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Found 90 results

  1. Got permission to hunt two really good sites today. Going to wait until the first frost to hit them. Mostly woods but the benefits should be good.
  2. Today I got crowded out of the water so I decided to head back to the old school yard. Just as well I suppose as they announced they are going to tear it down immediately and build something or other. Its annoying because this town is slow as molasses to do anything else. They announced the recreation center when I was in grade school, I'm in my 40s now so whats the rush you know what I mean? lololol Anyhow I tell you an interesting phenomenon. Whenever I do a land hunt after a water hunt, I can always seem to eek out something decent fairly easily, I don't know what it is. I got my water ears on but I am on land if you know what I mean. This effect wears off after 45 minutes then the targets recede back to the shadows. Within 20 minutes of being there I had both of these targets. Both targets were in holes with square nails. They were not found together which makes this extraordinarily odd, I've dug thousands of targets from here and got very very little of anything that I could for sure say was military. Then again, why would there be, its a school yard. It turns out there was some training at some point in time. The item on the left is a pin from the 182nd Battalion Canadian Expedition Forces from around 1915 or 1916. The button on the right, if I was to extrapolate information from the pin would be around the same age. It's similar to other buttons I have found. I should be able to confirm the era by the style of crown that is at the top. The lower part just says "Canada" and of course has a beaver below it lol. For those Equinox users I spent the whole time hunting in recovery speed of 8, sens 22, Park2. I didn't mean to hunt that fast, by the time I realized it I had already found the maple leaf pin so I decided to let it roll. I got some pretty respectable depth considering I was on the fastest setting. *There were square nails in the holes of both targets. It will be a shame to see this place go, I just got the top layer beat back a bit to expose this old stuff, but hey I knew this day could come at any time. It's alright I guess, I have got a lot of really good stuff from here in the past. "the way she goes"
  3. calabash digger

    Colonial Silver Today...

    Hit a new spot today...
  4. I recently hit a new permission here in rural Tasmania - the property housed the ruins of what the property owner thought was a Shepherds hut. The ruins themselves dated to the early 1800s, and I found some awesome Tokens hidden in the dirt. It really was a great day. Attached are some pics and you can find the video below.
  5. From some research so far: Feel free to add more knowledge, would be appreciated. Factors of items going deeper into earth 1. Worms (LOL) 2. Leaves organic matter build up over time 3. Moles 4. Drainage Is that it?? I know its a noob thing to be obsessed with depth, but i keep wondering how deep those medieval/Roman/or pre-1800 coins/relics are. Thanks.
  6. Coins sure are nice to find but so are balls and buttons.
  7. Went to the low country in the heat....
  8. goldrat

    Equinox Hunt

    Last post I mentioned I would put up a short report on a few hours with the Equinox . I haven't detected for several months due to my legs starting to break down . It was frustrating having a SDC out of use and now a brand new NOX . The surgeons report was handed down to me and I was about to have a bilateral double hernia operation . Message came through loud and clear that there would be no vigorous activities for 8 to 12 weeks after operation . Bugger I thought with 4 days before hospital , can't do much more harm to body , better give the NOX a swing . I went to an old miners camp (1850's) where I started detecting in the early 80's with a Garrett Deepseeker . Biggest rubbish dump ever for me , but occasionally I would find a coin or relic . Time to try the new kid on the block in standard field 1 . Well I got the shock of my life and my success revolved around a few very slow hours of detecting . Can't wait till I get the green light and can detect daily . In the pics there is a Australian half penny dated 1943 , I found that on the way home at a trotting track / cricket ground which closed 60 years ago . I have a further 8 weeks of rehab before the NOX comes out for round 2 !!!!!!!!! Can't wait . Enjoy the pics . Cheers goldrat
  9. Getting ready to plan a trip near Yuma Az area digging "trash"... I have a target in mind I would like to find... The quest is to find some Apache Beer cone tops buried in trash pits in desert sands. From knowledge of others digs condition of 1930s cans has shown good promise and recovery of quality specimens of other brands has been promising. I am drawn to Yuma Arizona area because in researching old newspaper ads I found this was one of just several cities they marketed Apache Beer for 6 months in 1936. Below is a newspaper ad from 1936 and a very clean example of the Apache Beer cone top which recently sold for 28,000.00 and you can see here in link http://breweriana.com/beer-cans-cone-tops/apache-export-beer-cone-2881/ Not a typo! those old cans actually sell for insane values. My reason for posting this is to bring attention to just how rare some of this trash is to collectors and also to get some opinions or intel from anyone who might suggest areas I may find open to digging around the Yuma area. As well, has anyone else dug old beer cans and kept them or left them behind in the past?
  10. Help ID this save. I think it is a hand cuff, but not sure of age or style name. Was found at 1800's mining town site by Lisa P with a Garrett AT. We found Seated Liberty Silvers, IH Cents, a Large Cent, Chinese Coins, Tokens, enough dodads to cover a big barn and she shows us this. How rare is this find? If a hand cuff - My family and I started detecting early 70's and non of us have ever recovered such an incredible find. I have thousands of customers across the US and I do not recall any of them sharing a photo of one. May not be worth much in actual dollars, but in rarity it is more scares than a gold coin. If you know of someone or a site that can share some light on this discovery, please share. Lisa easily gets my vote for best find. Hats off to another Lady Digger.
  11. Gerry in Idaho

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    Anyone a Pistol Expert? I just dug this banger of a find. Minelab Equinox 800 sniffed it at only 10". Please share with your gun buddies and we'll get it figured out. It is one of my cooler Idaho digs. Oh, and if you have been lucky enough to have found a pistol or gun, please share story and photos on here.
  12. foreverteachable

    On Display

    Here is a picture of the Buckle I found in it's display case. It is always nice to dig up some history and be able to share it with others.
  13. I hit an old sports field that had produced old coins for some of the veteran treasure hunters before me but uunfortunatelymost of it had been covered with fill so I hit the woods where people had camped in the late 1800s. It has been a while since I found a coin there but luckily I was and was reminded of the old dump while walking the creek. I found the spoon on the bank next to an old piece of tin fashioned into a plate.
  14. So last year I am wandering around well off the beaten path in northern Nevada. I was targeting some old mapped prospects that turned out just to be natural features the mappers mistook for mining activity. Still, there is gold elsewhere in the area, and I am seeing lots of quartz scattered around. I wandered for miles swinging the Garrett ATX with one of the new 11" x 13" DD coils. This particular area had some hot rocks that were bugging my GPZ 7000 but which the Garrett tuned out entirely, so I went with the ATX. Garrett ATX in the Nevada desert Hours go by with not a single signal. Then I get this soft loud signal in the middle of nothing - no sign of human activity of any sort. It is strong but not a sharp signal, so I figure it is something large and deep. I start digging and it is deep. I am thinking maybe a meteorite? Or can I dare hope for a large nugget find - no, I tend to not let my thoughts go too far in that direction.... but still........ Close to two feet and this pops out of the ground: Looks to be an aircraft 20mm cannon round, probably WW2 era. I imagine somebody was flying around out there decades ago and fired off a round, which ended up punching into the ground where I found it. Who knows what the real story is, but it got my heart pumping and was the only find of the day.
  15. OK so I went out this past weekend with the Nox at first, to an old townsite, lots of older trash and big iron. I started the day with the Equinox and got pretty frustrated after a few hours, granted I am still in learning mode for this machine but I finally gave in and took out the Deus for awhile and then the CTX. I tried a few settings I found online to see if it could help but it just got overwhelming trying to pull good targets out of the trash, kept getting rusty nails with a high tone even after adjusting the iron bias...Im sure im missing something and will eventually learn but Im curious to see what settings some of our US relic hunters are having success with... I appreciate any of you than can offer advice and/or settings that may give me some clarity. Thanks in advance
  16. foreverteachable

    Button ID Please

    Good day all. I found this button at an old home site where military buttons and an old eagle sword plate dating back to the mid 1800s was found and never identified it since it is worn. IT could possibly be a 2 piece button because there is a ridge on back but might be one piece as well.Thanks!
  17. It was a Great day trying the nox out in the fields and woods
  18. Well for me at least 😀 So another 2 hour hunt at the pounded out early 1700's Hole, abandoned prob around 1850 or 1860. I Kept circling in the general vicinity of the home site and found a few more buttons and lead bullets. I had a faint but audible signal which read 13/14 and from a good depth out came the little Georgian strap buckle. The buttons were reading at 9/10 in Field 2. The little buckle might not be a silver coin but I'm totally happy that I found it. I've never found one so small or seen one to be honest! I think the conical button might be militia issue as I've had them before with militia insignia on the front. I like that button because the shank is Wayyy off centre! I guess that one was made on a Friday 😁 I thought I might be out this weekend but its rain/thunderstorms both friggin days 😢 Good Luck to all who get out! I'm really starting to think this Nox 800 is going to be one heck of a ride! Oh, penny in there for scale. HH Sillllvar
  19. Had some business to do out in the country over the weekend and hit a recommended spot that produced in the old days. It's been hard, hard hit, so hard hit it was left to wither away. I don't mind taking a crack at those kind of sites. At any rate, I gave it a try for a few hours and was pleasantly impressed with what I was able to dig up on this site left to die. I think I may have dug a half to one of those cheap stamped brass 49er buckles, but this one is a plain Jane. Also got a civil war era eagle button but it's seen better days. Some kind of neat buckle all twisted up, but the prize was a surface find - I believe that tiny bottle is an opium bottle? And of course, leave it to me to find a merc that's likely 100 years newer then the site!!! The canslaw was punishing!! Not too many small arms shells, zero shotgun shells (amazingly!) but some BIG OLD LEAD (bottom) !!! As large as a couple of those pieces are, there could be anything from a gold coin to a silver dollar still out there IMO 🤓 Aside from aluminum, not many conductors left! This poor eagle button: Felt good to get out!! I did a lot better at the sale I was picking stuff up from, but there's nothing like detecting old sites HH, Cal
  20. Tom and I got out for a few hours after work yesterday to one of his "back-pocket" spots that's been well worked over the years. It's getting stingy with targets, but I still managed to get a few keepers, including the oldest seated dime I've found, as my previous oldest seated was an 1840 half dollar, and an 1840 seated half dime. Hunted in Field 2, auto GB, noise cancel, 22 gain, 50 tones, multi-freq, default settings for everything else. If anyone has any idea what this do-hickey is, I'd greatly appreciate an ID. It's about an inch long, and the ID of the circle at the top is about the diameter of a U.S. nickel: Big ole piece of lead was super deep (and super disappointing at the reveal), two old pieces of green copper, we find at Spanish era sites. The large piece is 4.75" long, surprised that wasn't dug up long ago, but just goes to show that there's still potential for large silver, or relics to still be there. Nice old late 1700's/early 1800's flat button: And the grand finale - lol This seated dime was deep, came in as a high tone whisper, and even the pinpoint audio was weak/soft. I've been fooled with plenty of deep iron that sounds similar, but this sounded good enough to go for, took several shovel loads of dirt to get to it, and finally the pin-pointer was sounding off as I saw a dark black disc fly by in the dirt movement. I felt around for it, and located it, and before looking at it I felt it to see if it had a loop as I suspected it was going to be a button, no loop, OK, time to check it out and it was an 1838-O seated dime!! Thanks for looking and HH, Cal
  21. I had intended to go to the beach today...easy and relaxing digging is just so irresistible. Last night I had readied the Equinox 800, CTX and beach scoop in my shop in preparation. During the night as I slept voices kept telling me "Screw the stupid beach and take the Equinox to the foot hills and try it out in some real dirt" Gold nuggets and relics were calling for some reason. I didn't expect to find much...mostly lead bullets etc.... maybe a Chinese coin if I was lucky. And to tell the truth I was not in the mood to dig bird shot today so I hunted mostly in field 2 and Park 2 I put the 800 in gold mode 2 for maybe 5 minutes then switched back. First came the Chinese coin...nice to get one intact...I'd dug one in pieces a few minutes earlier. Then I decided to hunt some tailing piles and I was elated to get the powder flask...an hour or so later I was hunting near a creek so I could retrieve an ax head I had dug last year and left it on a fallen tree. A solid 12 on the equinox...at first I thought I had a small gold coin due to the serrated edge... But hey i'll take a gold ring any day. This sucker is old...the Chinese mined this place and I have yet to find any silver coins here. There are gold nuggets few and far between plus the place is riddled with lead shot of all shapes and sizes. Grass was tall which made for challenging hunting. The ring came from the other side of the creek near the tree in the middle. Good luck and HH! Park 2, Auto GB, Sens 22, reactivity 6, iron bias 0 I had to auto GB often due to soil. Pic with the Sierra is a toast to the old timer before I covered the hole strick
  22. I am loving my Equinox 800 relic machine (soon to be my Equinox beach machine and my Equinox water machine and also my Equinox park and gold machine). Hit the PA site I lovingly refer to as the relic hunter's amusement park which has been the site at which I have obtained several firsts and bucket listers including my first CW plate of any kind which I posted a few weeks ago. I have hunted it the last few times with the Equinox and it sets up well for that machine. For relic hunting, I generally favor Field 2 at the default settings. I have been experimenting also with Park 2. While the default settings for both are similar, there is definitely a difference in the underlying Multi IQ secret sauce based on the way the targets sound and also the way they hit the targets. I found Park 2 to hit a little bit harder on higher conductors, but this could just be my imagination. In this field, I like the Field 2 disc breakpoint at 2 because hot "rocks" in this field (from steam tractor coke tailings) come in at 1 consistently, and the Field 2 breakpoint is 2 vice 9 for Park 2. This is somewhat of a moot point because I generally run All Metal, but occasionally cut in disc when my brain needs a break and just listen for high tones. But the jury is still out as far as I'm concerned as to which of those modes I prefer most for relic hunting. I set up the machine to have the "main" program be Park 2, but with some Iron Bias cut in (3). I have Field 2 loaded up in the User Profile slot without modification from the defaults. In this manner I have a setup where I can quickly interrogate a target with or without iron bias with just a press of the User Profile button. Works great. I also cut in GB tracking for both modes in this hunt. The field has mild mineralizaation and Ground Phase variations typically seen in a plowed field with different crops and it worked well. Well, Equinox delivered once again. Scored a beautiful 1858 Seated Dime (she turns 160 this year, no wonder she is sitting down) and my first Rifleman's Eagle Button ("Eagle R"). Rounded out the hunt with a minie ball, a Williams Type III "cleaner" minie ball (my first Type III), and another Eagle button. Not shown are a 1936 Wheatie and various tiny non-ferrous odds and ends including lead, brass, and copper fragments. Pulled some large ferrous objects too as I had the time to chase some iffy signals and did so. Large, flat iron rings high and forces me to investigate, but in all metal, you can hear the iron grunt too and know you are likely digging some iron and not a masked keeper. But if you have the time...dig 'em because you never know... The site really helps, I have had success here with the Deus as well, but no doubt the Equinox can, will, and has delivered the goods and I gain more confidence with it in every successive outing. HH
  23. I went back to Ohio for a week to show off our new little boy and see family. I begged and pleaded until Steph finally gave in and allowed a day of metal detecting. I took back the Nokta Impact and Fisher F22.. I'm not going to go into the F22 yet as I haven't written up an article but I will say the Nokta Impact did absolutely perfect. When I lived in Ohio I was mostly a relic hunter. Overlaying old maps and hunting in fields where old houses and other things once stood. I was really excited to see how the Impact would do. Well, it did better than I could even imagine! These sites are tough to hunt. Although little to no modern trash you have to fight the heavy iron debris to get to the good finds. Where the house or structure stood is where you will just find a ton of nails and iron, I call this ground zero. When I am hunting ground zero I have always used smaller coils with any other detector I've ever hunted with these sites. With the Impact I was able to run my 11 inch coil in even the heaviest of iron with no issues! I've talked about it a lot but worth mentioning again. The Iron volume setting is amazing! I was able to hunt with the iron volume turned way down or off. I preferred it on to know when I was in the thickest of iron but it was nice not to have to listen to it at full volume. As far as finds - I only managed a few buttons, musket balls and my friend managed a nice button and large cent. I found lots of small copper,brass and lead scrap. I have pounded the two sites I was at in the past. This past fall when I went back they were the only two fields around that the crops had been taken out of and this time they were the only two I could find that weren't flooded! I feel like I'm destined to be stuck in these two sites every time I go back!
  24. Hit up the same site as last week. Started with the Tejon and big coil, got the Reale. Switched back to the Deus and ellptical cool, to work the heavy iron. Video coming soon.