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  1. I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a metal object hit my digger :headbang: big silver!!! I love these coins, I thought I might find a silver Washington or maybe a Bengy, but, the Walker was a big surprise. That was only the beginning of a great silver day from a rather small yard. As you can see, lots of neat fun stuff came out of the yard, the 3 small Mexican coins were in the same hole. It appears to have been a homemade piece of jewelry because the solder joints look a bit rough. I also found some kind of trade token, but I cannot make out what it is because it's worn pretty bad. I went over the place 3 times from different directions and will be going over it one more time with the Etrac just to see if the Nox and I missed anything. I also have another permission a couple of houses down from this one. I plan on trying to get into several others as well. Very unusual yard, I found a silver rosie on top of the ground last week when I was delivering the mail to this house, which is what prompted me to ask for permission. Several of the wheats were barely under the surface, the Walker was maybe 2" deep, nothing over 5" It appears that this yard has never had grass or has been worked since the house was built, barely a blade of grass, just dirt :icon_scratch:
  2. Happa 54's thread about hunting nickels (and Steve H's previous, similar thread) plus some recent hunts have got me thinking. Back in the early days of discrimination, all you got was a knob to determine what conductivity to cut off your signals. If you set it to detect nickels and above you had to deal with the annoying pulltabs plus other trash targets (including Zincolns). So there certainly was reason to set the discrimination level higher, even just below dime & copper penny, which cost you finding nickels. If you were on virgin ground, holding silver coins, there was extra incentive not to waste time dealing with trash just to be able to pull in those lowly nickels. I'm hunting a school which was built in 1926. Of 354 coins I've found there, only 7 (four Wheaties, one Indian Head penny, one Warnick, one silver dime) have been what I consider 'old'. (For me, 'old' means pre-Memorial penny, pre-Jefferson nickel, pre-clad.) Yesterday I pulled in 11 Jeffersons (no other nickels); one was 1939 and two were 1941. I realize these date+MM are among the highest mintage prior to 1960, and you can find them in pocket change today (particularly the 1941). Still, it got me wondering if previous seachers who took most of the old coins were skipping nickels. Thoughts? On a side but related note, what year did metal detectors start giving an indication of coin ID rather than just accept/reject above/below a certain threshold value?
  3. I was doing my best to find something at a school that I could tell that someone had been there before me.I’d get a hit on a coin here and there but so far it was nothing to get excited about. I should have told you from the start I was swinging my MX Sport with the 6X10 DD coil. I’ve had this coil from way back when but it was my first time out with it. I was swinging that coil in hopes they had to over look something. Oh I had found one quarter with a few pennies but nothing to write home about. How little did I know that my next swing was going to give me a big attitude adjustment that I needed so bad. Bless that Sport it sounded off with a ID on the high side of ever being a quarter.After pinpointing with the Sport I pulled out my TRX with a better pinpoint on whatever it was. Much to my surprise out pop a quarter. I didn’t probe any further because I wanted to see what the ID level was now if anything else was in there . The ID level had drop but yet not where a quarter would read. Well the TRX went to work again and as before out pop another quarter. By now my day had reached a new high and it was something still in that hole. I repeated what I’d done before and believe it or not before it was over I’d done it again. The question I was going to ask in the beginning is have you ever found 4 quarters in the same hole? In about a 4 foot circle around the quarters I found 6 pennies too. I have found more than a dollar in change in one hole but never 4 quarters. That 6X10 DD coil from White’s is a great coin and I plan to keep it on for a while. I have the 6” concentric coil and 7” DD that I have been using but why buy something if you’re not going to give it a try. Chuck
  4. In the past I always was nervous to knock on stranger's doors so I stuck to public areas where permission wasn't necessary or asked friends and family to detect their properties. For the last year and a half I have worked part time as a union organizer. It involved knocking on a lot of doors. It also gave me the courage to knock on some doors and ask permission to metal detect. I was granted permission to detect a home dating back to the early 1800's. I had a blast finding mostly wheat pennies but moved to the base of a big maple and found the shoe buckle. I then began digging iffy signals since the lawn was loaded with cut nails and I found the large cent and then the IH. Both were 9-10" deep.
  5. About a week ago I had another great hunt for older coins with my Equinox 800. I don't often go to areas with the chance of finding older coins so this was a real treat. Of course, finding older coins is very much a function of going to places where the older coins actually are there. Found 1941s, 1952d,1941s, 1910, and 1953 wheat pennies. The 1953 on the far left in the photo had been made into a button. Pretty neat. Also, found 1956d rosie, 1935 and 1924s Mercury dimes in nice condition. Also, found 2 ea Mexico 1946 10 Centavos and 1 ea Mexico 1945 10 Centavos. Hunted in my normal Park 1 with Recovery speed upped to 6, iron bias down to 1, and sensitivity 18-20 depending on conditions. Really getting to like the Equinox after a beginning with a strong learning curve after having used another detector (Whites XLT) for 14 years.
  6. I had to pick my wife off at the airport and it's a trip I usually dread but I decided to plan ahead. I threw my metal detector and fishing rod in the car and a lot of water and hit a couple spots along the way or at least in the area. I got my most pieces of silver ever in a single outing and had fun exploring some new water and ground.
  7. Being informed and observant can pay off at times. I posted a while back some of my finds from a local school expansion project. The area in the picture is being built up for a parking lot, but it's where the dirt comes from that has allow many of these finds. The dirt being hauled in is actually coming from where the old school grounds are. My buddy found a 1898 V nickel at the same site. It appears to be several more days of hunting as there's a lot of dirt yet to be relocated. I'd really like to know where they hauled the best top soil to, but I'm grateful like it is. But looks like a week of rain here, so hunting will be very limited. As a final note, I went to grade school in the mid 60's and actually played in this same area. Makes me wonder if I might find something I actually lost.
  8. I found one of my bucket listers this morning during a 3 hour hunt. What is it? :) I will take her down to the laboratory for some electrolysis and post pic later.
  9. I seem to be getting something good every time I go out lately, and I use a different setting when I go back to places I've been before and new finds keep popping up. It's like having a different detector each time I go back to a place. Got a nice rare Seated dime 1861 s, Ben Franklin cleaned up nicely, and got my first two Indian heads in a long time. I also got about 4 other silver and a dozen wheats. Not trying to go too deep, but listening for clean tones between the trash.
  10. So I decided to purchase a used SDC 2300 that was posted here on the website from Fort Bedford as I have heard and read many good things about this detector. I received the detector yesterday. This morning I decided to go to the local volleyball court in my neighborhood and just dig all of the signals and see how it reacted to a location that I have detected many times with my Original Tesoro Lobo. This machine is too simple to use that you almost think you are missing something until you hit a target and dig. I only stayed about an hour and only got about a 1/3rd of the court done before the humidity and heat came on. I concentrated on a slow swing overlapping the coil on each pass. Below are photos of my finds, 52 cents, tiny bits of wire / junk and my first gold (urban nugget / clasp .5 g) with the SDC 2300. I will soon venture up north in the prescott area to detect a little and see if I can find a real in the wild nugget! Have a great weekend! Jimmy
  11. My mom found her first buffalo nickle and then her first silver soon after.
  12. Found a handful of silvers last week. I was wondering if anyone has been lucky enough to find a gold soverighn yet? Fair enuff if you dont want to discolse that 😉 But would be interesting to know if they are out there. From what ive researched, the Victorians did seem to have them in their pockets at times, after all, a half sovereign was worth 120 pence, or 10 shillings. Of which ive found loads. If only i could get in my delorean time machine and go exchange a few shillings for a few half sovereigns lol. Or a full sovereign, worth only 8 half crowns, again which ive got a few of. Oh how i'd die if i found a sovereign, Its a bucket-Lister for sure. Cheers! Andy.
  13. but man it sure was nice to dig in the dirt and talk to people in the neighborhood that I was detecting. It was all so really nice to find my first Indian Head pennies in a while that were in great shape and I got to keep 🙂 I detected with my Equinox 600 for a while and then switched over to my AT Pro with a small coil. The Minelab didn't miss much but it did miss the very unique pin. If anybody has any information on it it would be really cool. Thanks for looking and have a great day.
  14. I bought my nephews from Denmark detectors a few years ago but they haven't had a lot of luck most likely due to the fact that I wasn't there to teach them how to use them. I took them out on the lawn and they had a blast finding my wheaties, old nickles, a few rough indian heads, and assorted relics. The only downside is now they have unrealistic expectations of how many fines are actually in the ground 😉
  15. Here are some of my finds so far.
  16. From some research so far: Feel free to add more knowledge, would be appreciated. Factors of items going deeper into earth 1. Worms (LOL) 2. Leaves organic matter build up over time 3. Moles 4. Drainage Is that it?? I know its a noob thing to be obsessed with depth, but i keep wondering how deep those medieval/Roman/or pre-1800 coins/relics are. Thanks.
  17. I got into the hobby of metal detecting three years ago and have a couple of Teknetics detectors which work just great. I watched the development and release of the Equinox brand with interest as a friend is an avid Minelab user. To cut a really long winded story short, I bought an Equinox 800. Nobody has been more amazed at the capabilities of this detector than I. In the short six weeks I have been learning to us it, I am in awe of it's simplicity, or if so desired, it's complexity. I have not ventured too far in adjusting settings yet as I learn the basics of this machine. One of the standout features of the detector is the wireless headset capability; I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I am. Anyway, I don't always find silver when I head out detecting but when I do, it is magical. I'll let a couple of pics tell the rest of the story.... The quarters are 1918, 1951, 1952 and 1960. The dimes are 1942, 1949, 1950, 1960 and 1965...and that Merc is a 1944. The ring on the left is stamped sterling and the other two are stamped 925. I think I've caught the silver bug that is going around!!!!! Thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum as it is a very impressive resource for folks like me. Thank you all!!
  18. Last night i went to the beach with the ET hoping for Gold but didn't find any . By the time the tide was low i was knackered trying to do the tops for 5 hours . I had £33.22p including a £5 note and a few unknown foreign coins . I left at 5am for home . Anyway as i have said in the title . This will be my last hunt for a while with my ET . Yesterday i called the dealer i sold my last Terra 705 and asked if i could buy it back , i need lightweight and the Terra and Nox will be used on the Anderson shaft so i can switch machines on the beach . My next hunt will be on early Sunday morning with the Terra/Nox combo .
  19. It should be an easy goal really. I made it a personal challenge within the first 10 minutes of swinging my coil at an elementary school in an old neighborhood of my hometown, built in the 1930's. With my kids playing in the bark chips, I powered up my Etrac, and dug my first wheatie within the first 10 feet of starting. I said to myself... "self, you will find a silver coin here". That was in May. Since then, I have stopped by this location at least a half dozen times, usually when time was too short to fight traffic and drive into Portland OR to hunt the old parks and schools there. My hunts at this school have been under two hours each time... but still plenty of time to use a methodically test several areas of the plot. I have used my Etrac, Explorer SE Pro, CTX and briefly, my ATX. My first visit, I found 4 wheats and a couple dollars in clad quarters along with an equal amount in other clad. Most of my recoveries were less than 6". Clad showing up in the 2-4" range, and the wheats in the 4-6" range. All the earmarks of a site that hasn't been overly pounded in recent years, and still giving up old coins. There is a fair amount of trash and iron in the ground, I found myself digging plenty of can slaw and pop tops, pencil erasers and rusty nails, bits of chain link fence and other undesirables... but I was able to isolate enough high tones to keep my interest. So, I started my research. I found that the existing school structure was built in the mid-90's and is positioned on the opposite side of the plot from where the original school structure was built and stood in the 30's. Sadly, much of the prime playground was now covered by the new building, parking lots, asphalt playgrounds and basketball courts, as is the case for many old school grounds. In the illustration below, you can see where the old school buildings stood (blue blocks in the lower right of the picture). Armed with this new knowledge, it made sense that I pulled several wheats from the area just off the edge of the playground on the left side... that ground existed from the time the original school was built. I have placed yellow dots to indicate the general area I found my original 4 wheats and a few additional wheats during subsequent trips. During my second trip, I also found an aluminum tax token from Washington State (shown in red), and I was convinced I was digging a silver coin... high tone, 6+ inches... silver in the hole... Aluminum. Not unhappy about that find... more proof that this site is dated and this target was a solid 2 way tone in 4 directions... so it gave me comfort that those that came before me, left a few goodies behind for me. In one of my follow up trips, the clad finds diminished, but I did find a silver ring in the area used as a youth soccer field. But in these several hunts, maybe 5 or 6 hours swing time... no silver coins. Last night, I spent about 1.5 hours coming in from the opposite side of the field (where the old school previously stood), and my Etrac was nulling all over the place. It was expected... I'm sure that was a lot of fill dirt and loaded with bits of iron from the demo. But surprisingly, I recovered a 1930 wheat and another tax token just below the basketball court, in an area that should have been previously covered by the old building... so my guess is that it was dirt moved into that area during the demo and it happened to contain a few old targets. But again, no silver coins. I post this, for two reasons... to share my misery (and hopefully ultimate celebration) of my thus far futile attempts to find just one silver coin in this old ground. I won't be able to give up on it until I do... which could be a long long road ;). And second, to see if anybody has any tips looking at the pic and positioning of the buildings (old and new) as to where you would focus your hunts.. Obviously, a lot of my time has been spent gridding the small area where the majority of the yellow dots are... not to say I won't be re-gridding that area (which I plan to do with the ATX after reading the other forum thread which also included the Tom D. Behind the Mask article link.) in hopes to clean out anything that may be masking a nice target. It has become my obsession. LOL. This site has to have silver, and I am going to find it. :) Happy Hunting to all. Tim.
  20. Mark Gillespie


    Did a little construction hunting yesterday at one of the locals schools where I live. It’s truly amazing what happens when the top layer of dirt is removed from an old, hunted out site. Over the past 20 years this particular site has yielded many different type of coins dated to the late 1800’s. Some brought both happiness and complete confusions as to why they were at this location but little research revealed the original school was a two story wooden structure and an old home at the same location. Well anyway, the city decided to build on to the school again and started moving dirt this week and I thought I’d give it a try. I believe the V nickels might have come from the original school location. Maybe moved and reburied when the original school was demolished. All and all a very enjoyable hunt to say the least. I must admit I've not re-hunted this site since getting my Equinox, but maybe I should.
  21. I haven't been out much in the last 2 months due to getting the house ready to sell for a big move to Texas. So, the last couple of days I've had a few hours to finally get out and hit a couple of places that had played out for the most part with the CTX. I went to the local zoo hoping to score at least a wheat or a Rosie, well, it turned out better than I expected. I sure love the fact I can move right along with Nox rather than crawling with the CTX and cover some serious real estate. Using my trusty 2-tone cherry picking mode I popped out 2 rosies, a merc and a wheaty. Having big fun lately 🙂
  22. Last night after work i went to the beach with my ET for low tide , i got there at 9.20pm . Low tide was around midnight so i had some time to search down to low tide . I also searched the tops , for a while i found very little . There were quite a few people on the beach still after dark but i found some coinage . low down on the beach i had a 12 46 and found another Silver ring , probably a toe ring ? After that i did the tops but coinage was rare again . But in the dark i shone on an area of rubbish and saw a £10 note so that doubled my finds at the time. After finished that beach i went onto another beach next and found little but then on the tops i found a watch , doesn't fit my wrist or Mum's so will see if it fits my Nieces . I left the beach at 11.45pm as i was to tired to carry on and it was very warm and muggy , I was betting my swollocks off . I could almost wish for a storm to cool things off . I will be back there later today at 5pm in 2 hours time . Tide will be high so i will work it out again and hope for yellow. My finds yesterday were £25.73p , the ring and the watch .
  23. On Thursday/Friday 29-06-18 after finishing work at 9pm Thursday i went to the beach when the weather was very warm , i searched from 1am to 7am and found £37.25p , a Silver ring , a 50 Euro Cent , a US Cent and another small foreign coin , a 13000 mah Power bank , a nail file and a pen . When i got home i had to go to London Guy's Hospital with Mum on the 10.30 Bus then a Train so Mum could go to see her Surgeon at 2.30pm that will be operating on her right Lung which is possibly Cancerous but they cannot be sure of it in a few weeks time . She definitely has a lump in her Lung so being she has had Breast Cancer in the past we can assume it is Cancer. We got home from there at around 9pm and stuffed into take away Fish and Chips . Saturday i worked. Today Sunday 1st July was a really warm day here in the UK and the beaches i go to to detect were heaving big time . I went early at 4pm to see if i could hunt for rings low down and i would hunt the dry tops later when the crowds cleared a bit . Well i started at around 4pm and searched the lower beach in the surf as the tide went out being careful not to drop ET in the oggin , not long into the search i found a small Silver ring and had some coins turn up too . I occasionally searched some spots on the tops which were clear of crowds and found more . At about 7pm i was disturbed by a Romanian woman that her Husband had lost his Wedding ring , she said its the same as hers at 14k and hers read 12 16 on the ET . So for a while i searched for the ring where he said he lost it but didn't find it . So for a while i kept looking for other stuff and found more coinage and another small Silver ring . After a while another detectorist turned up and the man that lost the ring asked him if he could look for it , he was using an older XP machine so as i didn't want him to find it as it would have been embarrassing for my ET i got stuck in looking for it again . The couple were obviously thinking that the ring was lost and had started to leave the beach when i had a 12 15 on my ET , i dug the target and i saw it was the ring . But it wasn't where he said it was . I shouted i have found the ring and they came back to me . He said he was going to give me a reward and gave me £50 . I think that he was happy just to have the ring back , being their rings were the same except for size . After that i went hunting for more rings and had another bigger Silver ring and a junk ring , when the crowds cleared a bit more i did the dry and found more coinage . It is harder than in the past now most people use cashless means of payment but today was quite good though not as good as a few years ago when i could score a ton through the night . I could have stayed through the night but my knees are getting a bit knackered for that and by 11 pm i was knackered so called it a day . My total for this search was including the reward £94.34p , a US Cent , a 20 Euro Cent , 3 Silver rings , a junk ring and the returned Gold ring . Thats the first Gold ring i have found that was found with my present ET and my first 14k . The picture of the Gold ring is taken by my phone on my upturned rucksack. I would go to the beach on Monday but i have other things to do so my next search is next Friday night or Saturday .
  24. A friend of mine introduced me to his friend who is a fellow Marine and served in Korea. His home dates back to the early 1800's and every time I drive by it I dream of all the coins and relics. I had 4 detectors to share but began and ended with the Equinox 600. I detected a plateau on the side of the driveway first and found spme relics from the early 1900's but no coins so we focused on the front yard and my first coin was a 64 lincoln down 6-7". The soil was unconsolidated, sandy, and iron rich and I worried the older coins may be too deep. I couldn't hunt with the sensitivity over 22-23 due to interference so I thought I may increase depth and see through the tough ground by ground balancing. I forgot how and had to pull up a video. The manual ground balance worked and I found a 1960 silver dime down 7-8 " and then a 1959 dime. The finds were getting older as we detected across the lawn. A few wheaties later I received a mixed high tone that read between 18 and 23. I have learned to trust repeatable signals but the ground was mineralized and I thought it might be affecting the signals. I pulled up an indian head in beatiful shape. I handed it to the stoic old Marine and his eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face. He said, " I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid. I then found a wheatie, 4 more IH's, and 2 more wheaties all in the same hole. I couldn't believe all the coins and the fabulous shape they were in. Most of my Indian Heads have been pretty corroded but these were clean. (Not all the coins were pictured since the homeowner left some inside.) I found a steady stream of wheaties and relics to keep me smiling all day. I really smiled widely and shouted loudly when I received a repeatable 32-35 near an old maple and saw the dark green disk in the hole. Just like almost all the other coins, I let the old Marine be the first to touch the coin. He asked what it was not having seen one in his 80 some odd years and turning it over I showed him where it read ONE CENT. It was an epic time with a great friend whom I teach Earth science with and a new friend who I was blessed to share some memories that will last forever. I gave the homeowner the coins and with an hour to detect I hit a local park and found a Barber dime, pendant, some wheaties, and my first nickle in 7 hunts that read a vdi of 12.
  25. A friend who recently caught the detecting bug asked me to detect a worksite of his rental property in an area that saw activity dating back to the 1700's. The foundation had to be repaired and the house was off. I have detected some extremely trashy sites, many cellar holes loaded with iron, but this was by far the worst. My headphones were filled with an endless stream of burps, blips, and iron tones, including loads of signals from flashing and shreaded copper. I began detecting with the equinox and found a wheatie and a few relics but unfortunately no other decent signals, even with higher recovery speeds, horseshoe mode, and slow sweep speed. I know the Equinox is awesome but it definitely could use a smaller coil. I figured since my buddy shared his property and was detecting with me in the rain in his Tshirt that I better increase my chances and put some coins in his pocket. I grabbed the AT Pro with the smaller coil out of the car and it did the trick. I found the cool button, a 1910 wheatie, an 1896 IH, and while detecting atop the debris from the excavation I found one of my favorite bottles ever.