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  1. The Gulf settled down after abt a good 3 day blow. Sure enough 3 of us waded out to a to a good ole hole Neptune reopened. North winds beating the Gulf calm. ...So we all scored a nice take of Clad and 1 of us snagged a 2021 graduation 10K ring. Good as new. Tried it again this morning. .I didn't last 45 minutes. Water about 60 and wind chill 32, that and no targets , I bailed. To hunt another day. This is my Tarsacci's 2nd season wading and wet surf hunting. With out any problems . The Vessel in the picture is the Terrapin Island about 6,000 tons dry. Hauling another load of sand for replenishing. Makes about 3 round trips a day.
  2. Every time we get new detectors for the beach, we get the same question. "Will it find thin gold chains better?" It comes up so often I finally dug up an old post I can just point to whenever it comes up. Here you go. Gold Chains and Other Small Gold In Saltwater Here is a similar question that comes up a lot: Why Won't My Detector Find That Gold Chain? There seems to be a thought process that thinks somehow multifrequency overrides basic laws of physics, that some magic new processing is going to fix the issue. No. Not as long as conductivity is the measure. Once you understand this, you stop asking the question. Hopefully the article helps out with that.
  3. I casually found this video and the results are actually confusing me...A lot🤐. Nothing to say for most of the programs but look what a difference on gold signals when in diving/beach and beach sens 😬. Not to mention the higher vdi reading (twice) when in mono 17Khz... Please, can someone explain what I'm seeing?
  4. A little background: I live in Western Pennsylvania, but love to beach metal detect. The nearest salt water beach would be Ocean City NJ/MD, but the beaches that I prefer to detect are the beaches of South Carolina. The only problem is that is a 700 mile drive one way. So I try to take a week vacation from work and detect on the beaches of South Carolina when I can. I used to have a Nox 800 but traded it in for a Tarsacci, because I prefer how the Tarsacci operates on the beach. I find metal detecting to be very much like fishing. The equipment you use is not the most important item. The most important item is to be at a location where there are fish that you can catch. Be comfortable with and know how to use your equipment, but finding the hot spot is far more important. The follow pictures are a weeks total of finds for my last three trips. Pictures 1 and 2 are from my trip for the first week of January 2022. Pictures 3 and 4 are from my trip on the last week of August 2021. Pictures 5 and 6 are from third week in July 2021. All Item were found in the wet sand. Since it's cold and snowing in Western Pennsylvania I am really looking forward to my next vacation.
  5. Well kinda (but that's another story) 1 clad dime and 3 memorial pennies , a fishing sinker , an unfired 22 pellet rifle round . 2 1/2 pull tabs and a bunch of tinfoil balls one of which looked like it was turning back to aluminum ore! ( or maybe it was just BBQ sauce ?) and a few odd pieces of iron I haven't washed off yet????? About 3 hours in park1 sens 22 , f2=0 disc = off., the 6" coil on the fully updated 800 Swinging in an old campground (it was root city) I watched being built 60 years ago when I was a little kid 200 yards across the cove through mom's binoculars cuz I was too young to row that far ......somewhere in the wilderness that is the southern Maine coast..I was surrounded by old growth white pine that were protected by the King of England for ship's masts for exclusive use of the Royal Navy....My fave site 30' straight up a cliff from the water ,,,and only covered 1/10th of it. , (It's overlooking "my rock" , where I've been fishing for striped bass since I was 2. It was low tide 2 clam diggahs on the flats , one arrived by boat.........) It was sunny On shore S. <5kts 62* No pics.. I am unworthy. UH AYUH yup yup
  6. As if that were not enough, after having to create a new straight rod for the detector that I used immersed for 20 minutes, considering the new storm that arrives, today I have chosen an even worse scourge ... I have been waiting for months to complete a decent trolley that will help me transport cylinders and dpv without sinking into the sand and today might be the day🤣. It is out of the question that I buy balloon wheels at that price and I don't like the Idea of punctures happened in the past. So I'm recreating from a scratch the trolley with a bigger contact surface hopefully good to better distribute the weight on 6 wheels. Now the big problem that separates me from finishing the structure and mounting the containment sides Is a mix of aluminium and stainless steel not properly friends when soldering. Question now Is: Will this project finally see the light?🤣 At the worst, this crap will finish with bolts😁...
  7. I have found the usual conflicting info that you find for Latin American countries. Any one have direct knowledge or experience metal detecting beaches in Belize or Roatan? I did find someone who was selling a pair of old dive detectors that were in the house he purchased in Belize, but who knows if they just used them off shore.
  8. I decide to hit the beach for a few hours today to see what the bit of a storm we had did. First thing…. Two of the buoys had been moved a good bit North. I ended up getting 3 rings. The one is a nice copper ring the other is silver. That one in the middle after I posted it to my FB page one of the guys recognized it from someone back in Sept 2020 having lost it. At the time it was near the sand bar and no one could get out that deep. I found it straight in…. But now in knee deep water. So the sands doing something. I contacted the owner. It’s TI with what appears to be SS band with junk stones. That one necklace piece isn’t marked gold and is incased in SS.
  9. Hit the beach yesterday and noticed a bunch of large vertabrae then found some dentures. Vertabrae seem human size but could be from a large animal. One the local residents said they would call it in and let the authorities figure it out. Also found 1 wheatie and 80 cents in clad!
  10. Just giving some thought to the future and what will be left to find. Gold nuggets are a vanishing commodity so what about a new beach PI Minelab? I know there are a couple of guys out trying to use the 6000 on the beach but at $6000 a copy that is a bit of a high price point for a beach machine. I like my 800 and my 3030 at the beach but what am I missing a little deeper? I tried the AQ limited but I got a lemon and I soured on it quickly. Should I try one again? I live at the beach and spend 90+% of my time on wet/damp sand. Hard to break old habits now.
  11. Been a while since I posted any of my finds. Hit the beach earlier and you can see the idiots beefed up the jetties that are in the wrong direction and added some pilons that do diddly. Houses will eventually get undermined and I will gain more beach to detect on! Seems to be the work of a private contractor and not the army corp of engineers. Anyway s only found a little bit of clad and currents seem so bad even found an Australian coin! 🙂 Those coins are HUGE!
  12. The waves have been small but the tide went out far so I had to have a detect and get my fix. Well ... surprise, surprise ... something I could never imagine. It will be my most unusual find of the month at our metal detecting club meeting. In case you can't read it it says: ADVERTISING CLUB OF NEW YORK ANDY AWARD OF EXCELLENCE
  13. Hello All, Just a warning for anyone wearing unsupported footwear! The "malady" referenced above can hopefully be preventable, or at least reduced, for us "older" folks here!! I have occasional flare-ups, if I don't pay attention to my footwear support! My sandybeach footwear, hit me with a vengeance today! As I (stupidity) thought, I was healed enough from a less severe bout, from about 2 weeks ago! I had switched from "water shoes" to above the ankle neoprene "dive boots" with a non-skid bottom, to keep all the sand from grinding my toes to hamburger, on beach/surf hunts last year! They are flat bottomed with little support! And that was with inserts! My initial half mile walk was fine, with only minor discomfort! But upon my first "deep" scoop with that foot, I felt a pop, and it felt like someone had just "shot" me in the heal! But I continued to hunt with the after-effects anyway! Not smart, but I was just starting! You know how it is! Let's just say, the rest of the hunt, and return trip, along with the rest of the day, has not been fun! I'll probably need a few cortisone shots, crutches, and a new pair of "water boots"! If anyone has some "tried and true" suggestions to keep the support, and the sand out, on and off shore, I'm all ears! Thanks!!👍👍
  14. For First I wanna Say Hi to all of You here... I've been far for quite a long time due to mandatory work sessions in the "other Life". The pandemic pushed hard on my little beach business and to pay Bills and keep my little daughter I started again with people transportation in the end of August. Today I was finally out for a day off walking on the beach and Also found a "promising spot to get the job done"... But the tone of this post Is more related to a new beach machine I'm dreaming to own for Christmas. So I Ask to You, my fellows beach Hunters...What Will You buy considering a Ctx, an Excal and a TDI Beachunter already owned? Cause the First Is a sniper discriminator but not that Deep like a Nox...(And not properly waterproof both of them) The second Is maybe the unstoppable pleasure Toy for a diver like me, but blind on chains and thin stuff... The third of my guns already drowned and reanimated a couple times, Will be my pulse last option to never remain without a machine in case of the 3rd world war... So...What's next?
  15. Alma Bay continues to spit out lost property.. Although not as weird as a gold medal for women's cricket, this Iphone was lost on the same beach.. I found it this morning buried in the sand just above the high-tide mark.. It's already been claimed by a mighty happy chappy! At least he was very easy to find.. Always good to spread the joy!
  16. Well my first hunt I stayed up on the dry. Terrible, recently replenished. Check trouble finding coil. Next day ,went to wet sand to breaking surf. My previous settings for mild soil wasn't working like I'm used to. Got things quieted down some but getting noise when slapped by waves. Made a few adjustments and that baby became quiet as can be. The only area that started producing was on the surf line. Now I'm finding deep quarter's, and nickels, dimes. Strangely the pennies wernt much deep and seemed to be recent drops. So, production started picking up and today a two Silver Ring day. Pictured are the settings that I found to be the best for now. Second picture today's finds. The deepest targets started by the faintest of tone (signal) even this deep the Tar was giving me the plus numbers as best expected tho of cause not locking down until a couple scoops. By biggest problem is my scoop isn't big enough. I am completely confident in this machine and having a lot of fun. Got two more hunts down here.
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