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  1. With the purchase of my new Minelab Equinox 600 (waiting for my 800 on backorder) I set out to find some needed but harder to find accessories...Headphones for the Water was my priority this time! In this YouTube video I cover a gentleman (Tony) who is the Only United States based modifier and seller of Waterproof headphone connectors for the Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 control box and show you what he modified for me. With little to no options out there for Waterproof headphones for the Minelab Equinox series metal detectors I was extremely excited to find Tony on a Forum. Long story short I sent him a pair of Grey Ghost headphones and he modified them with his custom Waterproof connection, so now I am ready to take my Equinox wading/submerge once the weather here in Michigan warms up just a bit The connector looks like it was professionally manufactured, just like Minelab themselves made these headphones. If you are searching for waterproof headphone options for your new Equinox then watch this video. I am in NO way Affiliated with the Seller of this product, I simply like to pass information along when I find products that will help others in this great hobby. Take Care and HH.
  2. A waterproof connector cable like Minelabs BUT where my Black widows and Sun Rays will work. I am not a solder guy. But this is a great business idea that will sell thousands. My guess is cheaper and better than a $40 bill to Minelab for something not working. Please contact me directly for my specifications, if you can or want to. Thanks Dave
  3. On one of the earlier posts someone mentioned that they were using The Sennheiser CX 6.00BT wireless APTX Low Latency in ear headset (Ear Buds) and he said that they were excellent with the Equinox. I followed his advice and bought a set and I am now waiting for delivery of them, does any one use this type of APTX Low Latency Ear Buds and if so how are you finding them. I am almost completely deaf and have to use my hearing aids under the cupped headphones and as a result my ears tend to become sweated up and I am not sure if all of this dampness will be detrimental to my hearing aids and it is now becoming really hot here in the UK so went with the idea of using the Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT wireless Low Latency ear bud phones, I have also bought the Avantree Audition Pro Aptx Low Latencey wireless headphones and I have used them several times over the past 4 weeks and I am finding them much lighter and with better ear scope to allow me to keep my hearing aids in and with plenty of free space to prevent my hearing aids squealing and whistling, my Minelab ML80 wireless headphones do not have the same loose cup freedom fitting and tend to squeeze on my hearing aids and set them off whistling which is most annoying. Any feedback will be appreciated. Good Hunting Randy Dee
  4. I finally got out and found some nuggets to feed the hunger. My buddy had already found 11 or 12 and I was getting skunked and feeling desperate to find any gold so I moved to a spot I had pulled 4 nuggets out in May and within 5 min found the first. Then in a couple minutes found the second, third and fourth. I moved up a couple feet on a tailings slope and kept banging them out. Ten all total on sat within 1 1/2 - 2 hour span from first to the last. I finally got my wife to pick up my detector and give it her first ever try detecting for gold. Within 5 minutes she found her first tiny nugget. I asked her how did that feel finding it. She replied fun, I'm ready to find my second nugget. The tiny nugget in the hand is my wifes. My ten nuggets totaled 1.9 grams. These nuggets were found using the new headphones for the Gold monster by Detector Pro that i am field testing. I would highly recommend getting a pair from Detector Pro.
  5. midalake

    Headphone Issue

    I have been testing with the WM 08 and my Black Widows everything works fine. Shut the wifi down and went to plug my Black Widows in direct and there is no sound coming to the phones? What am I doing wrong? Dave
  6. I'm a former XP Deus user and have been searching around for aptX LL headphones similar to my old Deus WS4 wireless backphones so that I can wear sunhats. I purchased the 66 AUDIO BTS Pro's last week and was pretty disappointed after syncing them up to the Equinox 800 and no aptX LL!!! I contacted their tech support and didn't hear anything for a couple of days. I boxed them up to return to Amazon and just as I was heading out the door to the UPS Store I received an email from them saying "We will send over a manual firmware update in 1-2 days to resolve the aptX-LL issue." Two days later (today) I got the firmware update. The update went smoothly on my PC, I synced up to the Equinox 800 and aptX LL now works GREAT!!! I tested them out around my garden and they're awesome. If anyone needs the firmware update file without having to wait four days send me a PM. These headphones sound great, loud, are comfortable and have some pretty impressive specs with a 40 hour battery and 100 foot range. https://www.66audio.com/bts-pro https://www.amazon.com/66-AUDIO-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B01M8M4R7K
  7. Hi, I do not use the WM08 with my Equinox800 and so I wondering can I use it with another detector ? eg. If I buy any BT Aptx LL transmitter plug that into my old Xterra - will the WM08 receive the signal OK ? Does anyone know ? thanks in advance and happy hunting 😊 The 800 is going great, just got back from a 3hr hunt. it just gets better and better for me and it has paid for itself plus some. When the big Nox coil comes out I may retire my Xterra but atm it has a 15" WOT on it and is good for some hunting
  8. Hi fellow detectorists, I used the WM-08 for the first time yesterday. Before this i was using 2 methods, the Bluetooth supplied e phones (Very slow lag) and then the wired setup directly into the nox. Trouble was with the wired, i kept getting tangled up, and ripping the phones from my noggin! The WM-08 setup was great, fast, comfortable and defo thew way to go!! And so im looking at getting some new "high quality" and "high performance" Head phones. In the running so far are: Grey Ghost NDT Black Widows And this one intrigued me .... Clear sound Sovereign (sold at detecknicks) Although it makes me wonder, as the company that makes them seemingly based in the netherlands, however another company "C-Scope" seem to sell the same phones, but with their own brand?? Weird, perhaps generic?? If so... where are they made?? China??? HELP!!! lol Bose Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, i did do a search, but couldnt see too much about this. Thanks guys n gals!! Andy.
  9. Mark Gillespie

    Ear Bud Suggestions

    Hoping to take a few days beach hunting this summer. As all know, it's usually super hot in August and wearing a set of head phones can add a tremendous amount of heat to the body, especially in the middle of the day. I plan on using the wireless module and attaching a good set of ear buds for hunting. I'm looking for the type that will block out the most noise from the ocean waves. Having the Equinox will allow wading, which will greatly reduce the heating of the day. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello All-Looking for some info/advice on some Nox waterproof headphones. Has anybody bought a pair? If so, what pair did you get? How do you like them? My hearing is a bit impaired trying to hear the high conductor signals so I try to get headphones that are a bit loud or have a volume control on the headphones. Any help in this area is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. These are available at some dealers now. Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 $40.00 Minelab Equinox 1/8" male waterproof connection to 1/4" female non-waterproof connection I plan on wading a lot with the Equinox and this creates a waterproof connection to the detector itself. The cable is two feet long and reaches just about to my shoulder. Main gripe - the straight connection once it makes that 180 degree bend gives up some length. To prevent stress from pulling on this constantly the cable should be affixed to the detector itself so the cable does not get stressed repeatedly where it makes the bend. This is a good solution for people who want to hunt in the water but do not need to put their head in the water, and so who do not need the waterproof headphones. The cable also mates directly to the WM08 module for those who wish to use it for that purpose. Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page Do be aware there is a compatibility issue as regards the Equinox external speaker. If headphones and adapters are not wired correctly the speaker will keep going even with headphones plugged in. Here is the Minelab article on the subject. As far as I know this applies to the CTX 3030, GPZ 7000, Gold Monster 1000, and both Equinox models. I use Sun Ray Pro Gold (CTX version) headphones which are wired to work properly with the Minelab units. Minelab headphone wiring diagram
  12. According to this thread the Planet Waves 1/4" Female Stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) Male Mono adapter works with the Equinox for adapting most standard 1/4” detector headphones. The connection will not be waterproof. I found them on this website for $4.95 with free shipping. I have not tried these personally and have not ordered from this vendor myself so take it for what it’s worth.
  13. My apologies if this has been covered. I did some searches and did not find answers to the question. I have a GPZ with headphones (Sun Ray Pros) and would like to use these on my new Gold Monster 1000. I have tried the typical stereo conversion cable and it still did not work. By not work, I mean the sound stays on speaker. It did not work for Sun Rays or Black Widows headphones. But of course, the original GM1000 headphones *do* work. But we all know how cheesy those are. So far, the only solution I have heard involves opening up the headphones and making permanent modifications. Has anyone else been successful at this? (see my attempted conversion cable below..)
  14. My Equinox has been under the water at least 40 hours before this happened! The first thing that I noticed was interference, like the cell phone being too close... then she just went dead!! Bummer! And for anyone thinking about getting the Minelab waterproof headphones? Put on your headphones, turn the volume on your machine down to somewhere around 14 and see if you'd like to hunt like that? That's how low the sound is on the Minelab waterproof headphones! Surely the waterproof headphones were an afterthought for Minelab because I don't think you could hear them if you were under water breathing through a hookah or air tanks! I'm not sure but maybe they can come up with a download that will help with the volume! I'm just waiting for Minelab to get back to me so I can send it in..... Other than all the little and now an end of days problem........ I love this machine! I have over an ounce of gold jewelry that I have pulled off one beach in about 70 hrs of detecting!
  15. If stuff is only worth what it sells for, bad news for Minelab. My new in sealed plastic bag WM08 with the charger cable, $259 from Minelab, just sold after a 10 day auction on eBay for $87 I am not terribly surprised because like most people I am just fine with aptX Bluetooth on my Equinox. However, I am keeping one WM08 around for use with my earbuds.
  16. Hi from Downunder, I was wondering if any 800 users out there had used non Minelab brand bluetooth earphones or headphones yet ? ...and if so, what type they used. I am looking to purchase bluetooth earbuds as headphones get very hot for me (its Summer here) I am hoping to find out if I need to buy standard Apt-X or if it needs to be Apt-X Low Latency Low Latency will offer the same no lag as the Minelab WM module or the headphones - Standard Apt-X may have too much lag or delay Apt-X LL cost $170 versus standard Apt-X or Apt-X HD $50 (these prices are in Australia) I know I can use the WM module with my choice of earbuds as this is what I have been doing but I hope to go truly wireless soon. Thanks in advance and happy hunting
  17. Took a chance and bought these waterproof Equinox headphones off EEEE Bay for a fast approaching Caribbean shallow water hunt. They're from Hungary! I even wondered if I would get them in time as the estimated shipping delivery date was more than 2 weeks! All the ML retailers I contacted keep telling me 4 weeks for ML waterproof phones and it seems it was 4 weeks 4 weeks ago. I'm also told the GG phones will be out soon too. But I needed wp phones for my trip now and to my surprise they were delivered in 2 days! Amazing and I will test them later. At least I can now take an Equinox on my trip!
  18. If you have some waterproof headphones you want to work on your Equinox you just need one of these https://goo.gl/ZsKWpx I always like to fill this sort of thing with epoxy after testing it to ensure there is no chance ever of water getting in or any pressure on the solder from pulling on the cord.
  19. If you're thinking of getting a set of BLUETOOTH Headphones, make SURE they are "AtpX LOW LATENCY" .... I spoke to a rep. From MINELAB about this and said that I had a problem with the cost of the ones offered by MINELAB ( $139.99 plus shipping ), the rep suggested I look on AMAZON.COM or EBAY.COM as there is several different headphones available and one is the same manufacturer as the one that have the MINELAB LOGO for about $55 or so.......only without the logo.....guess what I ordered from EBAY?????
  20. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,147352
  21. Acabo de ver estos auriculares en aliexpres. No estoy seguro de lo que valen, pero lo comparto por si le interesa un compañero. La verdad es que se ven bien Translation from Google Translate: I just saw these headphones in aliexpress. I'm not sure what they're worth, but I'll share it in case you're interested in a partner. The truth is that they look good Plufy deportes auricular Bluetooth csr4.1 banda para el cuello auriculares apt-x estéreo Auriculares con micrófono piel Orejeras (Plufy Sports Bluetooth Headset CSR4.1 Neckband Headset apt-x Stereo Headset with Microphone Skin Earmuffs) http://s.aliexpress.com/bUVreyYv?
  22. Am I doing something wrong? I cant get the volume control + or -- buttons to work on the ML80 phones. The volume works fine on the detector.
  23. Garrett has released a new set of headphones with built in proprietary wireless capability, the Garrett MS-3 headphone. These headphones can interface directly with new Garrett models with built in wireless, like the new Garrett AT Max. They will not work with anything other than Garrett Z-Lynk compatible detectors and accessories. Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk™ Wireless Headphones PN: 1627710 MSRP $119.95 Built-in Z-Lynk receiver. High-fidelity audio. Volume control. Adjust signal levels to suit individual hearing requirements and to enhance weak signals. Comfortable headband and ear cushions. Folds down for easy storage. USB charging cable included. Speaker impedance: 8 ohms Frequency response: 30-18,000 Hz. The new headphones can be purchased alone or as part of a system with a transmitter box that can work with any detector. Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk™ Wireless Kit PN: 1627720 MSRP $189.95 Includes: Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones WT-1 wireless transmitter 2-pin AT connector to Micro USB cable—connects AT detector to transmitter ¼" Jack to Micro USB cable—connects detector with ¼" jack to transmitter USB charging cable Mounting band For any style metal detector with 2-pin AT connector or ¼" headphone jack
  24. As some of you may know I am almost completely deaf and cannot manage without my hearing aids and a while back I bought a couple of Phonak FM Receiver shoes for use with my Phonak Hearing Aids and I later bought a Phonak Roger FM wireless transmitter so as to hear music and TV wireless direct to my hearing aids. Today I took it into my head to try connecting my Minelab Equinox WM08 wireless unit with my Phonak Roger FM transmitter and I then paired the WM08 unit with my Equinox then paired the Phonak Wireless transmitter with my Phonak Hearing Aids and low and behold the Equinox signals came belting through spot on and loads of volume, see photographs below.