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  1. There are few things a water hunter needs to be happy when doing his work... A good bottom condition and a well prepared machine to do the job. Many times I found good stuff but really struggling with a coil larger than 10". Vlf or pulse, will depend for the most by the environment type, but talking about coils, there's no comparison for a diver with an 8".Not only saltwater is a reduced problem with it, but between rocks, between waves,between any other thing, I still prefer to use a smaller coil. I'm in love with the AQ performance, for what I can see in multiple videos Joe OBN is publishing, but I only think about a smaller coil to be released soon. I hope Alexandre+FT are already working on this thing, cause otherwise I'll be forced to wait until that moment will be reality. 8" coil is a rule for me.
  2. I've been thinking and posting a lot about the Impulse AQ lately as I patiently wait my turn to purchase one. Perhaps my TDI Beachhunter realized this and decided that it needed to put out a little more than it has during my last few trips to the beach with it. Same thing that happened to forum member, Seeker, happened to me yesterday. The news media had mentioned a particular beach being open on July 5th (that starts after midnight right?) but when I got down there there were signs all over saying that the beach was closed the 4th AND the 5th. Fortunately, I had a backup plan and, as has happened so many times before, the backup plan was probably better than my original one. Eventually, I found some wet sand to hunt in where the top of the slope showed indications of recent sand movement. It didn't take long to find pockets of targets but there was a fair amount of trash along with a few coins here and there. I typically hunt in "all metal" (ground balance off) with the Beachhunter because, after years of using the Dual Field, I'm more comfortable in that mode and like the extra depth when needed. I followed the tide out and the number of targets dropped off considerably. During the next couple of hours I searched all over for low-on-the-slope pockets occasionally digging that discouraging 1 foot deep pull tab or piece of can slaw. I only had about another hour left where I was parked when I started to get some promising targets in an area about lower-mid slope. First I hit a couple of coins, then a cheap ring followed by a heavy fresh drop silver ring, a neck chain and not long after that a lightweight fresh drop silver ring. I was "in the zone" when you can almost sense that the gold is near and time was running out on me. Suddenly, a nice loud tone rang out in my headphones and with one scoop the target was out of the hole. With my hand I grabbed the unseen target out of the mound of wet sand and immediately felt the unmistakable shape of a nice sized ring band! In the improving daylight I could see that it was stamped but I've been fooled so many times that I tried not to get too excited even though with the weight and feel I was pretty confident that I had a good one and my last target of the hunt. The chain is stamped .925 but appears to be plated. The ring in the top left of center is stamped "750 Swiss" and weighs 13.3 grams. https://www.furrer-jacot.com/us/wedding/gents-only/white-gold/71-28290-0-0 GL&HH!
  3. I was really looking forward to hitting the beaches hard this weekend with the holiday crowds, great tides and new swell coming in but a couple of days ago the news reported that my local beaches were going to be re-closed just for the 4th of July weekend. I thought I would sneak in a hunt before the closure went into effect so I took the TDI BeachHunter and headed down to one of my favorite locations to detect a couple hours after high tide. There was a decent slope going down to the water and in the light of the nearly full moon I could see several patches of black sand- both pretty good indicators that there were going to be some targets. Even though the tide was still fairly high I was able to work in the wet sand and shallow surf and I started to find an encouraging number of clad coins with a surprising amount of quarters in the mix. This was shaping up to be an excellent hunt. That's when the local police SUV came by and told me that the beach was closed and that I needed to start making my way off the beach. Now, I have hunted this beach dozens of times at all hours of the night and day and the local lifeguards have always let me be when they saw me. The only other time I was asked to leave was also by local law enforcement. I was disappointed since I had just found a productive patch of sand but I said "Yes Sir" and went back to my car to change batteries and put on some different clothes. I thought the officer was actually giving me a little wiggle room when he said, "start making your way off the beach'" instead of "leave the beach" so I went back to hunting and never saw another patrol over the next 6 hours. But I did see many more people including 3 or 4 other hunters. I detected some other nearby spots before heading back at low tide to hunt the site I started at. To my surprise and indignation there was a claimjumper detecting on my claim! I decided to give him plenty of space and started to work the fringes of the "paydirt" where I was still digging targets. However, to my surprise, the other hunter left shortly after I arrived and I think I know why. I couldn't make out what detector he was using but judging from the number of good targets that I continued to find, some even in his scooped out holes, he was either a beginner or had a detector that couldn't handle the modest amount of black sand- maybe both. This area was not that big- perhaps 20' wide by 100' long but I found enough targets to keep me busy for the next couple of hours. I found a couple of rings and a couple of bracelets and I was certain that one of those bracelets was silver. I really like the TDI BeachHunter. It is the most recent addition to my "arsenal" and one that I have the fewest amount of hours on due to overall beach conditions this past year and the pandemic impact. It's been compared to the Fisher Impulse AQ Limited but from what I've seen I believe that the AQ is deeper. The BeachHunter is deep and is really sensitive to both small and gold targets but its pulse delay is 10us compared to 7.5us on the AQ so I'd like to compare "all metal" performance of both detectors when I am able to land an AQ. I drove all the way home wishing I had found gold but happy to have found a big silver bracelet. Unfortunately, when I took a closer look at it I saw what you can see on the the bottom right of the photo- the silver plating wearing through. Arghhhh! Well, at least, I found enough clad to pay for gas this time! GL&HH!
  4. A couple of night ago I did a beach session hoping to take advantage of a bit of surf and wind waves I had seen in the afternoon. In that afternoon session I couldn't find any surf/wet targets but I did find one silver band in dry sand using Park 1. I thought there would be some low tide waves so I went back out from 1-3 AM. I walked about a mile before I found my first penny and then I got to my spot where the wave energy had been concentrated. I picked up a few coins and junk and headed back to where I started. I stopped to look at my settings and noticed that I had tracking off and I turned it on in Beach 1/23/50/6/0F2. I went about 20 feet and I got a 20 target number. That is a number I skip sometimes when I am 'saving' myself from making too many holes. To my surprise there was a ring in my scoop and in my light it looked pretty good! It looked like a ruby and diamonds but it was a 20! What gives with that? Here are the other items I found on the hunt. This was the same beach I couldn't find much just a couple of days before and when I gridded it I had been skipping some of the 20 signals because those are all pennies, right? Now I had just found this ring and it felt good but I didn't have my glasses. How many rings did I skip by not digging all of my 20s? When I got home I checked the ring. Cheap and not gold. Nice looking and I was disappointed but then I realized that the decision to skip many of the 20s (pennies) was a good choice so I could dig a quarter. One quarter equals 25 penny holes. The cheap ring made me feel 'good' if you get what I'm saying. This afternoon I went to a different beach and it is also normally a producer but not now. Near the end I finally got a 'round sound' at 10. This makes me anticipate. It was a ring but a black, stainless steel ring. Not valuable either. Wave intervals are over 15 so I don't expect much up and I'll have to spend more time wading and get lucky for the old stuff as few swimmers are around for new drops. It is always a learning experience to get out. Mitchel
  5. Hello i am going back to work next week so it is time to move back to London,so i did 2 sessions yesterday and today trying a new setting on the nox.and even went into the mudflap😱😱😱 This setting is much quieter and easy on my ears and brain. So here we are the 50cal is probably from an US Bomber made in Saint Louis (Missouri)maybe just maybe RR
  6. I've managed to get out for a few sessions with these extremely low tides but there is not much to show for it. There have not been many waves to get things moving up. When I try the swimming areas it is long and far between targets. It would have been great today to have a deep punching PI to see if I was missing anything with my 800/11. I did dig a couple of targets in wet and damp sand that were 15 inches! I don't like to say it but this represents about 8 hours of detecting with a few of the finds from dry sand on the way in and out of my beaches. This was today's session. Once again the sea groups things together with it being a key day. This was all I could find on some normally very productive beaches. Come again another day. This session from a couple of days ago covered some of the same beaches I covered today. I found one cheap ring. This session was at a beach I've done good at in the past but haven't been able to park near it recently because of the closed beaches. I got this 20-21 signal as soon as I walked down to the wet sand. It was the ring. Unfortunately it is one of the tungsten/carbide rings but it did fool me. As you can see this two mile walk didn't produce much. This last picture is just another session. The picture is documentation. It's sessions like this that bring the averages way down ... haha Better days ahead! Mitchel
  7. Sometimes there is something better than a detector.... Another one (won’t embed)... https://youtu.be/zbXNcUqLAM8
  8. I squeezed in few minutes a 4 hours session of today... Enjoy with me the two rings I found...
  9. Hello all, I was able to get out for a few hours hunt today! I charged up the 800 last night , and needed to test it! After the Er 41 error i had, and posted about, a few days ago at the beach! Steve's Lake Tahoe Hunt yesterday with the AQ inspired me to search my childhood memories for a place where i could fresh water hunt near home! Not an easy task here in South Florida, beleve it or not!! There are tons of freshwater canals! But very few lake's that weren't for some modern housing development drainage basin in the last 20-30 years! And they weren't ever ment to be used for recreation! Let alone anything with a beach that had any history of use! And yes, there are still quite a few alligators 🐊 around to be mindful of!! So "head on a swivel" is a must! Among other hazards! So i drove by some of the spots i could remember from years ago! Two of the three that came to mind were closed off!! It wasn't looking good! The last one was just right, with few people nearby! So i gave it a shot! I didn't come to the realization that i had never detected fresh water before, until i was swinging the detector in it!🤯 So i spent the next two and half hours enjoying the experience! What a nice change it was, not getting pummeled by the surf of the beaches! I've got to find more places now, I'm hooked! I would have liked to end my adventure with a nice piece of gold or silver jewelry! But that wasn't the case this time out!! I found many bottle caps of various stages of decomposition! And a respectable amount of clad and zincons! But wait!! The story ain't over yet!! Generally, I'm not in the habit of looking at my finds very good when I'm hunting, i just seperate the trash from the treasure, and clean and sort later! Especially when i am alone, and there are eyes on me!👁👁 I had vaguely noticed that one of my "treasures" was odd sized! Bigger than a quarter, and smaller than the 69' Kennedy that i found at the beginning of the year! It was "coin" sized and solidly encrusted, so in with the coins it went! Along with a few other encrusted smaller coins! I can generally tell, with salt water encrusted coins, what they are! But i was in new territory with these few! My time was up, so i headed home! I did my usual dumping and sorting of the pouch contents, on my tailgate for a gross decon! Then off for a soak, cleaning, and examination! The "odd" coin was giving me a hard time, so i had to soak longer than the rest! I just figured it was some odd alloy, or some kind of blank that was probably trash! But i was still careful! The persistance paid off, and although it was badly corroded, and very thin! Enough details surfaced to identify it! It was a "bucket lister" for me, even though it's pretty much worthless monetarily!!👍👍 And now the unveiling: 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar!! 😵 In Sad condition!! 😩
  10. Found minutes ago... I'm happy he's involved in the beta phase🔝
  11. Hey folks, I noticed today, while doing a 7 hour river hunt (Fresh Water), in Northern California (Wine Country), that almost all my targets would give an iron grunt as the coil passed off the target. I thought perhaps there was small iron nearby the target, so I replaced the target (100 yen coin) in a clean spot and swept back and forth, receiving a small grunt here and there. I had been hunting in Beach 1 All Metal Mode for the day. I did this so that I could check to see if I had a bear cap, or pull tab by swinging over then pulling off the target to reveal the Iron (Something I read in "The Equinox Serious, by Andy Sabisch) I did notice that discriminating -9 - 0 It obviously did away with the grunts, but my question is, what would cause that? My sensitivity ranged for 10-20. The Iron Bias was set to 0, and also 4 (with similar results) I noise canceled frequently, and did a ground balance every now and then as well. My recovery delay was 4, or 5. In case any of these settings would cause it. I'm very much a novice, with less then a year experience, and have never hunted extensively in water. I know alot of you guys know your stuff, so I figured I'd see what kind of answers I could get here. Hopefully I gave all the pertinent information. I appreciate your answers, and happy hunting! ~ Luke
  12. I know we are coming out of our lock downs and this is may not be quite as valuable as it was a month or so ago but ... what a find! I've seen some of the videos where each sheet was carefully used to pay for services and goods. I didn't stage this but I also didn't put it in my finds bag. haha
  13. Our beaches in southern California have been shut down for a number of weeks. I did manage to sneak in a couple of nighttime hunts but they were nothing to write home about as they say. Even without the metal detecting pressure the conditions just weren't right. Some of that changed this week and the beaches were also opened on Wednesday. I couldn't go that day but I did go on Thursday in the daylight! haha I had some 'moderate' success at one of my favorite beaches. There was a bit of a slope to it but no real cut. The tide was not very low but I could detect the top of the hill, avoiding a few people. I managed one junk ring, a cheap bracelet, a lock and key and some salvage scraps missed when a sailboat was yanked off the beach a few months back. There was also the Australian coin! It was a good enough hunt to encourage me to go back today. And the wind waves had changed the shore for the better. It was a bit steeper. I did the best I could with the incoming tide and the extra number of people trying to social distance. It took away some of my grid areas so I had to modify my hunt. Within the first 15 minutes I got a nice silver ring. It wasn't high and it wasn't low on the hill. I made a note of it of course but kept to my pattern for this beach which produces with a grid. You can find rings mixed in with coins. You keep a tight pattern and you will get directly over your target if it is there. Funny thing was that was not how I got this ring. I heard it 'off coil' in my fringe at the bottom of my turn and had to seek it out to then see the 28 which made me think it was a quarter but it is much better. It is a little small for me but it is 10g/.925. Most of the coins were found up and out of the now rising tide but I didn't have much time so I wanted to go back to that heavy ring line and see if there was more. This brought me down to where the people walking area was against the water. I left the perpendicular grid for a parallel sweep. It wasn't long before I had a couple more rings! Both of them are stainless steel and of no value but I found them the same way. They caught my attention 'off coil' and then I dug down the 5-7 inches to get them. Once I got over them they had numbers like 10 or 16 with my settings at 23/6/50/no iron bias. I reversed myself on the beach to keep my pattern and skipped a few pennies (20) to not waste time as my zone was about to be under water and I could lose things in the surf. Near the end of the session I got my last ring. It is a 10k/2g but I'll take it. There was one additional silver chain section and some junk jewelry pieces. I hope there is more when I go back! You never know with a beach but I had to go. It was fun. Mitchel
  14. I recently returned from a MD’ing trip to Cancun and the 3 of us used Minelab Equinox detectors. Finds included 100’s of coins, probably 10+ pairs of sun glasses, with 1 of them being Ray-Bans, 2 cell phones, numerous ear rings with 1 of them being 14K gold and another was a diamond stud. Chains, bracelets and metals, some broken and others hole. Over 30+ rings with many sterling, a few of the modern Tungsten and Stainless wedding bands and even gold rings (both white and yellow gold). 2 rings really popped out that were both 14K gold. One was the blue sapphire with diamonds and the other a wedding ring with a nice 1+ karats of diamonds. Even the 1st time lady digger scored a nice 14K white gold wedding band with a couple cool sterling rings. I managed 21 of the 30 rings so I won't complain but the amount of gold was certainly off my standards. Pic of rings on my hand were the ones I found minus a sterling that broke when being tumbled. We all enjoyed the warm weather, water and experience. The Equinox detectors performed as hoped. Used Beach Mode #1, GB on, open screen by pushing the Horseshoe, SENS around 17 to 19 and Threshold so I can hear it. All other settings were FP. What amazes me is the gold to modern metal ratio. The resorts I hunt used to produce more gold than modern metals and now it has flipped. in years past, I'd come back with 15 or 20 gold rings on a weeks hunt and never a modern Stainless or Tungsten. Now it seems I'll get more of them than I actually do the gold ones? Well the wife still likes going down there so I might as well get used to it and realize 5, 6 and 7 Gold ring days are long gone at those places. Guess I'll jump into a lake and follow BeechNut around as his gold ring counts are still good.
  15. It was a rather strange day today ......broad spectrum of finds and dates of coins. BUT .........I got a tiny 9ct gold stud earring in black sand mix. A nice old penny, the other penny is just too far gone to see a date. Another coin for the scrap. Hubby ran off with the stainless steel hose clip thingys......guess some junk is useful eh?
  16. Heading to Mexico (Riviera Maya) in a couple days (if Coronavirus doesn’t get my Flight cancelled). Plan to use my Nox 800 mainly in the ocean in probably 4-6ft of water. Anyone have any tips or advice on settings and any good experience/finds in this area? I imagine I’ll run it in beach mode 2 and do an auto tune and manual GB once chest deep in the water. Sensitivity I imagine I’ll set to around 19 +/- as needed to stabilize. I’ll ignore everything in the -9 to 0 range and 12, 13 & 14. Threshold 0, recovery speed 5. don’t have a set of waterproof headphones yet so will be running volume on 25. Hope I can hear this. I’ll be snorkeling with head under water. Any good suggestions on waterproof headphones for Nox 800 ?
  17. Was reading with interest forums on metal detecting after beach renourishment which happens often here on Tybee Island. The locals were saying it's not worth it but I went out anyways. Bought a Garrett Pinpointer and wanted to try it out. Found out I need to read instructions when I couldnt even get it to detect a quarter, lol. Was trying to figure out exactly where in the dirt should I start. Where they first place it further up on shore, or close to the ocean where they sand has been washing out to sea? It's the first time in a long time that I got to go metal detecting and that's why I went. Found a quarter, pencil, ice bucket and toy truck. On another question was looking in the White's catalog at the VERY expensive metal detectors, like the $1500 ones. Says they are for finding large amounts of treasure? Why wouldnt a regular metal detector detect that?
  18. Hello all! One thing that I have not seen or heard since the Nox has been out is what people are finding for Spanish treasure and relics with the Equinox out on the FL Treasure Coast. Of course ever since the Nox has been out there has not really been any storms to get some good beach erosion going on. Out of curiosity, what settings and mode are folks using for the relic/treasure hunt on the treasure coast beaches, including the iron settings. Can't wait to hear the answers! I plan on being down there for a couple weeks in Feb and if the weather gives some good erosion I'm gonna be out there with the 15' coil swinging away! But even if the weather doesn't "cooperate" I'll still be looking for that modern bling in the Beach modes. I think I have to be the only person that goes on a FL vacation that hopes for a NorEaster
  19. Hello to all back from the coast where i visited the G Beach again and another couples of beaches. 1st night i went to a local one 10 min drive and had £3.20.........hard to dig shingles i changed spade compare to last week which make it easier the box is capable of finding tiny none ferrous target on the beach i knew about his capacity to find gold when i met Goldrat in OZ in March last year.....(time flies......). in the morning on the 2nd day i was at G Beach at 5 am with my newly modded sand scoop i replace the shaft with a 1250mm stainless steel tube 1mm thick and sold with 2 U bolts welded which fit perfectly the sand is called EVOLUTION will put the link later. Back to the beach not much to declare where i spent time in the last couple of week and where i found the Gold ring,so what i did is moving using the groynes as reference points.And i realise the further i was moving from the "main beach" the more i was finding bullet (14/16 on the nox) few coins and few fishing weight ,also spotted a shiprwreck will try to see if it is listed on a map later at 9 o'clock i throw away the towel.I ll be back with hopefully more gold between bullets It was super windy and raining so i couldt take my pulse,tested some new gloves and was very happy with them,tired to spend 20 quids in gloves and throwing them super quickly. The 3rd morning i wanted to try a another beach closer to G beach as it has huge sandy beaches but despite my hard work i found not much the funny bit is actually showing what the nox can find you in the immensity of the beaches...........my machine is running quite hot and it s sparkly but with the new Digger i didnt leave a single target in the sand no matter how deep. Pick up plastic trash and 4 cans of cokes almost sanded to the thickness of a cigarette paper,ECO-BEACH GOLD MINER should me my new pseudo Sorry for the poor quality of the pics,my sleeping night are short and i can see the lack of focus. May Neptune bless you all Enjoy RR
  20. After finding a decent amount of silver on my favorite beach the other day, I had to get out there again. A storm had just passed and I wanted to see if the silver continued in my new area. I had a lot of competition, with 8 other detectorists. But they were all hitting an exposed area like piranhas 😄. I was alone in my area. I used the GPX for this section because I needed the extra depth. I wasn't expecting this good of a day. A total of 34 silver coins, a silver chain, a silver religious medal and a nice 14K gold and ice? cross. I can never seem to get a good shot of anything that sparkles with my waterproof camera. 137 coins for the day. My copper to zinc penny ratio was threw the roof at 62 copper to 2 zinc. That is what a good storm does for you 😊 I won't be able to get back until next week, but I'm hoping I can start where I left off. Fingers crossed.
  21. Hi there, I have about 100 hours on my new Nox and it rocks! Big time! It is my first "modern" high gain detector and I love it. Now that the swimming and sunshine season is about to arrive here in Germany soon, my plan is to hunt the shallow waters of some lakes highly frequented by people for years. I doubt that many detectors have been IN the water yet. Which program would be a good start? My suggestion goes towards Field or maybe the Park progs? My general hunting I do in Field 1. I would love to hear your experiences in Freshwater. The ground is not mineralized at all.
  22. Hello to all , So i went back to the beach after another storm nothing really changed as i think it is protected from the ferocious sea. I managed few improvements in my detecting with the nox,first the finds pouch is now located where my heart is (yes i got one:)) which doesn't got down anymore every 2 minutes.And i found out that the bluetooth connection isn't that powerful that why it is cutting while i am digging or detecting in a certain way so i hang up the module WM08 on the pouch of my smock jacket work a treat. i started on the wet sand and after not much luck(tide was short anyway) i moved where the gravel/shingles break with the sand and mud,and my session turned into mudlarking something i am really familiar with, so my skills prevail not easy to retrieve the targets from a thick heavy black mud but here are the finds: a silver ring with mother pearl,a large medal few fishing weight a 50 cal bullet(maybe from a dogfight this time :) i may return now with the PI or try again those muddy patches. The next day i did a session of beach crawl with a mate digging into shingles is a night mare pinpoint isn't great and retrieving the target is worse i found few coins nonetheless and left with the question of what could be better to dig there than a spade..................hopefully this week i will do some Thames sessions. Last pictures is my now my full home made carbone set up cost me not much maybe £25 max and 25 minutes job.The main stem is longer but i am tall the lower one is slighter shorter and thiner the arm cup is the old style XP one.I will weight it once i got find a scale :).The big round stuff is a lead weight i guess must be at least 800gr Enjoy RR
  23. Coins, bits, fishing sinkers and half a ring from beach last week in NZ. We have new 10, 20 and 50 cent cupro nickle coins which just degrade and rust in the sea salt or even the soil. The bad ones I just put between a cloth and a few whacks with a hammer to get the crud off, either rotary tumble with malt vinegar and salt or if Im feeling vicious.....into a container of CLR (calcium, lime and rust remover), then a container of water, finaly container of baking soda and water. Banks here will only accept coins that are recognizable.....no matter the colour, as in rotary tumbling I plonk the 10c cupro copper with "silver" 20 and 50's and they all come out a pretty pink! Only advantage of cupro nickle is they are magnetic.......using a 120kg pull neodymium is interesting fun !!!!!! However, what the photo does say is they were deep and bèen in the sand a long time.....and that is from a beach which is constantly detected by others.
  24. The way I “classify” beach sand determines which search mode I use on my Equinox. It works well for me on our central Florida beaches. Since all beaches differ in terms of salinity/mineralization, I’d be interested in hearing from other beach hunters if they too make this “4 layer classification” of beach sand conditions. Dry Sand: area where the surf doesn’t or hasn’t covered. The sand is extremely dry and where most beach goers spread their towels and chairs. Area to the lady’s far left in the photo. Damp Sand: Area where the surf once covered but has recently receded to the point where it no longer does leaving the sand still somewhat damp. Smooth area to the lady’s immediate left. Wet Sand: Area where the surf still covers as the waves come on shore but recedes with wave action leaving the sand distinctly wet. Smooth dark area to the lady’s direct front and immediate right. Surf: Self explanatory...in the water. In the Dry and Damp areas, Beach 1, All Metal with sensitivity, recovery speed, and F2 settings adjusted for conditions works best. If I try to use Beach 1 and All Metal in the Wet sand and Surf, the amount of falsing naturally increases significantly. In the Wet sand and Surf, Beach 2, discrimination activated and sensitivity being situationally dependent works best...the EQX settles down considerably. This simply confirms Minelab’s recommendation but I’ve distinguished between damp and wet sand where they use dry, wet and surf classifications. Question: Anyone else see a performance difference in Damp and Wet sand modes/settings?
  25. On the beaches here on Cape Cod my old trusty DFX was unable to auto ground balance but instead would initiate default factory settings. Scrolling through the many settings I always selected "ground tracking on" Hopefully, soon I'll have a Nox 800. as the DFX needs a new coil and/or some box work. Too old. Sorry DFX. Would using "tracking on" on the Nox provide better performance?
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