My Father, however, truly showed me how it's done, by also getting lots of modern coins, but also 2 x .925 perfect condition Sterling silver rings!! It's safe to say that the Equinox 800s are definitely doing the job! See pics of his rings.... Nice one. Matt
  12. Today i got to the beach at 5pm but because of the bloody football it was very busy with Lager louts and other people . I had to wait quite a while before searching . The beach was similar to yesterday but built up slightly more . I got there at high tide and that held me up too . I think it was near sunset before i got some serious detecting in and by 10.45pm i gave up because there were still too many people on the beach . I had £22.13p , a 1 Euro and another but small Silver ring . Thats my lot till Tuesday but no sure when on that day . Whilst the weather is warm and there are crowds on the beach i will use the ET , it doesn't get the interference the Nox gets .
  13. For all the beachers.....I read somewhere ( don't remember where ), to periodically remove the coil cover and dump out the sand.... I did so on the 3rd and found a considerable amount....... After cleaning it out and reinstalling the cover, I took it out to a beach and seem to have gotten a better response on all coins and silver.....BUT I now wonder if there is a FIX to keep the sand from invading the miniscule space betwixt the coil and the coil cover......any viable ideas??????
  14. I'm about to do some detecting in English fresh water streams, I assume that the Beach modes are best suited for salt water, so I'm going to use my favorite Field 2 mode in all the default settings, any suggestions? I assume that what I could find is maybe some tiny gold nuggets, silver coins, and misc jewelry and artifacts that have yet to corrode away in the water.
  15. I got permission to search a sandy fresh water swim beach at a campground. I was at this same beach 20 years ago but they refused to let us in the water. It just now dawned on me as to why? It was AFTER Labor day and NO lifeguard on duty. So, will hit the place after July 4 Holiday and do it during the week to avoid weekend crowds. My question is this. When we were there 20 years ago, we actually did pretty good with our Fisher CZ 6 machines on just the beach. We got over $30 in loose change, no rings, BUT somehow we got a few mercury dimes and a silver nickel in 1 spot, just inches deep in the sand. How the heck did the silver get there? In the water itself, at one certain spot near where we got the silver coins, every time a swell would come in, I could not help but notice but what looked like hundreds of clad quarters would rise up out of the sand underwater. The little swell would recede and the quarters would vanish. But we were forbidden to even touch the water and the owners had the evil eye on us. I thought quarters were heavy and would sink in loose white sand? Why would they be concentrated along 10 feet of the shoreline and in less than a foot of water? Just glad I noticed and remembered this from 20 years ago. Hopefully nobody else noticed since then? Wonder if I should use one of them sharks teeth scooper things I saw on Ebay for working this spot or just detect and dig with beach scoop? I will be using my older Headhunter Diver and AT Pro machines. Thanks, -Tom
  16. I’ve dived with the equinox to 3m for a total of probably 5 hours and had it underwater for probably 25 and so far so good. I’ve noticed at 3m that the screen starts to compress so the clear casing contacts the lcd screen inside, ascending immediately undoes this so it’s not a real problem but how deep have you taken it or how deep do you think it’s really good to? look forward to hearing anyone’s opinions 👍
  17. Dukester

    Water Scoop

    So, one of the reasons the equinox appealed to me was because its such an all around detector, including being able to use in the water. So, now that I have a waterproof detector, I'd like to try doing a little freshwater lake and river detecting. I don't want to spend a lot on equipment since its not something I'll be doing a lot of. I was looking at the Quest Scoopal anyone have an opinion on it, or recommendations on something else? What other equipment do you need for water detecting?
  18. I’ve taken the equinox underwater with the Hungarian headphones twice now and I think I’ve experienced the best and worst scenario for the equinox. Firstly I went into a popular rock pool which I’ve detected successfully with one of my Pulse Induction machines (ATX) with decent success although I did ok, I had to greatly reduce sensitivity and increase pulse delay for it to be stable but still it was enough to find about 60 coins and a few rings in this small pool HOWEVER, the equinox was very very unhappy in these conditions and struggled to signal when the coin was placed on the rocks which was 2- 3 inches on our 10c coins (which is very similar in size and conductive to a nickel and therefore general gold ring territory) but when detecting purely through salt water it was capable of 7-8” on the same coin (just estimating but it was MUCH more than over the rocks) I messed around with sensitivity, discrimination, different modes (was using beach 2), sweep speed, swing height, ground balancing with tracking on and off, recovery speed as well as testing to see if the test items would register in all metal (if they came up as iron) to no avail, I don’t know what kind of rock it is but detectors clearly don’t like it. Next outing was a sandy beach with sandstone rocks and clay base which the detector functioned adequately over. I only used beach 2 and found recovery speed 4 is good because swing speed is slower under water so theoretically gives more depth, the sensitivity couldn’t really be run over 14 (I was 2m deep in salt water) at this location apparently but 10c targets were recoverable from 8” The Hungarian headphones aren’t very loud underwater (even to my 24 year old ears) which seems to be a theme with the equinox so I believe it COULD be that the 3.7V lithium battery is insufficient to run these kind of Piezo’s but I’m far from an expert. Anyway, the nox went well and found some smaller than usual gold pieces 👍 Today’s treasure:
  19. SO I took my NOX 800 to the beach for first time. Ran in Beach 1 and Beach 2 for about an hour each and found one quarter lol Couldnt believe there was not at least some trash since this is literally 50 yards from a casino and heavily trafficked. Dead quiet the whole time, scanning my boots occasionally to make sure it was still detecting lol This beach is covered in leftover fire pits that are used by people on a weekly basis. I find it hard to believe there is not at least trash out there? Out of curiosity switched to gold mode to see what it would do in the dry sand several feet up from the wet line. It was non stop sqeaking. tried noise cancel and ground balance, still non stop noises, manually put ground balance to zero and same thing. Is it impossible to use gold mode in the dry sand? Am I missing something?
  20. First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge. Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds. The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925. and today's very first finds with the Nox. Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff. The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
  21. I've had my 'Nox600 for about 2weeks now & have taken it out 4/5 times to the beaches around L.A. Using Beach 1 & 2 with mixed results..... Have messed around with various settings with mixed results..... any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.... thanks ..... AlF
  22. On my way to the beach today I came up with the idea for a hunt for Fenn's Tom's Treasure. No, you don't have to go there to find the treasure which is the 1895 IH I found the other day, just solve the clues in n the test below and give the location and name of the beach. I was on a mission today to find an old beach hoping it was cherry and longing for a tasting of it's treasure Good luck! 💍
  23. Well, it's with a certain wistfulness that I am about to spend my last night in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. This little island has been the closest thing to a "home" that I've had for the past 5 years. We towed our "big house" to Georgia a few days ago and got it all tucked in and safe from the Florida hurricanes. The "little house", our 27 ft toy hauler, is parked in our spot and all ready to go exploring for the season. There was a minor glitch with the Polaris as it wouldn't start when we took it in for new tires Thursday. Route 1 Motorsports says it's just the battery and I'm sure they will get it all straightened out for us before we leave Florida in a couple of weeks. I hunted "my" beach for probably the last time yesterday and had an awesome time with some old friends and some new ones. None of us found much except clad and lead sinkers, but Terry Shannon did say he found a 10K ring the day before....which Mrs. Shannon promptly confiscated. We'll be in New Smyrna Beach next winter, if we can get a spot reserved, so it will be fun learning to "read" a whole new set of beautiful Florida beaches. I've heard that they're not as sand-truck happy up there as they are here, so that will be a big plus. I do wish I'd had more time on my new Equinox before we left here, but at least I'll get in a couple more weeks of beach hunting at St. Lucie and Daytona before we leave Florida. Tomorrow I face the "downside" of this RV lifestyle, saying goodbye to some dear friends and knowing it will probably be the last time I'll ever see most of them. Those of you who also live this nomad life know how it is. You always say "we'll meet somewhere halfway in between for lunch next winter" and then you never do. At least with Facebook you can still stay in touch. So we're off to St Lucie in the morning, so ya'll please say a little prayer for safe travels, if you're so inclined. It is always greatly appreciated. On to the next big adventure! Ammie
  24. Instead it was a Gucci! My first one. A couple of days ago we had some low tides and it was time to get out. When I say get out I mean at 4 AM with my light on my cap. There are a few beaches you have to get to when the tide is low and BEFORE someone else. This was one of those mornings. When I get there I head directly to the wet sand and the spots where I've found stuff before. This pattern I repeated the other morning and I got a strong target on the Nox about 2 minutes in to the hunt. I was in Beach 1 just about standard settings. When I heard the target it sounded like a quarter (30) and then a little bit higher (31,32). The only targets I have heard this high have been the miniature cars and cell phones. This had to be a cell phone. I have a big scoop with an 8" diameter and the first couple of half scoops didn't get it. It was still chirping at me. I was now down 8" and it was one of those broad signals. Got'a be a cell phone. I had to set the Nox down and dig with two hands and I flipped out the dirt and the target was out of the hole but no cell phone. I pushed the mud around with my boot and I saw silver! This is the heaviest silver ring I've found so far. It is a Gucci Bamboo that weighs 18.4 grams at 10-12 inches and I think it could have seen it deeper. Mitchel