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Found 94 results

  1. So I decided to purchase a used SDC 2300 that was posted here on the website from Fort Bedford as I have heard and read many good things about this detector. I received the detector yesterday. This morning I decided to go to the local volleyball court in my neighborhood and just dig all of the signals and see how it reacted to a location that I have detected many times with my Original Tesoro Lobo. This machine is too simple to use that you almost think you are missing something until you hit a target and dig. I only stayed about an hour and only got about a 1/3rd of the court done before the humidity and heat came on. I concentrated on a slow swing overlapping the coil on each pass. Below are photos of my finds, 52 cents, tiny bits of wire / junk and my first gold (urban nugget / clasp .5 g) with the SDC 2300. I will soon venture up north in the prescott area to detect a little and see if I can find a real in the wild nugget! Have a great weekend! Jimmy
  2. Evening, I hope this makes sense. I have a GPZ and an SDC and they seem to work pretty good near power lines. Plenty of auto channels to try and find a quiet one. As these are the only detectors I have ever owned I am wondering if other detectors - older minelab and other brands - are as quiet around power lines? Especially the really big trans-country lines. The reason I ask is that I found a nice looking area today that has been worked 'in the olden days' and in the short time available (20 minutes) this evening I found quite a few shallow rust nuggets, small/nice sounding bits of lead and absolutely no tell tale signs of old detecting holes. All targets were so shallow that a Kmart brand detector could have found them. This is all within about 60 metres of some bloody big power lines. Would I be right in guessing older technology might not have been able to handle the EMI so this could be some new ground? Apart from the flogging it got 100 years ago Thanks, Northeast
  3. G'day Steve Seeing as you have mentioned the batteries in the 2300, we have changed to the Li-ion 18650's with the adapters about a year ago, less weight more power 2 batteries instead of 4 like the original "C" cells I don't know if anyone in the USA have started using the 18650's but there are quite a few in Aus and with no ill effects from the extra voltage and perhaps even a slight advantage, this extra voltage maybe just a feel good thing or it maybe real, I don't seem to be able to get a definite answer as to whether the extra volts translates into a usable advantage, but to us using it there seem to be. Somebody with an Oscilloscope maybe able to hook up a test between the old "C" cells and the 18650's with the 2300 running the both types? cheers dave
  4. Walker

    2300 Rebuild

    My 2300 was falling apart, basically unusable. I pulled a Steve.
  5. With all the comparisons how do these two stack up, I know it is Apples to Oranges but what think you Steve and Gerry. I do not have my Nox yet so I can not compare them my self.
  6. Does anyone know where I can buy an sdc 2300 knuckle protector in the USA? I know there are several different brands in Australia, but they won't ship to the US or the shipping is outrageous. Would like to upgrade from using Gorilla tape.
  7. OK, I`ve found the courage, I think, Stripped the SDC right down the C/Bs with pot switches, coil plug, H/Dphone plug complete as per image below weighs 216 grams. This section complete with a couple of 3.7v LiPos hard wired in with the Pro-Sonic transmitter also hard wired, giving 3 Mini USB female plugs to charge .LiPos will be probably rectangular type that have their BMS in cooperated. Doubt I`ll used the SDC coil shaft as whilst it is quality feels heavy compared to say the GPX shaft. Anyway I`m "pissing into the wind" until tis a goer so will post back once and if it survives to detect again. NQ AU Wet weather project.
  8. I’m a new member from Wasilla, Alaska. I am new to detecting for gold and was hoping you can help me make a final decision on which P.I. detector I want to buy. The reason why I want to get a P.I. Detector is so that I don’t have to worry about hot rocks setting off my detector much like in Petersville, note I have been using a gold bug pro. Now saying that I live in wasilla and knowing that the majority of nuggets are small I will be mainly hunting in relatively close areas such as Hatcher Pass and Petersville. I know that VLF detectors are hard to use in Petersville due to the graphite slate hot rocks. The main reason I am looking towards an SDC 2300 and the ATX machines are because of there ability to be compact for hiking and waterproof which makes it easier to walk through the bushes following streams. Other wise I would love to save up for the relatively new gpz 7000 which I may consider later on down the line or maybe even get a gpx 5000. I like the fact that the 2 machines I am interested in are pretty good on small gold. I want to be able to detect mainly along streams with the thought that if I find a small nugget I would also be able to pan that same spot of a found nugget. The things keeping me from making a decision are the quirks of each machine. ATX can change coils and go deeper which I really like but also don’t like how I hear it can false on targets if bumped into a clump of grass or protruding rocks. I like how the SDC is hot on smaller gold and specimen gold since I think the reality of me finding big nuggets are slim, but I also don’t like the idea of it being a shallow detector and mainly for small gold. Do you think you can help me out on making a decision here?
  9. GoneBushForever

    SDC 2300 - Is It Dead?

    Ok, so I have noticed that Steve no longer has a SDC2300 but does have a GM1000. I would be very interested to hear not only Steve's but everyone's current thoughts on the SDC? Has it been overtaken by newer detectors? Steve, why did you sell yours?
  10. I saw the prototype of the first coil that will be released for the 2300. 10x5" The tester really likes it and apparently it is dynamite on the jagged bits. And the main thing I wanted in these new coils, it is centre mount . I will probably start using my 2300 a bit more
  11. Northeast

    SDC 2300 New Coils??

    'Ello, ello, ello, what's all this then???
  12. Rege-PA

    SDC 2300 Limits

    We all know that the SDC 2300 has proven itself to be fantastic on small gold and people seem to get the idea that it is a very shallow machine and not too useful for hunting nuggets at depth. I realize it is not a GPZ or a GPX but can anyone give me an idea of just how deep this machine can go on nuggets above a gram and into the bigger stuff. I guess what I`m asking is for some examples of dug targets. Is this machine an overall detector or is it just for shallow small stuff?
  13. Afternoon forumers, A few days ago I turned on the SDC to check a few hot rocks. It was going crazy with EMI (I thought) and I felt it was the bit of a storm that was happening up the valley. Although when I held it dead still (sat it on the plastic garbage bin) it was fine. Ran the hot rocks over it and they all 'pinged' which was strange because I felt that only the bit of quartz had the potential for actually having some gold. Turned it off, crushed the quartz, no gold, was confused. Turned it on the next night and same thing - very wavering, noisy threshold and would only be stable when dead still. Changed batteries to new, non rechargable - no difference. Took it up the bush today as I thought maybe it was just house, power lines, etc - although I have never had a problem with it near the house. Miles from nowhere in the bush and same issue. Any movement - especially rolling the machine side to side - it just went bananas. Sounded off on anything it went near on the ground. Took the coil cover off when I got home - thought maybe a sliver of wire had got caught. No change. There is no trouble shooting guide in the instruction manual. Tried different batteries again and no better. Re-read the manual and the only thing I could find was to turn the machine on when the sensitivity dial is at '2'. Made sure it was at 2 - no difference. To me it sounds like there is something loose in there or something has made it hypersensitive to any little movement. Any suggestions? Anyone had this issue? There does not seem to be any 'factory reset' type function/button. Feeling like it may be a return to Minelab job
  14. Hi guys, One of the main reasons I got the 2300 was for its under water ability. All be it just 3 meters (9 feet) Ok for snorkeling around some of the smaller creeks & shallower rivers. I then found out that all the gold bearing creeks & rivers around here had gold dredging claims on them. So that ruled me out. I had many Aussie's inquiring as to how I got on with it under water. I dont think too many were too keen to stick a NZ$4k detector under water, despite warranty. I know I had reservations. In the end I never got to take it for a swim & I never got the water proof head phones to even do it, at an extra cost on top of buying the detector in the first place. Wouldnt you think they would be part of the purchase? I have not come across any post or posts on the 2300 being used under water. Is there any body out there who has done this, & if so, how did you do, what were your thoughts, what were your results?? Be very interesting. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  15. Hi all, I'm ready to buy my first detector and have narrowed the choice down to two. Mainly based on price but some advice could help point me in the right direction. My choices are the GPX 4500 & SDC 2300, within $100 of each other. Most of my hunting will be in the Golden Triangle of central Victoria, Australia. The GPX seems to be more versatile but the SDC appears to be easier to master. It appears both will find gold in the right hands so I suppose my quandary revolves around which one will give me the broadest chance to find gold in quantity and size. Cheers in advance, Benny.
  16. As a total newbie, the more I read the more confused I become. I was leaning towards a 2300 as a first machine to use when I move back to AZ. But I was looking at the 4500 and 5000 as the price where I am are all within 100 bucks of each other. Makes for a tough choice........BUT then I keep reading about the GPZ and the size and depth increases it affords and I think that is the machine I will ultimately want anyway. I am new to the detecting(read zero experience since the 80's), but not to prospecting. Would I be getting over my head going straight to the GPZ? I am not talking about the price as much as I want to know if as a first piece of equipment is it too much? Do I need to work my way up the ranks before I get the big dog? I do not want to buy and then sell a 2300 or a 5000 or both only to arrive at the 7000 as an end game machine anyway. So if I bite the bullet and skip the retirement watch..... I defer to the experts.
  17. Gold digger83

    Sdc2300 Battery Light

    Hey guys, I'm having problem with my sdc2300, it keeps telling me it's flat even with new battery's... Anyone else had this problem?? Cheers.
  18. I have the Miner John (Razorback) skid plate or scuff cover for the Minelab GPZ 7000. This is a much longer lasting cover than the skid plate that comes stock with the GPZ 7000. http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5908106 I recommend the product highly if you need a replacement scuff cover for your GPZ. I was not aware however that Miner John also makes a cover for the SDC 2300, which I have to assume is also a better cover than the one that comes with the detector. I no longer have the SDC 2300 myself but just wanted to pass this along for those that do. http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2562506
  19. Steve Herschbach

    Minelab SDC Vs GPX Vs GPZ

    Great Treasure Talk blog by Nenad Lonic at http://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/comparing-minelab-s-sdc-gpx-gpz-detectors comparing and contrasting the Minelab SDC 2300, GPX 5000, and GPZ 7000.
  20. Be aware! I saw this on eBay today and it looks like a fake to me. But the seller says, "it was an early test unit." One pic Shows an obvious name change and other shows paint peeling off the bottom of the coil. My sdc did not have a painted coil. Hopefully, Steve can confirm one way or another on this unit... I really don't want anybody to get sucked into a scam...
  21. My SDC is nearing 2 years old although I haven't used it much since the 7000. There had been some audio issues with a worn headphone jack connection so I used duct tape to stabilize the whole mess but it was down to audio in just one ear. It's not the headphone cord, but the connection ring on the detector that was worn. A friend expressed interest in buying it and he called Minelab about getting it fixed on the warranty. He was told they don't repair the 2300's, just send it in and they would send out a new one. I know a couple guys here in Yuma that had audio problems with the 2300's and they have received a total of 3 new ones between them. Perhaps the steep price on the 7000 is helping to offset these warranty returns with the 2300. Hell of a way to run a railroad, but I'll be happy assuming a new one gets sent out as stated. I might have a brand new 2300 for sale real soon.
  22. I purchased a SDC 2300 before the end of last year during the promotional pricing period. Because I have been away at sea and/or in areas no gold exists I just took my new girl out for her first stroll yesterday. An hour into the hunt my machine started turning off and on. I knew there HAD been a problem with this is as I had ran a friends 2300 for a few days. What I find inconceivable is the SDC 2300 has been for sale in this country for quite a while now and they have done nothing to fix a seemingly minor problem. The MAP price on this machine is approaching the $4000 mark. You would think that for that type of money you could turn your detector on and it would run until you turned it off. I have always been a fan of Minelab detectors ever since I purchased a GP3500, but I have to say "FOR SHAME,FOR SHAME,FOR SHAME". Minelab should hang their head in red-faced shame over such dismal customer service as this.
  23. Norvic

    Z, X & SDC

    Well, my Son did it and turned up with a SDC in exchange for my 5000 for Easter. Went off to try the SDC, left him with Z to compare with 5000 and new age coils, he was fairly impressed with performance of 5000 with the Elite 14" but in using the Z to compare he is now spoilt and talking Z Z Z Z only. Suspect the 5000 is history, regardless that the new age coils have increased the performance of the 5000, the stability of the Z has swung him. The SDC, it is super stable and a small piece magnet, good fun and will complement the Z. It is the small coil gold detector for those pieces around boulders the Z just can`t get at, plus for those shallow pieces that recovering is time consuming for the Z.
  24. EZMoney Bob

    Some SDC Gold

    Here's some placer gold found with my SDC-2300. Looks nice and sharp edged and I don't think it's traveled far. Next project is to find the source. Bob