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Found 97 results

  1. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me what ones best of these two coils I've herd alot of good things about the 12 round nugget finger coil but like the eleptical coils as can get them in places the round won't go and I know the 12x8 is fairly new .but thought I'd ask if anyone has any experiance with it compared to the 12 round ..on depth and sensitivity?
  2. gambler

    MX Sport Coils

    whites garage sale so I just ordered this from whites garage sale, now my question is when would I use each of these coils?
  3. Hello all..... some of you guys have been asking for 9'' and 13'' coils for the Kruzer...it is done.... we have developed these and will start shipping them at the same time with the Anfibio series. Both coils are compatible with the Anfibio and Kruzers. Thank you!
  4. Couldn't find the "humour" tag Steve!
  5. This is a little premature perhaps since we are still waiting to see any accessory coils at all for the Equinox detectors. First up will be the 6" round DD followed by the 12" x 15" DD coil. What next? I think the Equinox has genuine potential as a gold nugget detector, but that the open spoke coil designs slated so far are not optimal for that purpose. Plus, some relic hunters etc. want something narrower than the stock 11" coil but do not want to give up the ground coverage as much as the 6" round coil does. Minelab has a couple molds for elliptical coils. There is the 5" x 10" DD coil for the X-Terra but that coil is not fully waterproof and too buoyant for water use even if it was. The better option in my opinion is the newer 6" x 10" coil made for the Gold Monster. The Minelab Gold Monster uses the exact same lower rod/yoke size as the Equinox, meaning the coil, coil bolt, and even the coil connector are already the proper size to fit perfectly to the Equinox. Here is my Gold Monster 6" x 10" DD coil mounted to my Equinox 800. As I said, a perfect fit. The Equinox version might weigh more due to more windings required for Multi-IQ but the coil as is weighs less than the 11" coil. My Equinox with this coil mounted weighs 2 lbs 13 oz or 2.81 lbs, slightly less than the 2.96 lbs with 11" coil. It does make for a little better balance. For nugget detecting in particular a solid bottom coil helps prevent snagging on rocks and stubble. I imagine the farm field hunters would love the coil for similar reasons. Anyway, I have no hints that this will happen but I am going to be referring to this thread over and over until it does. With a mold in hand half the work is done, and with the extreme popularity of Equinox no good excuse for this not happening. I personally think it is a requirement for Equinox to be all it can be as a prospecting detector and for many other uses also. Nope, not going to turn it on to see what happens!! Anyone who thinks this is a good idea and wants to aid in the lobbying effort has my express permission to use these photos in posts on other forums, etc. The direct link to the first photo is http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2018_04/minelab-equinox-with-6-x-10-dd-coil.thumb.jpg.07f2d166da68ca4c6e39bf21759c7c4f.jpg Click photos for larger versions....
  6. Lots of detector companies have stop making big round DD coils but others still putting out a large round one. What I’m wondering if the large round DD coil is better than a slim DD with less weight? I know swinging my 6x10 DD on my Sport is less effort than the stock DD that comes with it. I could understand if we were talking about a concentric coil being larger for more depth. Please enlighten me someone! Chuck
  7. There doesn't seem to be much discussion about all these new coil models being released right on the tails of the GPZ release - Elite, Evolution, Detech... I know a lot of people here are using GPZ's and sold their GPX's, but really no one is saying much in the US on any of the forums at all. And the Elite has been out for enough time now that some people must have quite a bit of experience with them, yet all we hear is "they are great", nothing quantitative though. So I'm just going to pose some questions here that are driving me a bit crazy: What exactly is it that makes these coils so much better? And are they really so much better? The very few testing results I've seen have been almost entirely qualitative and that doesn't say very much. I mean...the GPX still works the same and thus the coil is still just a coil. How much better can it actually get after how ever many generations of previous coils we've already seen? Why were they coincidentally released right after the GPZ? If it was just 1 company I could buy into a simple coincidence...3 companies now...Are they all using different technology to make suddenly superior coils? How is that even possible given the simple makeup of a coil? If every manufacturer out there already knew how to make much better coils then why didn't we see them before the GPZ came out? What purpose would it serve for all of them to just hold back producing these together when they are in direct competition? Conversely, if they only discovered how to make much better coils after the GPZ came out then that means it only took them a short time to figure out how to make these, so why didn't at least one of them figure it out in the years leading up to the GPZ release if it was such a quick fix? I'm not saying they aren't better and great. I'm just saying we're being sold things that are saying they are better and great with no real evidence, no real explanation about why they are even different. We know they are heavier and slightly odd sizes...what else? I mean, I don't know a lot about coils but it's not like you can just add a ton of extra windings in and expect greater results - the machine itself is tuned to use coils with specific inductive properties right? Is anyone brave enough to tear one apart and see whats inside? I'm going to be buying a NF Evolution because the only way I'll get real testing results done is to do it myself but I don't have money for the other 2. If anyone else has a Coiltek Elite and someone else gets the Detech then I'd like to meet up so we can test all 3 against a normal NF/Coiltek/Detech coil on the same machine. Then also against the GPZ just for general interest purposes. I'll be posting it to my youtube channel if I can make this happen so everyone can see if I'm able to get these rounded up into one place. I'll be in Arizona this winter, let me know if anyone is interested.
  8. Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to Bill Southern: "Small coil (6") will be available in late May or early June." http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/31978-first-equinox800-gold/ Mine is already ordered. Mitchel
  9. I will be talking about as I use and test. I will be comparing to Etrac wearing 6”coil, Deus wearing elliptical Hf coil and Nokta Impact wearing 4x7” elliptical coil. Will compare to stock Equinox 11” coil too.
  10. Lately, I've been experiencing the coil overload problem. Its hard to say whats causing it but it happens often. Probably not the best thing to do but I tend to slightly lean on the detector as I'm digging a target with the coil firmly against the ground. I've done this for a while with no problems before. It only shows the overload signal or shuts down when the coil is pressed against the ground. I've noticed it happens when using different coils as well. The only thing that has changed recently is the settings I use. I often have the rx gain flat out at 15 (gpx 4500) and other setting quite high also. Is it possible that the more extreme settings (when the coil is in contact with the ground) are the cause or is likely a problem with the machine?
  11. Jackpine

    Equinox Coils

    A friend sent me this image he made showing the Equinox coils to scale. Good job Rick!
  12. riden2low

    Coil Compatibility

    Any one know if the ctx coils interchange with the equinox beside the mounting on the shaft?
  13. Steelheader

    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    Does anyone here know what the weight is for the new slimmed down D2 coil. I know the old one was really heavy. Is the new one much lighter?
  14. On a safari what is the best coil for coin shooting in hi trash areas? Thanks Bill
  15. I own both a Garrett Recon and an ATX, can someone remind me what was found to be best 10 x14 Infinium coil to be used on each? I was thinking someone found the Infinium 10 x 14 mono coil was best for Recon and Infinium 10 x 14 DD coil best for use on the ATX Is this correct or are all interchangable?
  16. I just bought on eBay this coil minelab "super goldsearch 18". I bought it as a project for the tdi. I showed it to a friend with many years in the hobby, he told me that he had seen it many years ago and that he remembers it for the "beautiful design". It looks like the lid of a garbage can. According to when it was manufactured, it was a very expensive coil, designeg for the SD, but it has no more information. Does anyone know anything about this coil?
  17. Five new coils for the Kruzer and Multi Kruzer (but not Gold Kruzer) from Mars MD Website... 7” Round DD 6” x 10” DD 10” x 13” DD 13” Round DD 15” Round DD
  18. guys for several months I'm using my minelab etrac with white coil of the old explorer xs, incredible but true, the depth has increased compared to the standard pro coil, there is a real increase of about 2 inches! has any of you tried this?
  19. Saw this listing. The prices for all Equinox coils was set at zero until recently but seems now a price is reflected on the smaller coil. Don't know how much stock to put in this here, but thought I would share. https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-equinox-06-double-d-smart-coil https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-wm-08-wireless-audio-module https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-equinox-bluetooth-headphones
  20. I tested the 14x9 evo on a 2.5 gram nugget i was abel to barley hear it at 9 inches is that normal. Setting was general.sens extra mono fixed everthing else was fp except target volume was at 13
  21. Hard Prospector

    NEL Coils

    Looking for a good retailer for NEL coils , any input would be appreciated..........Thanks!
  22. Greeting everyone I was looking for a coil to use on the beach with my TDI SL. Mainly I was looking for stock 12 "dd but I did not find anything used, I have the 7.5dd and I consider that for hunting on the beach it is too small. I found online the" scarab mono 18 "x14" from pmcoils. I have not seen any information on this coil, I was mainly looking for a DD because I had the dual field of surfmaster for a while and it went very well with those coils, but I could give the mono coil a chance if he found any positive information. . If some use this coil or know some information, I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks
  23. Indiana Mark

    Sunray X-12 Coil

    Anyone use the Sunray X-12 coil on a Safari/Etrac? Thinking about trying one on a recently purchased Safari for coin hunting in low to moderate trash. Would like to hear opinions and experiences regarding this coil. thanks!
  24. I would like some opinions on what my next coil selection should be for my GPX 5000. I have my Vlf unit (Eureka Gold) with 3 coils to cover the smaller gold. Presently for the 5000 I have a 8" commander mono, 11" commander DD, 11" commander mono and a 16" Nuggetfinder Mono Advantage and I would like at least one more coil. I'm thinking to maybe get an even larger mono. Maybe the 22" Coiltek Goldstalker mono, Or the New Coiltek 18" round Mono Elite. But the Coiltek 24X14 goldstalker sounds interesting. Then of course there is the Nugget finder 25" mono Advantage but it's much more expensive than any of the others. On the smaller side there is the 14X9 Blitz said to be developed for the 5000. So what would you all think I should buy?