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  1. Morris

    Detector Case

    I bought a Gardforce by Vanguard hard case. Outback series 52C. The size is 31-1/2 X 13-1/4 X 5-3/8. The weight is 7.05 lbs/3.20kg. The foam padding does not have to be cut. It is soft enough to compress around what is laid in the case keeping it protected and the detector or other items do not shift when closed. I like it because it is small and would be easy to carry on a plane or it would not take up a lot of room in a vehicle. It has it own lock and also locks can be added to the hasps. The detector has to be broke down a little more but it can be assembled back together in about two minutes with a little practice. I am not in a race to the field so I don't mind trading a smaller case and security for a couple of minutes of reassembly. The head phones along with the case fits as well. Picture that I took is attached.
  2. Hi all! FINALLY, after a long wait, I have a 6" coil on the way. I'm really looking forward to trying this coil in some really trashy spots I have in mind. A question for anyone that has the coil -- have you done any depth comparisons with it and the 11"? I'm curious as to how much depth would be lost, given equal settings, on a coin-sized target? Thanks! Steve
  3. I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a metal object hit my digger :headbang: big silver!!! I love these coins, I thought I might find a silver Washington or maybe a Bengy, but, the Walker was a big surprise. That was only the beginning of a great silver day from a rather small yard. As you can see, lots of neat fun stuff came out of the yard, the 3 small Mexican coins were in the same hole. It appears to have been a homemade piece of jewelry because the solder joints look a bit rough. I also found some kind of trade token, but I cannot make out what it is because it's worn pretty bad. I went over the place 3 times from different directions and will be going over it one more time with the Etrac just to see if the Nox and I missed anything. I also have another permission a couple of houses down from this one. I plan on trying to get into several others as well. Very unusual yard, I found a silver rosie on top of the ground last week when I was delivering the mail to this house, which is what prompted me to ask for permission. Several of the wheats were barely under the surface, the Walker was maybe 2" deep, nothing over 5" It appears that this yard has never had grass or has been worked since the house was built, barely a blade of grass, just dirt :icon_scratch:
  4. Which end of the Nox is the waterproof end? Is it the coil cable end OR the coil receptacle on the back of the controller? Or, are both waterproof? When I rinse my Nox off after a beach hunt I cover both connectors with my thumb so as not to get the pins or the pin receptacles wet. Does anybody know what the thread count is on the connectors? I would like to get a male and a female solid end so as to rinse the Nox off without any possible water problems. Thanks for any info on this matter.
  5. I've been taking my Equinox 600 to sites that I've hit hard in the past, and found multiple silver coins, with an Etrac. I've exclusively used Park 1 and a recovery speed of 3, the maximum. The results are inconclusive so far. Site 1: found a wheat cent. Site 2: found two wheat cents. Site 3: found a war nickel and a wheat cent. The wheat cent was completely surrounded by iron. Site 4: found nothing old with Equinox. Tried Etrac immediately thereafter and dug a Mercury dime and wheat cent. Site 5: found nothing old with Equinox. Tried Etrac immediately thereafter and dug a relatively shallow Standing Liberty quarter.
  6. This Eq800 testing video comes from Facebook. I understand it was filmed at a Minelab Turkey demonstration day I would like to know the settings https://www.facebook.com/groups/157635448164052/permalink/282204502373812/
  7. Sasquatch

    New Member, New 800

    Hey just got an Equinox 800 last week, my first detector. First of all thanks for all the info, it has really helped me figure out this thing! So far I've only detected around the house and found a wide range of trash: Nails, stakes, nuts, bolts, old chunks of iron, shell casing, a piece of buckshot, molten aluminum nugget from a bonfire, stainless steel wire, tarp grommet, bottle cap, tin can lid. Nothing amazing but happy with the results, right now I'm digging everything with a consistent signal to learn, figuring out the Target ID and learning the sounds. Probably a little tough area to start at, but as soon as I figured out the sensitivity and ground balance, the signals are much clearer, I've been impressed how deep it has found some things. Also suprised I haven't dug any hot rocks yet, there are a lot of rocks in our driveway that are magnetic and I expected to be having to dig a lot more, but so far haven't dug one. Thanks again for all the advice on here, excited to go look for some nuggets and lost stuff. Really happy with the machine, love the wireless headphones! Seems hard to beat for an "all-around" type machine.
  8. With the purchase of my new Minelab Equinox 600 (waiting for my 800 on backorder) I set out to find some needed but harder to find accessories...Headphones for the Water was my priority this time! In this YouTube video I cover a gentleman (Tony) who is the Only United States based modifier and seller of Waterproof headphone connectors for the Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 control box and show you what he modified for me. With little to no options out there for Waterproof headphones for the Minelab Equinox series metal detectors I was extremely excited to find Tony on a Forum. Long story short I sent him a pair of Grey Ghost headphones and he modified them with his custom Waterproof connection, so now I am ready to take my Equinox wading/submerge once the weather here in Michigan warms up just a bit The connector looks like it was professionally manufactured, just like Minelab themselves made these headphones. If you are searching for waterproof headphone options for your new Equinox then watch this video. I am in NO way Affiliated with the Seller of this product, I simply like to pass information along when I find products that will help others in this great hobby. Take Care and HH.
  9. Steve Herschbach

    My First Equinox Gold Nuggets

    OK, I am warning you all up front - I still am going to be wishy-washy or outright avoidant of certain details still. The dam is cracking but not burst yet. Here are the results of a test run with the new multifrequency (MF) option in Gold Mode. I am battling limited time and weather issues so was actually quite pleased to find any gold at all - a few lead bits often tells me just as much, so the gold is a sort of bonus. Anyway, Equinox 800, Gold Mode, MF, relatively mild ground and so I was pushing sensitivity levels high, 22 - 25. Three nuggets, two of only 0.6 grain each (480 grains per ounce) and one 9.8 grains (0.6 gram). The 0.6 grain nuggets are one smaller, fatter one plus one thin flake. What most impresses me about these are not the gold per se. It is the fact these were found with an 11" round DD coil. I am not in a position to be able to excavate these like an archeologist to determine the exact depth they were found at but I can guesstimate based on the holes and sounds. The two tiny bits were found at 1-2 inches, and the 9.8 grain nugget at 3-4 inches. Just based on this alone and many years of nugget detecting I can tell you the Equinox can hunt gold just fine. How will it stack up against dedicated gold nugget detectors? Frankly, in my opinion that will be determined largely by coils. Operationally I much prefer the 6" x 10" DD on my Gold Monster and hope such a coil becomes available for Equinox. The 11" open web will be "OK" but not a great prospecting coil design which is why no dedicated gold detectors come with one. It hangs up on protruding rocks and stubble and so a solid design would be better, or at least a solid scuff cover. The large coil will false on rocks if struck will at the highest sensitivity levels and low recovery speeds while in Gold Mode and the extra edges just accentuate that tendency. The 6" coil will be nice but more for spot work as covering acres at a time with a 6" round coil....... I want the elliptical. Long story short my Gold Monster is not going anywhere quite yet, but only because of the coil. The big coil can find small gold however, and should give great performance on larger nuggets at depth, more than an elliptical will get. For a VLF however - always keep that in mind. This is not a Minelab PI or GPZ 7000.
  10. Ok so I’m going to once again be asking opinions of the pros (you all). In my last post I asked what would be a better detector between the Teknetics T2+ and G2+, and it seems the G2+ would work better for gold which is what I’m going to be in the hunt for. But along the way I was introduced to the idea of saving up a little more and buying the equinox 800. What would you do? Option 1, Order the G2+ now and use it for a while in hope of finding a few good nuggets and then buying the Nox. Option 2, keep using my pawn shop kids detector and save up another 2-3 months to buy the Nox. Option 3, buy the Nox now on credit and have my wife hang me...?
  11. Went to a local So. Cal. park this morning, and boy what a workout! I'm not sure the Nox is the right machine for a modern trashy park. In some area's of the park the Nox was sounding off like a machine gun. I tried P1, P2, F1, F2, 5 tone, 50 tone, 0 GB, manual GB, auto GB, recovery at 5, 6, 7 and IB at 3, 4, 5. It seems no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the machine to quiet down. It might just be too much trash. I couldn't keep up with the Noxs' noise. I got tired of trying to distinguish good target sounds from bad target sounds, so after two hours my head couldn't take it anymore so I just gave up and headed home. Anybody got any ideas on the best way to handle this type of park? Or, is it best to just pass it by? Thanks in advance for any help in this area.
  12. Someone has posted they have a bud who has synched “ their word” with Nox with no ML 80 wireless headphones. Is this possible? And this person who posted can’t seem to get his to do like his buds Nox, hence he thinks he has a problem. I have not fooled with Nox and iPhones. Cell phone service unavailable in many spots in my area.
  13. Mark Gillespie

    It's All I Need

    Thought I would share a few of my actual, field experiences with the Equinox 800. It truly is a turn on and go detector. The most accurate detector I’ve ever had on proper identification of buried targets over 5” in depth. No need to run high sensitivity to detect in areas where the sink rate is very slow. I’ve found a sensitivity of 16 will detect and correctly ID coins to 7” deep. There is no need to ground balance unless hunting is mineralized ground. Side by side comparisons with other detectors finds the Equinox will more accurately ID coins in the 6-8” range. This was very surprising to me. I’ve become very good at knowing what a coin is before digging. Very good example is a nickel verses a beaver tab by the audio/ID response (not one by itself) With use, there is a lot of target information is the audio response that lends to target identification. If you find an area where there is a lot of EMI and noise cancel doesn’t help, turn it down. See #3. In extreme trash the machine will still give an audio hint of good targets surrounded by other targets. Very versatile, even though the need to make adjustments are not common. Surprise, the more time you have with the Equinox the more I learn. Final note: It will take a lot to find a better machine on the market “today”.
  14. ..it finally arrived - happy like a little boy Will probably hit the beach with my son for some first tests this evening
  15. Looks like I'll be sending my new Nox in again for repairs. It was replaced 6-7 weeks ago because of a faulty power button, now it won't charge. I tried doing a reset, I tried another charger and nothing. It goes straight to a solid green light and will not charge. So, once again off to Minelab for I'm sure another new control housing. I may have 20 hours of use on this one, I've charged it 2 times before it quit charging. Not a happy camper as I had a weekend hunt planned coming up in 11 days.
  16. I am becoming more befuddled on the Equinox 800 pinpointing . I come from the Explorer XS and Garrett GTI family of detectors an am having a bit of an issue. Some people have noted that the variation of pinpoint sounds can be a good indicator of size of the target. I tried a half penny (1916)that I threw on lawn and target was normal in descrim mode Park 2 5 Tone Sensitivity at 15. noise and ground balanced.. Set to pinpoint to dispel the assertion that targets were read off the tip of the coil. Turned pinpoint on and had signal High pitch at bpth the end of the coil and halfway. Toe was higher on both and meter closed on both points. I did not raise coil to test in that venue. I had trouble beach hunting especially when ferrous metal was in close proximity I have read several articles and watched you tube vids but many seem to be on clearer land and Beach (new Hampshire) than I. Perhaps I am getting to analytical and should refrain from using the pin pointer and relying on X marks the spot. This machine begs for additional info than the others I have used. I would love to learn more about this as I work it, and at this time I am using 5 tone. Great group hope I can add something.
  17. Hi all. I know I've seen this info before, but I can't seem to find it... I currently have an Equinox 800, and am going to buy a 600 as a backup. I know the 600 has only 4 settings for Iron Bias (instead of 9), and 3 settings for Recovery Speed (instead of 8). Can anyone remind me what the "equivalents" are between the 600 settings and the 800? I THINK I recall that Recovery Speed 1 on the 600 equals 2 on the 800, Speed 2 on the 600 equals 4 on the 800, and speed 3 on the 600 equals 6 on the 800. Is this correct? Meanwhile, I can't remember how the Iron Bias Settings relate. I assume 0 on the 600 equals 0 on the 800, and 3 on the 600 equals 9 on the 800? Would 1 on the 600 equal 3 on the 800, and 2 on the 600 equal 6 on the 800? In other words, is this "chart," below, correct? Reason I ask is, I know the settings that I prefer on the 800, and I'd like to set the 600 up as close as possible to what I run on the 800. Thanks, Steve
  18. Hi Guys, Mrs JW & I went off on a bit of prospecting adventure with pan & shovel on Saturday to check out some creeks I have read about in my research activities. They are in an area that isn't really known for gold but I came across the information & it was said that a 3 oz nugget & numerous half ounce nuggets were got & the creeks draining from this mountain range carried gold. Naturally the country is very inhospitable, steep, bushy & just typical of gold country here. It was never supposed to be easy. No gold is. Was a stunning day when we left Queenstown. Not far from our destination. On getting to the first creek & after a quick cuppa off we went in search of some bedrock. Any bedrock was not very forthcoming. So just did a few pans at various locations. Not even a spec of iron sand was got or seen. Let alone any gold. Didn't even see any signs of old workings. But we are talking back in the early 1860's for these & many a fresh has come down these creeks since then. Creek number two was no better. In fact worse. Wasn't going to get much further up there in a hurry. No guessing where any gold may be hiding. Creek three was the same. After that & not even one colour, we gave up. Didn't even break out a detector. Guess that is why it wasn't very well known about. Was a nice days outing & saw some new country. Come sunday & was keen to try out the new 6" nox coil that Simon had dropped off to me on friday evening on his way to Coronet Peak Ski Field for some night skiing. Simon had elected to go to our usual spot that I have shown him. I decided to give it a miss & stay closer to home. Targeting some areas that I had some success with the GB2, GM 1000 & the nox with the 11" coil. Getting small/tiny gold that is up the alley of these high frequency VLF's. So...virgin 6" nox coil. Ready for action. Well...believe it or not, I just put the coil to the ground & on its very first sweep. A signal. And the 6" coils first TINY bit of gold. Coil is not even dirty. Gold mode 1. Full max sensitivity of 25 in our insanely mild ground & Multi IQ. Went into 20khz & couldn't even hear it. Even in 40 khz it was not convincing, but in Multi IQ it really banged out. 2nd signal in a matter of seconds after potting the first. How tiny is that?? I was detecting an area of rotten schist bedrock. Just scrape & detect. Scrape & detect & the signals just kept on coming. It probably warrants carting this dirt to a creek & putting through a sluice box. Only trouble is that creek is a long way off. May have to look at a little 12 volt recirculating highbanker/sluice box setup on the spot. I have a few of these spots open to me. Signals kept on coming & coming.... Glacial material I ended up with 14 tiny pieces for a fun afternoon & not even one bit of rubbish.👍 That is the beauty of having been over & over this round. The coil still looks brand new but it has been christened on its dabo. Total weight .24 of a gram. Gosh...will this set up rival the Gold Monster 1000?? Considering I last hit this spot with the GM 1000 & the GB2 & missed these pieces. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  19. When I first started using the 800 I stuck with Park 2 almost exclusively but found that in a couple lakes it wasn't optimal. At one sandbar in particular it sees the ripples in the sand as a target with constant low signals that don't balance or track out. This is not unusual as other VLF's I have used do the same. In another instance at one lake constant ones report for some reason. Lately I have switched to field 1 to try and eliminate at least some of the tiny targets the Nox sees. While it still hits on targets that are hard to keep in the scoop I found that it runs very quiet and smooth in that mode. While at the sand bar yesterday I was able to run sens at max with absolutely no response to the sand and with extreme depth on non-ferrous targets in the mid-conductor range. Another benefit is that the edge sensitivity of the coil seems to increase exponentially with the higher gain settings, great for hitting the recent drops while covering an area at a faster clip. After my first couple water hunts I wasn't sure I could get used to the resistance of the 11" coil. While it's still a bit of a bugger, I spent 4 solid hours swinging it in the water yesterday and my arm/shoulder don't feel bad at all. Not sure long term how I'll hold up to it. Minelab we really need a 9" slim line coil like the X-Terra's for water hunting.
  20. Here is a easy way to fix your shaft wobble, even if only temporarily. The male end of the middle shaft just needs a single layer of electrical tape. The tolerances on the Minelab shaft are actually pretty tight. If it was any closer you might not be able to get it apart again. Anybody who has swung a Tesoro Knows those twist-locks only work for first assembly, lol I've done this before with other machines except I used aluminum tape, time will tell how long the electrical tape will hold out. The tape in the picture has about 15 hours on it, so far it's OK. Besides, it's easy to replace. Coincidentally when I took the machine apart for a cleaning and to take this picture, I noticed that Minelab made a similar raised surface on the lower fiberglass rod. The lower rod is so long that a little play really wouldn't translate into as much slop as the upper connection does.
  21. Now that the six-inch coils have hit the streets has anyone heard of an ETA for the Minelab Equinox 15" Double-D Smart Coils? This is what I'm really looking forward to! Thanks!
  22. Donnyl

    Equinox 800????

    I have only owned a Whites and Garrett machine so far but I am looking at the Equinox 800 very hard right now. I have seen where some are having problems but for the most part it is mostly positive feedback. For those of you that own the 800 and have 50 plus hours on it how would you rate it overall?, 1 being poor and 5 being excellent. I have the AT pro right now and wondering if the 800 is considered a BIG upgrade? I do not get to hunt as much as I would like. I'm in North GA so I do have a variety of places to hit. Also, please tell me one thing you like most about your 800 ? Thanks for any input for a very interested detectorist thinking about an 800. Also , what is one thing you dislike about the 800?
  23. Hey everyone... I can't seem to lock onto wheats. I primarily hunt in Parks 1/2 and Field 2. I use to do well on them with my Safari, but since I've had the 600, I've been doing poorly on the wheats. I'm averaging 1-2 wheats per outing whereas I used to dig anywhere from 10 - 20. My Etrac partner and off & on Explorer partner will dig 20 - 30 wheats in an outing. It seems that lately, wheats are coming in deep but my Nox isn't hitting em. My hunting partners and I don't stray far from one another and pretty much cross the same patterns...they're getting em and I am not. I'm frustrated because I may be missing good deeper coins. I'm killing it on nickels and clad but that's about it. Any suggestions or comments is appreciated.
  24. I am still waiting for a good test and comparison on the E-800 vs the V3i. I know the E-800 is far simpler but ............. How do these two stack up.
  25. phrunt

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Something is happening! the (Coming Soon) has disappeared off the Minelab site for the 6" coil, it's still on the 15" coil. I think this means they're possibly shipping to dealers. Has anyone heard anything? EQX 06 Double-D Smart Coil The waterproof 6-inch round Double-D coil is very sensitive to small targets, and perfect for finding treasure in high trash areas. It is also ideal for detecting in difficult terrain. A protective skidplate is included. Part No. 3011-0333 https://www.minelab.com/anz/accessories-1/by-detector/equinox-series